Young Girl Bitten Near the Eye by Pet Dog

Young Girl Bitten Near the Eye by Pet Dog

Another edition of today’s Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Mercedesnola. This young girl was bitten in the face by a friend’s pet dog. It got her near the eye and even though the nigh indestructible object survived, the surrounding tissue sustained nerve damage. In her own words:


I’ve been a fan of this site for a awhile but Just joined today.

So this happened Arlyn mid December. I was at my friend’s house and went in to pet her dog before I left. I guess I scared it and it turned around and bit me.

My eye was almost swollen shut for a couple days, and it took 12 stitches to seal it up. I still have no feeling in the area and I have nerve damage because out of nowhere sometimes I get a sharp stinging sensation.

Thanks for the pics, Mercedesnola. You are not alone in having had your face scarred by a dog. There have been both BG members, as well as non members who had a pooch sink its teeth into the tender facial human flesh. Your scar makes you twice as hawt.

157 thoughts on “Young Girl Bitten Near the Eye by Pet Dog”

        1. Holy shit a 10?? Now I’m super curious as what a 1 or 2 looks like on your scale! Yeah she’s definitely cute, but you’re saying she’s one of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen? I have a feeling if you saw more than just half her face, you’d probably be taking a trip to Stroke City by way of Massive Heart Attack Airlines.
          Just kiddin’ with ya!….sort of 😉

          1. hotness is subjective. i don’t really go for (most men’s idea of) tens because they are usually too superficial and cannot be trusted. i’ll go more for a cute girl who can cook and clean and actually has a brain in her head than some hot piece of ass that’s ugly as hell on the inside. but that’s just me.

            how i personally judge a ten, is a chick who can be rocking sweat pants and a just-got-out-of-bed mess of hair and still look cute and fuckable as all hell. that’s how you know, you got a ten. not someone who has to put on a pound of makeup and change her outfit three times just to go out and get the mail.

          2. That’s why this has intrigued me, because there’s only a picture of part of her face. You can’t tell how she looks in sweats, if or how she cooks, is she above average intelligence, and so on. Yep, he “ranked” her a 10 (an “easy” 10 at that).
            So I have two theories. One, he genuinely fell in love with this girl at first sight? Or two, he’s like some other guys on here who explode all over their jeans the second a female BG member writes them a “Hello!” Call me a romantic, but I’m rooting for #1 (while simultaneously buying some extra strength Oxy-Clean to send him ).

          3. haha that’s my Pole from another hole!

            hmm…a possible third theory; perhaps he’s just throwing her an ego boost? she does look cute, but i can’t rank according to just half a face.

          4. Obli, you know what I find to be hawt? Dudes that are very articulate and with an ability to write very well. Throw in a side of delightful witticism and natural sarcastic observations. Perfect! Taking such into account, you already possess a strong 8 out of 10…and I’ve never even seen you. You’re a certain rocker of my socks.

          5. Wow, how come I missed Obli’s gem right here? I agree. Hotness is very subjective. IMO, substance weighs more than material. I had to learn that by experience. I would not for the life of me date another shallow idiot. 10/10 wouldn’t do again.

            Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll rate him a 10, deathfetish.

          6. Wow Mikey graves you are a bit of a fag.
            Sending me oxyclean to clean my semen?
            How did that girls hotness make you think of sperm?
            You are no doubt one of those guys you speak of.
            You thought of guys exploding sperm in their pants.
            That thought crossed no one else’s mind but your own.
            Which can only make one think that your gay.
            That and how you were riding obli’s dong.
            Anyways I was being nice to this girl.
            For I appreciate her contribution.
            Yes I said she was an easy ten at that.
            And it seems that that really mattered to you.
            It seems as if that tickled your queer spot.
            Well guy I’m not gay but it’s cool if you are.
            Just know that your barking up the wrong tree.

          7. @trust me
            That attack on @Mikey was uncalled for.
            He was joking around and just talking with you and I think you took it way to hard.
            @Mikey is a true SOB and ya know he has called me out and scolded me on occasion and IMO he was on solid ground when he did, my respect for him is immense.
            If it was possible to delete your own comments I’m hoping you would… because trust me….you overreacted.

