Death Photo of Footballer Emiliano Sala

Death Photo of Footballer Emiliano Sala

Death Photo of Footballer Emiliano Sala

Over the past few days I have received numerous submissions from people who sent me photos alleging to depict the death of footballer Emiliano Sala. The problem with the previous submissions was that I recognized the photos and knew they were not of Emiliano Sala, because they were posted 2 years ago and were of a Brazilian guy who died after getting swept into the sea by a wave.

The photo submitted by Best Gore member @nathan07746 today seems to be different, though. While I don’t have the means to know 100% if it’s genuine, the tattoo seems legit and reverse image search has no possible results, suggesting it may indeed be genuine.

Who Is Emiliano Sala?

Born in Argentina, Emiliano Sala was drafted to play in Europe for the Football Club of Nantes in France. On January 19, 2019, FC Nantes formalized the transfer of Emiliano Sala to Cardiff City Football Club in Wales. However, two days later, on January 21, 2019, the passenger plane that transported Emiliano Sala disappeared during flight over the English Channel. Air traffic control lost track of the plane at 2,300 feet (700 m) from Guernsey with no distress message received.

The aircraft, a Piper PA-46-310P Malibu propeller single-engined plane was chartered by the Scottish agent close to Cardiff City’s Willie McKay cub, who had negotiated Emiliano Sala’s transfer. It was piloted by David Andrew Ibbotson, an experienced 59-year-old private pilot.

Emiliano Sala was in Cardiff during the negotiations process, but returned to Nantes in order to recover his belongings and say good byes to his former teammates. He was not too impressed with the condition of the aircraft on the way to France, so before returning to Cardiff, he sent a voice message to friends where he jokingly says that his impression of the plane was such that he thought it was going to fall to pieces mid flight and he may never arrive.

Emiliano Sala’s Death

After the disappearance of the plane, an extensive search and rescue operation was carried out by two helicopters and several boats from Saint-Pierre-Port, but no trace of the missing aircraft or its occupants was found. Terrestrial research on neighboring islands and coasts likewise did not yield any results.

On January 24, the chances of finding survivors was being reduced to nothing, and the police announces the cessation of aerial searches. However, the search by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch – a privately hired company – continued.

Eventually, on February 3, 2019 a ship specializing in marine search and rescue, equipped with side scan sonar, detected a wreck at the bottom of the water. The remote-controlled underwater vehicle of another boat identifies the aircraft in which a body was detected. On February 7, it was announced that the body was recovered, but that the aircraft could not be recovered due to adverse weather conditions. The body was entrusted to the police of Dorset who, by the end of the evening, announced to have identified the corpse by its fingerprints as Emiliano Sala. He reportedly died of injuries to his head and torso.

If you look at the images of Emiliano Sala alive, you’ll notice the tattoo on the right arm of the corpse and the one the footballer had on his arm are identical. This image did not exist on the internet prior to Emiliano Sala’s recovery, so this may very well be an actual, genuine death photo of the footballer.

Many thanks to Best Gore member @nathan07746 for the hookup.

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      1. BUT…could the salt water affect him differently? AND maybe he was wearing long sleeves. Plus we don’t know ALL the details…maybe his body was still belted in place, somewhat pritected by the remnants of the plane, not being thrown around in the water being more and more damaged…I’m not 100% sure but MAYBE? We usually see people drown that have no protection just their body being detroyed by the water and all the “fish” and debris…The tats I was able to see when I looked them up really DO look identical.

      1. Yeah, I’m with you. I call bullshit. A submerged corpse swells quickly. Our skin gets “pruney” after an hour in water. A few days and you would have all kinds of swollen disfigurements. They do make a solution you can soak a bloated body’s hands in to obtain fingerprints though.

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      1. They’ll always do autopsy for accident victims, suicides, suspicious deaths, anyone who hasn’t seen a doctor in the prior 12 months and anyone who dies within 72 hrs of a general anesthetic. You never know – they could find in the autopsy he was off his head on magic mushrooms, which may have caused him to have a panic attack / disturbing hallucinations or delusions which caused him to become suspicious or aggressive with the pilot, who lost control of the plane and crashed….

      1. you must be from Europe, in the America’s tough dudes put tats of Jesus, Jerusalem crosses or the Virgin Mary. Especially Americans, Mexicans and Argentines. Even though they commit acts against Christian ideology. Around these parts those religious tats implies you’re an asshole, tough or someone that’s best left alone not necessarily a church living person.

        1. Well, I’m happy to inform you that Sala was a devout Roman-Catholic and being a tough guy was not part of his routine. Those crazy Mexicans would have tattoos of Santa Muerte or some Aztec child-rapist god called Quetzalcoatl or Macuilcozcacuauhtli. Don’t bring the Argentines into this; they are a civilised people.

