New Artwork by Best Gore Member Adam Kowalczyk

New Artwork by Best Gore Member Adam Kowalczyk

Best Gore is proud to present new traditional artwork by Polish painter Adam Kowalczyk (Best Gore member @zeiT92). You may remember Adam from a few months back, when we presented his unique, Best Gore inspired paintings featuring dead and raped women.

Adam is back with a new fusion of morbid and beautiful, featuring his individualistic blend of gore and grace that both awes and daunts.

You can also check out Adam on his social networking websites:

Thanks a lot for sharing your new artwork with us, @zeiT92. We’re looking forward to whatever you come up with next:

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34 thoughts on “New Artwork by Best Gore Member Adam Kowalczyk”

  1. Beautiful pictures as always, @zeiT92). Sorry that couldn’t buy the panting 🙁 if I could, I would. I hope that your pantings are selling, and its much appreciate that you share your pantings with us. Maybe just maybe if the stars aline perfectly, I could buy one of your paintings. but I’m still in the shit after the incident. I find death to be some what…beautiful…i don’t know its hard to explain.

    1. C’mon! what kind of question is that? Of course they are inspired. Totally imagined. There is not a hint of copying from something that we’ve seen before. It’s all original.

      Bravo! Bravo! What a beautiful mind this dude possesses. I wish I could draw things that I’ve never seen before. Such vision. Bravo!

        1. Hahaha…he seemed super gay, but I remember stories that he been a navy seal, or green beret, something along that line, probably not true. I heard the same stories about Mr. Rogers.
          Bob loved those fluffy little clouds.
          Now I’m gonna dream Bobby Boy is licking me with his 3″ Purdy…

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