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Hanging Sliced

Hanging Sliced

In the last few days, you’ve probably received a whole lot of notifications that the website you are a member of in whatever capacity has updated their Privacy Policy. That is because as of today, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – a new European Union regulation designed to enforce strict privacy practices comes into effect.

GDPR applies to any company, website or organization worldwide, regardless of whether they are based out of, hosted in or run out of an EU country. If the website processes, stores or transmits personal data of EU residents, the website is required to comply with the new regulations, or face steep fines.

We have been hard at work making Best Gore and associated websites fully GDPR compliant and got there safely a few days ago. We however keep dedicating more time and effort to making the processes more effective and easier to use.

Privacy Policy Update

As part of our compliance with GDPR, we have updated the website’s Privacy Policy. It is very important that you review the entire policy and agree with every part of it. In the event that you do not agree with anything, you must advice the administrators of it by making a request to have your personal data erased from Best Gore. Your continued use of the website signifies your consent with the Privacy Policy. You can however at any time revoke said consent, which is once again done by placing the request for deletion and you will be erased from the website.

The website remains fully browsable without an account. No personal information is collected from users who just wish to view the content of the website and nothing more. Anyone is free to choose viewership without participation, and anyone who had previously registered can request to have his personal information erased and view the website without participation. At least for the time being this is still possible, so should you wish to completely disappear off the website, regardless of whether you are an EU resident or not, please use the deletion request page, or contact me using the contact form.

In order to prevent abuse, spam and misuse of the website, any form of participation requires a user to create an account. The creation of an account is free, but it requires that the user provides a personal information in form of an email address, which is voluntarily provided by each registrant. With the account, a user can perform such activities as comment on posts, publish activity updates, post in the forums, subscribe to alerts, etc. Your continued use of these services once again signifies acceptance of the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy.

10 Years of Strict Privacy Compliance

Even though GDPR only came into effect today, Best Gore has 10 years of history of strict privacy compliance. We have a network of supporters with thousands of individual submissions made over the years and have never once violated the trust our sources have placed in us.

So rest assured that whether there are some big letters behind the privacy promises, or some big countries swinging their fat fingers, this has been standard for us since the inception in 2008 and there has never been a deviation from our strict dedication to members’ privacy and anonymity ever.

Out of 10 years of the website’s existence, there were 3 years when I was held hostage, harassed and tortured by the Canadian regime, yet not even then have I given up any personally identifiable information on any of my members or sources. So again, even if there was no such thing as GDPR coming into effect today, you have a lot stronger reasons to trust that your personal information will not be given up lightly or abused while I’m around.

Roadmap for Future of Best Gore

Even though we have made Best Gore compliant with GDPR, it is possible that we will make certain changes in response to it. An idea that is being strongly considered and looked at is that we will block new registrations for anyone from the EU. However members who are already registered will have their accounts honored, regardless of where they are from.

It has never been my goal to prove anything with the website, but it’s true that after 10 years of running the most successful reality news site in the world, there would be nothing more to prove even if I had such goals. I’ve actually found myself wanting to shut the site down a few times, but the site remains active because each time I was close to doing it, I was met with so much support from you, my members and supporters, that it made me want to put off shutting it down and keep giving back to you instead, even though I would have preferred to wrap it up and use the time for other things.

But even if I don’t shut the site down for the time being, I plan on looking around for ways to make it more exclusive. Shutting it down for the EU could be part of it.

Full GDPR compliance will remain, but going forward we may block users from the EU from accessing our content altogether by using our proxy’s traffic management tools, and require new members who use a means to bypass it to make a declaration that they are not EU residents, so that only people who are not EU residents can make new accounts, and if an EU resident does make an account, we’ll have data to prove that they obtained membership by making a fraudulent declaration and thus their rights as EU residents are void.

There are still decisions to be made and appropriate directions to choose, so nothing is set in stone at this time, but it’s possible that if we don’t shut down, then we may become more exclusive than we have been for 10 years. For those of us who are already here, it would mean fewer trolls, more or better content as I wouldn’t have to spend hours each day handling abuse before I get to publishing, much closer relationships between members and administrators, and improved technical performance of the website as resources would not be wasted on unwanted elements.

