Autopsy Video – Cracking Skull Open with Hammer and Chisel

Autopsy Video - Cracking Skull Open with Hammer and Chisel

It’s a well known fact that pathologists performing autopsy on dead humans don’t particularly handle the bodies with care. This video shows the fact quite nicely. Not that the dead guy on the table cares one bit anymore, but watching it from third perspective makes it seem a bit brutal. In this particular video, the doctor is using hammer and chisel to crack dead guy’s skull open in order to gain access to the brain. It’s obvious that saw (possibly an electric circular one) was previously used to cut around the skull but it didn’t cut the bone throughout everywhere so chisel was used on bones that are still sticking together.

I’m not sure which country this autopsy video is from. Other skull opening videos I’ve seen had dead person’s head locked in a vice and pathologist used regular carpentry hand-saw. He didn’t bother to just cut around the skull, he cut straight through brain without shame (must be the first rhyme on Best Gore). Anyway, this is what you will be handled like once you’re dead and they perform an autopsy on you to find out the cause of death. You’ll wish you could spawn last muscle spasm to flip off the fucker with hand tools.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Autopsy Video – Cracking Skull Open with Hammer and Chisel”

    1. Hello, user from ye olde past of BG who will never see my comment!

      Because I’m getting drunk, and the usual Hollywood content doesn’t cut it late at night. I need some real stuff that I can swig to. Get dizzy. Get underwater…ed to. Drowned. Then go eat a frozen pizza before passing out. It makes me feel…complete…

  1. my dad had to do this for medical school.
    he doesnt like to talk about it though.
    i dont blame him.
    i think he used more than a chizzle and hammer though,damn

  2. Oh, come on! It’s just a corpse! It can’t feel pain of any kind. You can’t “abuse” a corpse no more than you can abuse an inanimate object.

    1. What? You mean the people that help families find out how their loved ones died to give them closure? You are slightly more sick that whom you say are, hoping a slow painful death on someone. Tut tut, you are quite the twisted freak. 🙂

  3. >> ash, June 12, 2009 at 11:27 pm “This is probably somewhere in Russia or the Ukraine”.

    Ukraine, obviously. They have a thing for hammers, you know.

  4. calm down. its a web site.
    If this is banned, then so should porn sites.
    Its called freedom of speech.
    and its very educational.

    They wouldnt ban it,
    if you dont like it,
    they gave you fair warning not to look.


    fucking awesome video btw.
    just shows how hard it is to crack a skull.

    and yes its bad, and not pro.
    but who cares. gotta do whatcha gotta do.
    the morgue here probly didnt have a bone saw.
    and so they had to use SOMETHING to crack that skull.

    its not like they went outside,
    grabbed a hammer and chizzel.
    It was probly sanitized.
    and then again who cares.
    its a dead corpse.
    whats gunna happen??
    and infection?!?
    I dont think so! XD

  5. Hey ASHLey!!
    Actually there are quite a bit of females here too..and thats also like calling the kettle black.I mean you had to go thru the register process too..just to post that the men here are sick? What brought you here again?

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