Dead Michael Jackson Naked on a Gurney

Dead Michael Jackson Naked on a Gurney

Had enough of Michael Jackson yet? Here’s one picture from the People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray court case showing dead Michael Jackson naked on a gurney with his genitals blacked out.

SnrSwank says:

They’re just exploiting a dead Michael Jackson photo to further their prosecution, that’s all.

Jarrod says:

Legitimate or not, the picture almost looks conclusive. The censoring of the genitals seems irrelevant though as this is not something that western world is usually accustomed too. So the legitimacy of this photo 100% needs to come into question and why would this photo be leaked? Why aren’t there more? This photo definitely leaves more questions than answers.

Tom says:

It was time for Mikey to “Beat It”, It didn’t matter If he’s “Black or White”.

Wumbledorf says:

Apparently another photo has been leaked on the internet showing this time a nude Michael Jackson, what puzzles me is why there is a big hole in his chest. Was it necessary for the doctor to drill a gaping crater through his torso or was he involved in a bigger conspiracy? nevertheless this photo is sickening because you can see that this corpse has already begun rotting because of the color of his skin. It’s too bad they blacked out his genitals, because it would have finally solved the real conspiracy; whether Michael was transsexual or not.

Alan H. says:

The picture displayed is a prime example of what can happen when you fondle your genitals too much on stage! Death by bollock tinkering and all you’re left with is a great big square Black box where your dick and nuts should be.

Iszy says:

Coming from The people vs Conrad Murray Court case; The harrowing sight above shows the pale, gaunt body of deceased Michael Jackson.
While The genitals are blacked out, the wounds tell a nasty story. His ‘remedy’ led him straight to the cemetery.

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      1. You’re close, but most likely the hole was caused by an adrenaline shot or intracardiac injection to the heart. The medics use this as a last ditch effort to restart the heart of a cardiac arrest patient.

  1. What i find intreging, Is how they blacked out his genitals, when hes already dead. What was the point in that? When the only reason i clicked on the link was because i thought that maayybbeee, just maybe, I Would see what the famous Michael Jackson was packing. :p Hope i didnt just pussy hurt anyone. lmao.

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