Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction

Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction

Since it’s Easter, here’s a picture of a girl impaled on a spear. It’s a drawing by an amazing illustrator from Japan – Hiroaki Samura. From what I’ve seen so far, Hiroaki Samura is hands down best guro illustrator on the planet. Not only is he amazing illustrator, he also has all these amazing ideas on what to draw. Great gore fantasies right there.

And a small note on age restriction:

You will not see any more comments from SamDJ on Best Gore. One rule that supersedes all other rules says that you must be 18 years of age or over to join Best Gore. This website is NOT for minors and there is no, never has been and never will be any flexibility in this simple rule. 18+ or get the fuck out of here. End of story. Anyone found to have lied about their age will go the same path. Many props to Rotten Stench for asking him his age. I don’t care if you feel mature or if you’ve been watching gore on TV since you were 12, unless you;re over 18, you are NOT welcome on Best Gore. The owner of the IP will be notified that the IP is being used by a minor to access web properties intended for adults.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

269 thoughts on “Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction”

          1. @candy, you got nothin’ to worry about, those titties in your profile pic are that of a nice ripe 20yr old woman! You hottie!

          2. Candy, just based on your reaction “i have a fansign” like that somehow proves your 18 + is kinda sketch..
            But you don’t look older than 15 max v___v so i wouldn’t be remotely suprised if you were 13; especially since you’re adding strangers on then internet on skype for pedo-attention.

          3. I just looked at @candytheskunk’s fansign, oop’s girl you don’t look 18 there either! Lots of girls have big boobies at 13-14+, fella’s,it means you can look (slyly) but you’d better not touch!

          1. @Razorblade my guess is he looks about 22-25?! But its hard to tell by a small photo! Please don’t tell me he’s a ‘whipper-snapper’ like @SamDJ! Whaa! bye Jack!

          2. @Jacky, seriously?I really thought I was older than you lol

            @tiger, I would have been really sad if Jacky got kicked off BG 🙁

          3. @ Razor, when you say “a younger person wondering what the hell happened” , are you referring to physical attributes or the miserable shape the worlds in?

      1. This is terrible! @SamDJ was in the TOP contributors list! I thought he looked about 18-20 myself, young but old enough? I have to go back & see what he said, wasn’t he joking? (about age) oh I’m all flustered! @Suicide King you’re in the LIST!

        1. Since no one has said it, then I’ll play the devil. I’m not surprised that SamDJ got the boot. I’m not a top commenter, but I’ve been a member for much longer than most of you listed in the sidebar. Other than BIG JOHNSON whom I remember from way back and also Graugeist, I’ve watched you all grow from newbs to goregians.

          Most people comment because they have something to say, SamDJ had nothing to say. None of his comments had any thought to it. None were 2 paragraphs or more because he didn’t comment for the sake of commenting, just for the sake of increasing his comment count. 90% of his comments were single or double word spit outs. The rest were brief sentences that just as the spit outs, had no thought to them.

          Am I surprised that someone like got the boot? I say RIGHT ON.

          1. Well thanks Slicer but way to make me feel old Lol. Ive been posting on here since 08-09. I do miss the old days with people like Usagi, Crazy Cannibal, Licky louie, Nefarious and ofcourse Lord Mullethead666 to name a few. I’ve seen alot of these heavy hitters come and go over the years. So far only me you and maybe 1 or 2 others have been around since the beginning. Oh and hey Lunatic, I’m 27 and i was getting laid at 15! They don’t call me BIG JOHNSON for nothing!

          2. Hey I was here when the site had less than 30 pages. When we still had the forums and mark would say every other beheading was the worst one he ever saw lmao.

          3. Big Johnson I’ve been commenting since around Nov. 2010, and just looking for about a year before that, remember @gorphan, Phil? Even @Jesus has been on here for a LONG time! So has @Grofaz (bleeding ass gravatar) and @playboy666.

