Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1

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Even though some considered Mark’s move to plead guilty to thought crimes in Canada questionable, fact is that the plea untied Mark from years of legal battle, and freed him to get quickly involved with Best Gore again.

Granted, he’s still in Canada where having opinions that don’t match those of the majority is a criminally prosecutable offence, but even though it’s not safe for him to start publishing again, the moment he returned from the court house on January 25, he immediately proceeded to work on fixing lasting issues with the site.

Mark’s Involvement

While you may not have noticed, it was January 25 when 3 months of ongoing performance issues with site being offline a lot, and barely loading when not, was put to an end. Basically, Mark returned from court and went straight on the computer to get shit sorted out. And did he ever.

With Mark now actively working in the background, we’ve also seen a whole lot of additional changes to the site. The most noticeable was the major upgrade to the design, which is now “responsive” – meaning it adapts to the platform and the size of the user’s screen. Some of the many issues the site was plagued with in Mark’s absence were caused by obsolete technologies used in the previous design, which allowed for exploitations of vulnerabilities and lead to the ongoing attacks against the site. New design, aside from being responsive, resolves these vulnerabilities.

Best Gore v3.0

Introduction of this new design launched the beginnings of Best Gore v3.0. A lot of work was put toward it to make it happen, but the ultimate test of usability had to be performed on the live site, so even though its first version was not met with great enthusiasm, once we had it on the live site we were able to pick out the weaknesses and address them. By now, what we liked about the old design was reintroduced, while what we didn’t was abandoned, so we have the best of both worlds.

We have however not stopped there, and continued working on Best Gore v3.0 to add features you’ve been asking for, while also working on providing new content every day.

No Longer Just a Blog

Fact of a matter is, Best Gore started as, and has always been a blog. Over the years, when various members asked such questions as whether it was possible to message another member privately, the default answer was that since Best Gore is just a blog, all it really offers are posts published by authors, and the ability for registered members to comment on each post. This remained the fact for 8 years, but when Mark returned to us and started actively working on upgrades to the site, he made it clear that it is his undisputed position that Best Gore has outgrown the “just a blog” phase.

Needless to say, adding social features to the site which has been designed to be a blog is a major undertaking, but once it was recognized that Best Gore is no longer just a blog, we’ve been actively moving in that direction.

Unfortunately, at that time we got also backstabbed by ProChan which resulted in all our videos being deleted, which forces us to resort to temporary measures to have some videos re-enabled, while excessive resources need to be assigned to seeking a permanent solution to the issue. Obviously, the deletion of more than 4,000 videos resulted in enormous amount of emails being sent to us asking why videos are not showing, which slows all progress on the website even more.

First Batch of Upgrades

Recently, we announced in the sidebar that the site will be taken offline for 2 hours to upgrade the database. We timed it for the historically slowest time of the day, even though for Mark it meant that he had to stay up until 4am because of his location. We got everything properly ready, so downtime eventually lasted less than 15 minutes. With it, we addressed several pressing issues with the obsolete tables in the database, which furthered hardened the website’s security and reliability.

At the same time, we introduced the first batch of social features, with the introduction of profile pages, and Twitter style bootstrapping.

Please keep in mind that this was another enormous task which will still require a lot of work to get properly running. For this reason, consider the profiles and all associated features already attempted an early Beta. A lot of work will still need to be done on them to get them right, but as was the case with the design, it is best tested on a live site, so we can evaluate in real time and in real use how it reacts.

Bootstrapping seems to work well, so it is possible to automatically link to the target profile by placing the @ sign in front of the username, however keep in mind that because Best Gore offers the possibility for members to choose their display name which can be different from the username, it is the username you have to referenced in order to get the correct link to the correct profile. Otherwise, if username doesn’t exist, no link will be created, and if it does, it will be, but it will link to a different profile. This is something many of you have already figured out and utilized very well. Glad to see we have so many savvy users on the site.


