Autopsy on Young Girl Allegedly Raped and Strangled to Death

Autopsy on Young Girl Allegedly Raped and Strangled to Death

Autopsy on Young Girl Allegedly Raped and Strangled to Death

I don’t know where the video is from, but could be a Middle Eastern of South Asian country. Unfortunately, there is no audio.

The video shows a medical autopsy performed on a young girl, who was believed to have been raped and strangled to death.

There’s a group of people attending the autopsy – those could be medical school students doing an assignment. To the left of the girl being autopsied, behind the pathologist’s back, is a table with another corpse on it. Morgues are busy.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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173 thoughts on “Autopsy on Young Girl Allegedly Raped and Strangled to Death”

  1. Yeah thats going to accomplish a lot.To the students not her,unless she wants to ruin that nice set of boobs and decent body,unless the rapist penes got stuck in the coochie somehow…Still its some Thai Vietnam yellow nigger shithole they wouldnt give two shits about it anyway…

  2. Lol, they opened the skull with a hammer and chisel instead of a medical saw. I hope they weren’t looking for evidence of brain injury.

    Given the white beard, the west Asian appearance, the clothes they are wearing and the backwater medical style this has got to be somewhere in rural India I think.

    1. “The Fake Ones”
      ~With Devil’s Ideology~

      “Praise be to Benny (Bibi Not at Yahoo).
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      Thereof Das Tanz”.

      Shalom Pissa M’ Lick’a aah.

      Translates as; (leave my nose out of this).
      Is what they actually say when Greeting, so.

      Trying to fool Christians you gave them their Savour.
      A scruffy mixed up Hippie who was not ‘one’ of you.
      So threatened by him, you had him Crucified.
      Nothing have you for anyone,
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      Looking at it like they are ‘The Borg’ collective.
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      Ah, think it’s time to get outta here,
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      Thank You…


      The world is going to Hell
      in a Handbag full of shite.
      Microchiped morons
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      Vaccinated like cattle.
      The future looks so bright.
      Wearing shades all the while.
      Not looking very positive, presently.
      To Be Honest, is it..?
      That’s what I’m feeling,
      Quite a lot of the time…


      1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
        My God Jack,,, I Am at a complete loss for words-man
        That Piece was so brilliantly Written my good Best-Gore Brother, that it had me hooked and amazed by the end of the first paragraph. You are an incredible Writer/Poet my friend, as that Was *Brilliantly-True* it really was*!

          1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Well brother, like i said,,, Complete loss for words-Man, as i could read your Intelligently Thought of Poems/Write-ups All-Day long without ever tiring. *Bravo Brother* 🙂

          2. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Hey Jack,,, one thing that i said right from the beginning is that i would “Not Ever” get You involved in this Shit/Fiasco that a few members like to Stir, and that is the “Only Reason” that i have not answered any questions from anyone related to this crap. I’m sorry if you feel that it is yourself that i am ignoring, but it is the whole load of shit that i am avoiding, and have been avoiding for quite some time now. So it has nothing to do with you, or your messages as a whole i just keep skipping the conversation altogether.
            I Truly *Like You Jack*, and Have liked you since the very first time we spoke. This has not changed brother as i find you to be a *Genuinely* Nice, Intelligent, and calm individual. It is and has always been nice conversing with you, as i find you to be a non judgemental, and very respectful individual person. Furthermore, I am Very sorry that Nemes had to drag you into this shit-storm so i will end it here. I Would love to speak with you again anytime, and at your convinience as long as our conversation is not abducted by some trouble making Angry Members, as then i simply shut down, and walk away. The *Only Reason* that i am replying to you in this thread is out of respect “For You Jack,,, You Brother”
            Cheers for now my good man,,
            Andre. 🙂

            NEMES,,,YOU WROTE,,,
            **Why did dre** and Regina call you Jack and Jax respectively? Do they know something I’m not privy to?

            NEMES,, AND THEN YOU WROTE,,
            **It was Dre too** not just Regina.

            But Andre said it too Jack, yes,,, he did too you know, lol, lol, Bwa, ha, ha. You keep looking like an idiot while trying to make Others look like idiots while playing with words Nemes, you have always done so, You, and Your beloved Sidekick. So try to stop putting your foot in you mouth Nemes, and maybe then you will no longer have to call others (mainly myself) names, and act childlike.