    1. @fd, 29, I’m old enough to be your dad, I was gettin’ laid at sixteen LOL. I wonder, out of curiosity who our oldest member is, I’m 45, although I sometimes don’t act or speak/comment like it. I believe mouse got me by three yrs. So as far as I’m concerned, he’s the oldest,wisest(?) rat bastard here! But, once again, I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time and damn sure won’t be the last!

          1. @tiger, I did kind of wonder about his age when I watched one of his vids. It screamed teenager. I just figured he was 18 or 19.

  1. That pic resembles the ever famous best gore girl gook on a spit!! Now we just need that to turn in nice reality pic, which I’m sure we’ll see here sometime soon with the things that are goin’ on in this shithole we call earth.

          1. Didn’t know him. I dislike ‘salon boys’ in general though. Immature I know, just lads shouldn’t thrust their appearance about. I’m kind of old fashioned that way.

            Probably a nice kid.

          2. haha, its alright; i hate on slutty females to no end; think they give all women a shit appearance.
            Especially the pregnant 15yrold smoking while chugging a redbull.
            /slap-a-slutt v____v

          3. @bidity when Trooper said they “thrust their appearance about”, I guess that means they take a bit of pride in their looks, hair, clothes etc? But it was hard to tell with @Sam cos he only ever had a ‘headshot’, it looked pretty tidy though!

          4. @gem, liking the ‘slap-a-slut’. 😀

            @bidity, a ‘salon boy’ is English black country slang for an overly effeminate bloke obsessed with appearance.

            @tiger, I have no problem with people taking care of their looks. Just I don’t think it’s necessary for a guy dolled up to the nines to have that as his avatar.

            First impressions and all that.

          5. @tiger, oooh. I personally like guys who groom. You know they’re clean unlike the untidy ones who probably haven’t washed in days. Ew.

    1. Yo, dude, I think I can speak for every guy on this site, that pro pic gotta go, if we wanna see shit like that we’ll go watch jersey shore. That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it ! And actually sam was not a douch, he was pretty cool. He just fucked up by lyin’ about his age, and I think he was more mature than alot of other assholes that stop by this site!!

      1. It has nothing to do with acting more mature than people of the age of majority. I’m a subject to the laws of my country and that comes with certain obligations. You could be the most mature acting person in the world, but if I find out you are not 18 yet, you’re gonna have to go.

        I could like you, I could think you really act more grown up than people twice your age, but there are certain laws I must abide by and that’s the end of it. Are there more people who lied about their age and disregarded the warning that this is an 18+ website on here right now? Quite probably and that’s their problem. But as soon as it comes to my attention that you are not 18 yet, you become my problem and will be dealt with accordingly.

        1. I hope I wasn’t taken out of context there. I agree 100%, that if you’re not 18 or over, you have to go, especially if it compromises best gore staying on the net and causing legal problems for you. I said sam sounded mature, but that didn’t mean I thought he should be able to stay. He lied about his age, broke the rules and he hadta go. Ya gotta do watcha gotta do! Thanks for listenin’ @mark, and I think you do a fantastic job runnin’ this site!!! Long live the gore.

          1. @Dragonski oh, you had your parents permission to come on Best Gore? Good on you, that’s makes it ok then, NOT! You want the site to get shut down because under-age idiots come on here? I’m not a ‘chap’ either, and cover up your guts, haven’t you read other people telling you to? Unless your guts are being spilled, why show them?

          2. That sounds very much like talk of an underaged person. Best Gore is not for kids. And because no response was provided to my email asking about his age, I think it warrants further action.

      1. in other words from what baked says it’s your ID for your computer. You’re assigned one when you sign up for an internet connection by your ISP. It has your location on it as well as what company provided it and so on. Everyone has their own IP. Basically, every site you visit logs your IP address, some will even display it and what country you’re from right on the side of the page. It’s used a lot for security reasons like for example blocking Sam out of BG. His IP is banned so he can no longer access the site. It’s also a tracking device for authority figures and those who are able to pick up your code say through emails and instant messengers. It can be a pain in the ass but it can be really helpful to you at the same time.
        Ok I think I’m done rambling.