  • Mark’s guilty plea allowed the site to quickly resolve underlying issues and introduce new features
  • Best Gore is no longer just a blog
  • Website’s design was upgraded to what’s known as “responsive design” which adopts to each user’s browser, whether on desktop or a mobile device
  • New design removes security vulnerabilities of previous design and sets platform for the introduction of long asked for social features
  • We have a lot of work ahead of us, but with Mark’s involvement, things are slowly but steadily moving in the right direction

What we have planned for the future is even better redesigned comment section to allow for the member’s ability to edit their own comments for a period of time after submission, to allow members to vote for quality comments and sort comments by most voted, to redesign profile pages, fix and improve activity streams, and hopefully later also introduce private messaging system. This, of course is not conclusive, so there is a whole lot more to look forward to.

Known Issues

An issue we are aware of that was created after the introduction of profile pages is that the ability to change the password within one’s profile clashes with our caching engine and fails. As a result, neither the old password, nor the new one will work after the attempt to change it there. However the blog’s core password reset feature still works, so passwords messed up through the use of profile’s password change feature can be reset there. We are hoping to find a solution to that soon.

BTW, we have also fine tuned Gnomes so there should be almost no disappearing comments anymore. However we will still be enforcing our comments policy published in the sidebar, to ensure the site remains uncluttered by childish bullshitry.

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

139 thoughts on “Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1”

          1. When you answer yourself and end up getting into a big argument with yourself you won’t speak to you for day’s.
            Happens to me all the time.

  1. Welcome back mark glad to have the OG of BG back I may have pestered you a lot but that was just a way for me to tell you thanks sorry for bugging you so much but hey at least we all know you are okay.

    As for the changes the only thing I wanted was the messages expanded other than that everything was fine to me. But that being said I like the design regardless.

    The sooner we can get you out of that shit hole country the better. Hail Mark the founder and True Best Gore role model.

    Safe travels friend and best wishes dude

    Foaly Reviews, Keep on Working Keep it Real, and Keep on at it, Cuase you never know whats going to happen.

  2. I love the shiny new BG. This has been my home for a few years, and the only site I visit on a daily basis. Thank you to Mark and the mods for making this site what it has grown into over the years. Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible.

  3. You guys have done great through this difficult time! I really love the comment editing part and the current notification features you’ve added. Thanks for making this sight easy to navigate. You guys are the best!

  4. Bravo for V30. I have been a member for a couple years and have always wanted to contribute. I held off because of the porn mostly. Yes i am a fuckless prude. Anyway at the age of nine i totally wiped my right eye out with a firework device that you loaded caps into. I put enough caps to blow it over a two story house but instead smashed into my eye. At nineteen i finally had it removed and started the necessary steps to have a glass eye made. Anyway i wondered if you folks think it would be of interest in following through videos and photos as i have eye socket reconstruction. It is gross to look at a bloody socket with no eye in there. Back to the new version. Again well done. For Mark i am happy for him that the show trial that the powers that be felt it necessary to put him through is over.

    1. Would love to see your videos and pictures of your eye socket.
      Much love and thanks to Mark, Obli, and everyone who makes this site the awesome place it is. Love love love the changes. More clearer. More faster. Just better.
      Keep up the good work!
      (Hugs) from Arkansas.

  5. Mark is involved in the updates? Fuckin’ awesome, hope to read his hilarious articles again soon. Thank you everyone at BestGore, I’m a daily visitor and you guys made this site a home away from home for me, I cannot find words to express my gratitude. Whenever my problems start to get to me, I just come here and it all goes away. Looking forward to the future of the site.

  6. I would also like to say a massive thank you, to Mark, all the people that add the video’s,and most of the members on here who make this site what it is, I would honestly have nothing to watch or do while I’m in the bath or having a number 2. Great job guys bravo. ..

  7. Totally awesome that Vincent is helping with the updates!

    Nice to have him back in any way possible. I hope one day we shall see a post from Vincent soon 🙂

    This site changed the way I look at things. In a good way as well.


          1. Yeah I know what you mean, I was asking as I have a golf and getting a golf R end of march the shape looked similar pal. Yours looked pretty cool hence me being a nosey fucker ha

  8. I suggest you improve the tags thing. too many tag that mean the same thing is counter-efficient. “headshot, head shot, shot to the head, shot in the head, shot to head” is really all the same and an author can easily forget to add one of them, if I happen to click on the particular one he forgot to add his post won’t show up.
    too many synonimous tag=less exposure for post.

    love the new comment section, the old vertical one didn’t made sense.