            I Really feel bad for You Nemes. Living Your Whole Life as an Angry Individual will give you heartburn, and as a result of all the Acid that is created/built-up in your stomach when upset, could end-up giving you Esophageal/Stomach Cancer.

            He who fears The Truth, And the Proven-Facts (By Billions Of Individuals) who glanced at the other side after N.D.E. know that there is, *And Has Always Been* a Creator and an Afterlife. So stop getting mad at others who know thing that you have never experienced and therefore know absolutely nothing about. And Your Angry Name Calling Just Shows how Childishly Wrong That *(You Truly Know That You Are)* when discussing many of these different types of Truthful Topics.
            **The Truth Hurts** and in (Your Case),,, It really Shows NEMES, Big-Time. 🙁

            You are better than that Nemes, and deserve to live a healthy, and happy life, without having to act like someone else on here. There is nothing wrong with showing your true feelings as Real Men Have Always Done So. And studies have shown, and continue to show that people who are open, and honest while sharing their educated thoughts live a much more fulfilling life, just knowing that there is this beautiful afterlife.

            So instead of going thru life Angry All the time, and desperately trying to hide-it, you should maybe study these topic at length, before judging others who have experienced, and studied them at length first. The Thousands of True Life Testimonies that Prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that many of the topics that you, and your sidekicks cut me down for, and relentlessly are shared by others on here. Especially The N.D.E. Nemes. Again,,, i feel truly bad for you man, God-Bless You Brother. 🙁

          3. Hi Nems
            Today’s subject is;
            “Elephant’s eggs were discovered in Rhubarb Trees of the coast of Bubblegum land”
            News just in, found that in the New Scientist only minutes ago.
            Has a resounding ring of truth to it don’t you think..?

            Really excited about this, booked flights as soon as I can before the world goes even crazier than a Mongolian Mongoose in heat.
            Must get an exclusive on this one, could be the BIG break that shoots me into Space..!

        1. Once again thanks Andre.
          One of these days you’ll hear me voice it
          as it should be.
          Then it’ll sound as it should.

          Feel Free to Pass it on,
          Or place it somewhere else, as long as
          the “©VOC 2020” remains
          as that is my publishing tag.

          Could you do me a favour because you have Mark’s ear, and ask that my email is given to you, Hoping for Nemesis, and Regina Phalange.
          Please, I’ve wrote asking but could take forever
          as I’ve written a few times and have as yet to hear back.
          Sent in a piece specifically for you 3-4 months ago and I know that you have not received it.
          Please ask that I can get into the Forum and start topics, have a wealth of material to share, also you’d be seeing alot more pieces like that so.
          Please ask him Andre I’m so frustrated that I can’t join you in the Forum’s to use the activities and interact there with all.
          Thank you Mann.
          Apologies that this sounds like a begging letter, Dude.

          1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            I Will Most-Certainly pass it on with Family, and Good Friends, that are, and have always been on the same page as us on these Jews, And all of their continued Evil-Doings 🙂

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            Haven’t got a Ronnie Drew (clue)
            as to why she did.
            Tho here are my thoughts;

            1. Ask her..? (Because I’m going to).
            2. Misspelling,
            3., using, it as nick name.
            4. Jaxx is Irish slang for a toilet,
            5. She wants to sit on my face and piss in my mouth, tho forgot the other X.
            But as far as I know if someone knows anything that you or I do not, it is her.
            So we both need to find out.
            Ha har…

          3. Haha. A bitch better be medically- incontinent and not know it beforehand if she is going to piss on my face and get away with it.

            Come on it ok, but not piss on it.

            There is popular Jap porn where hot chicks take a dump and piss on guys’ faces . They must all be @shiteaterfag s 😉


            It was Dre too ,not just Regina. We’ll have to interrogate them both with much prejudice. Maybe get sexual joy out of Regina’s case. A little ” pink glow” on her skin won’t harm her at all…

          4. @HopingForNemesis
            There you go again talking shit after jumping-in to others discussions. I Called Him *Jack* because of reasons both of us know, & not ever Jax as You claim & said that this girl called him JAX
            **I DID NOT CALL HIM JAX** So show-us where i did Nemes to bck-up your lie by
            Saying Andre did it to lol. Bullshit!

          5. You are a retard but I let you off because English is SUPPOSEDLY not your native language.

            If I remember correctly ,I originally said that Andre and Regina called JXK 777, Jack and Jaxx RESPECTIVELY. So I never said that you called JXK 777, Jaxx.