        1. hmmm. interesting. what happens if ..ok I have a used laptop I got from a guy that I did not know ( friend of a friend). so if im being monitored they will think it’s the other guy? I made no modifications, just added stuff.

          1. no the ip is assigned to your web browser/connection, not the hardware, so your good. you can always use proxies, though not so reliable.
            this convo turned into a best buy FAQ. lol

          2. @sicko, connected to your internet would give your IP out not the last dude who owned it. Keep in mind that whatever he did on that laptop is forever on it. It’s always better to just buy those things new.

        1. way ahead of you drccoco. every thing that has a light and makes a sound is covered a plugged up! those pervs aren’t going to get a free show no mo but my laptop looks funny with bandaids, Qtipps and tissue all over it. Care.

          1. lmao , bet some of the horn dog
            young guys/girls have more to worry
            bout now than getting caught just
            picking their noses . Oh no!!!! have
            just given myself an unwanted
            mental image , argh am going to
            scratch my eyes out.

  2. @mark, I’m just curious here, when someone gets kicked off/banned from this site, can they still access it, and just not participate in these great debates/ thoughts/ arguments/ jokes and comments? or can they not even get here?

    1. Ok I have no idea if my comment posted because everything got all fucked up. If it didn’t then I was saying…going by what Mark said Sam’s IP will be banned so he’ll no longer have access at all to BG.

    2. There are a million and one ways to bypass any form of restriction on the internet so if one really wanted to access BG, they could. As far as the ability to participate in the happenings – aka commenting, etc. in that case the account, email address and all known IP addresses of a person known to be a minor will be blacklisted so it will no longer be possible.

      1. Unless that person has their IP address changed by their ISP. I had to have mine changed a few months ago because I kept receiving a message saying there was an IP address conflict. I called my ISP and they changed my IP right then and there. All I had to do was reset my box.

        1. ***i know a guy who can bounce IP addresses making it impossible to ban them all.
          If sam really wanted to he could just have a hacker change his IP, start a new account and never disclose his “true identity”.
          Also, an IP is not so much your computers location as it is your internet connection location.
          ex. my desktop computer and the laptop are on the same IP even though they`re separate computers, they`re still on the same network therefore, same IP. I could use my laptop, go to the internet cafe and suddenly my computer is on a different IP.

          1. @little sicko im not sure that I understood what you were saying but if you Google “how to tell my ip address” it will tell you your actual address on the very first line..

        2. uh… noobs. if you have a fixed ip, you have to change it manually. if not, and most people do not, it’s called a dynamic ip, and you can change it just by resetting your modem. how the fuck do people STILL use the internet without knowing anything about it? IT MUST BE MAGIC OMG

          1. well if we all had the time to sit on our asses all day i guess we would know a thing or two about how computer shit works ,sense mom and dad aren’t paying my bills i have to work and help keep the welfare people going,as we all know how computer smart them “noob’s” are

      2. Thanks for the reply @mark, now I know. I always said It’s good to learn something new every day, and this site,with It’s posts and information and comments ( by comments I mean you, you informative, educated,sick , twisted, demented, crazy bastard best gore members) never cease to provide us all with knowledge, eve if the speling is a litle of. LOL

        1. Right, What has happened is Mark has blocked sam’s IP address, meaning he “Can’t” Access BG From the house he is living at now. If he went next door or someplace with an internet connection he can still view the site, and make a new account to comment with. So there you go, but like Mark said it’s not impossible to bypass an IP ban… saying that hes what? 12? I feel sorry for the little guy cause his parents will be notified hes been looking at the site :’)

  3. I just had an idea: what if not only SamDJ was removed from the chart but also all his post were eliminated? And of course, all the posts wich responded to him or had a content related to him. How much of BG forums would be deleted?

