2017 Artwork by Best Gore Member Adam Kowalczyk

Severed Head with String Tied to Mouth - Best Gore Inspired Art by Adam Kowalczyk

I’m honored to have the opportunity to once again re-introduced the traditional art of our valued member @zeiT92, also known as Adam Kowalczyk of Poland, whose Best Gore inspired artwork has graced the pages of Best Gore twice before.

Adam’s 2017 art is different from his previous paintings, in that it moves away from giving women all the spotlight. In his own words:

Two of these works are self portrait (guy sitting in chemię, and guy hanging without shirt). I don’t like to talk too much about my works. I hope That people will see everything on them. From technical side they are: ink, acrylic, marker, aceton and domestos on white and colorful paper.

Thank you for sharing your latest art with us again, Adam:

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

36 thoughts on “2017 Artwork by Best Gore Member Adam Kowalczyk”

  1. Great work maybe sell a few paintings to help out Mark I’m sure he would appreciate any donation especially from a talented guy like your self as he is struggling with health problems and in need of some cash merry Christmas best gore

  2. Jednak Polacy nie są gorsi od innych. Wszyscy kryjemy w sobie potwora, a przynajmniej uśpiony, niecodzienny talent do osobliwego postrzegania śmierci i cierpienia. Cieszę się, że jesteś z nami Adamie. Twoja praca to arcydzieło, cieszące oczy setek ludzi. Pozdrawiam.
    However, Poles are not worse than others. We all hide a monster, or at least a dormant, unusual talent for the perception of death and suffering. I’m glad, that you are with us, Adam. Your work is a masterpiece, that pleases eyes hundred of people. Regards.

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