            I can and do make mistakes though ,so I’m sure you will find some ,but that doesn’t make me a liar. Was me supposedly saying that you called JXK 777 ,Jaxx so important and offensive to you that you had to write this comment to show that I supposedly lied? Wow!

            Thank-you though for making me now suspicious of Jxk777 .
            Next time.

          6. Reminds me of a jealous third grader who can’t stand the fact that this is a public site where anyone can talk to anybody they want….wherever they want. “He’s my friend, you can’t talk to him!” I guess when you think you’re the #2 guy around here with the most “friends” you also think you can dictate who can say what and where and to who. I find it funny that a jew hater like him uses their strategies in his efforts to thwart your free speech. We know who the real liar around here is….sniff any panties lately?!

          7. What’s going on? Andre aren’t you a little oversensitive? Also, why do you refer to me as ”this girl” when not longer than a month ago you talked to me like I was your bestie…
            Anyway, I saw Andre calling JXK Jack.I asked him if that was his real name but he never responded directly.So I started calling him different names like Jax or Wacko Jacko.I know nothing, was just having fun and fucking around like I always do.

            Btw Nem NEVER said it was you calling him Jax.


          8. @Regina Phalange
            Sorry for just taking a quick look at the name, cause at the time it did not fizz me. I Have close to 10 thousand friends so it can get confusing with different usernames, but with my bad memory, it sucks.

            As for Nemes,,, he is, and has always been A Big Shit Disturber wanting to know everything about everyone, and the gossip about them, or start shit between them. That’s just how he has always rocked you will see soon enough.

            So anybody who wants to play their (Nemes and his crew’s) games go right ahead. I’ll know who you are, and we will be done that’s it No Time For Games In My Life,,, NONE!!!


          9. Fuck off projecting Shitkicker. I did no such thing . I never dragged JXK into anything at all. You are paranoid and just stupid. JXK and I speak all the time about everything under the sun ,so fuck off. If s/he had a problem with me they would tell me.

            I have never hidden the fact about me being curious but I do not gossip anywhere. That is you ,Woman. Stop trying to remain ” relevant ” ,you fuck and shut your trap.

            You have driven ninety nine percent of any friends you ever had away. Now leave me alone.


          10. Food for Thought
            If One really Could Eat…


            Ok in all of this I said nothing except to Regina and Nems to let them know I’m not or have not been responsible and/or said (done) anything derogatory or offensive towards or about either person as we’ve been getting along famously interacting from all around the spectrum, entertaining ourselves, while enjoying our new found Air Friendships so.
            Also I know for sure that if we’d a problem or I’d caused one, any one of the 3 of us (Nems, Regina, or myself). Are sufficiently equipped mentally to work thru it without descending to the level of immaturity that you more often than not do.

            Andre it is and was you getting the wrong idea about something as per usual. Then as anyone can see if they care to look back at the comment exchanges it’s plain to see where, what, when, who and WHY..!
            What I don’t understand however is your particular angle and anger when you have clearly mistaken a person then surely knowing that..? proceed to continue Attacking them.Huh, because when Andre is wrong, he is still RIGHT No matter what. Is that it.

            We had a discussion about friends and friendships months back, tho before that in one of your very first comments between us you tried to get me to side with you over what you perceive as attacks upon yourself. I said, that I’ll not be drawn into taking sides with anyone over matters so playground, and that when I’m here in the comments section and on the site I stand alone, also adding that I consider the comments to be a playground.
            (I’m very Russian when it comes to friendships. One makes a friend of me, you have a friend for life. One makes an Enemy of me, and I’ll Kill you in more ways than one).

            Then you’ll accuse people of all manner of things you do yourself.
            Example being your insistence that you are always right and everyone else is wrong because they don’t support your beliefs or opinions of how YOU see things so therefore THEY must be wrong.
            Then try to tell people you have an open mind..!?!
            To whit then if there is still disagreement you start your bullying and intimidation tactics, if they are not applauding you for seeing the truth as YOU perceive it.
            You cannot deny this Andre because it is documented facts written down in past commentaries by your own hand.

            The way you attacked Regina and Nems a few days ago while I was not here both infuriated and disgusted me with your absolute disregard and disrespect for other people because YOU once again GOT THE WHOLE SITUATION COMPLETELY FUCKING WRONG..!

            Then dragged me into something I’ve no part in. Causing me now to write this. Do you really think that I’ve to answer for your fucked up misfired thinking..?