  9. You guys are all doing an amazing job with this site! I’ve been loving the new updates, especially the profiles. I’m really happy that BG is going to have more social stuff and isn’t “just a blog” anymore. Thank you for all the hard work, it really is appreciated 🙂

  10. Bestgore, evolution is thine name. So glad things are going this way instead of the site dissapearing. It sounds like a shit-ton of work, thanks to everyone on the team who works on it and not only keeps it going, but makes it better. The changes sound cool, can’t wait to see them!

  11. I will be relieved the most when Mark returns in person to write and we can comment with him again. But you folks have shown all here what desire, heart and determination can accomplish. And for all of that, during this most trying time these last few years, thank you very much for not only saving Best Gore, but also for making it better than ever!

  12. Mark’s trial reminded me of the inquisition, where the defendant either had the option of admitting false guilt just to avoid the ongoing torture and be done with it, or face even more of it to an excruciating point. In a lawless state, truth is irrelevant. What is actually imperative is what fits their agenda, truthful or not. Freedom of expression is permitted if your opinion either conforms to the social consensus, or if you keep it to yourself. If it contradicts what society sees as the truth, then it is a no no.

    Nevertheless, the intention of Mark’s arrest and subsequently disabling him of any internet access, was to shut Best Gore down, or to at least massively decrease it’s popularity, but despite their efforts, we’re still here, and growing, thanks to the efforts of countless people that have given much of their personal time to manage the Website, and to an ever increasingly supporting community.

    “To find out who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

    Looking forward to the new updates.

  13. The Asian chick on the pic looks familiar. Is there a full frontal of this pic? That’s the only way I can tell if it’s the Asian chick that I know.

    Now, on a serious note, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to this man, Mark Marek. I have written a little speech in his honour. It’s not plagiarised or anything.

    “In the long history of the world, only a few people in each generation have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. Mark Marek – in this generation – did not shrink from this responsibility ? he welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which he brings to this endeavor will light our world and all who serve it ? and the glow from that fire can truly light the Universe.

    And so, my fellow Bestgoreans: ask not what Mark can do for you ? ask what you can do for Mark and this site.

    My fellow citizens of Bestgore: ask not what Mark will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of Mark Marek and the success of his website. Here, here.

    Can we forge, against these enemies, a grand and global alliance, North and South, East and West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join in that historic effort? Will you join me and Mark in this quixotic crusade. And now, let us all partake of the eating of the vulva to seal the pact we made today.”

    Again, this speech was at no way plagiarised or anything.

    1. What ever you?ve been smoking vulva eater, I want some of it.

      On a serious note though by placing Mark on a pedestal and transferring onto him the responsibility of many you only propagate that which you have come to despise, the inability of the masses to fight for themselves.

      Mark was in custody whilst we enjoyed our food and wine and watched tv and so for us the world went on regardless of one mans struggle and therein lies the problem, we all want change but none of us want to be the ones who do the changing and so instead we just sit back hoping and wishing for someone else to step up and act in our place.

      I don?t hate the above behaviour because I would have to hate myself as well and I already hate myself enough as it is and this behaviour is natural to us after all because those on the front line always face the most danger and that is why you see such things as the bystander effect because we are biologically designed to avoid danger.

      Sadly however this behaviour is exactly how we get exploited by those in power because it is incredibly easy to control those who do not like to act by themselves.

      BG is a good example here because the government thought that by removing Mark they could kill the website and under normal circumstances they would have been right because in the aftermath of Mark?s arrest we all froze up and were helpless to act but because the members of the BG admin team broke this behavioural pattern and stepped up and took the wheel this website was saved from certain death and so here we are today, still around to bitch and moan at them, ha, ha, sorry guys.

      Anyway, my point is that Mark and the admin team do a great job but lets not pass all of our desires and responsibilities onto them because it isn?t fair and it only keeps us babyfied.

      We can?t all contribute equally granted but we should all at least individually stand and fight against government tyranny in our everyday lives because even the smallest ripples can shake the pond when enough of them act for themselves.

