Best Gore Inspired Art by Polish Painter Features Murdered and Raped Women

Best Gore Inspired Art by Polish Painter Features Murdered and Raped Women

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Polish artist Adam Kowalczyk, also known as Best Gore member @zeiT92.

Adam is a 5th year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in WrocΕ‚aw, Poland. In an interview with me, Adam disclosed that at home, he has a collection of animal skulls. Those came mostly from road-killed animals, as well as animal corpses found during strolls in a forest. He used to paint skulls, but progressed into painting what leads to the living tissue transforming into a skull. Here are a few more questions from the interview:

What inspires you to paint dead people?

I’ve always been fascinated by death, but it wasn’t until about 9 months ago when I first tried to put death on canvas and make it art. I don’t know where the fascination originates from – maybe I had some trauma in the past I’m not consciously aware of?

I started the search for inspiration on Google. Once I found interesting images, I followed them to the source and I landed on Best Gore. At first, I searched Best Gore for images of serial killers, but then my focus shifted to raped and murdered women.

What made you decide to paint women who were murdered or raped? Why not paint women who are happy and entitled?

I found them more dramatic, and it’s a topic that can be more intriguing. For me, painting happy women is not captivating, because it’s a topic overdone by other artists.

Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with you for being fascinated by death?

I’m not a bad person. I’m an artist who tries to navigate a difficult subject and make it into art.

Thank you for sharing your artistic expression with us, Adam. Luckily, you live in Europe where expression of many forms is treated as inalienable. If you lived in Canada, social justice warriors would witchhunt you to hell and back, and the sue happy regime that doesn’t tolerate expression it doesn’t approve of would see to it that you’re in jail.

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115 thoughts on “Best Gore Inspired Art by Polish Painter Features Murdered and Raped Women”

  1. Thankyou for letting us see your artwork @zeiT92, these are really good. I used to have a collection of skulls too, now I just collect teeth if I happen to come by them. I gave my skulls (a camel, horse, cows and sheep mainly) to an ‘arty’ friend who sort of stitched colourful wool over half of the skull’s ‘face’, they looked absolutely beautiful and sold for a good price.

      1. Ha!

        My goal (hopefully) my plan, what I want is to purchase a hippopotamus skull and incorporate a glass top. But they’re really expensive…. I have my alligator skull but that’s too small to even work with considering its a juvenile. Even a ten ft or above they’re not the right dimensions. I do want a skull collection

        1. @trainwreck, in Australia we just can’t have that sort of thing (hippo’skulls) we have a ban on all wildlife stuff, especially from a ‘vulnerable’ species. Even if it died naturally. You should quickly check out on Wiki the former range of the common hippo…and what it is now πŸ™

          1. I have a few years back but not recently. There is only one site I know that carries all of it…..but they want an obscene amount of money. Now I am wondering…..

          2. Blood diamonds always cost more than the same cut, clarity, definition of other diamonds not from Seira Leone so it would leave me to believe that this website is poacher friendly

          3. @trainwreck, you will waste your money! Anything like that would (or could) be picked up at the airport or where-ever it gets sent to? Poaching is insidious, a lot use leg snares that capture ANYTHING, those animals die the worse death ever. Some just get forgotten about too, a big waste, as they (the poachers) set 1000’s of leg snares. You don’t want to go looking at snared animal pics, big, majestic, proud animals reduced rotting bags of bones. They scratch and pull desperately trying to free themselves. Don’t get me started on rhino horn poaching, there are pics and videos of rhinos who have been shot in the head and had their horn chainsawed off, but their brain is tiny, the bullet missed! They wake up with that. Also many people like to buy a zebra or wilderbeest tail ‘switch’ for fly swatting, the tail is cut off and the rest is left.

          4. Oh I know the poaching habits. I understand completely what andony they go through. At the time these I looked at were animals that naturally aged out, I can’t and won’t spend 1,000 USD on anything…especially a skull. But I do know the ways of the poacher. I’m apart of many organizations, volunteer many hours. You’d be happy with me. I do good

    1. I would absolutely buy and display this art. I collect skulls as well and in fact have a few tattooed on me. While the content is dark there’s something “beautiful” about it, though it seems like an odd word to describe such depravity.