            You owe those two Good Souls at the very least a proper apology and not a flippant attempt with your Bully Boy attitude that you usually use.

            When you are in the wrong put your hands up and ADMIT IT..!
            Not slither on your belly like a snake thinking it will pass because your head is firmly up and in your Ass.
            Time to Mann up Andre, if you can take off the short pants and join us in adulthood. It was my Daughter’s 25th. Yesterday and she displays more maturity than you currently do in one of her Toenail clippings.

            FFS you are what 57 in a few weeks, not 7..?

            You accuse people of having cognitive dissonance when it’s clear that you are suffering said.
            3 minutes 10, wasn’t it your brain was starved of oxygenated blood that’s from only 1 time you were clinically dead.
            Now I’ve been clinically dead a few times and even managed to kill myself once as well, so I know what I’m talking about. Takes one to know one but, that’s why I can say this knowing that I am RIGHT..!

            You obsessively go on particular vents then fly into irrational rants.
            Example the laughable belligerent tirade about (that you were almost giving yourself another heart attack over). Who had wrote the song:
            “Never met a girl like you”.
            By: Edwin Collins.

            The way you ATTACK anyone dismissing the flat earth theory you so vehemently believe in.
            FFS Mann just because you do, doesn’t mean everyone else has to..!
            I started out liking you thinking you a little quirky.
            Now tho I’m not liking you so much because I think you are crazy and not in a good sense.
            The comment you sent me practically demanding that I tell you in complete detail everything about my accident so you may share my experience with a few friends.

            Honestly Mann do you actually ever listen to yourself..?

            Then what is with all the BG Brothers and Sisters bullshit which just puts you across like a Born again Christian.

            Are you..?

            I asked a couple of questions of you when I’ve been obliging yours and you’ve NOT answered one.
            Then to give anyone your regular oh my memory sucks excuse just doesn’t cut it with me, or in the real world.
            I don’t and will not suffer Fools
            I CALL YOU OUT..!
            So wake the FUCK up and smell that shyte you drink, otherwise I’ll cut you dead and not exchange another word with you.
            Think about what I’ve said, before you react, because as of NOW it makes no difference to me whether I do or don’t, or that you do, or do not.
            Yours Sincerely.


            PS: Get the FUCK off my ‘case’
            and everyone else’s.
            Work on your own,
            it is long overdue.
            You want a battle of words Andre I dare you to launch an attack on me, and I guarantee now I’ll destroy you, in and with your own language too.


          11. I didn’t get a notification for this and just happened upon it being “nosey” when I read dre’s comment to you about why he hadn’t been talking to you and wanted to see your answer back to him. I have to say I often wonder if other members read and see the shit he says to us ( and has over the last two years; I became his enemy when I stuck up for Nem’s right to post a forum about the earth not being flat). I believe a lot of people keep their mouths shut because they have seen how he is and it’s just better to keep quiet. A few have spoke up, but your so fucking aware comment gave me the biggest boner I’ve had in a while. Not because I hate Andre, but because it’s the truth…..everything you said was spot on and the absolute truth. Of course, now you will become one of us, so let me be the first to welcome you to the Filthy Few! We are a tight bunch who have had to stick together and stand up to him when he starts his lying. Thank you for telling the truth as you see it. I’m gonna roll a huge fat one and smoke it in your honor. You rock. @jxk777

          12. WOW I’m so hot for you right now (ripping my clothes off) ROFL
            You said it all, Jack.This situation was just beyond ridiculous.
            I’ve read some comments and had my suspicions about him.i kinda felt it would’ve ended up like this.People are not stupid,I think everyone on here knows who they are dealing with but don’t want to get dragged into his shit.

            I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t get any notifications, even when I’m tagged.


          13. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            No problem Jack, as you are more than welcome. I Will also add my phone number if you want to call me so i can hear your voice, and we can have a good/sensible chat, something we have not done in awhile.

            As for the message to Mark for E-Mails,, I Will send him a message my man, no problem.
            And Finally Jack, no apologies needed brother as i’m also a beggar, & all the time, lol. 😉

      2. Oooh weeh, you got it Pavlova.
        Record the clothes tearing that’s a must see for me.
        Right the notifications that i think happens to everyone from time to time, just site issues, server overloads etc
        Tho, least you got to see now.
        Hey and like that other page we all graffiti’d some weeks ago, we’ve done it here again ha. There’s hardly a placebox or switch left to reply from.
        I speak as I find, you know that, and won’t cow tow to Bollox.
        Especially when we’ve done nothing warranting such nonsense.
        So all is out in the open now for anyone to see and make their own minds up.
        We get along having the craic harming no one.
        My cards are on the table, not behind my back.
        Was going to point to this but you got here, and that’s what matters
        So now with all said and done.
        We move on.
        Looking for the Rabbits entrance to place the riddle at the moment.
        Then we’ll have even more FUN..!