          8. @trust me I don’t think anyone thinks you’re a troll, and Mikey sure isn’t one. From what I’ve seen, you seem like a cool person. People joke around a lot on here. You just have to learn to tell the difference in someone being an actual troll and someone just messing around joking with you.

          9. @trust me, whoa there I didn’t think you were going to get so offended. I forget that not anyone gets my humor. I was honestly just messing with ya and I have no problem apologizing if it came across like I was being serious.
            @Nextie & @Ray, all I gotta say to you is I fuckin’ love you guys! Seriously you’re the best (around! Nothings ever gonna get you down! -now it’ll be stuck in your heads all day ;))

            But one thing I have to ask because I’m confused. Me, a fag? Never. I don’t get it, I’ve only banged like 3 dudes in my entire life and somehow that makes me gay?? That’s just silly 😉

          10. @trust me
            No I don’t think your a troll but @Mikey is no dong rider….that would be a cool female member user name…or if one of you guys out there want it…feel free to use it.
            Misunderstandings do happen…trust me.

          11. Action figure @ Dong Rider, @Dong Rider cartoons “they still call them cartoons…right ?” @Dong Rider accessories, @Dong Rider coffee mug…it’s endless…tell BG their money problems are so over !!!
            And you @OG Nextie shall star in @Dong Rider The Movie. Rated G of course had to add that cause you know some people get the wrong ideal and will just go total perv.

          1. Good glad you like it…gonna make a Saturday morning stoner cartoon…@Dong Rider and @Side Car Mike.
            It’s where you travel cross country going to all the weed dispensaries and have adventures like Scooby Doo and shit.

    1. So true, my little Muffet that died a few months ago, use to bite really hard and she was only a little poodle, when she got mad she would bite everything around her and that included me, it hurt but I loved her so much even if she had anger problems.

      1. @ladybug, yes that’s what I was thinking, lucky the dog was just a ‘snapper’ not a multiple biter or worse, a grip and shake/maul like most heavy jawed breeds, people can easily lose lips, nose and ears, and often do. 🙁

    1. @Benjamin, yeah I can’t read the comments due to the colors, but all I did was hold my finger on any word until it was highlighted, then clicked “select all”. It highlights the entire post and turns the words black. Hope this helped

        1. No I totally understand what you mean, but if ya couldn’t tell her age because she might be right on that line, maybe you should, oh I don’t know, just leave that ONE girl alone??
          Why the hell would you want to risk all that shit? I never understood that.

          1. Cmon Mikey, you don’t make sure and get a copy of a birth certificate before sleeping with a girl? 🙂

            But for real; when in doubt, go without (pussy).

          2. Hahaha! Actually @D.O.S., before the woman gets into my car, she must hand me the binder we provided her on the day we met!
            Inside that should be phone numbers, addresses, & blood types of at least five non-relatives (2 people are “alternates”).
            I take my my safety to a whole…notha…level. Yeeeaaah I don’t have many 2nd dates…

          3. @Mikey my wife is 7 years younger than me when we met she was 18 and she had a real easy to pronounce maiden name but I asked her for her ID so I would know how to spell it…She was like it’s spelled….and I’m like no it doesn’t register for me unless I can read it…lol…so yea I carded my wife. 🙂

          4. @mikey I certainly lucked out not to have put myself in a situation where I have to perform awkward knocks on my neighbors doors to painfully introduce myself as one of parent’s many nightmares.

            But you cannot deny the awesome alure a freshly 21 year old tends to have towards females of the high school age. Thus my encounter…

            Believe me, I learned. Oh yes, I learned fucking fast

    1. Hope you resolve it soon AA. My situation, on the other hand is going great! As you all know, i,m sure, is that i am in my 50s, and getting old sucks when it comes to your eyes. This being said, i now love the new look, as i can now read everything without reading glasses. And i also find everything more user friendly now. Sorry if i moaned like a little bitch,,, lol, in the beginning, but thank-you for the new changes, and hard work you have done. 🙂

    1. Absolutely brother. And this cutie, in my books, will have no problems attracting a mate, as she is beautiful, and even if she had 2 scars, she would still be a knock-out. Hope that she heals well.

      1. @DOS, I’m not fixated on any particular look in a woman. Beauty comes in many different packages… Small, large, white, brown…green. Whatever causes my cock to fill with blood works for me. He makes the decisions and I just follow through with it.

    1. @buffmclargehuge, yes a human being possesses a powerful jaw that can easily bite a nose off, or a finger if it gets in the way! BUT we usually don’t snap at someones face when they get too close. (you should scream “FIRE” instead of ‘rape’ people will listen then! lol)

  1. @Bestgore admin, if you could just turn the blue text red, shrink the main page photos down to half size so as not to be so intruding and also include borders around each comment in order to differentiate and separate them I would post again as normal.

    I say this not as a selfish bastard but as someone who would rather BG live on for a long time.

    Even the lowest of us trash requires some leg room, give us that and we will follow you.

          1. Dammit @Der! It cost me $150 and 8 hours of my life to get my graduation certificate from the “So You’re A Disappointment To Others…” program and this is the thanks I get! Well I never >:(

    1. Bear with them empty. I do believe they are trying their very best to update/modernize the site while keeping the core BG experience in tact… It’s an ongoing project.

      “Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes” 🙂

    2. I just don’t see the problems everyone is claiming to have on this site…
      I can follow the comments just fine…
      I don’t find the photos intrusive…
      And the font size is manageable…even though those pastel colors that were in the comment section earlier had me thinking I was having an acid flashback… 😛

      Give the people that are running the site the chance to improve upon them without seeming unreasonable…

      Just sayin’…

        1. Well…if some people here can’t deal with change then I’d hate to see how they deal with life in general…

          I’ve heard of the old saying…”the squeaky wheel gets the oil”…but my Dad also had one…”well…if I keep adding oil to that wheel and it doesn’t stop squeaking…it’s gonna get replaced…” 😉

      1. @Gnat, I don?t mean to boast but I understand humanity far better than most people and in that sense I can say whether something will take or not.

        As it stands BG?s current layout actually aggravates the viewers natural irritability, as it does mine. My suggestions however are designed to pacify that natural irritability and bring collective harmony to the situation.

        You may not understand what I say now but one day you will.

        1. Oh…I more than understand…that’s should be a prerequisite before you even agree or disagree with someone’s standpoint…

          “As it stands BG?s current layout actually aggravates the viewers natural irritability, as it does mine.”

          Don’t mean to come off as a smart-ass…but was there a poll that was taken about this subject that I missed?…

          “My suggestions however are designed to pacify that natural irritability and bring collective harmony to the situation.”

          I’m not disagreeing with your suggestions but saying that you will never comment again just because they won’t accommodate you DOES come off as selfish…

          If I invited you over for a Spaghetti dinner and you gave me some suggestions as to improve the taste…I would take it into consideration…
          But if you told me to never serve this food to you again or you’d never comeback…I’d show you the door…

          1. @Gnat,

            ?Don?t mean to come off as a smart-ass?but was there a poll that was taken about this subject that I missed??.

            There doesn?t need to be a poll to understand the general consensus when such matters are openly understood via time plus numbers.

            Logical negativity will reveal itself long before human sentiment ever will that?s for sure. However it is human sentiment that will cause the most damage, make no mistake.

            ?I?m not disagreeing with your suggestions but saying that you will never comment again just because they won?t accommodate you DOES come off as selfish?.

            Like I previously said, my lack of presence makes no difference In the long term because mass migration makes internet sites grow, not individual positioning.

            Whether it accommodates me or not is a personal position and one I and only I am personally affected by and that is where my individual actions becomes apparent.

            Selfishness doesn?t ever come into it because BG existed before I arrived and will exist long after I am gone.

            Like life then, we are merely passing the time the best we can in accordance with our own personal preferences and in that sense individuality is never selfish when it does not interfere with others.