      1. “Teach the children quietly
        For some day sons and daughters
        Will rise up and fight while we stood still”.
        Wherever this site goes, I’m there for the ride. Thanks everybody!

  14. I’ve still been getting the “WARNING: Extremely Graphic and Explicit Content” message upon each visit to the site. The problematic cookie I mentioned previously, cwv3_cookie_sitewide, was set “Expires: At end of session”. However, I’ve now edited this cookie manually so that it now shows “Expires: 31 December 2099, 23:59:59” – and I now get no more warning dialog at all.
    Apart from that, I like the new look site.

      1. To be honest, once a user has chosen “Enter”, I see no reason why that particular cookie should expire any time soon for regular visitors to Best Gore.
        As I’ve edited the date manually well into the future, I should not see that warning dialog again. In fact, I’ll be well dead before it expires.

  15. Ey’up! New here but a long time daily ‘lurker’ so thought I’d take the plunge to finally register and in the process thank everyone at Best Gore for keeping the site going even at evidently difficult times. Hope everyone is good today.

  16. Thank you for everything you guys have done with the site! I already love the newer features and am excited for what’s to come. The fact that you guys did all this while still cranking out the gore is incredible. I’m very happy to know Mark was involved with this. Thank you guys for all your time, effort and dedication to this amazing site 🙂

  17. As short of time iv been visiting and becoming addicted to this site,the new changes are amazing! It’s like it from 1999 to 2016 in 3 months. the old look is barely memorable now and I’m sure all BG veterans have quickly grown to accept new look…much like a new haircut or room set,just needed some time to get used to. Hope the sites dedication continues and is able to recover lost vids and archives.
    …then have a better archive search under title/”catoGORY”/topic and top 20 in said.
    Thanks for gore,the work,and reality.

  18. Best Gore is two things for me, first it a place I come to relax the demons of my childhood and the demons that follow me from war. Second is my family here, I feel closer and more at ease talking here than I do with the people who try to engage me in conversation on a daily basis, so to all my SOBs much love to you. With this in mind I’ll readily and gladly go through any change to Best Gore as it continues to grow. Mark its great to know you’re back among us where you belong, but I must say you had an exceptional group at the reins holding down the fort in your absence, and despite all those who bitch whine and complain the real SOBs here appreciate all that you guys do. *Raises Glass* here’s to the continued growth and success of Best Gore 😉

          1. Rayf,im a potato eater i love a potato with a stake and pepper sauce,you would never break me down man,never, jesus relax,im not,your enemy

          2. @FI oh were talking again ?
            Listen man told you before I don’t hold a grudge and every day you start fresh with me.
            But here’s some advice on this dysfunctional relationship of ours man…you don’t get to fuck me any time you want and then claim a headache when I wanna fuck…not cool man…don’t be playin with my emotions….told you what you gotta do to keep me off that ass…I don’t enjoy battling with you bro and I know nobody else wants to read that shit…treat people with respect and it will be returned.

    1. Welcome back Mr Mark Marek!! While you were away, the Admin Team here on Best Gore did a fantastic job of running this site and keeping your seat warm for your return… You could not ask for better friends and I wholeheartedly thank them for everything they do. Your like Captain Kirk from Star Trek (tos) this is your Enterprise; welcome home…

  19. Brilliant. Good for you, good for Best Gore. This site is the seed of Mark, good to know he is backstage crafting and helping it to flourish.
    The best thing about this site is not the bloodlust, its the on point opinions from the writers.

  20. This site REALLY has become the best of the old and the new! Retaining what we’ve enjoyed over the last few years, but making it more enjoyable with overall improved functionality! I’ve always liked the gore, but it was the family camaraderie “atmosphere” that made me become a member. There’s always gonna be trolls and just plain disrespectful idiots, but the BG family knows how to handle them. It’s all part of the fun baby! Mark, thank you for all the sacrifice and effort you put into the BG community. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! And we’re patiently waiting to see all the old videos up and running again! Thanks again.

