Best Gore Art by BlindMag

Best Gore Fansign by BlindMag, SL, UT

I wanted to share this masterful artpiece by Best Gore member BlindMag which I believe deserves its own post. The drawing speaks for itself and needs no explanation. Human bodies in various states of gore are posed to form the name of the website and BlindMag even went as far as to include boobies everywhere she could, stating that they were for me. Awwww… All we need now is to re-enact the drawing in real life to have a photo. Minus the decapitations and dismemberments of course.

Here’s a big hug for BlindMag from me for this amazing piece of Best Gore art. The picture is also posted on the fansigns page because that’s where it was originally submitted to so I included it there also.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

87 thoughts on “Best Gore Art by BlindMag”

          1. Ok, The art is great I can see the “best” in the art but it is hard for me to see the word “gore” spelled out. If you positioned the gore part out differently I think it would look better only cause I can’t see the word gore in it. But that could just be me not seein’ it. But as far as the art and the GREAT shading, thumbs up. That’s just my constructive criticism . Like I said, no disrespect on that.

          2. Well this was more a quick sketch (spent only maybe an hour on it) and didn’t go too far on it. It was also challenging to stick with letter poses. The ‘Gore’ was especially challenging and I tried to add a little more shading to accentuate the lines of the letters, but I can see how it’s hard to see.

            But I’ve been drawing death, demons, gore, and corpses for about ten years. So I have sketches of everything from disemboweled cartoon characters, to depictions of Hell and the Forest of Suicideders. I’m planning on doing a few more drawings for BG that are more graphic, so maybe one of those you’ll like better.

          3. Hey, thank you, @mag for not takin’ offence to my reply/critique/thoughts. You are a very talented artist in my opinion, but more than that, you are a great person for not taking my opinion to heart and responding to my comment.And I hope you hang with us and keep up with your commenting, girl!!

  1. Wow, nicely done.

    I’m anxious to see what the entire alphabet would look like. I also vote this art piece for future T-shirts, it would certainly draw in the sheep’s attention as I stroll down supermarket aisles.

  2. Even though I am having a yard sale in about 6 hours from now to keep the lights and the computer on, I still wanted to swing by and see what the fuck is up…..and the anwser to that is.
    Theres like 9 new postings over the last day…..Mark good to have You back and the new content seems to rock, although, I’m too fucking tired right now to talk many more words than this.
    Need to go get my 3 hours of sleep before becoming Rotten Stench the Salesman (again)

    Hope things are well for all My SOB friends, which I fucking miss like hell.


    1. I miss you, too, dude! Been wondering where my favorite DONkey in the Hole is. Just remember to have a really cheezy smile on your face when you’re making your sales pitch. That’s kept many a used car salesmen in business in these parts. Good luck!!!

    2. Hey Stench, Sorry to hear of your troubles my friend, I wish you the best and hope things turn around quickly for you buddy.

      I’m making a quick post here on yours (hoping you don’t mind) I have been absent well over a month now myself, and have missed “ALL” of you guys something terrible as well.
      I will make this short, but I literally have been at deaths door for the last 4 weeks, as I went out of the country to do volunteer medical work, was in a very remote location, contracted a bacterial infection, that turned deadly and I didn’t carry the sufficient antibiotics that would be needed to treat it this type of infection.

      Not to mention we were not suppose to be in this area to start with, and had to sneak in, so I couldn’t raise any alarms sending for urgent supplies. This is where you find out just what the body can endure and how fragile life really can be.

      Long story short, I’m alive and recovering quickly now that I’m able to administer the proper nutrients and medicines, that I so desperately needed (Also “NEVER” underestimate the healing power of Vitamin C in high doses, when nothing else is available) it’s probably what kept me alive until I could do better and more specific treatment )

      I’m so behind on the reading, reviewing and commenting on all the post – and WOW !! Mark is now a National Hero (always have been in my opinion) Congrats to Mark & on bringing the scumbags to Justice !! Missed talking to all of you guys, talk more soon. Cheers !!

      1. @MED!!!!!! We missed you buddy. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I am very happy to hear you are recovering. We had some questions on past posts for ya but don’t worry about those. You just get yourself fully recovered, catch up on the posts and come back home!

    3. Yard sales are sketchy.
      Simply because F.V’s are cheap. They’ll try to lower the price on something that’s $5 or less.
      I was selling some old C.Ds/vinyls and some assnose tried to haggle me for a rush vinyl that was only $3.
      He said quote “Can you lower $.50?”
      What a jizzrag.

      Any way, Take care stench. *raises glass of pyrat*

    1. I despise the Guardian with a passion.

      No newspaper has done more damage to the Nation. Ever.

      It is the newspaper of trendy, middle class hippies.

      They are beneath contempt. I can’t express my disgust easily enough.

    1. Mejico is beyond salvation. They would require an hibrid between Edward Longshanks, Francisco Franco and Ivan the Terrible to pacify Beanerland. Anyway, it looks like El Chapo could do a better job than Calder?n, but they have elections this year, so the carnage is going to get interesting

      1. Things are pretty bad there ‘ey Tulio? Especially if Franco couldn’t pacify it himself.

        He is one of my most inspirational historical figures. Along with:

        1) Charles De Gaulle
        2) Benito Mussolini
        3) Konrad Adenauer
        4) Oswald Moseley

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