Dead Guy with Messed Up Face Gets It Stitched Up Together

Dead Guy with Messed Up Face Gets It Stitched Up Together

This was filmed in Sampang, Indonesia, and by the look of it, in some kind of a morgue.

The video shows two men, presumably morticians, stitching up a face of a traffic accident victim who’s head was severely mangled. A corpse of an older man is also in the room, but he’s not mangled. Good luck on making the mash-up face guy looks presentable…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Dead Guy with Messed Up Face Gets It Stitched Up Together”

  1. Odd for some reason watching this gave me chills down my neck despite the fact we’ve seen worse. Maybe it is odd to see my own Indonesians not that I know any personally for I live in America as an American.

    1. you are not an American. therefore you live in America as an Indonesian. You might have a green card but that is a visa. It has permanent status but that is now. You are a guest and that privilege can always be revoked.

      1. Searching For Purpose See what happened there is. If i may. You mentioned that you’re affected by the fact that they’re Indonesians. In other words it would be okay if they were Americans or white people or anyone else? That you live in America and you enjoy all the benefits of the western world. Can you see how that might sound a teenie bit offensive?

        1. And of course, your comment isn’t offensive in the slightest is it.?
          Why is it that Americans are so insecure about their heritage.?
          Ahh.. Wait.. Now I remember.!!
          Something to do with American Indians.. And Black slaves… Aannd..???
          Oh.. That’s it immigration.!
          “I’m the last one in & I’ve locked the door”.!
          It’s because your all a bunch of self entitled, genocidal, racist, hate mongering, ignorant, loud mouthed, opinionated, wilfully self ignorant cunts.!
          And your so fucking convinced of your own superiority that your all blind to the fact that the rest of the world either hates you or laughs at you.!
          Especially since you’ve elected “El Presidente Trumpty Dumpty”.!
          They do say that people get the government they deserve.!.. Well….. You deserve it.!

          1. I’m 1/8 Native American, and all I can say is I’m willing to part with one of my vintage arrowheads to bring the argument around to your one undisturbed temple.

          2. you seem to despise Americans which is fine but unfortunately too many others wish to come here to work. The boat is full and you can’t. So try Greenland you greasy wogs.

            plenty of land and few people

        2. Well, I understood the underlying point you were making or at least I think I know how it was a teeny bit offensive, yet at the same time it was not my intention to offend or make those of you easily defensive not that it matters due to my nihilism is kicking in at the moment but I just find this one video to be slightly disturbing despite the fact we have all seen worst but as I see where this comment thread has led to due to my ignorance or lack of interest of such a continuous conversation probably because I think you all enjoyed your narcism a little too much.

    2. Wow! Let me get this straight. You live in America as an American. Wouldn’t that make you an American? But you refer to Indonesians as your fellow Indonesians even though you don’t know any…………my family came to America from Germany before I was born. Not once have I ever referred to any Germans in Germany as my fellow Germans. Because I live in America as an American. I am American and the citizens that live in this country are my fellow Americans.

      1. So.. Move to America & immediately forget your past & your heritage.?
        Do they have a men in black style red wand at the immigration office.?
        Actually, that makes sense.. It would explain why you Americans are all thick as fuck & completely ignorant of how the rest of the world views you.!

        1. we don’t CARE what the rest of the world thinks of us. Those movies made in Hollywood are for a DOMESTIC audience. you foreigners are welcome to watch but don’t think for a second you can just move here on a whim. you can’t. Greenland is open, however

      1. I think you and I both know that is not going to happen at the moment of typing that comment that was just most likely a subjective feeling or some other bullshit. After reading of your some accurate and inaccurate comments I actually was born in Sylmar, California so I am an American by birth my Birth Mother was raped by whoever the fuck my biological father is, so at that moment of my comment i was probably weirded out by seeing one of my “own” whether you were offended or defensive isn’t really my concern and neither is it yours so fuck off.

          1. Interesting, you seem to have me figured out what about your fucking ridiculous bullshit pity and victimization is just something I do in my own mind and I think you should know about that by now you remind me of my older brother such an asshole you are.

          2. If your life is shit, it’s not my fault, it’s not my problem … I just described what I saw in the commentary, a ridiculous person victimizing himself. Who the fuck cares about your story? Do you think you’re the only one who has a shitty story? Do you think you are special? please fix your damn life and do not go around giving pity, nobody cares about you, about me, about anyone. the idiot is you who thinks you are important to someone here, you’re just a stupid who seeks attention. All the shit you mention in your comments is totally unnecessary and meaningless.

          3. casual observer you say offensive things all the time then make excuses like all is supposed to be forgiven. You’re here watching people get fucked up but that’s okay as long as it isn’t an indonesian, maybe you’re okay with it if it’s an American.???
            Probably been playing the victim about a bit of native American blood all your life,when it suits you

    1. xsookiex, Asian Dong..This kind of shows how religion can’t keep up with the modern world, open casket funerals just don’t take into consideration deaths by motor accident

          1. Maybe that prevents a few but there are still loads of accidents over here, i’ve seen loads in construction, i even had a building collapse on me, that was awesome..but no film, that’s the problem. I think our own people film it but don’t put it out there.

      1. I know what you mean xsookiex , a little research reveals the karate kid but i always found that soppy shit too cringeworthy so i’m not getting into the whole daniel thing

  2. I notice that some people seem more affected by people from their own countries being mangled, seems kind of odd that, i mean what do i care if the bloke down the road gets mangled under a car or some bloke from china, in fact i’d rather some of these cunts who live near me get mangled…

          1. i bet you are skinny and average height svarg, you front like youre fuckin heman on here, bet you front in real life too though, i can see through it, a lot cant though. very arrogant easy type of man to be in the safe haven of sweden, probably never even spoke to someone of a different race yet act like you know everything.

            i call your bluff, be real, or just another keyboard warrior who is past it and is a has been.

  3. lol cant they just throw a paper bag over it ?? or just straight forward cut off the head and give it to some hungry dogs ? i mean it would look far more aesthetically pleasing than a stitched up, splintered and bloated head…

  4. Why does this even need to happen? What’s the actual point behind stitching up that face meat? It won’t matter at all whatever they’re trying to do and it definitely will not facilitate an open casket. What a pointless job.

    “What’s your job?”

    “I unnecessarily stitch up dead human face meat for no reason at all other than to pass some time. Oh, and to stitch up dead human face meat.”

    The dead guy couldn’t care less about it.

  5. compare yourself to the biggest and smallest , and the best and worse Worldwide or you are not worth shit.

    base everything on truth and facts or your opinions are not worth shit.

    then you will know your place in ALL of this, not just your little town.

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