    1. …I think you need to go outside a little more frequently.. Not that i should really be talking, i do check this site atleast once a day, regardless as to how busy i am.
      However, I note that you’ve been working extra hard to post a ridiculous amount of comments since you realised you could be on the “top ten” v______V
      Gore is great, but maybe take a breather?
      Not sure that’s an achievement anyone should really striving towards :S
      Like i said, outside is nice.
      Plus, you never know what you’ll find; last week i walked by the dead raccoon at the forest to scope out the decomp rate in the cold spring air (pretty decent honestly, it still looked like a raccoon, it if was july, it would be a flat slimy pelt by now) anyway, back to the point, someone had sodomized the week old dead raccoon with a broom handle.
      I was upset i had forgotten my camera </3

    2. Easy, easy girl.
      Just try to visualize it:

      ‘Top Contributors:
      Rotten Stench
      and another five’.
      Sorry you don’t appear, that’s because you waste too many time walking around.

          1. @tiger, his posts aren’t all gone. I just seen one in that last bat beat post. Not to mention he made 2 comments today…I think. unless they had been sitting in moderation. But he admitted his age in 1 comment and said something like yeah I’m dead in the 2nd one. So idk what’s going on with that.

          2. @bidity you’re RIGHT! When I went back before (arrgh! took me ages too, couldn’t remember the correct post!) i was looking for his PHOTO! There are some of his comments with his old gravatar, I think some or one of his comments might be removed though? (from the original ‘age’ problem on the ‘magician’s chainsaw’ post.

          3. @tiger, any newer posts he tried to make were probably squashed. But his old ones will probably stay where they are, he just wont have access to that account anymore. I’m sure he’s lurking around still.

  4. I’m here, and I pretty fucking surprised about what happened.

    Went like this….

    about a week or so ago, a few of us were talking about ages and locations of some of us, and I thought I remember Sam saying he was in his 40’s (his picture looked like a male human, some don’t look more than 10, and there in their 30’s, and vice-versa)

    So, yesterday it came up again, so I found his (at least what i believed to be) his most recent post and I had asked him “dude, don’t know where I posted it before and if you even responded, but what’s your age and where do you live”

    I said something smartassed in that comment, or, it was the first one, (can’t remember) that “there’s a bet goin’ on and I have $25 on it, and I say that you’re 74 and you live in Ethiopia”

    I never got a response, he obviously posted it, and it was obviously attached to what I asked him.

    Sucks that he’s banned.
    That, was SOO NOT my intention.
    I’m a business owner myself, and I do know that the best shit to happen, is PREVENTABLE shit.

    Mark had once e wrote that the reason why he reads EVERY SINGLE COMMENT (this might have been in one of the heads-up letters to us on exactly why if he leaves Best Gore, NOBODY ELSE can be trusted to properly run the site….yup, that’s where I read this at)

    Anyway, if the kiddy porn element of the world tries to sneak in a coded message that can be used to transport that garbage, Mark can catch it. He will see it, and NO MATTER WHAT, it stops there.
    If somebody ELSE were to run the site, he could NEVER TRUST 100% that somebody couldn’t be bribed to let that shit past, and to use Best Gore as a garbage trading site.


    As we all know, the world can access Best Gore, and most likely ALL OF US are being looked at by various Government Branches, so if Mark was to let that slide, who the fuck knows what might happen.

    This is not based on anything but SMART PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE n My opinion….no, fuck my opinion.
    JAIL and FINES and who knows what else could pretty much be considered emanate if laws here get broken.

    Available to all, and even the creators of the Faces Of Death series received Death Threats and all kinds of shit, because of one simple fact.


    Unfortunately I do believe mark when he had said that over all the Syria shit that has gone down on here, that THEY have contacted, and threatened him.
    He doesn’t strike me as an internet tough guy, who always needs to play one-upmanship bullshit game.
    What does he have to gain from it?
    Our props and admiration?
    Most ALL of us ALREADY appreciate the dude’s efforts and HOW he goes about doing what he does.

