Family Motorcylce Crash Aftermath, India

Another carpool stunt preformed in India, lots of broken baby legs and shoeless folks rolling around, enjoy. Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil

Video From Brazil shows some boxes, full of a bunch of dead bodies, awesome right? This is gang related and all the women appear to be fondled, all of their pants are unbuttoned and unzipped and their tops are rolled up exposing their tummies and some other things. One of them looks like a ten-year-old, … Continue reading “Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil”

Divorcee Attempts Suicide, India

Allegedly from India, the video shows a man, who was apparently recently divorced, jump from a water tower. The tower isn’t that tall, not that id jump off it for fun or anything, and the crowd is huge so he was obviously there for a while. The man jumps and appears to be unconscious, at … Continue reading “Divorcee Attempts Suicide, India”

Man is Gored by Bull

My first thought when I saw this was “Why are us humans so dumb?”. My second thought was “Why is this this man tied to a bull?”. Anyway, the video shows a man being tossed around by a bull, the bull jabs him with his horns and lies motionless from then on out. A bunch … Continue reading “Man is Gored by Bull”

Man Stabbed in Street, England

This happened in a small city in England. The video shows a man being chased around by another man, who is wielding a very large knife. The on-lookers try to stop the stabber, but the man manages to get a few more good jabs in before the end of the video. The victim is said … Continue reading “Man Stabbed in Street, England”

Cop Shoots Armed Man

Not sure where this one is from, but it shows a black man being restrained, or almost restrained by two cops. The suspect is putting up quite a fight. The cops start yelling, unfortunately at that time, the camera man gets caught up in the moment and doesn’t capture the shots fired. When we regain … Continue reading “Cop Shoots Armed Man”

Glass Falls on Man’s Wrist Aftermath

Today’s addition of Best Gore members rock, is brought to you by @psychogenicdeath, who had an accident at work. A piece of glass fell on his wrist, leaving a not very wide, but a very deep cut. The video is nice quality, so even if it isn’t profusely bleeding, it is still interesting to see. … Continue reading “Glass Falls on Man’s Wrist Aftermath”

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

The video is the aftermath of a gas leak, that exploded. Definitely ruined any romance that was in the air, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there was more than just one flammable fume in that room. Poor girl got pounded and then had her fun bags set ablaze. Not confident that he … Continue reading “Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa”

Burn Victim Walks Around Naked

Possible self immolation aftermath shows a naked man walking around, very shamelessly I might add, with obvious burn wounds. I would imagine he is in a great deal of pain. The man keeps yelling but I don’t know what he is saying. As he aimlessly wonders around, the camera men capture him in all his … Continue reading “Burn Victim Walks Around Naked”