      1. @TheCaptain
        I Have Never seen this before brother. So “Thanks-Man” for sharing-it with us all, as it shows people just what kind of sick Fucks share our air, and also The Sick Fucking World We All Live-On. 🙂

          1. @TheCaptain
            There are beautiful and rather inexpensive parcels of land that you can still purchase in Canada today. So if you are serious,,, you can give me some info like where, how big,,, near, or on water,,, private Island, or an Inland Property that you would like to entertain (Price-Wise) according to your Budget.

            But Since yourself & probably your family as well already Live on the Western Pacific Ocean Coastline Area residing In California and all, i was figuring that you would probably want to stay somewhat local, and wanting to just go straight-up North, sort of speak making-it not too far to visit family still living in California. So that would bring you into Canada via the British-Columbia/Seattle Border, and Into The British-Columbia’s mainland province of Canada.

            But the prices in “B-C” or British-Columbia, are completely absurd brother, and really really expensive. And i,m talking about a 100 x 150 Foot Lot, or about a half, an Acre.

            So The more Mid To East Canada that You Go, The Much More Affordable these properties can/will become, depending if you want an expensive Place/House in The Suburbs, cause then like in all, or most all suburbs,,, you will pay dearly for one.

            Good luck In Your search and hit me up if you are serious, and i will gladly help you find some good deals brother, as Nova-Scotia are both rather inexpensive and beautiful, situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean right across from Maine the sights, and the wildlife Fishing/Hunting is in Abundance. 🙂

      2. @Illegalsmile55
        Of course you have to stick your nose into what started as a simple conversation between Jack And Myself, until your sidekick Nemes had to cut in and find out why he had not gotten to know him by his real name. Try minding your own business Lisa as you and Nemes are Quite the Shit disturbing Pair.

        And it’s funny that i have no problems with any other members but the 4 or 5 of you out of 430 thousand members. And the 9700 friends that i now have. Oh and B.T.W. I Have had more friendship request since the numbers listed on the right hand side of the page has changed to a single 9. Why Is It That i am getting more friendship requests Than “Ever Lately” Lisa????

          1. Ha, ha, ha. Nice language yet again, you Poor Child. And leave *Jack outta this* as i told You’s and Nemes Already. He wants nothing to do with Your, & Nemes Childish Bullshit

            Be Children all you’s want,, but keep him out of your Garbage.
            He made it clear since day one, don’t You’s Get-It??? ** He Does Not** Want to get involved in Your Bullshit & Frankly i can’t blame him.

            I’m done with this too,,,So Goodbye!

          2. @illegalsmile55
            Me Mad??? Lol, “Never” cause unlike yourself & Nemes as i have a Great Life & Everything A Man could ever want. A Loving Wife, Children, Friends, & Financial Stability.


            No Welfare Cheques, or Food Stamps For This Guy, as i worked hard all of my life and deserve nothing less than The Filet-Mignon, & Smoked Salmon, which our Family & Friends Had for Dinner Saturday Night.

            **SO AGAIN WHY ARE YOU’S ALWAYS MAD**???

            And like I/We (Cathy & I) have Said, when we was telling “Jack” that i would love nothing more than to share his company over a nice BBQ & A Couple Of Cold Ones, One Day, if he was near by. He is/was also a hard working individual, (before retiring) who earned his well deserved keep.

            ****So again,,, Keep Him Out Of This Shit****


        1. @thedre
          Have you ever been hit by a Bus,
          While sitting in your Armchair…

          Hi Andre.
          For now I just want to clarify points raised because of this particular issue.