  2. Wow thank for sharing this with us!!!! @zeiT92 I’ve always loved art especially when someone freely express their true desires and fascinations it truly makes it all the more captivating. I have to say the first two on the bottom row are my two favorites I love the work and use of color and contrast. πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent work @zeiT92 The human body, for me, was the most difficult thing to ever draw in my high school art class, so you have all my respect on your work. You would have knocked that toupee off my art teacher’s head if he’d seen your paintings. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good job dude I am a sketch artist myself but that’s not what I earn and burn my money from as my livelihood …………
    Its the figures ,numbers and the math that I play with to earn my bread …………..from ;….. as an Accounts Officer but sketch work and guitaring are the two special talents I have .

    Sky is the limit @zeiT92 ya are gonna reach my friend but here is a word of advice just go on and on in your pursuits and remember

    ”Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.’

    All the best is what I wish for ya .
    I wish I had as many words to have ya draw for us every now and then but do keep contributing .Remember Bestgore pages hunger for more and more each day .

    Fills its spaces and be appreciated

      1. I collect independent artists work. Always have. My sister was an artist and I have a lot. I don’t have anything in my collection that’s unoriginal… Maybe a couple of prints but that’s because this local artist in Chicago kept the originals. I also go to art “scrapyards” and rescue peoples artwork before somebody comes and ruins it for the canvases. If it’s odd, unusual, dark, light, different, oil water or shit even latex I’ll buy it. Money isn’t what it used to be for me anymore so I haven’t bought in a long while. I can’t draw for shit and I paint like a epileptic monkey so those who cant…

        1. Oh that?s truly fascinating and a great hobby collecting original stuff . And Ellen ,what about your sis has she stopped being an artist ? …anymore .
          Everything Original has a lasting value and as the years go by some of the original works even can fetch ya a great fortune .
          Ha Ha Ha Ha ……. An Epeleptic Monkey !! oh that?s a good one ……..but ..if you can visualize you can always paint a doodle owl as well ….

          1. My sister….no she no longer paints. Quite honestly I don’t even know if she is still alive. But with that being said… Yep not a great situation.

  5. @zeiT92,

    If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration for your art go to Germany or Sweden because in these two countries rape and murder of women is a regular occurrence all thanks to their traitorous piece of shit governments immigration policies.

      1. You know me P dude, I never miss an opportunity to insult our traitorous politicians and the brainwashed liberal idiots who slavishly follow them.

        The European police can?t jail these rapists though because technically these rapists are children, very tall, well built children with facial hair mind you but still children because they told the immigration authorities that they were and it would be racist of us to doubt them.

  6. Like i said in my other post, tas and amour, I’m sure, agree, you are 1 talented man. Hopefully, we will see more of your work and if possible, are any of them for sale? I’d love to purchase a copy of all of them…

  7. Wow, you are really talented! I love the colors, they make a brutal death seem beautiful. I always thought there was something almost artistic about gore, and you’ve done an excellent job portraying that. Thank you so much for sharing these, I hope you send more soon πŸ˜€

  8. It still amazes me that Hitler was refused entry at Vienna’s art school. Have any of you seen his art work? Its incredible. The man had talent.

    And really nice work @zeiT92. Its really unnecessary to paint entitled, condescending and arrogant modern women, who live in a world (in the West, at least) that grants them loads of privileges at the expense of men. You see them every single day. We’re here to see the other side of the spectrum, one that you delivered well with your talent. Sheers mate.

    1. True that, PD. He’s a good artist. Adolf had talent but if he did went to art school then Germany wouldn’t have been rebuilt the way he did with it.

  9. Ahhh a true artist with the canvas. πŸ™‚ Its too rare to see nowadays… people are shifting to that fucking bullshit “contemporary art” where one just shits on a canvas and call it “art that we dont understand”… ugh… But you’ve imortalized those victims through your art. Nicely done. πŸ˜›

      1. I saw Keith… we have in Poland also simular artist. Alicja Zebrowska is quite famous. She put in some things for example “Barbie” doll to she’s vagina and calls this art.
        Im not some kind of Academic painter and thats way i ignore diffrent style, but this kind of things have place in others fields.