Anyway, for now, I just want to remind you one more time to review the updated Privacy Policy and familiarize yourself with the new tools we have worked so hard for to put in place to better assist you in obtaining a copy of the data in our database associated with your email address, erasing your personal data, rectifying incorrect data or filing a complaint if you have an objection to how we process your personal data. Switching over to SSL is high on our agenda and will be dealt with in the coming days.

Gore on,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

74 thoughts on “GDPR Comliance”

  1. Best Gore is a site we can trust. Thank you, Mark.

    Now regarding the possible block of EU residents creating an account here, what would be the best way for them to bypass the fact that they reside there? I instantly thought of Tor, but perhaps there are more efficient methods that I’m unaware of.

    Fuck the European Union! More like Non-European Union since their interests and policies do nothing besides screwing with Europe and the sovereignty of each nation. The same (((people))) behind the Bolshevism and the USSR are behind the EU since its creation.

    1. Rofl, EU is protecting its citizens and you’re shitting on it. Well, at least I’m happy with this law that makes information data abusers get on their knees.
      Sucks to be living everywhere else.

      Mark, you could do more instead of doing the same shit some US news sites are doing. Instead of complying not to track their visitors, they instead op to block them.
      It puts BestGore in the same basket.

      1. I do not track visitors and I’m complying. I used to use Google Analytics, the only tracking script that has ever existed on Best Gore, but removed it myself in 2012 when I just suspected Google was abusing the data. One year later, when Snowden leaks got out, my suspicion was confirmed. There has been no tracking on Best Gore since. In other words, I don’t need any country’s legislation to respect and protect my members’ privacy and anonymity. I’ve been proactive and have done it since long before GDPR or whatever else came to be.

        Just as you think the EU has the right to protect their citizens and do it the way they think is right, so I have the right to protect the fruits of my labor and do it the way I think is right. Like I said – if you don’t agree with the way the site is run, you can request to have yourself erased from the site. Or I can erase you without asking. This is a privately owned site, you do not have a constitutional right to it. You only have the right to have your personal data erased if you are an EU resident, but not to have your personal data stored when the administrators of the website don’t want it. We’re looking into making the site more exclusive, so seeing off elements incompatible with the philosophy of the website would be pretty much in line with the roadmap.

      1. That’s it, then. Why 52% stood up. Not against The David Cameron Fan Club or the Berlin, Brussels and Ankara Society. In the fucking centre of London Town, no less. These maniacs couldn’t abide losing access to Bestgore.

  2. Yea, been hearing about this lots the past few months as I’m an avid radio listener. Internet crackdown in the guise of citizen info protection?
    You’re probably right in considering whether to accept new EU members.
    Reading companies privacy statements would leave a man feeling like abandoning the internet altogether! *Before y’all use a device check every nook and cranny*
    Anyway, Cheers Mark, I found the new privacy statements accessible/easily understood for Marketplace Folk like myself.
    Giz a heads-up if you’re gonna blanket block us cats in the Shitfest E.U.
    I wouldn’t blame ya!

  3. If you live in one of the many parts of Europe that already resembles North Africa all thanks to mass uncontrolled immigration you should be fine and still able to log on here on the grounds that your country, technically speaking, isn’t European anymore.

      1. The EU is just another extra layer of government, that we all functioned perfectly fine without it being there…

        All we do is line some more pockets of lobbyists and politicians.

  4. As a word of encouragement to see us through this time of trial, the government of New Delhi has not attempted to legislate central control over interstate commercial train speed limits. No word yet against McDonald’s unlimited presidential fries.

  5. I have been getting a weird notification when I first log-in
    Never had it before and I’m in the US. Pretty pussy for those who defend the right to surf.
    Keep on Keeping on Mark!

    1. The first version of the notification that Privacy Police was updated was a little obtrusive so we changed it. Now when the policy gets updated again, the notification will appear in the cookie information overlay bar and will stay there until acknowledged. It’s less obtrusive that way, but if you logged in before this was changed, then you you would get that obtrusive message. At the time we didn’t know how to do it better so it was across the entire screen and not that well styled, lol. Sorry about that :/

  6. To think I first saw Best Gore on a school library computer when it was still a few posts. Man time flies. We’ve seen upclose exclusive uploads of death and gore here. Like that drug Cartel hit a gorean recorded on his street in Juarez MX to crushed splatteted fat man in Argentina recorded by a gorean. From the 5th world Flipflopistani countries to the 1st world paved Republics having guts and gore this site has it all. This site has made me self aware and to be careful so I don’t end up here myself. Keep it up Mark!

