Wrist Bitten by Pet Pit Bull

Wrist After Begging Bitten by Pit Bull

Wrist Bitten by Pet Pit Bull

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @killbold, who got bitten on the wrist by a pet pit bull:

The picture is of me. I got in between my pitbull and my little jack Russell mix. As I was grabbing for the Miley (The Jack) I got bit by Duncan (The Pit) as he was going for her neck. He bit down and yanked. This happened exactly one month ago.

The other picture is of me today with the biter.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with us, @killbold:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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181 thoughts on “Wrist Bitten by Pet Pit Bull”

    1. I’d have fucking booted it to death , no hesitation .
      This dog now knows it’ll get away with biting , if it’s master lets it slide , what’s stopping it chewing on a relative ? A visiting toddler ?
      And if any animal rights activists wanna have a pop go right ahead it only means you’re a virgin and I’ve shagged your mums

        1. anonymous9999 Oh, you’re one of those animal rights cucks like most of the retards on this site. Listen, little bitch, humans are smarter, stronger and better than any other animal and it’s a fact. We kill more than 2 billion animals a year for food. If you are gonna keep crying over a dog or a cat but you can watch a human being killed then happily kys. Cunt.

          1. “Better”, lol. Funny how you think that strength is superior to humility. Death isn’t the worst thing that can happen. We’ll wipe ourselves out before too long and the earth will continue to turn and life will carry on like we never existed.

            I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. Why are you?

          1. Can’t directly reply after so many tiers I guess, so I’ll just do it to my own comment…

            Why does being single or attached have any impact? I have empathy for persons, not people. Big difference. If somebody I cared about was attacked by a dog, I would just make sure it didn’t happen again by the same dog. I would never put the dog down even if it was mine. I’d spend the remainder of the dog’s life on guard.

            People deserve judgement. Other animals don’t.

            For the record, people are their own worst enemy, so that evolutionary trait of looking to your own species for safety needs to be overridden by higher-level thinking. Anthropocentricism is very misguided.

        1. Lol space discovery and vaccines. Is that your argument on which life being is more worthy? Well you’re wrong. About biology, about life. In nature, human is from far from the top of the chain food. Anyway he said that he step in a dog fight, his pet dog didn’t even want to bite him.

      1. Dont understand the love ! A pit bull is a nigger dog pure and simple, only niggers and wiggers own them and i could never understand a fucking wigger, a white person that wishes he were an inferior nigger knuckle dragging spear chucking jive time jungle bunny porch monkey

        1. “A pit bull is a nigger dog” that is some seriously ignorant shit right there. You have obviously never had pit bulls as part of your family. I have. One of the main principles of this site is the spreading of “Truth”. There have never been more lies told about a breed, than the pit bull. Google will not, and probably can not give you the truth of the matter on this subject. If you do a search of most popular dog breeds in the U.S. you will find pit bulls aren’t even in the top five. Pit bulls are the number one dog in the U.S. Why don’t the stats match? People aren’t looking at the whole picture. Just about every “popular dog” site gets their information from AKC registration records. Pit bulls aren’t even recognized by the AKC. There are numerous dog breeds that are considered pit bulls. Go to any classified ads, and you will see that there are more pit bulls for sale than any other breed. By far. Go to any animal shelter, and you will see that there are more pit bulls than any other breed. Go to your local dog park, and you will see more pits than any other breed. Dogs are more in tune with humans than even chimpanzees. We made dogs in our image. The reason that people are so scared of pits, is that they are the closest thing to humans that we have ever created. Oh no! They kill! Look around at your own species. BAN HUMANS.

          1. Aye aye to that. A shit master makes a monster, a good master creates a faithful guardian.

            What makes humanity superior to animals is our hability to think critically, having free agency, and most importantly, that we are able to restrain our impulses to achieve a greater goal. After all, the greatness of a man is measured by his compassion for the creatures depending on his mercy.

            Being a filthy turkroach that shoots dogs doesn’t mean anything beyond being too subhumanly retarded to fucking raise a dog properly.

        1. At first I too thought it was a joke but no. In fact there are more like them.

          While the number of domesticated tigers in the US is higher than the global population of tigers in the wild, you don’t see much movement or protest against it because mauling incidences are rarely reported. Compare that with this little pitbull devil who mauls just about anyone, including the one who feeds him

  1. Yeah dogs are domesticated wolves. Get in between a canine fight you’ll get wrekt. People forget dogs are animals. And classified as the same species as coyotes and wolves as they can breed with each other. Shit even a beloved pet if you stare at it or approach it a certain way it may awake a dormant wolf instinct and clap your throat just got bit. Let that sink in… not the jaws though lmfao.

      1. Oh shut the fuck up with all that fucking PETA bullshit already. No one cares about you or your unrealistic bullshit. “Dogs are equal to humans. Mine works a 9-5 job and splits rent and utilities with me for our apartment. He has a 401k and life insurance too.” Lol gtfo.

