Asian Woman in a Morgue

Asian Woman in a Morgue

Happy Sunday/Monday everyone. I have here some very high quality images of an Asian woman laying on an autopsy table and then an image of her once the procedure had started with her sternum removed and her lungs and and innards exposed. She appears to be in very good condition with no sign of physical trauma. Of course, we can only see the front end, so who knows? It could be a drug overdose and she looks pretty young…pretty, too. I have no idea what the hell kind of morgue this is and I have no background info on the pics but they are very good and graphic reminder of the fate that awaits us all. I’ve been so curious about the end for pretty much as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt so close to it…anyway, enjoy.

By the way, I’ve also updated the post of the British couple with a couple new photos if you’re interested.

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    1. The orange stuff by the intestines is the omentum. The orange stuff directly beneath her skin is the layer of fat we all have; even skinny people have a layer of fat for protection and temperature control. You can see the young lady’s hipbones. She’s not a chunky gal.
      With the possible exception of Obli’s last girlfriend, we all have that orange layer beneath the dermis.

  1. Hi Obli, this has nothing to do with this specific post, but I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your writing style. I’m glad you started writing stories for us, along with the others who post too. We all miss Mark but I’m so happy the site has kept going. I don’t comment a lot, but I’m on here almost everyday.

        1. In germany in 1974…where I was eine soldat. ….I was shocked that german women would not shave their legs….When asked why….? They’ll answered me that it was very appealing, attractive
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      1. No you’re not alone, and a bit of hair doesn’t hurt either… Meh, humans are like that, one sec tanned is a turn-on then everyone longs for the good old whiteys, another sec muscular is the new sexy, then lots of girls start missing the beer bellies and the side blubber…
        Same goes with hair, brazilian this brazilian that, but sometimes u just want a dense nether region to plunge your face into.

      2. I agree with you I have always had pale skin because I’m Irish but I would rather be pale then get a fake tan. At prom time I see all these high school girls with them and in my opinion it looks so bad.

        1. Exactly. I went through the whole orange tan period briefly when I was about 15. Ya know, just trying to fit in since being a snow lady just doesn’t cut it in high school. Though, I’m glad I grew out of that stage very quickly. Orange stained sheets and white shirts ruined….never again.

    1. I thought the same exact thing. Not only is the morgue sketchy but the autopsy itself is too. Usually people are opened up with a Y cut and not just straight down the chest. I think these pics came from some sick psychopath in an alley somewhere.

  2. I’m not too sure about this one, my instincts tell me that it’s fake but it looks very real.

    My only real problem lies with the fact that the surrounding background is not a medical environment and that her hair looks too clean and well combed.

    Dead people on morgue tables very rarely have clean and well combed hair and since her body appears wet I would expect limp, messy hair as a result of that water/moisture exposure. The pubic hair came into contact with water, hence the messy appearance, but not the head hair, why?, if a mortician had washed her down he would have washed the whole body and not just the lower half.

    Also the photographs themselves, they appear to have been taken at angles more to do with artistic merit than medical examination recording. In the first photograph the body is dry but in the third it is wet and in the forth it is dry again, why?, where is the continuity?.

    I would also expect to see a measuring ruler on that table but all I see is a scalpel and what appears to be a regular pair of household scissors, no mortician would use regular household scissors to cut tough flesh and muscle apart, they would easily break in two if you tried.

    I cannot find any obvious cause of death either and the body clearly has not been supposedly dead for long hence the lack of visible signs, only parts of the legs and feet show any discolouration.

    My conclusion, I am not absolutely sure but I think that this may be some form of death art.

    1. I’m with you on this; it’s all a little weird but almost perfect.

      The detritus on the floor , including the leaves and blanket, is beyond odd.

      No lividity, although there are marks on the knees and legs.

      No body ID tag.

      The incision is not a traditional ‘Y’ that would be expected, and the head block is absent.

      With the exception of the scalpel, the other surgical instruments are more suitable for minor surgery than for post mortem examination.

      The healed scar over the right ante-cubital fossa is strange; it’s not somewhere that you would normally cut during self-harm but it would be a very good place to cut for a rapid extinction; nonetheless, it’s healed.

      The thoracic and abdominal contents look authentic but, all things considered, I think this may be a set of stills from a very high end horror film production or Japanese death photoshoot (although nothing shows on the internet at this point).

    2. 🙂 THAT’S exactly what I was looking for someone else to say. Good eye. The background immediately threw me off… At least I’ve never seen piles of leaves and dirt in a morgue before, lol. I was looking for the pressure discolorations that occur almost immediately, couldn’t find any. No, I think this is some kind of artistic thing.

  3. could very well be. i see no sighs of death either. However this could be one of those Chinese kill them take out the organs wile they are fresh type places. They do the black market organs allot i heard. don’t know how true but i hope this poor girl is not in some wacky doc’s back yard to keep the mess from getting in the house type deals. If so, she looks fresh. those things would fetch a good price if they really do that.

    1. Yes, the Chinese sell body parts all the time. Here is Saipan, our diabetic Governor allegedly sold a gambling concession for new kidney.

      Nothing surprises me on this island. Absolutely nothing surprises me about the Chinese.

  4. Her knees are bruised and her left lower leg looks scrapped and/or cut up a bit like scratches from twigs while trying to escape, BUT as many have pointed out theres no sign of trauma, wich brings me to the conclusion that she was most likely strangled/chocked out. Im sure if you were to lift her eye lids up you’d see busted blood vessels in her eyes, or veins wtv it is that busts whenever someone gets strangled ect

  5. That make me shudder. Not the body, but all the talk of eating “whoo-whoos”.
    Whoo-whoos look like hungry alien monsters waiting to eat your face off.
    I do not like to get too close to them. They might lunge at you with a horrifying war scream.
    I think whoo-whoos eat a man’s will to live,
    and damn him to doing dishes and giving up his credit cards.
    They give me scary dreams.

    1. Curran

      Not every woman is like that and unless she is the girl from the movie teeth then her vagina will not bite you. I am not the kind of girl who takes all of a mans money. Maybe you just dont enjoy giving a woman oral sex.

  6. So weird looking at this more, this place is a fucked up, Like an outside lab, leaves on floor littered with tissues…

    The lady/girl has a really weird Frankenstein And old stitched up right arm, her knees are so bruised up too… Her body also recently emptied light coloured urine meaning she recently died??

  7. Hum, well the head pic, she appears alive to me, tho heavily Stoned.
    Then they anoint the body with a like Vaseline type element (not all).
    But looks like that, for reasons of blood flowing away from incisions.
    Not much point if their already dead but the Chinese lizard people are fucking weird so.
    Could be pictures from organ harvesting or someone with a privat lab. Plenty of other possibilities especially when Chinese are concerned.
    Do not look, or think it for a couple of days, then return to it. Then you may find whatever is the thing you are not getting now.

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