  21. Im gona say this now without lookin like a fool,tell me fuck,off,tell me im bein a prick or talkin shit,but i honestly like everyone one this site and im not a troll,i can take a slag,but if ye want to ban me then do it,i thought we were havin a laugh,i honestly didnt think i wasnt liked that much tell i read rayf’s personal messages,i,feel like a rite prick

    1. I haven’t taken much notice of what’s been going on with you man, but I’d say you ought to give it a fresh start by the sounds of it. Tomorrow’s another day, start as you mean to go on. There’s crack and there’s plain taking the piss, if you know what I mean.
      Be right with members and they’ll be right with you.

    2. @Fighting Irish

      I know there’s been a lot of back and forth between you and some of the other members and I read it but purposely didn’t involve myself since I knew I didn’t have the full background story. I will say though that being on the internet, what you may be saying as a joke or sarcasm doesn’t always come across that way to others, especially when they have not had the time to get to know you and understand your personality. If you’re joking about something, just go out of your way to make it clear with a simple emoji or LOL ect. until people begin to understand your sense of humor. We all have made mistakes on this site and have learned from them so it seems that you are seeing that you didn’t always come across the way that you wanted. As long as you learn from it and try not to repeat it you’ll find most members on here to be very forgiving. 🙂

      1. Thanks ewestomper,littlefoot,i didnt think i was annoyin people that much,i wont,il try not to,do it again lol,you can slag me in any way and il try to find the funny side of it or try to give back as good as i got,i hear what ye are sayin an thanks for lettin me no,i honestly thought it was give an take,i dnt want to hurt anyone,if i did im sorry

    3. @Fighting Irish, I?ve crossed the line on many occasions here because of my booze/drug issues but because my sober self adheres to the rules and adds variety I am forgiven for the most part and therein lies your answer. That answer being your current status as a poster, if you were truly acting against BG you would have been banned by now but instead you are not therefore you are A-OK.

      I would highly recommend adding detail to your opinions though because no matter the opinion if you can describe and support it you can defend it and therefore hold your own.

      Life is a battleground after all and as such not everyone will hate you nor like you because we are all different at the end of the day, depending upon where one stands in relation to the current norm.

      1. Empty soul the fact you even took the time to reply to me mean’s alot,i read all your writings and i think your one of the best,i no what your sayin about drink an stuff it can be a cunt sometimes,im not gona try to use the same words as you man but i appreciate what you just said,i feel bad now.

        1. I think a cleaver person would stop writin about now,i told myself to stop,i got a little more to say,not as serious but fuck it lol,why dnt best gore have a meet up in the summer?everyone meet up for a weekend?id fly over with my missus,we didnt plan our holidays yet so..what a summer,id get my fighting irish t-shirts printed

          1. youre not taking your hazing very well. seeing cracks…

            listen to me. you came on as newb acting all hard insulting one of my girls (@samcma), so we decided to rough you up a bit. nie cieszy mnie, ze musze sie zwr?cic przeciw tobie, ale biznes jest biznes. nie biez tego do siebie haha

          2. @i-dont-give-a-fuck

            I warned you…
            Obli can be forgiving but don’t piss him off…
            I’m not the one with the finger on the “ban” button…

            This might be your last warning man…

            If it makes you feel any better…Obli had to get after me not too long ago and I don’t blame him one bit for it…so take it for what it is…

          1. LOL I said @Stacie I know it’s under 24 hr notice…but I have to skip my electro shock therapy this afternoon then she laughed and told me what she just told you…I always give @Stacie her 24 hr courtesy call after that. 😉

  22. Hey sorry if this has already been addressed, if it has I missed it. All the video links are blacked out for me. Have been for a while now. Is this something on my end? (Jailbroke iPhone5s) thanks in advance for any help.

  23. Obli,gnat,i no ive been a prick and dnt take this as a plee cause its not,but honestly i just want to talk to ye and best gore members if i insulted any of yer friends then im sorry,its not being nasty with them its only a laugh to me,if people cant have a laugh then fuckk it then im on the wrong site,just tell me to my face and not plan it behind my back,thats all,

    1. @[email protected] can remove you and all traces of you in a blink of an eye…no backroom planning needed…I actually stumbled across @Gnat and @Oblis conversation…@Gnat has since deleted his remarks…by saying what I did it may have saved you from that fate as I wanted to take a different route with you…remember Irish I said I did not want to hurt you but break you…break you down if you will…seems I may have accomplished that reading some of your last few comments…tomorrow lets never mention this again and move on…it is in your hands.

