Young Woman Taken Out by Falling Dog

Young Woman Taken Out by Falling Dog

Young Woman Taken Out by Falling Dog

In what looks like China, a young woman on her way home with her husband and child, was taken out by a falling dog.

I have no idea what prompted the dog to go suicidal, or if he was helped to the fall, but if he’s going out, he’s not going out alone. Sneaky bastard.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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131 thoughts on “Young Woman Taken Out by Falling Dog”

      1. Lol. Hm, very good observation, Dano. Guess the saying isn’t true then, that all dogs go to heaven. This one got rejected right away, and kicked right back down to Earth, like Baxter getting punted over the bridge in Anchorman.

      1. “As for the whereabouts of the canine— it has seemingly since stayed away from the scene of the crime, locals said.”….
        “scene of the crime” kekekeke.

        “Workers said that they have never kept any dog there, and believe it may have entered the factory via another passage and jumped off the roof. “It’s such a rare thing. “You’ve never heard of a dog jumping off a building, have you? Let alone a dog jumping off a building and hitting a person,” said a worker from the factory…

        Holy fuck, either this was some strange plotted kamikaze attack or the dog was trying to commit suicide, lmao! That’s some funny shit right there, Ducthy. Thanks for the back info!

    1. Let me be the first to say that your dad violated you on the roof in a gay buttsex orgy with other homosexually active backdoor wrestlers. Flying off the ropes and landing a Flying Pelvic Ass Packer on your exposed turd chute followed by an Alabama Butt Cramma while Uncle Bob gently rubs his sweaty ball sack on your unconscious forehead. Did I mention that you’re a faggot?
      With Love, Richard

          1. Lol! Looks like these trollblocker posts you and Cas come up with are quite effective. Takes all the wind out of there typical, repetive troll comments. Haven’t seen one all day.

          1. Hey no problem, slick! And I don’t know how bad your eyesite is, I’m guessing just plain terrible, but that drawing does not depict me whatsoever. First of all my tounge is always slithering about in all my portraits, I have no beard to speak of and that suit he is wearing is just all wrong. Mine is symbiotic. Might wanna get your eyes checked, there bud.

  1. Looks like the dog got right up and moved out, no injuries. Good for him. Maybe the woman ate too many of his friends or was mean to other dogs and she got her justice.

    Rather see a dog live over a human sometimes.

    1. I had a rott that jumped out of a window, a second story window. My neighbor wanted to breed his dog with mine, they did the deed and all was good. The next night, I was out and he decided he wanted some more of that sweet lovin’. He broke the window glass, cut his paw and then proceeded to go to every window and door trying to get out. It looked like someone had been murdered in there. He even chewed on the door knob trying get out. Finally, he said Fuck it and jumped through the broken window. He landed on bags of returnable bottles and cans, so his fall was broken a bit….then he went next door and started scratching and barking at their door. One of the dumbest dogs I ever had, but sweet and harmless….for a rott. He was the original dropweiller.

          1. one sniff, that’s all it took, but dogs do have a heightened sense of smell so it must have been hell the bitch being nearby. It reminds me of when i was a teenager, i used to go into the garden at night and roll about in the earth naked with a hard on that never fukking went down. Imagine, all i had was my sister’s copy of cosmopolitan, i can still smell that magazine now. Just like the dog could smell that pussy.

  2. stupid canine vermin i hope this dog gets processed into chinese wok… god i hate those barking street shitters… Cant even go run in the suburbs because everystime i do it some fukin stupid dog destroys my ears by his barking from his yard. Damn those animals are so stupid…

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