          One is that before the blow up..! you’d had ample time to have written a mere couple of lines stating that,
          Example: you couldn’t for whatever reason answer me more in depth at present because of blah blah blah
          Nothing to do with Nems, Illegalsmile, or Regina.
          You could have responded to when I’d said now I’m so far into the accident piece that no way was I going to post it here because it involves too much personal information which I was willing to share with you but not the whole site and world that a secure private com line was required. Especially given the time I have already put into it.
          You could have again with just a couple of lines said when I’d asked and given permission for you to have the email from the site.
          All of the above is weeks and now months ago,
          Before the blow up..!
          Again you had more than enough time to do this whilst you continued to have in depth conversation with other members.
          You see Andre, it wasn’t a case of ignoring myself as I wasn’t thinking along those lines.
          I was thinking it perhaps had just been a fad on your part, another whim. As I’ve seen many of yours before.
          Because the only other times you did actually communicate with me was when I was making jokes
          Before after and between messages that I was only getting part answers to, if at all.
          You not only had week upon weeks into months to say a couple of lines to shed a little light from your side as to why.
          Moreover you SHOULD have said something in a few words to me as regard your motivations as to why not.
          All of this going on before
          the blow up..!
          Nems didn’t ask me for my name, nor I his, we were too busy discussing whatever we were at the time and I didn’t say hey Nems this is my name, what’s yours, you want to address me as such because I place no importance upon it.

          Regina however did ask, and I told her rather cryptically and not absolutely because that’s how the two of us have been playing off one another also by the time I did there were two comments that got screwed up on a page that we had used all the space up to reply and she only got a part of it but seen one of our comments and found it like that.
          Nems only became curious when Regina started using it when she seen you had and like I had been doing with her name to her started playing with it calling Jack Jacko Wacko etc etc for a while I’d been, calling her Blamange and other silly versions of Regina.
          You see Andre this had been going on for weeks in which time you had many times to have said SOMETHING of your intentions
          Instead of jumping on Nems regardless of what has passed before between you two, or Illegalsmile, it also is apparent that the reason for the discord between Illegalsmile and Nems is that they have dared to disagree with the Almighty Andre.
          Nems just wanted to get in the joke with us, as all three of us started off like that, whether he got what you or Regina were calling me right or wrong is frankly irrelevant because the current in joke just so happened to be my name being played with.

          You made all three of us feel shitty because you got the wrong end of the stick, and seen it as another opportunity to have a go at Nems.
          Because I’d been so generous towards you with little in return I then attacked because I felt you had no grounds to be attacking either Illegalsmile, Regina or Nems regardless of the past because genuinely they three were being my friends, where you in your aloofness was only being a part timer towards me.
          You see Andre I always endeavour to look thru everyone’s eyes not only my own.
          You on the other hand only look thru yours and yours alone and you do NOT always see so clearly even then juxtaposed to this is Andre’s massive ego far larger than his brain, it seems.
          Another point is, none of our conversations have ever been hijacked. No one ever interrupted any of them, no one butted in.
          Unlike how this situation arose, you want to walk away Andre feel free, be careful the door doesn’t hit you on the way out.
          The best thing you can do as from now is to stand back a little, let the dust settle, take some deep breathing exercises and leave all three of us alone for the time being.
          Neither Nems, Regina, or Illegalsmile, dragged me into anything.
          YOU did Andre, by always only thinking seeing and reacting from your side alone.
          Don’t now try telling me you were acting as you were to keep me out of anything.
          You want to play “Mind Games” go ahead but you are playing with a Master, and you’re not even at primary level in comparison to I.

          Yours Sincerely Jackster…

          Yes I still like you too Dude, tho at the moment your not exactly my favourite person for once again trying a little subterfuge with coercion and the flattery fell flat on its face so.
          I know how people ‘Tick’ Andre,
          You think that you do, there lays a BIG difference between ourselves…

          1. You noticed that he did not respond to your comment above, it’s almost like anything he doesn’t want to hear or believe, he just dismisses it. Above he thinks he’s fooling me into believing you’re going to be dining with him soon, that you did not just give him a tongue lashing (that he fully deserved) and all is good in dre-land. Amazing stuff. He will now find another new member to fawn over, and with unending praise and worship. I’ve been watching his routine for a while and it never changes. He just ends up proving us all correct in our description of his behavior. You see how he tries to deflect the above convo into what a poor person I am, I rely on food stamps and government assistance, which is all a complete lie, but he hopes others will read it and think that of me. Even funnier, he thinks I might give a fuck what he says about me. He is just like a Jew and will lie about someone to try and ‘win’. I don’t know what the prize is that he is trying to obtain, but all it does is drive more people away from him. He is really mad bro….and then tries to convince all he is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, and me and Nem are the bad guys. I tried feeling sorry for him and forgave him numerous times when he would crawl back crying and begging for forgiveness, but I gave him too many chances (admittingly) and finally had to tell him to fuck off. All he cares about is that number next to ‘friends’, it’s the end all in his pathetic little life. Even Nem gave him more chances than I did; he adored Nem until Nem wouldn’t agree with his phony fart earth shit. He will turn on anyone like the fucking fake-snake he is. Okay, we’ve cleared this up and I will now go back to fun-loving Lisa. Nice to finally and really make your acquaintance. Cheers! @jxk777

