Drawing of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim by French Artist

Drawing of Jeffrey Dahmers Victim by French Artist

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @FreakyWorld, who’s an aspiring artist from France, and sent us a rendition of one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer:

I am a young artist from France, and I love drawing gore things. Your website is such an inspiration for me! So I drew one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal. He murdered, raped and ate 17 young men. Have a good day and thanks for being so amazing!

Thanks for sharing your drawing with us. Best Gore is home and inspiration to many amazing artists, including Adam Kowalczyk, also known as Best Gore member @zeiT92, and even though @FreakyWorld may not be entirely there yet, even Michelangelo did drawings before he painted the Sistine Chapel.

The original photo is HERE.

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41 thoughts on “Drawing of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim by French Artist”

  1. @freakyworld

    My desire for the red translates merely to wine but the French are more filled with the red passion than I am, be it the red hot desire for sex or the red hot mist of revolution ect.

    Be that as it may, Jeffrey Dahmer was a race traitorous gay oil driller as well as a murderer and therefore his victims should never be drawn as white.

    I recommend using your own shit to draw/paint them because artistically speaking it would be the closest approximation to reality as one could get.

      1. @gnat

        They should also make sure to paint in a bucket of KFC and a can of grape juice as well.

        To think Dahmer’s victims would still be alive today had they not been so obsessed with white people,white people truly are every black man’s kryptonite.

  2. I love it…
    In fact, I draw quite well too, but I wouldn’t know how to download one of my drawings for you guys to see lol…
    There are some nice details, there, but I would have added some more πŸ˜‰

  3. If I had a million dollars I would pay that amount of money for this piece of art!
    Unfortunately, I haven’t a million bucks, so, you can put this shit back into your ass!

  4. His guts look like poo. Literally like someone cut him open and went poo in the belly hole. It’s a cool drawing even if it is simple but I can’t help but see poo. I swear I’m not bashing the art it’s just what I’m seeing here.

  5. i cant draw like that but due to jeffrey dahmer being the killer people will check out the alleged sketch of victom but im doubtful it can be fake as a 3 dollar bill. without jeffrey dahmer no one would give sketch a hard look it would be a glance, he was a bad guy yet folks would buy his under pants for some crazy amount of money but not me.

  6. Where’s the rest of him? Where’s his junk? Is that a used condom under his right armpit going down his side?
    Yeah, you did a great job on the left hand though.
    I can’t even draw a stick figure dead guy so you did way better than I would have done.

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