All Natural Asian Girl Autopsied, Her Vagina Examined

All Natural Asian Girl Autopsied, Her Vagina Examined

The set of photos shows what looks like a crime scene with dead Asian woman, and her subsequent autopsy.

I don’t have any background info about the photos, but whereas the pathologists focused on her vagina, I assume that she may have been a victim of rape and murder. The killing may have been done by bashing her in the face.

Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the pics:

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      2. The blood is always red fool. It’s never blue. Like GenericWhiteMale said it’s a myth . The color blue is associated with blood because in medical texts they make a distinction between the veins arteries and capillaries with different colors. Also your veins appear greenish blue from the outside.

        1. Blood that is freshly oxygenated from the lungs is much more of a bright red than blood returning to the lungs because the oxygen has been delivered and the blood is depleted of it. The blood in the veins, which returns the blood to the heart and lungs is a dark red, almost purplish color, hence “blue”. Veins are primarily nearer the surface whereas arteries are normally deeper inside the body, thus more protected because they need more protection from damage… Just evolutionary design. Veins dribble, arteries squirt because they are prior to the capillaries, where diffusion takes place and pressure is reduced. Text book anatomy, such as “Gray’s Anatomy” uses Red and Blue illustrations for arteries and veins, but not because veinous blood is strictly “Blue”, but because it is easier to differentiate red from the purplish red of veinous blood.
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          1. That,s because our Canadian Government, does not want us to get a taste of reality, and Pure truth, the way Life should be presented. Not hidden behind Pink Colored Shades, in order to manipulate, and indoctrinate us, with Pure Zionist Bullshit bro!

          1. @Aries, I would imagine the smell would be more of a strong urine stench from that dark mop of hair absorbing every piss she’s taken in the last week or so since bathing.

    1. I think that those scissors next to her face played a part in the murder. Here is my take on things. The dude grabbed the scissors, and wanted to trim her box, but she refused. So he stabbed her in Da-Face, and while doing so, he managed to clip some of her head hair instead!
      So ladies, Do not Fuck with a Man and his scissors, and let him trim Da-Box instead, of Da-Face, ok? πŸ˜‰

  1. She looked like she was hacked in the face with a machete. I’m sorry but that pubic hair grosses me out. To much pubic hair makes me sick on either a guy or girl. I won’t blow a guy if he has to much hair that is long a just blah looking. I don’t want pubic hair in my mouth that’s not why I’m down there. I’m down there for cock not hair.

        1. Brokeback, I adore you. Of course I’d blow you! And if your dick is that big then I’m always up for a challenge. The water here in Vegas does something to the guys, I’m assuming that’s why their always mad and why I haven’t had a good mouth fu……yea

          1. @Eyes, It’s a date then.
            I’ve always believed it’s important (especially with a new partner) to be upfront about what you like and how you like it. I for instance like some hand action with my blowjob…both hands to be exact, grasping my shaft like a baseball bat, stroking me slow and steady while introducing my cock to the back of your throat. Then when you can taste my pre-cum stroke me faster and harder while sucking my knob like a lollipop and then when I give the sign decide real quick whether you want to swallow my load or spit out into a tissue (I keep a box on my bedside table).
            Like I said…I think it’s important to let your partner know EXACTLY how you like it.
            I always practice safe sex so don’t forget your safety goggles.

  2. @eyes2die4 . Look at the crap you started now. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just go to the hair dresser and ask if they cut mens hair and show ’em the ones stuck between your teeth… They’ll cut it for you. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hahahahaha. Hey hey hey now, you cant blame me there are lots of people who feel the same way. Haha when I smile I don’t want a styled Pube wig in my mouth. Thanks alot cuz now I’m imagining it in my head haha

  3. this girl looks young to me but i could be wrong but this type of crime angers me, such things are sadisticly sad. do as indians did cut his gut take out intestion tie to a tree or bush place water a hundred yards away showing him where they put it and criminal would die from thirst or pulling out there own guts. i hate those who harm kids when if they were so horny hire a damn whore dont rape kids and kill to hide what you are the funk that ran down your moms leg and grew to a coward i mean man.

  4. the kind of morge where you make autopsy to body and then you put this body into ciment for build house or something…

    well.. at least the patient are dead so.. nobody care about fucking hygienic things for them

    1. I dreamed I was walking through a dense, dark forest lit by the big, full moon in the sky. I was trying to find my way home but I could hardly see through the trees and all the branches were leafy and dripping with mildew. I panicked as I ran my way to every opening I could find but the forest became more dense and suddenly I found myself covered in wet branches and leaves, the smell was horrible and I could no longer move. I started shouting for help “help me, help me, help me…”! Then I woke up to a face full of pussy…I guess I freaked my cat out by shouting out in my sleep.
      …and yes, my cat sleeps in my bed at night when I don’t have any pussy.

        1. There’s no greater feeling than sliding your tongue into a silky smooth clean shaven pussy with just the right amount of labia and a hint of natural aroma as the juices start flowing…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

          1. My mouth is not …I have watched videos of Asians sluts who would insert anything alive into their holes, mice, fish, eels, octopus, you never know when you are down there what could jump out of those hairy bushes and end up into your mouth…always pay attention..

  5. Poor women. Her vagina looks a bit messed up. Couple of tears looks like inside. And as for the scar at the bottom of her vagina.. Now I’ve had two kids naturally and had a shit time with the first and had to be cut open and have a scar from my fanny to my anus and even a couple of scares further up. But then I did scream blue murder at him and I don’t think he liked that but considering when you tell someone you going to talk them through it n start hacking away…but my baby nearly died because I couldn’t dilate so I suppose he was doing his best…personally looks like she has had alot of trauma over the short years of her life and may have needed stitches for it, dosnt look to me like she bore a baby unless they just don’t get one stretch mark anywhere. But I’m not no expert. Just my own opinion. Bless her. Clearly had a few run ins and this was her last.

    1. I just noticed your profile pic. You are so disgusting. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t want to look at your crusty dick. You’re really stupid, aren’t you? Low intelligence for sure. I guess this would be considered a personal attack here at best gore, but I don’t care. You’re piggish.

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