Teenage Girl’s Badly Decomposed Remains

The body of sixteen year old Jennifer Santos Matos was formally recognized Monday, May 30, 2016 after being discovered in Caravelas; Brazil. The girl was found like this, badly decomposed, and naked somewhere amid the greenery near a cemetery in Rancho Alegre. Supposedly she lived on a street, Portugal, in the Valdete Village neighborhood of … Continue reading “Teenage Girl’s Badly Decomposed Remains”

Unidentified Woman Cut in Half in Brazil, Cruel Crime Says Cops

The woman who’s remains are displayed in these pictures remained unidentified as of Monday, August 1, 2016. The second half of her body was not found. Only the upper portion seen in the gallery below. According to the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping in the New Victory neighborhood of the East Zone in Manaus in … Continue reading “Unidentified Woman Cut in Half in Brazil, Cruel Crime Says Cops”

Pictures From Tiger Mauling in China

Some pictures from the recent tiger mauling in China. Took place at some wildlife enclosure that’s fairly notorious for incidents of this nature. The video can be seen by clicking Argumentative Woman Gets Off Car While Driving Through Tiger Enclosure, Gets Mauled Why the hell did she get out of that car for yo? Word … Continue reading “Pictures From Tiger Mauling in China”

Bodies Burned Crisp in Nigeria Bus Crash

Sometimes things happen in this world we’re just not prepared for and they can occur at any moment. The reports claim a trailer hit the bus at approximately 10:45 at night on Sunday, March 6, 2016. This crash happened within a nearby vicinity of Buzaye village on Bauchi-Jos road in Nigeria in Africa. There was … Continue reading “Bodies Burned Crisp in Nigeria Bus Crash”

Crack User Killed in Palmares

I wonder if anyone managed to grab his pipe off him before he got whacked or if dude just died with it. Probably fell on it when he got shot and it broke. Tough luck I guess. This happened in Palmares, a city in Pernambuco, Brazil. An ex-convict and drug addict was shot dead at … Continue reading “Crack User Killed in Palmares”

Result of Getting Shot at

This guy either got found out with the wrong dude’s wife and almost had to pay for it or he walked in on a fire-fight between Isis and opposing parties. Guess you could say at least he didn’t lose the noodles in his helmet. Whoever was holding the gun was a pretty lousy shot looks … Continue reading “Result of Getting Shot at”

What Eye Lid Cancer Looks Like

Whoever’s hand is inside that glove probably couldn’t answer what exactly they’re touching. There’s more than one different kind of eyelid cancer, and the human eyelids are susceptible. Judging from the size of what doctors are pulling from this guy in the picture his must have been extremely massive or something was abnormally wrong with … Continue reading “What Eye Lid Cancer Looks Like”