          2. “There doesn?t need to be a poll to understand the general consensus when such matters are openly understood via time plus numbers.”

            Has the site received less traffic that I’m not aware of?… From where I’m sitting the site is doing just fine… Anything else is just an assumption…

            “Like I previously said, my lack of presence makes no difference In the long term because mass migration makes internet sites grow, not individual positioning.”

            Then what was the personal (self) reason why you’d make the ultimatum to not comment if what you said is true…what’s the motif?…

            Why make it public if you don’t want the public to react to your individuality as you call it…
            You could’ve gotten your personal disagreements across just fine by using their e-mail address…regardless of the quicker reaction it got by using the comment section…

            It wasn’t what you said that I disagree with but how you said it…it’s all in the delivery…

            “Like life then, we are merely passing the time the best we can in accordance with our own personal preferences and in that sense individuality is never selfish when it does not interfere with others.”

            Well if you mean what you say then I would expect you to stay and fight instead of flee…not to give up according to…as you say…your individuality…

            It looks cowardly (no offense) if a soldier…who voluntarily entered the field of battle…to flee when he notices “when the chips are down”…

            I’d like to think you’d stand and fight…

          3. Just a hypothetical here empty…

            Let’s say your critique prompted the admins to change the formatting to your preference and as a result the vast majority of members actually disliked it. In that situation your “selfish” personal preference or positioning did interfere with others and their ability to enjoy the site. Now I’m not actually saying they would dislike it…they may even love it. In both of the situations, you would have had some hand in swaying how people function and enjoy a website, therefore your selfish personal positions would have in fact interfered.

            Also, lets not forget that individuals are the cogs that make up a group and even though most of the time we are just masses of matter with a consciousness, passing through space and time, on the same plane as other masses; every now and then we do have an affect on others we pass by or interact with (sometimes this affect is minuscule and sometimes this affect is very far reaching).

            We are extremely insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I believe you are wrong in assuming that we ultimately have no affect on other people or things that surround us in the universe.

          4. Only thing needs remembering here is were all members who love this site.
            Some people don’t do change well and these complaints amount to their fears of being able to keep up and participate I know I had them.
            Save the defense of this site for when the trolls and shills come calling as they do on a daily basis. The members who have voiced their fears and concerns are for the most part true and loyal SOB’s who just don’t want to be left on the outside looking in…together SOBs were gonna get through this….I don’t want to see this community turning on each other over something we all know must take place…no SOB left behind…that’s doable.

          5. Oh I agree Rayf and I enjoy having empty here as much as anyone else. I’m truly just picking his brain and trying to get him to view the situation under a different light… I think he knows I mean no harm. Hell, I love all the SOBs here as too. Empty just happens to be very interesting to talk to, as he has a very strong perspective.

          6. @DOS 95 98 2000 XP and I now use windows 7 every time I changed systems the appearance was greatly altered and favorite games no longer worked on newer systems and it took a couple of days to get over it…and that’s every time I switched to a new windows system lol. But we all know older systems become vulnerable to attack like what has happened to BG these last few months…@Ska did briefly explain this and for me that made it click…different things will make it click for others. I have come around and I will offer all the encouragement I can to help those SOBs still struggling with it….Love and respect for every one on this matter.

        2. I’m not saying that you don’t have a grasp on humanity but it is also good to have some restraint and humility. If you have ideas, try to send messages to the admins through the contact section and contribute that way, as opposed to putting them on blast in the comments. The few people who run this site put in an extensive amount of time maintaining, updating and supporting it so I think it comes off as a personal attack when someone is overly critical of the very hard work they are performing.

          I’m not trying to be combative, Ijust offering some feedback to your statements.

          1. @DeadOhioSky, the very nature of existence is combative and restraint and humility is understood by none better than us working class for we are poked and agitated far more than the silk tie brigade.

            The above being so, critique is a everyday occurrence for us and we learn and develop from such challenges.

            As the dandy highwayman himself once said ?ridicule is nothing to be scared of?.