  10. Your ladies are beautiful and you have a good deal of talent. Increasingly Captivating creations will no doubt continue to pour from your mind and hands and I am sure please many people. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Boy, we sure do have insanely talented members around here. I can’t even draw a nice emoji turd but look at how Adam did with his canvas.

    In all seriousness, however, we sure certainly hope to see more and get graced by your talent. While most paintings capture what’s good in this world, this represents the other side of the same coin. We have good things to deal with as much as we have the bad.

    Would you consider doing some beheading paintings while you’re at it? Lol. Jk πŸ˜€

    You rock, Adam. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh always I’m glad you said that. Even though I think rape is one of the vilest things on the planet, some people squelch their urges other ways. I don’t know the real reason behind is fascination I can only gladly speculate, but these are still beautiful.

      I love some of my collection…too bad one of my canvases are cracking. This person used paint, magazine cutouts, but no layer of protection over the top, soooooo I think I’ll have to fuck with it and hope I don’t ruin it…..I’m really awesome at that

  12. These make me think a lot though. Are these based on reality or in his mind? Because I can also see him making tragedy into something beautiful. I dont know how I feel…but that’s what art is supposed to do I suppose, envoke emotion that otherwise would lay dormant. Blas? blas?

    I just woke up….let’s make a deal is on TV. Why is this the first thing I see when I turn on the tv? So annoying. Not where I left it

    1. @Trainwreck,

      They are good. I like the way he has chosen to use less detail in order to make it less objectifying and therefore more artistic.

      However, I do think he is missing something though.

      I wish he would keep this current, less detailed, art direction for the women?s bodies but make their faces as detailed as possible instead. This way you convey the last moments of the dead without it becoming crude, for example a suicide victim will have a more serene facial expression due to death by consent whereas a murder victim will have a tortured, twisted facial expression.

      In the above the viewer of the art is forced to contemplate the ?last moments?, was she happy? was she numb with shock?, was she horrified?, did she accept it?, did she fight to the end? etc, ect. By doing this you give life to the dead because even though the art is a depiction of death to the viewer it becomes a recording of last moments and so is experienced as the before, the during and the after.

      The last moments of life is a powerful subject and one I believe that is best expressed by facial expression and so in order to keep the focus on that subject the rest of the scene must be less detailed, less focused so as to draw attention to it.

      It?s all just a matter of personal opinion though.

  13. Hi! I Just want to Thank You all, especially thanks for Vasily (Admin BG)! Im really happy that You like it my painings! From always i heard just “paint some happy stuff’s”, “paint some flower’s, or something…”. You just helped me to belive what im doing. Thank You one’s again! I feel realy appreciated πŸ™‚

    to find more my thinks:

    Adam Kowalczyk / zeiT92

    1. Thank you Adam for your skilled and thought provoking artwork! Turning tragedy, cruelty, and man’s inhumanity to man into such works requires command of results and deep imagination and yours exemplifies both precisely, connecting both with the victim and the “artist,” if you will, who put that human chaos into form in the first place. Keep creating that to which your heart compels. I don’t put my heart and mind into creativity for people pleasing purposes. I do it to show what I possess from within.

  14. I can appreciate these paintings and the talent involved in their creation, but, I’m really liking the caption on the first one. Remove the “,” coma and the caption takes on a whole new meaning.

      1. Adam, at first I was not going to comment because while you have amazing talent, I could never support someone who glorifies rape. Then with the comment you made above about the women being victims and that “crime is important”, I realized what your message was! If I were you I would make sure that you include those statements as you display your art. It helps people understand where your ideas are coming from. I do love the way each picture is so unique with the colors and design. Good luck in the future. πŸ™‚

  15. As an artist, I can say that you’re really talented! I love how you’ve pushed the boundaries! You should save your “inspiration” pics for when you have your own show. You should be on !

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