          2. Hi Lisa.
            Yes mutual greetings and salutations for thee.
            Also I can see and hear what you say and couldn’t dispute a single word (even if I wanted to, or tried). Ostrich comes to mind. Ha.
            The friends thing I kinda think like a brinkmanship type of thing. I mean there anonymous vacuous figment pictures representing er, nothing tangible.
            Truly the worse kind of deception is to deceive oneself.
            There’s one friend in my list, that’s a Mann that I personally respect and am proud to have contact with.
            The other few that I’d added were not engaging so I’ve deleted those, I mean what’s the point..?
            I’m here to interact with intelligent like minded people with OPEN minds to learn and share info and views. Plus yes I joke around in the comments because that’s the playground.
            The Forum is where it’s at for the serious subjects.
            Every day is still a school day as far as I’m concerned, one doesn’t have to stop obtaining knowledge because you reach a certain age or not be in school, college, uni, etc.
            Plus I’m ruthless, one chance I’ll grant maybe, then if that comes back to bite me then adios amigo.
            Can’t say fairer than that, that’s as I was taught, and I’m not changing it because it has always worked for me.
            Anyway Lisa thinking that we can put a lid upon this and leave it at that, least we all know where we stand and that is good, and on the right side of GOOD without being immature, self righteous, pretentious, or false.
            Very pleased I am now that I’m getting to know Nems and yourself for who you are so.
            No thanks required, tho appreciation I’ll always accept.

        2. @illegalsmile55

          9700 “friends”*
          -5000 inactive for
          More’ than 4yr.s

          -3000 “fake friends
          Inactive for more than one (1) year
          =1700*+ or –
          Probably less *?¿
          & then he CLAIMS that 25% of those
          Faked Friends actually requested
          His friendship??
          Another blatant PREVARICATION *
          os really bad Math.
          If you read the daily site activity pages,
          You’ll notice DreNO
          & 3 OTHERS ***
          who constantly spam the ENTIRE*
          List of new members with f”f”
          And therefore will always be listed in a group together whenever those new
          Members click on the Accept tab.
          The person doing the request is always listed first.
          So it very easy to spot his lies/& or
          Very poor Math skills, I’d be being generous if” I’d say maybe one (1) out of 400 friends he’s had over the last few years has actually made the request to
          DreNO ™️®️
          SO NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 25%
          more like .0025%+-
          If you’re really reading this , don’t just take my WORD,
          for this theory ***
          Do your own research and go through all 9700
          Fake friends list
          & bg bro’s/sis’s**
          Subtract all those who are not recently active for over 6months.
          And then be a man & admit your no where near as popular as your friends list would falsely suggest !!!!

          Have a nice day Lisa
          & wake da fuck up

          1. @Lucifers Sexdoll
            I Am happy that i could be of service to you by helping you realize just what kind of sick puppies we really All Are on here, lol. 🙂

          2. @Lucifers Sexdoll
            No worries man, as we are after all, all here to have some fun, and view some great gore together. Is it not funny how people think that because we are curious and view gore that we are all just a bunch of cold asshole that care not about others??? And of course,, they go on and say that we are all weird and morbid sick fucks??

            Cause in reality the opposite can be said about us. Now with this being said, i can attest that after years of seeing people come and go on here, i have come to realize that we (for the most part) are the normal ones. We are very decent and compassionate individuals, who do in fact care more about others, and their overall well being, that most of these judgmental non-gore viewers out there. 🙂

  3. They found a decent specimen she probably still smells horrible but can you imagine doing this on a bloater or a corpse thats been in the sun days or weeks? the mortician probably has his fingers crossed every time theyre told “hey we got another one for you!”

    1. I met a mortician once and he told me they would get one or two a year.
      Hunters who had heart attack or stroke and not found for some time. They stick a vacuum tube in them to get as much stink out as possible.
      Jesus, you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. I gag when my dog farts.

