Autopsy on Woman Murdered by Strangulation

Autopsy on Woman Murdered by Strangulation

It would appear that the video is from Bangladesh. It shows an autopsy on a woman who was reportedly murdered by strangulation. As was the case with a number of latest autopsy videos, this one was also attended by a group of presumed medical students.

I like how at 9:46, one of the pathologists wipes his latex gloves into the corpse’s loin cloth, spreads her lags further apart and puts his finger on her slit, which quickly attracts attention of some students who shove their mugs and phones right in front of the stink crack. I could already see them whacking off to the memory…

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    1. Ive seen enough autopsies to have an idea of what he was doing but in a comical sense it looked as if he was just picking and choosing organs to slice in half and throw back in and then picking other parts just a cut off and throw by her feet.

      Less than halfway through the video you see everyone around holding their phones very close to the body I was really hoping to see someone accidentally dropped their pretty iphone into her guts.

      However when he cuts her neck skin off there’s something about that that always makes me feel weird to think that our skin, for the most part, doesn’t hold the same shape when it’s peeled off our bodies. It seems to mimic that more of a blanket or sheet for instance.

  1. You have to have really really low standards to whack off to that. The sad thing is, these ugly whores keep breeding and producing more of their ugly fucks every day. Poor people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh have like 9-12 kids on average. Why do they breed? Why do they breed?

    1. They’ve historically had an outrageous number of children for one primary reason: because as is so commonly the case in third world nations, many children don’t live past childhood, for any number of reasons. So, in order that the parents can grow old with the high likelihood that they’ll have surviving children that can care for them in their old age, the only way they think this can be accomplished is to have 6 – 8 children.

      Having 6 – 8 children means that two or three will statistically live to adulthood, can find jobs and will be able to provide for their elderly parent’s care. There is no social security in these countries, so having plenty of children is their social security old-age safety net.

      Also, such is inherently indicative of why so many parents in these parts of the world want sons, not daughters. Sons are expected to be the breadwinners, and only a breadwinner can earn a living and support the parents in their old age.

      Of course, many women today are entering the work force, but do so against a long held tradition where the woman stays at home making babies.

        1. Of course, I’m not talking about the “Western World”. I’m talking about third world countries, particularly from South Asia. I’m from India, here most of the educated and civilized people have only two or three kids at max, while the poor, ugly, smelly fucks outbreed everyone else. Why do they breed? Why do they breed?

  2. Funny contradiction, with several of the female students wearing the modest scarves and head coverings – while inspecting the nude female on the table with her breasts flopping off to either side and her vagina spread wide open. Nothing like religious modesty in the presence of total nudity.

  3. I worked on a cadaver when I was in college. I remember so many of my classmates having to step out feeling sick and one girl vomited. I found it to be fascinating. I wonder if some people are just wired to be intrigued by gore? I visit this site everyday but don’t tell anyone because they would be disgusted and concerned about my mental state.

      1. What’s funny to me are the people on here with the stupid silly and kindergarten comments. They think they are so hard core to look at this and not be affected. Anyone can look at this site or others like it and liken it to being fake, ergo, not be affected by it. Gimmie any of those people and lemme take them to my work for one day so I can see their reaction. Seeing this stuff in real life and in full color where you can touch it and smell it is a whole different story. I’m sorry but most of these posers wouldn’t last a minute.

    1. Lemur, ya definitely need a certain kinda wiring for gore – be it fascination, seeking knowledge, fantasizing, etc. As Kira previously stated, we’re family here. Seeking truth – far from sociopathy and psychopathy referring to your ‘mental state’. 🙂

      1. Thank you. I do feel a sense of family here. Even if the video isn’t filled with much gore I’ll get excited if I see a bunch of people commented. I love reading through them and seeing familiar members. Actually even looking forward to certain members comments. Thanks guys! I’ve always cared too much about what other people think. Hope having is enjoying the holidays!

    2. I work everyday 3 days per week of recently deceased bodies. It is very normal now for me. From the first day I have started doing this I never wore a mask and made myself get used to the smell of dead bodies. The stomach and the intestines are the only 2 things that literally smell like vomit/shit. But i never gagged , always think to myself “that is how my shit smells or vomit” and everything becomes normal.

      I’m just pissed off from these autopsy videos. The way the cut and represent the body pisses me off. Very unprofessional in 3rd world countries. Look at that genitor , not even wearing any protective clothing. Just his casual T-shirt.

