Young Person Collects Dog Urine, Injects Some in Breast, Drinks the Rest

Young Person Collects Dog Urine, Injects Some in Breast, Drinks the Rest

This has got to be one of the most bizarre, unexplainable, and downright fucked up videos I’ve ever seen.

The video depicts a young person (couldn’t tell for sure if it’s a man or a woman) collecting fresh dog urine from his/her canines, then injecting some of that urine in the breast with a syringe, and drinking the rest.

The person has feminine chest, but the face of a guy. The facial features look South East Asian, and in countries like Thailand, there are many guys who take female hormones to grow breasts and turn into ladyboys. Is dog urine the new saline?

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

121 thoughts on “Young Person Collects Dog Urine, Injects Some in Breast, Drinks the Rest”

  1. That was a due trying to give himself breasts. In countries like India and others there is a third gender (I can’t remember exactly what they call themselves), but this is a poor mans method of breast enlargement. The drinking of the urine is supposed to clean out the intestines in preparation for a drastic change in diet for the home made gender change.

  2. Erm, right, OK, I see, dog piss injected into the boy’s tit, nothing wrong with that, happens all the time.

    Like fuck.
    I’ve seen some crazy shit, but this is right up there with the most idiotic, crazily inane fucking retarded behaviour I have ever seen.

    The mind boggles.

    1. Least he could do was use a new needle and female dog piss – it might have hormones in it – but I don’t know, lol. Yikes! Guess it’s cheap but probably dangerous.

      Happy Father’s Day to all the BG guys with kids 😀

  3. We live on a planet where black women inject filler into their ass so as to become more ?bootylicious? and where black African men kill albinos in order to use their body parts in witchcraft potions.

    A planet where groups of Hindu worshippers in India drink cow piss as a means to cure cancer, where African villagers rape virgins in order to cure aids.

    We live on a planet where large amounts of the first world population actually support mass uncontrolled immigration and believe they have a vote and that it counts.

    Considering the above and many more, ladyboys injecting and drinking dog urine hardly stands out as particularly fuckwitted in this crazy world we live in.

    Going by the steady decline in our societies already it will be those of us who do not eat dog shit for breakfast and drink the sweat from an Alpaca’s balls who will be considered the crazy ones at some point in the future.

  4. Urine is excreted for a reason. It’s waste! These dog fuckers should do the world a favor and nuke themselves. Kill themselves just to rid the world of this stupidity. This is ABSOLUTELY, fucking retarded, stupid shit!

  5. and yet again we have the destructive female mind and poisonous agenda seeping further and further into all societys. did you know all mental illnesses come from the female chromosone part of the brain when its mapped. nowwe have women so ‘liberal’ that they are willing to inject dog urine when they should be rearing offspring. thsi creatures children are probably already doomed to a life of insanity. im going to keep it short tonight the mind fucking boggles at these whores. unbelievable.

    1. Omg, @smellyoldminge… I bet you’re single, lol. Why don’t you head on back over to WoW and leave BG to the real men? I have never seen a single worthwhile comment from you. You try to sound deep, but your grammar, spelling and mindset are so atrocious (that means God-awful) that it gives you away the second your fingers hit the keyboard. Fucking twat.

    1. mass media is always encouraging general faggotry from the male population. look at Bruce Jenner is actually getting his own fucking show just because he likes sucking dick. I don’t even watch tv anymore. i know if i had ever come home crying about being bullied, my dad would had smacked the shit out of me for being a bitch haha… my father didn’t raise no faggot.

      1. What’s wrong with a sixty five year old former olympian growing breasts, taping his dick too his asshole and telling young kids this is O.K.? LMAO! Did his children even give it a card today? You can bet a new holiday is in the works to accommodate. 🙁

  6. Must be trying to achieve that highly sought after “P cup” size.

    But in all seriousness she/he is most likely trying to use the urine for hormone therapy. In poor countries or broke ass people take the urine from pregnant female dogs and inject it because its ridiculous high in estrogen.

  7. I bet there a ton of people watching this that are getting a hard-on, to which I say, fap away! Don’t let the disgust of everyone here get to you, they’re just mad that they don’t have fetishes as unique as you do. Heck, I may join in myself! (Maybe while watching something else though…)

    1. He didn’t even pull back on the plunger to make sure he wasn’t in a vein,and shooting dog piss straight into your blood supply has to be very very bad for you.This crazy fucker hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.And that needle seems pretty blunt aswell.

    2. Given the choice and if I had to I’ll take the pee over heroin. Pee doesn’t make your skin feel like rough sand paper an you blood feels like razor wire. Sure it’s heaven for a few hours after five days of torture your food tastes like dog piss for a month.

  8. What is with Asian guys wishing they could be female so they could get a white guy to fuck them LOL. Truly pathetic. The chinky bastard couldn’t even get the urine to go in his pseudo-tit, let alone didn’t understand why the needle wouldn’t soak up the urine with the lid ON.

  9. The only thing that could describe this for me is it’s a Thai ladyboy giving himself tits using dog urine. After the urine’s injected he starts getting aroused (or is in pain?.. or.. both?) and thus, drinks the remaining urine for satisfaction.

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