  4. I wonder how many people thought it’d be nice to slip a dick in there… just to see if she’s still warm. I NEVER thought that….—–, just wondering about all you other sick fucks.

  5. I love these videos that show people being open in the middle. It shows that we are all just poor meat and disgusting fat piled up. Why so much inhumanity? So much arrogance? Your wealth and pretty face will end up like that bitch shredded like a pig. Unless you choose to be cremated.

    1. An autopsy is not generally necessary when the death is known to be the result of known medical conditions/diseases (ie, natural causes), adequate medical history exists, and there are no signs of foul play.
      In this case, suspected death from strangulation and rape.
      Unless you’re demise is as unfortunate as this girl, you don’t have to worry about ‘end up like that bitch shredded like a pig.’
      Which is such an insensitive thing to say.
      Show some condolence.

  6. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. I worked as an ER nurse for years, and occasionally worked in the morgue doing autopsies. I haven’t a clue what this guy was doing beyond playing a bad game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’

    1. @WestLos
      Yes unfortunately dude. Unless of course we Shove a Stick of Dynamite far up our asses, or have ourselves thrown into a tree/branch shredder, cause then an Autopsy would be a pipe dream,,, oh sorry,,, A Crack-Pipe Dream at best.

    1. @freeridesforgasmoney
      It’s called intellectualizing, vs emotionalizing.
      When you do this or other gory work it’s an object.
      For instance you have someone with gaseous gangrene Involving a leg you need to examine. It’s not mr Jones in room 7, it’s the leg in room 7. And you think to yourself this fucking thing stinks as you say your pleasantries to Mr Jones.
      If you didn’t disassociate yourself from the sights, sounds and smells you’d go insane.
      Imagine doing an autopsy on a decaying corpse and then going home to your wife to make love with that image in your head.
      The ones that can separate these things don’t make in a field like medicine.

  7. Poor girl much to young to be murdered, strangled, and raped as such. I do like autopsies though they’re not dismemberments, but they’re alright. Would like to jack off and then kill the guy(s) who did this out of principal.

  8. At least the guy on the table to the left got a chance of a final ever look/sniff at a vagina when our bearded knife wielding friend dissected out the vagina, uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries and tossed them next to him (4:02 sequence).

  9. @hopingfornemesis



    1. People who understand how lucky they were to have been born and lived at all
    2. People who do not understand this unbelievable ‘gift’ of life and so spend their whole life;
    a. Angry
    b. Being petty
    c. Trying to manipulate through
    i. Hatred
    ii. Scarcasm
    iii. Guilt
    iv. Fear
    v. Threats

    The 2nd category are usually socio-paths with no conscience, have delusions of grandeur, are selfish, self worshipping fucks
    Like the fucks who abuse fast food staff if it’s not PERFECT every time, or if they have to wait a while
    Wait? You should be at home cooking your own food, you lazy wretched cunt!
    Or some stupid cunt abusing the bank staff because he was charged $2, instead of $1.8o
    I mean … who gives a fuck? If you want to be a bit rich, work a bit fuckin’ harder, or save harder
    Either way it will get you more money
    But idiots spend their whole life worshipping money
    Look at Trump
    He used to think when he was 45 that he was gonna live forever and that money was gonna save him
    Now as he’s getting older he realizes he can’t go on forever, so he at least wants to go down in history
    As: More famous than he was thru TV
    : the …. Th President of the USA
    But the stupid cunt still has to die, just like Bush Snr, Reagan, Nixon
    Even Carter is pretty close to death these days

    So ..appreciate the small things in life:
    The beach
    The rain
    The wind
    The sun
    The creatures n wildlife
    A good movie, book or CD
    A bath or spa or swim
    boat ride

    And don’t get caught up on petty little things like if some guy pulled in front of you on the road
    Don’t even beep your silly horn (they should be removed)
    Just accept it, you can’t change it, and get on with the rest of your road journey
    Why go on about it like a spastic Chingy 2 year old with rabies?

    Grow up you stupid cunt!
    Life is for the living
    But only worth living
    ‘Cause yor pornz free ….

    So many don’t get a chance to really live, as they are either :
    Not born at all
    Born spastically mental window lickers
    Born normal but badly injured brain or body so are now spastically mental window lickers

    A pound of dog food is now worth more than their entire life is..

    “Death comes knocking somewhere every day, yet we all live our lives as
    If we are immortal ….”

    Grow up!
    Start to reverse the spasticity!

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