    So, the point I’m trying to make.

    I didn’t intend to make anything known that the dude was not legally allowed to be here.
    I don’t agree with the laws, but show me a prison that isn’t filled with people that feel the same way.

    It’s the rules of the world, and it’s Mark’s ass on the line, so, it had to happen.
    Letting ANY ONE on here, if it jeopardized MY freedom or financial standing, would be kicked off too.
    No questions asked.

    Sucks too. I really enjoyed reading what he wrote.

    Oh well, it’s like Mouse had said, “it’s like life…here today, gone tomorrow”

    All I can think of though, is all this over someone getting blacklisted.
    How much if one of us post our own suicide?

    Lots of words….I’ll stop now.

    That, was one LOOOONG post!

          1. ^^^@ Ulis >>Yes, because you’re TRYING SO FREAKISHLY HARD to top the comment chart..

            @Stench, dude, dont feel bad: it states 18+ only on the welcome page.
            Seriously, if a 13yrold dresses slutty enough they can usually get into a bar, and unless they start bragging to the pedo`s a

    1. Yes, that was a LOOOOONG post, but well said ! And long posts is what you do, so don’t ever stop! And long posts can make for an interesting read and this is an interesting site, so we keep each other interested, by posting interesting comments. Hmmmmm, pretty interesting, now that I think about it.

    2. geeeee roten your my new hero!!!!getting the guy banned and all,just fucking with you man job well done,
      most of us would of probably done the same thing,when you love something you have to protect it weather its yours or not (wow that sounded gay) ,anyway good job…

  5. it’s a shame about samdj….this makes me glad i’m not underage x.x

    the artist is very talented and skilled, but i’m wondering what the hell ‘we’d allus win the porcelain hair pie’ is supposed to mean o.O

      1. Comments in this thread helped to pin down some other members who should not be here and appropriate action was taken. I’m just wondering if little sicko was also among those doubted to be of age. Either way, I find his decision to reregister using different email address and start commenting on BG as someone else just after this crack down on kiddos took place.

        Little sicko is a man, not a woman. I suspect he’s underaged too. Anyone else feels the same?

        1. Actually, I have been eyeballing little sicko from the get go. She’s been setting off red flags with my instincts which tells me she’s been full of shit with every detail about herself.
          So boys? Who have been slobbering over HIM. How much a fag do you feel now? lol

          1. Have you noticed that he’s suddenly dropped out and at the same time a new nickname appeared out of nowhere feeling right at home like he’s been commenting for a while?

            The first rule of the interweb – never trust anyone with profile picture of a young pretty girl. I just wonder what scared him so much about the crack down on kiddos that he felt the need to re-register as someone else…

          2. From my own personal experience of dealing with an idiot who pretends to be someone else and the opposite gender….they tend to use pics of really hot boys or really hot girls and people tend to dig and want more and they come up with a million excuses as to why they can’t offer more so then they begin to get uncomfortable with their fake identity because 1-you can’t show any good proof, 2- you’re playing the part of someone who isn’t you and sooner or later your personality kicks back into gear and takes over. 3- The lies come back to haunt them because they can’t remember wtf they said the first time.

            And yes, I did notice that little sicko dropped off. And I have noticed someone else talking a lot lately but there’s so many people on here that it’s hard to say if they’ve been around a while or they’re new unless I go digging backwards.

          3. @bidity,I guess its just something that goes with the territory of using the World Wide Web…..”How much of a fag do you feel now?”…..You brought the pain with that !! Hahaha !!!

          4. @bidity there’s a PHOTO of Mark, but it’s about 100 pages (?) back! He actually organized a Best Gore get together! I think it was in Iceland or Germany, i can’t remember!

          5. I was a teenager when singers had to have voices and rockers wore leather jackets with metal spikes and long hair. I feel sorry for everyone who was not around in the 80’s to experience real music played live.