          2. I agree that we do develop and learn from critique but I also believe that there is a time and a place for such criticism. Whether you message them your suggestions privately or you decide to post them in a sea of comments is your choice but I believe they would be more receptive to the former as opposed to the latter.

      2. This new layout is just a matter of personal preferences, I think. I’m pretty sure not everyone liked the old Best Gore and I am certain that not everyone likes this new layout. It would be impossible to please everybody or to force them to like new, old or whichever layouts. You like it, someone else doesn’t like it, it’s all the same. Maybe in the next few years when change must occur again, we’ll encounter the same issue again.

    3. I for one would really miss Empty Souls comments if he never post a comment again, but I do like the new lay out, but do understand why he does not. I do find it hard (could just be me being sleepy) to find where one post starts and one ends and another is started.

    4. Note: I don’t have a personal problem with you @Empty and I doubt that I ever will…I just never thought we’d have a subject brought up to where I’d actually have the need to “debate” you…but I’ve actually enjoyed it (no kiss ass)…

      Let me be clear…I don’t want you to leave but if you feel that you have to then so be it…
      That being said…wouldn’t it bother you (even a little bit) how that would portray yourself by leaving just because you didn’t like the setup of the site?…
      Is it THAT bad?…

      Regardless of what you do or even think of me…I respect you…I just disagree with your assessment of the situation…

      Cheers brother!…

      1. I don’t want empty to leave either because of the site layout. I’m pretty sure I made that clear to him on another post. And I appreciate you guys not getting all angry and emotional at each other over this. Wish empty changes his mind.

          1. Lol no I haven’t sir. Sorry sir. Wouldn’t happen again, sir. Hahahaha. But yes, I have never seen you angry, G.

          2. Gnat, I have witnessed some of the verbal abuse you have dished out to trolls and shills alike. We could probably set up another page of “verbal gore” just to highlight some of your statements. 🙂

            It’s definitely good to have you here brother!

    5. Sorry guys, I have been off my head for a while now on booze and what not and am starting to rant like a crazy man. Even when reading my comments back now when sober it doesn?t make sense to me.

      Sorry BG Admin, I didn?t mean to be such an asshole and really regret by actions now that I am sober.

      I need to take time away and clean up my life before I entirely lose it I think.

      Once again, sorry for the annoyance on my part; it won?t happen again.

      1. There’s no need to apologize man…you were just venting…
        I just hope I didn’t come off as an asshole…I’d like to think I didn’t…
        Ironically you caught me on a night which I was only having a couple of beers and not my usual bourbon-infused drunk comments…

        From one drunk to another…
        This too shall pass…

        1. @Gnat, thanks man.

          The craziest thing is that I don?t actually mind the new changes at all and think the BG admin team do a fantastic job keeping this place together and yet recently when ever I start drinking and smoking joints I become a different person almost and start arguing the craziest points whilst making stupid comments.

          Sadly however I cannot just simply give up the booze and such because it is an addiction and since it is clear that I can no longer control myself I am going to take some time away from BG until I can get my shit together because I refuse to keep making a fool of myself whilst tarnishing the hard work of Bestgore?s admin team in the present.

          Thanks once again for understanding Gnat and I really am sorry for all this shit I?ve done.

          1. Empty, we enjoy having you here brother and I personally hope that even while trying to fight your demons you will stick around, if only to update us to let us know you are OK.

            I wasn’t trying to attack you in any way either, I just felt the need to question the logic behind your arguments.

            No hard feelings at all man…your definitely a great asset to our BG family.

          2. @empty
            Not assuming you give a flying fuck, BUT, I stayed offline for 4 months. The first week was hell, but honestly there was a few people I wondered about, I missed them, not the gore! You were at the top of the list.
            I will miss you but I do understand.

            “Let me ride on the wall of death one more time, you can spend your time on the other rides but this is the nearest to being alive, so let me take my chances on the wall of death”
            Richard Thompson

  2. @ LittleFoot lmao I swear it seems like I’m the past month or so you have accumulated some groupies.

    Some of these dudes are so desperate but it’s quite funny lol.

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