  7. Came on here a few days ago & before I was allowed access I was asked whether I agreed or disagreed with the new policy..
    I was gore blocked..hahaha

    Where else am I going to get A+++ uncensored content & a witty, humorous community..?
    Visited a few other gore sites, but none of them even came close to satisfying me in regards to Gore, hence why I’m still here 8 years later..

    1. Thanks for ongoing support, man. Sorry about that unwholesome message about police update. We later realized it was too obtrusive and changed the way that message will be delivered in the future. But that one time it already happened 😀

      1. You are very welcome my dude, thank you for posting the uncensored TRUTH & reality, that mainstream media continuously omits..

        Aha it’s perfectly fine, no apologies necessary.

        Have a good one

  8. If you don’t give an option to delete account and all data associated with it, then you have not started implementing GDPR compliance yet.

    I know how this feels. I myself run many politically incorrect websites / social networks including one where anonymous members find partners / sweet strangers to meet and play out their “rape” fantasies safely, in reality, without legal consequences. Only 2 genders are recognized on the platform:- Straight male and Straight female (can’t select anything else).

    Because of this politically incorrect platform, they bug me with warnings upon warnings for compliance, and a few threats. I eventually decided to leave out the entire EU and North American countries from my membership registration form. I have no EU countries nor America nor Canada nor Australia nor New Zealand in my country list. So my western members have lie / select some SA or Asian country to set their profiles… So far it works for everyone.

    But I know at some point, just like with everything else they (the west) will force other safer countries to join in their insanity for control. China has the last laugh on this one

    1. Good on you. Keep going at it. I have in place an option to delete all personal data, and it’s already been used, which is welcome by me as it unburdens the database. I’m not Google, I can’t afford to keep piling up data, so for me anything that lowers the amount of data I have to store and process is less burden and less cost.

      1. Keep the good work going Mark.
        Law makers seem to think internet users are all kids who know not what they do / or what they get into. This is just the beginning. The GDPR will be tweaked every few years to put more pressure on internet content providers / managers … under the pretext of “protecting users”

        This is one step towards what China had proposed at the UN on controlling “Internet Content Providers”. at first the west criticized it but now gradually embracing the idea. Just like in China, a few years later you will be required to get a special license to run even the most ordinary of websites. I foresee such licensing process requiring your indirect pledge of loyalty to liberal values. There goes our dear freedom 🙂 Enjoy it while you can

    1. The best strategies are being explored, so there is no answer to it yet, but it may happen that we won’t have the registrations for new members thoroughly open, and/or it may happen that we will restrict who can view content that’s being posted. But this is too early to tell. It’s just something that will be looked at closer in the future. There are more pressing needs to take care of first.

      1. Oh thank you for answering! Best Gore is a great site in my opinion and youre fighting a good fight for freedom of speech, keep it up! Ive always been a silent lurker but id love to be able to be a part of best gore in the future. Fuck GDPR you have all the rights you want to my little to none/possibly misleading data.

  9. Mark, i may have misunderstood what has been written here but i fail to see how they could fine you if you or your site is not based in the EU. How could they enforce it? I doubt you have assets in the Eu nor could they arrest you if you do not visit the EU.

    Surely the US nor Canada would go to such lengths for just you or enforcing an international arrest warrant?

    Only thing which makes me think otherwise is that intelligence agencies will want any excuse to shut you for showing Uncle Sam- led Moslem terror ie isis and FSA true colours.


    1. I’m not sure how exactly they seek to enforce it. Some of the biggest websites have their corporate headquarters in Europe, even though they are officially US companies, so for those it would be important that they comply, but I’m not sure how exactly they may want to enforce it against small website owners from outside EU.

      1. They can’t enforce anything Mark, europe is breaking up as we speak, there are all sorts of things happeneing , brexit was a signal of which i am proud to be a small part of the 52% @happy PS If you email me i can send videos. We all appreciate your work Mark.

  10. what is GDPR some kind of new mafia or something lol ,Facepalm ^^

    and as for :
    ”you have a lot stronger reasons to trust that your personal information will not be given up lightly or abused while I’m around.”
    thanks to tell us Mark but hey I never doubt in BESTGORE trust . none a minute .also , no one should be afraid ..lastly huricane have flood the laptop of Mark 😉 hehe D .

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