Corpse of Brutally Battered Man on an Autopsy Table

Corpse of Brutally Battered Man on an Autopsy Table

Well, you tell me what happened to this feller cause I have no idea. He sure looks beat up – must have been put through hell before death found him.

It would appear that he had been tortured. Perhaps those lacerations on his inner thighs were deliberate? They could also be a result of scavenger bites but they look more consistent with a cut. Bound hands would also suggest foul play, but they could have been bound by morticians in order to fit him in the body bag.

I honestly don’t know what the scoop is, but it looks pretty brutal. Give me your theories:

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69 thoughts on “Corpse of Brutally Battered Man on an Autopsy Table”

  1. Something tells me that this was a “crime of passion”. He probably screwed someone that he shouldn’t have and was caught in the act. Dealt with and fucked over! Not sure if it was worth it, considering- but it looks as if he was tortured and judging by what’s left of his expression, that he didn’t die quickly… That’s my theory. 馃槈

  2. I conclude that he was not tortured due to there being not enough upper body damage and too much lower body damage, also the hands are tied with sheets and you could easily escape sheets so I expect the body bag people did it.

    Well, there looks like a few foot marks on his abdomen and side, his chest looks like it bled a lot so I believe that he was probably stabbed to death and the rest of him looks like the rats got him because of the inconsistent deepness of wounds and he clearly had not been dead long due to the good condition.

    My theory, he was beaten and then stabbed and dumped in an alleyway behind some takeaway or restaurant, I figured this because the rats got to him quickly, within a few hours and rats tend to hang around places where food can be found and since the body shows no signs of decomposition the body had to have been found quickly, hence it had to have been dumped where people would find it but not out in the main street, restaurant workers and back alleys comes to mind.

      1. I agree this doesn’t tally with the accident theory. I think he was tortured, but it does seem strange that they went mostly for his legs and his dick, hmm maybe he had an affiar with someone while he was married.

  3. When this poor lad was going thru customs, the drug sniffing dogs tore his legs to shreds when they smelled the cocaine and oregano that was surgically embedded in his thighs…
    either that or he fell into the pizza making machine.

  4. brutal! well initially i thought since most of his injuries were from the waist down i thought perhaps some kind of industrial accident but then the camera focused on his head and i noted wounds around his neck area so that blew that idea out of the water. It obviously was focused on his nether regions with his legs getting the worst of the damage – it looks almost as if his legs were burnt somehow either with boiling water or fire or a caustic substance. I dont think its torture because i think he would have more widespread injuries so i dont think it had anything to do with another individual. I think either some kind of motorbike or car accident orrrrr…ummm that African witchcraft doll from that old movie from the 70’s with Karen Black, ‘Trilogy of Terror’…he attacked buddy and destroyed his poor legs. Rest in peace man with unknown injuries.

  5. First of all some of these videos are so fricken pixilated, I hate that. I watched this half a dozen times and can tell you with certainty that it is not a sheet tying his lumps together. Towards the end of the video you can clearly see it is gauze and the wide medical tape on his chest is weird. Clearly he was worked on prior to being brought to the morgue. When I volunteered for our state medical examiner I saw one victim like this and it was a rollover accident with the man trapped under the vehicle. Both slid down a road with him under it. He was burned in several places by the exhaust pipe and had the outline of the muffler on his chest. This is what I am thinking here……vehicle accident.

    1. Limbs not lumps…hmmm technically they are the same are they not? If you had your arm chopped off above the elbow it would be a lump of your old limb.
      I think lump and limb can be mashed together.


  6. My bet is electrical. Would explain the non specific injuries with skin ripped away. Just cannot be for too long. That shit will literally fry you. But a brief encounter will simply blow the skin away and then you fall to the ground.

    If correct, then probably a “pole climber” we oft see see on this site.’Just the ‘backside’ of things.

    There is a Part II to Mark’s offering… somewhere. The actual autopsy.

  7. Considering most of these vids are from third world nations with death squads; no actual EMS service. I don’t think him being bound was by the morticians, when they’re found they’re kinda just chucked into what truck is close by. His face may have been beat or he may have been dragged but I have no idea to what could have happened to his legs. Almost looks like he was dipped into a pool of hungry piranhas repeatedly.

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