      1. Ya man keep it cool jesus,lets start again,im drunk as fuck now and dont really give av shut,but i cheack best gore all the time for updates and waite for the ddy my comment gets blocked lol

    2. Bye the way,im startin a new bussiness,its called Albert and sons,im going to all the beaches in Ireland with my cousin albert aka ()peter) and strapin a saddle on his back,$5 for a ride around the beach,my aunt said its illegal but i dont care,my as well make some money off the useless cunt is what i say

        1. I think so tas tiger but donkeys are the the past,this could really take off,albert has a bus load of window lickers that pick him up for ,school,i mean a break for my aunt,i could use the able bodyed ones,im excited now,the ideas are coming fast

  24. I like the new changes a lot, keep up the good work. Love coming to this site and reading all the comments. Even if nobody responds to anything I say I still like to comment once in a while, but I look at the posts almost every day. Thanks to Mark for his sacrifices.Love ya!

  25. Ive been coming to this site daily or multiple times a day for months. I know that’s not long however I will say the upgrades are wonderful. Thank you Mark and Obli and everyone behind the scenes for keeping this running!!! This site is tasteful for a gore site and honestly the only one I go to because I trust the source of the story and I don’t feel like it’s for shock value. I was wondering if there was anything that could be set up to donate money to the site? It can’t be cheap! Not to mention Mark’s legal fees. I really think it’s something to think about. I would gladly donate to help keep this site going. I’m sure it’s more than a full time job!

  26. Can’t even imagine how difficult it’s been to maintain this site in the shit storm you’ve all been going through. A huge kudos to all of the admin staff dedicating their time to creating new content, resolving technical issues and sticking a middle finger up at ‘the man’. Mark must love you all dearly for keeping his baby going! We certainly do.

  27. I know as a member I don’t comment very often. That being said I visit the site multiple times every day just to see what’s happening in the world. All of you admins are awesome! Through all the the bullshit attacks, bad mouthing, problems with video providers, and just dealing with the trolling motherfuckers/people who think it’s wrong because the content conflicts with their morals you guys have worked hard to keep it going. Hat’s off to you guys! It definitely shows a ton of character and perseverance. Im really liking the new version and look forward to seeing the truth for many more years. So I want to sincerely thank everyone who makes this site what it is including the members, who are among some of the most intelligent of any site anywhere, for keeping me informed on the real world!

  28. Just a quick note to say personally I don’t care what the site “looks” like. But I am glad Mark is involved in whatever way he wants to be, that he is able to do whatever he wants (hopefully) & am thankful I found BG when I did. I’m interested in all the posts but unfortunately I am one of those iPhone retards who can’t switch to another device right now so I join the ranks of the sad SOBs who can’t watch videos. Cheers!

  29. Supporting Mark from the U.K like so many people all around the world, he shouldn’t be charged with these bloody crimes, all he is doing is showing pictures that most countries show uncencored anyway (spelling is bad as half asleep).
    Brilliant Anime whoever did this is very talented will read who did this in the morning as shattered and trying to pull myself away from this site which is really hard to do.

  30. i here manny tales i dont believe all im told and just a fraction of things i see. if governent wanted bg gone it would be. law is no game either if they want a man they grab them. i have asked to be removed from bg. to friends be well, i cannot support things i dont believe. write what you want if botherd it will be booted. well i got many but i requested to be removed.

    1. People who expect parting ceremony usually have side intentions. If you want to leave, just leave and move on to whatever interests you more. Nobody’s gonna fanfare to your exit.

      Edmonton Police Service staff sergeant Bill Clark told the media in a press conference that their goal is to shut Best Gore down, but they can’t do it until the proceedings have been concluded. They didn’t conclude well enough for them to shut the site down. But sounds like you have already made up your mind about what was going on, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m even bothering explaining anything.

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