Shrapnel Lodges in Eyebrow of Full-Term Foetus

I don’t understand bringing children into the world in the middle of a war zone. That any children have been born in Syria in the last three years is a reflection of the poor decision making of their parents in spawning new life into such an environment. I’m not saying not to root, my little … Continue reading “Shrapnel Lodges in Eyebrow of Full-Term Foetus”

Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash

Men can’t help but take risks and prove their physical prowess. It is part of our genetic coding to impress each other and any women who choose to watch. We also get off on the adrenalin and competitive thrill many activities illicit. That isn’t to say women don’t do the same thing, or that some … Continue reading “Nasty Leg Rip Care of Go-Cart Crash”

Bad Parenting and the Collapse of the USA

In times of financial volatility and uncertainty it is always comforting to find a story about a bad parent to point your finger at and say “Yes, I’m poor and I can’t afford my mortgage, my superannuation has been wiped out, but at least I’m a better parent than that person.” Without such comforts the … Continue reading “Bad Parenting and the Collapse of the USA”

Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek

In an Edmonton library a man sits at a table with numerous books about him. He is well groomed, well dressed, And completely inconspicuous. Unknown to other patrons this man represents the juxtaposition between an old world and a new: he sits in this library, a building dedicated to the thousands of years old concept … Continue reading “Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek”

Live To Air Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap

I remember fondly the days of arm wrestling my friends at high school while waiting for slow, fat and emotionally drained teachers to arrive at our classrooms from their lunch room. Our macho tussles of benign futility were a precursor to the inevitable war of wills within the walls of our dilapidated dojo, where students … Continue reading “Live To Air Arm Wrestle Ends In Loud Snap”

The Definition of Lousy

As soon as I began research for this article I started scratching and fidgeting at the repulsion of these disgusting parasites. We play host to a multitude of passengers who live on, in and off us, from bacteria to demodex. And really, for the most part, what you can’t see doesn’t hurt you. But lice … Continue reading “The Definition of Lousy”

Japanese Woman Almost Rogered by Brake Pedal

A 22 year old female (yes they are her labia in the X-Ray) was in a motor vehicle accident in Japan and received a penetrative injury into the abdominal cavity via her inner left thigh. The penetrating object was the brake pedal and this may go some way to determining the cause of the accident. … Continue reading “Japanese Woman Almost Rogered by Brake Pedal”

Woman Skewers Brain With Metal Plant Hook

This is Cathy. No, not Creampie Cathy. If you are after that type of content, please click an ad banner and enjoy your virginity. This is Cathy Smith from Tennessee. Cathy enjoys the random melodies of wind chimes. Such simple pleasures probably annoy the neighbours but personally I’d go with wind chimes over gurgling meth … Continue reading “Woman Skewers Brain With Metal Plant Hook”

Two French Faggots Flame Small Furry Friend for Fun

The Quokka is a small marsupial found in small pockets of bushland in Western Australia, the most significant population occurring on Rottnest Island a short distance off the Western Australia coast near(ish) Perth. It is listed as endangered. Rottnest Island was named by Dutch explorers who mistook the quokka for rats. Ironically, rats are one … Continue reading “Two French Faggots Flame Small Furry Friend for Fun”

Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice

Violence begets violence. So too does ignorance beget ignorance. And of course, apathy begets apathy. You are a prisoner within a societal construct specifically designed to limit your natural desire for freedom and relevance. Your brain is the most sophisticated in nature, and you are wasting your potential by living the way that you do. … Continue reading “Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice”