Painting by Best Gore Member Anarcho Inspired by Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo

Complete Freehand Painting of Andrei Chikatilo by Best Gore Member Anarcho

Best Gore member @zeiT92 had shared his traditional, Best Gore inspired art with the community several times. I wasn’t around for that, but I have the honor to introduced the art by another freehand painter and Best Gore member. I let @anarcho explain his artwork himself (original text):


I am a painter, my nickname is Anarcho. In 2013 I decided to create a painting about famous serial killer from USSR Andrei Chikatilo. I was watching some documentaries about him and his victims, as well as Hollywood films. But nobody actually presented any evidence of a murder itself. Except of course Chikatilo himself and his victims that ended up dead.

Every time that we are watching a documentary or reading a criminal record of Andrei Chkatilo in Wikipedia, we turn on our imagination, trying to imagine the murder scenes as they could happen in the real life. I found it is very interesting, and I decided to recreate the murder scene as it could possibly happen.

The son of Andrei Chikatilo in his interview, mentioned that his father only had 4 button shirts during his entire life, and his family never noticed a blood stains on his shirts. My conclusion was that Chikatilo used to get naked during the murder in order to keep his clothes clean.

When Chikatilo was arrested and later released for the first time, the police found in his bag a kitchen knife, a thin rope, a vaseline and some old newspapers. With that rope Chikatilo used to bind his victims, before murdering them. He would definitely try to rape and torture them while they were still alive. The newspapers Chikartilo used to protect his clothes from blood dripping on them, and probably used them to clean himself and the knife off the blood.

About half of Chikatilo’s victims were children, both boys and girls, while the rest were young women. I decided to paint in my painting a young woman as a victim, because I feared that pedophilia scene even painted on a canvas, could be very disturbing to some of the audience.

Chikatilo mostly used to murder in a nearby forest next to the railroad. This is why the scene of the painting takes place in a forest. If you look carefully you will see a train in the background among the trees.

The season for his murders was always during summer time, this is why he could do it naked without getting cold. Chikatilo picked his young women from the trains. He offered to walk them through the woods, and then offered them to have outdoor sex with him.

The wife of Chikatilo mentioned that all his life Chikatilo use to be impotent, and their sex life use to be miserable. However Chikatilo kept trying to have sex with young women in the woods. From his own interview, those women that laughed at his inability to have an erection, got mutilated and cruelly murdered. Women that tried everything to make Chikatilo feel good, and didn’t laughed at him, got the chance to stay alive and most of them did.

It took me 6 month to finish this almost life size (160 x 144 cm) painting. The materials are oil on canvas. My ex-girlfriend was a model for the victim, all the other references I found in Google. Inside the painting hidden is my real name signature, who ever could find it, keep it secret as I don’t want my real name to be published. I would like to share this piece with fans of Gore Art and to hear some comments.

@anarcho shared the picture of the entire painting, as well as additional pictures showing parts of the same painting in detail. Thanks a lot for sharing your artwork with us, @anarcho. For those interested in more of his art, check out @anarcho’s Instagram page HERE, or FaceBook page HERE. More info on Rostov serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, as well as photos related to his crimes can be found HERE:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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94 thoughts on “Painting by Best Gore Member Anarcho Inspired by Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo”

        1. Ikr? Same here! I can think of so many final moment scenarios I’d love to see depicted like this, of real serial killers and their victims that no one but them have ever seen. Deff. some interesting and neat shit here. Please give us more!

          1. Daaaank. I’d like to see Byron Smith the moment after he say’s “your dying” to that lowlife broad who was looking for her scumbag boyfriend. Look up the audio tapes, it really get’s the imaginary juices flowing cuz there’s no video. He’s not a serial killer, more of an overkill artist, but I think its interesting nonetheless.

  1. Fantastic attention to detail. My only question is whether or not your girlfriend became your ex-girlfriend as a result of the final product of your project. Perhaps she was thinking this would have more of a Titanic girl on couch touch to it?

    Seriously though, really impressed with the details in the expressions and body convulsions. I would have trouble painting a square and not having it come out like shit, so I am definitely impressed by your work

        1. i prefer unfiltered reality versus the bullshit that’s on television. i don’t enjoy any of the content i see on here, other than some of the comments. some of the videos i don’t even watch.i’m disturbed enough, why add to it by watching someone get their head chopped off?
          i’m as sick you? ha! you wish. you hate real humans that possess a heart and soul, while you’re laying there, cold and damp, heartless and soulless, with your dick out. i pity you. the suicide section brought lured me on here in the first place. you may see me on there some day. 😉

  2. Awesome painting man I certainly applaud you! The description and attention to detail is excellent in my opinion. Now I tried to find your real name within this masterpiece but its kind of hard when in every photo there is a naked woman!! Each time I search for your hidden real name all I can do is focus on titties so complete distraction to say the least. Other then that I give your work an A+ and you definitely have a God given talent!

    1. Hey Chris ofcource it is for sale. I am planning to create an exebishion in Germany this or next year. If you promise to send it for the exibishion than you can have it. I will write you in privet messege more information about the price.

  3. This painting has exquisite detail and is very well done. Love the way the toes are done. I think I might have found the name but not sure and won’t say where. What I also noticed is a very large subliminal dick on the woman’s left leg. Also, Chikatilo’s exposed kneecap looks like a set of balls with a shaft above inserted into buttocks. If this is intentional, it is brilliant, with nature mocking what Chikatilo cannot do. Perfect depiction of Chikatilo’s face in caricature. The exaggeration of the woman’s screaming face is inspired. Cannot say enough about this painting, except it shows the dedication of the artist and his bent passion spent on creating instead of destroying.

    1. Its a huge painting 160 x 140 cm. When I am looking on it I am feeling that I am inside the space of the painting. A bit crazy feeling almost like in the virtual reality. Some years ago I painted a painting of a kid shooting with kalashnikov on other children in the playing yard, big sizes as well 190 x 140 cm. Some Pearson both it directly from the exhibition. A year later on my other exhibition some lady came to me and asked me if I am the artist who made the painting with the shooting kid? I answered thats me. Then she started screaming on me that I ruined her life. As she was telling me her husband hang the painting in their bedroom. Every day this lady was looking on the horrible murder inside their bedroom begging from her husband to take it down. But nothing helped so she was misirable. Since then I never heard from them any more. Don’t know what happened. Just telling you what can happen if you will hang a painting like that in your bed room. If you still want it write me a privet message in my Instagram or FB.

  4. the blood flow beginning over her tit have no real source. murderers right hand looks too big. at first sight its a nice pic. but a few moments later – i think – its kitschy.
    i would like to have a tattoo from anarcho. but not into the eyes..

    1. Considering the size of the painting and the amount of working hours the price is very reasonable. I am not a famous artist and I am not able to ask an insane price for it. I do want that someone will have it, because then I will be able to invest that money for my next project. Some art collectors already use to buy some works of mine and the price was established already. For a similar pieces by size, but with less working hours I use to get between 3.5-5k (Euro). This one is a bit more complicated but the price is more or less in that range.

  5. I’m actually wondering who this guy Andrei is !!
    I’ve never heard of him.
    I like your imagination and the painting , although I find the story about murdered children sad
    Sinead from Dublin
    PS going to look this story up now

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