          1. I didn’t find out, but have seen enough dudes on the internet who pretend to be young pretty girls to recognize them from miles away. I played the same game in the past and can relate 😀

          1. Oh shit that was along time ago. I never realized that page was even up. I do remeber seeing the posts about it but it was when I was out of the country. I will help out whenever I can, but I think Mark is still having problems with paypal and other credit card companies or else I would donate in a second.

  6. @bidity …i hope you’re not talking about me with the “someone else who has been posting a lot”… not new here i have been viewing this site for a long time but just recently registered……i assure you i am who i am………but if any of you want to add me on facebook feel free…..just search the name Pamela Baitson……im the only pamela baitson on facebook…….make sure you let me know you are from best gore or i wont add you 🙂

  7. I think I’v been here for 2 years (registered for 1) and this would have to be the biggest/longest topic I have ever read/seen on BG, it took me forever to read but fuck it was interesting and worth every second.

    It’s also interesting how it all started and I wonder if it was intentional for Mark to ‘slide’ the subject of age under the topic of an illustrator, probably not but hey……

    @Bidity and Tiger……… Yup, TODAY is my 48th B’day (I think hahahaha)…….. It’s Black friday the 13th so I’ll be fucked if I’m going anywhere near my front door, It’s way too scary out there today, I’ll just stay right here on Best Gore and receive some a dose reality instead.

    Does that even make sense, prolly not…….. NEXT PAGE EVAN, yes fuckers, since we’re all being so cosy and shit……….. that is my name.

    1. I just have to respond to one of my stupid paragraphs above.

      I commented on Marks intentions.

      I retract it, the reason I said that is because I forgot what the title said.
      It took me so long to read all the post that I just forgot………. Sorry.

      I hope that makes sense.

  8. At first I came to BG for my average daily dose of horrific images for the day, little did I know that I was going to be sucked into one of the biggest debates I have read so far online about the annoyance of underage commenting and visiting.
    I…I smoke too much Im too lazy to finish my point. Nevermind.
    Sorry Everyone, pointless message..

  9. Wow, reading this thread has really been an education…I’ve only been a Best Gore member for about a month. I don’t even remember how I came across the site. Don’t know how I misses it though. I’ve been a fan of for years.

    Anyway, really like the site, and learned a couple new things, like what an IP address is. Believe it or not, I’m 43, been using the internet for almighty 10 years and had no idea what the Hell that stood for. Now I know.

    I found out this site has some very interesting, grown up people. That’s refreshing. I was expecting a bunch of dumb ass teenagers. You all are INTELLIGENT! WOO HOO! Finally…I have found my niche =D And mom said it wouldn’t happen!

    And one last thing I learned: don’t break Mark’s rules…he had the ban hammer and he’s not afraid to use it. Good show Mark 🙂

  10. Ahhhh…
    Good memories.

    I stumbled upon best Gore While looking up blue waffle, A 17yr old then, And vomited. as i read the top bar of the page, and knew, I had found a perfect site. 18 and I signed up for best gore. I’ve never been happier.

    I’ll I can say is this, If an underaged member could jepordize this bliss, SLAM THE BANN HAMMER!!!

  11. Doubt anyone will see this seeing as this post is about 2 years old and it’s in the middle of a long conversation but just in case someone does. I’m 19 now. My 18th birthday was about 2-3 months away from the comment where I said I was 17.
    Trooper72, agreed, my profile pictures were poser piece of cunts but certain females enjoy them, i’d say i’m actually a socially awkward, wannabe film-director and stoner but I believe I have a heart of gold.
    I guess I got carried away with seeing my name on the top contributors list and made half-assed comments to stay up there that were, and never will be, worth Best Gore’s time. Reading everyone’s comments saying what the truly think was just an overview of the fact that I actually was an asshole but I never saw it. Sorry.
    Regardless, I’ve made friends here and have, believe it or not, had conversions that are more than single or double word spit outs; Slicer 😉
    This is a simply a little clarity that I’m sure that no one gives a fuck about but at least this post has all the facts.

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