        1. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if anyone cares or doesn’t care because people aren’t the end-all of the universe, or even of earth. Those disaster movies are orgasmic, putting humanity in its place every time. People think they’re masters of their own destiny when they’re not…at all. Once you realize it, then maybe you won’t be afraid of things you don’t understand and find it necessary to snuff out all other species.

  2. The owner is the one at fault. You should probably find a new home for your Jack Russell before there is a tragedy. Any aggressive behavior from a dog is unacceptable, and should be dealt with. The accidental bite to the human isn’t the issue, it’s the aggression toward the other dog, that is.

      1. Aggression toward a human is definitely worse. He got in between fighting dogs. Many years ago, I got injured trying to break up a fight between my pit bull, and my boxer. The boxer was the one that got me. It was my fault, and I learned a lesson.

          1. One of my fukn nieces boyfriends dog(Pitbull, not that it means anything) went after one of my cats and nabbed her arm.. When I went to separate the two, the fukn cat bit the shit outta me!… Ain’t that some shit?… You get between a dog and a pussy and the pussy bites you…?

  3. Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive dogs, more so than other breeds. I read a story about a woman who adopted 2 Pit Bulls and 2 weeks later, as she was walking them, they both mauled her to death.

  4. I’m naturally a cat person (currently our household has one pet, a cat with vitiligo) but my sweetie would love a dog once we move and, while I’m less-than-realistically hoping for a Pomsky, I’ll be okay with anything that will get my “doesn’t like snakes or bugs” other half to agree to a boa-constrictor and/or a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.

    On a more on-topic note, my Aunt T has had a pit bull for about a decade now and the only way it’s ever hurt anyone is accidentally stepping on a tender body part while trying to be a lap dog. She’s definitely too big to be a lap dog, but that doesn’t stop her from trying!

    Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Video:


    1. Watched the video, but still not sold on a cockroach as a pet. I do think snakes and lizards are cool, I caught them as a kid. I have a family of garter snakes who live under my porch. They stay there all winter, I have radiant heat in my slab, so it stays toasty for them all year. (Maine) I like furry and squeezable pets. 😀

          1. I was just thinking of you, I was reading your positivity forum thread and laughing at you and dans comments about mgtow. Bahahaha. I love this place, always a guaranteed giggle. 😉

            Yeah, I’m dreading that day, I know it’s not far away. I know I’ll get another dog though, I love having them in my life.

          2. You! Thinking of me! *blushes*
            Yes oh danny boy outshines me everytime, much to learn from this human!
            Illegal is my jams, best remembered dat!
            Also I have a forum brewing… Animals! Crocs! Danger! Yes those will be the foundation of “The last feast of the crocodiles”@illegalsmile55

  5. If you’re bringing pit bull and some smaller dog under one roof, do not be surprised when pit bull will try to kill the smaller dog.

    Should be a fucking common sense. In fact, don’t be surprised when dat pitbull eats your face at night.

    1. You’re more than welcome to try that with me.

      You wouldn’t leave my yard alive.

      Especially when you’re feebly trying to kill about 20 Neapolitan Mastiffs that want to rend you limb from limb.

      And that’s only if you can dodge my .338 Winchester.

  6. hahaha I love those comments anti pitbulls, I have three pit bulls one 5 years old and two 3 years old. They were never aggressive, they are well educated and they are well treated … I do not commit abuses with my dogs … that’s why they behave well.

        1. You’re 100% right. Animals do what animals do. They should not be condemned for that.
          However, as a person who would not enjoy having mine or my sons throat chewed off, how am I to discern who is a good owner and who is a bad owner?
          One gap in one fence and a child gets eaten because someone just HAD to have a pit bull.
          Another way to look at it, I guess, is that some animals simply should not be kept as pets. Personally, I think pit bulls fall into that category.
          Get a pet bat. They’re kinda ugly and creepy.

          1. I understand your point of view, it’s like I said before, there are different opinions. I believe that a person who wants a pet pitbull first of all should be aware of the type of dog they are, and take all precautions and responsibilities. in my case spend a lot of time to inform me and to contact with people with knowledge, until now, no problem.

  7. Looks like an accidental bite in anger and a pull away.

    My Staffy Sharpy mix is the sweetest most placid thing, but if she did turn nasty, from how she crunches through the beef femurs I give her to play with, I’d say she could quite easily bite right through a human wrist .

  8. booooo not gore pussy i fucking hate the new guy putting this shit together and terribly writing the descriptions and accepting this garbage as gore i dont give a fuck about a small dog bit hey why dont you also let me know when you stub your toe too

  9. He didn’t mean to bite you, that is what happens when you get in between dog fights, I have two pitbulls who sometimes fight really bad, but I never get between the fights, pull their legs back until they let go.. if not, let them kill eachother, in my personal opinion if one of my dogs bit me on purpose, no matter how much I love them, that would be the last day of their lives.

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