Paper Doll Torture by On

Paper Doll Torture by On

A few months ago I introduced Paper Doll Gore Art by a Hong Kong artist who calls himself On. Everything would suggest that On is a male artist, but human hands used in his paper doll art look very girly so he either has girly hands, uses a female model or is a male wannabe with a snatch.

On’s gender is not important though. What counts is his awesome paper doll art. In this post we have photos of a paper doll fairy woman who gets hanged by her neck and a hook is pierced through her abdomen. The hook is connected to a rope which has a dish for weights on its opposite end.

And it just wouldn’t be gore art if it weren’t bloodied parts of another paper doll which are used as weights. With each new severed body part, the weight increases which rips a larger hole into the hanged woman’s midsection and tightens up the rope around her neck. Eventually, the weight is big enough to rip her belly open big and strangle her completely to death. Mission accomplished.

Many thanks to Best Gore member natalie123xxx for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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            Is that more ladylike, Trooper?

  1. I went camping with On. Mosquitoes were everywhere, so I grabbed the Off. I put Off on and handed the Off to On. On put Off on and everything was fine ’til On seemed a little off. I asked him why and On said that he was put off by me bringing Off. See, On had no Off. I told him I like Off a lot and he asked me why. I told him nothing beats Off.

    On replied, “Oh yeah?” …and immediately began jacking off in front of me.

    Offended, I ran off from On with my Off.

    1. @baked, oh thats so unfair to the fairies, I’d bet money that if the fairy came to life in full human size, flesh and blood, you, and most of the guys on this site would be forming an orderly queue around the corner to slip her one from the behind.

  2. Out of all the things I’ve seen on best gore that was the goriest, I can’t take lookin’ at things like that it turns my stomach, I hope I don’t see any more posts like that cause I might have to call the authorities.

  3. Shit. I drew shittier versions of somewhat relative senarios when I was young….I draw something like this in my sketch book now and everyone thinks im a satanist. Emphasis on shitty, I could, will, NEVER compare to this guy. Propss

  4. This may seem freaky, but man do I respect this guy!!!
    As an artist myself, I really admire his work. His paper craft is absolutely stunning, everytime I see it I get chills at how much it seems like they’re actually interacting.
    God I wanna be able to draw like this someday…

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