      In Hungary we students wear and cut the body in a very systematic way. Better than this genitor.

      Not even sure why some low level pathologists and examining a possible homicide case..forensic experts should do it.

      1. Air, you said it best referring to 3rd worlders. I’m satisfied they at least don gloves – but I agree with you. No PPE except for gloves. Here in the US (not sure where you’re from) we get a lot of doctors and nurses from other countries that I can only conclude attributes to so many unnecessary amputations that I’ve seen over and over again due to dirty techniques.

        1. We get along very well on autopsy videos haha. What are you studying?
          I never dissected any animals , humans all the way since 2012. Started with bodies preserved by formalin and worked my way up to the pathology department and autopsies.

          We actually know how to isolate the thoracic organs , abdominal organs and pelvic organs from the body totally. So we can exam each organ complex thoroughly not like these videos here. We do it ourselves even. After removing all these organs we stitch the body up. The person doesn’t need his dead organs anyways. Less organs to rot and doesn’t make the body smell. I would blabber all about this for days haha but enough for now.

          1. Agreed! I’m just an RN for 11 years now, and currently studying to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Hopefully going back to obtain my Doctorate in Nursing afterwards. I am such an education nerd lol. You wouldn’t think it from someone who voluntarily left my senior year of high school, to obtain my GED, and put myself through college. Goes to show ya if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen!

            You sound quite a few steps ahead of me though 🙂

          2. Not very far , just 5th year medical student. 6 years in Hungary. If i took photos overtime an unfortunate incident happened since i started studying I could make a baby bestgore out of this site haha.

    3. I’m the same, I know exactly how you feel. I have friends who would be disgusted if they knew my facination with death. I just keep it to myself, despite wanting to find someone to chat about this kind of stuff with

  4. Firstly the pathologist is upwards around the neck & rib area; before you know it he’s quickly at her lady bits – seemingly outta nowhere. Regardless if he’s attempting to correlate strangulation with possible rape, when looking for signs of strangulation – manual or through hanging – you’re usually seeking damage to the hyoid bone which is quite well protected due to positioning and a #1 indicator of strangulation or hanging if broken (located in the neck right underneath the chin and you can feel if you apply little pressure. If you’re feeling the adams’ apple you’ve went too far. The hyoid bone is approx. 2 average finger widths above Adams apple & thyroid cartilage).

    You’re FYI for the day.
    The more you know.

    1. I’m just pissed off from these autopsy videos. The way they cut and represent the body pisses me off. Very unprofessional in 3rd world countries. Look at that genitor , not even wearing any protective clothing. Just his casual T-shirt.

      In Hungary we students wear and cut the body in a very systematic way. Better than this genitor. And before even cutting the body we examine the body very well from the outside like you mentioned about the hyoid bone. Color of the skin , and extra details I will spare you that leads to identification of how long it has been since she died.

      Not even sure why some low level pathologists and examining a possible homicide case..forensic experts should do it.

      1. Maybe she’s a Kafir.. A non-muslim. These supremacist assholes treat her like chop meat. It’s an Islamic nation.. And they traditionally treat others as less.

        Fuck islam and every pig raper practicing it.

  5. It seems I heard that she was pregnant, and they were looking at the embryo, they say it in English around the 4:25 mark. Didn’t the guy say ”when did she get pregnant from the length of the embryo (pronounced embrio)”, that would explain all the fuzz over that thing.

    1. Yes they says that the possible motive of hanging herself is that she got pregnant from a man and she was scared about getting shamed. So they move of to the uterus to find if she is pregnant and yes they find out that there is indeed an embryo.

  6. You guys are missing this… The who gives a shit attitude by these students has everything to do with Islam and nothing to do with the autopsy.

    they don’t give a shit because this young woman was undoubtedly a Kafir… Non-Muslim. They would never put a muslim woman under such an autopsy, much less let a vid out. Note the beard on the Doc carrying out the autopsy.. A strong indication the fuck-wit is an extremist douchebag.

    Yet one more indication these fucking muslim miscreants should stay right where they are… The desert cesspool that is the middle east.

  7. E que pensar de uma realidade!
    Assim em que todos nós não somos nada: somos tão insignificante?.Brigamos caluniamos alguem…? E perdemos o bom da vida gente que se achar melhores que outro??? Mas… não ver que nós somos apenas um fantoche desse sistema de coisa e o retrato é isso que nós vemos a realidade nua e cruelmente,Estampada.

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