          1. Hey beautiful… I don’t recall reading anything about Aztecs being child-rapists, but who knows… Anyways you write it like europeans, around the same timeframe as Aztecs, were a peaceful people. If I recall, Europe from 500’s ad to 1600’s was far from a utopian society. Just remember… your people were raping, pillaging, cannibalizing, and killing, as well… they just did it in the name of another deity.

        1. First time I went up in a small plane with a buddy he says to me “gimme a hand with the plane.” I say what do you need? He says “grab the strut we gotta move it out of the spot so I can taxi it to the runway.” Fucking thing was like balsa wood! Can’t believe I went up in the thing!

          1. Nice, glad to hear 🙂
            Ahh, I see, she’s a legit OG. I’m doing good, as well, counting down the days ’till winter’s over. Sick of it, lol. Yeah, I bet, here in Maine it’s too damn cold for really short hair. Like I said, it looks really good. Have a good one, sooks, cheers! 🙂

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        1. @carly69

          It was the agent’s son who made the flight arrangements and the plane itself was registered in the name of a company that only served as a front; thus far they have not been able to determine who the actual owner of the plane is. But it will be out soon; someone will definitely be held accountable at some point.

      1. I don’t give a rat’s ass what his agent arranged. This player had plenty of money in his pocket to arrange for a safe flight with a commercial airliner. I would tell my agent to fuck off and book me tickets for a big bird. He could shove the small crappy plane up his poophole.

        Also, turns out that the crap pilot had only a PPL. Which means he could NOT fly commercially and get paid for his work. There is more to the story than meets the eye.

      1. @richardhead

        I actually think the agent had him fly over in a private jet in order to boost his own reputation as a big shot, which he wasn’t. He lied to Sala and told him that he was the
        brain behind Drogba’s transfer to Chelsea; this was denied by Drogba himself. He also
        lied to Sala about the Premier League clubs that were interested in signing him. Sala thought he would be heading for Manchester United or Everton, but ended up in fuckin
        Cardiff. If everything else fails, try Wales.

        1. @alois I see what you did there with the W H Auden reference. Very nice.

          It’s No Use Raising a Shout by W. H. Auden

          (edited by Lord Wankdust… nothing added… only a little taken away)

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          It wasn’t always like this?
          Perhaps it wasn’t, but it is.
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          What’s the good of going to Wales?

          In my spine there was a base;
          And I knew the general’s face:
          But they’ve severed all the wires,
          And I can’t tell what the general desires.

          In my veins there is a wish,
          And a memory of fish:

          A bird used to visit this shore:
          It isn’t going to come anymore.
          I’ve come a long way to prove
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          Here am I, here are you:
          But what does it mean? What are we going to do?

        1. Damn. I’ve been following that incident since it happened and was hoping they’d release the underwater footage where they spotted the body in the wreck, which seemed a bit too intact after a violent crash that presumably would have removed someones head. I don’t know, here’s to hoping they recover the wreck along with the pilot and find out what caused it.

          1. How do they really know his head was injured if they cant find it? it could have come off unscathed… a clean cut and some fucking groupie has already recovered it and its now sitting proudly next to their signed footie sticker album

          2. @xsookiex I’d say decapitation would fall under the remit of head injury, especially if the coroner doesn’t want to release the full grim details to the media straightaway? There still seems to be some goopy residual skin and bone above the shoulders so I doubt that the melon came away clean 🙁 Could be that the head was mostly destroyed and a few stringy skin and skull vestiges are all that’s left now. I don’t think there would have been much to salvage, boooooooo 🙁

      1. Yeah. The agent is definitely to blame for this one.

        When you consider just how much money his agent was going to make from that deal and yet he still cut corners and went for the most cheapest, dangerous options.

        Greedy bastards always put money and self gain before other peoples safety and lives every single fucking time.

        As for the transfer fee demands. Well, technically he was a Cardiff signed player when he died so the fees are still applicable here. However. I would have thought that such high level deals would have come with some type of financial insurance attached to it in case of injury or death before contractual fulfilment.

  1. That would be a great Halloween decoration. Set it on your porch and everybody would think it was fake, then have a midget hide inside of it that jumps out and scares the kids when they come to the door. The cool part is that his dick ( Third World breeding stick) appears to have been chewed off so it’s definitely kid friendly.

  2. I really feel bad for Emiliano Sala. One German newspaper had a moving piece about him, which really made me respect Sala as a person. Being a devout Roman-Catholic, Sala was a man who actually practised the social teachings of the Church. He wanted to see the world not for the sake of the thrills of travelling, but to actually interact with people from the different cultures and to learn from them. He would tell his friends that Africa in particular was a place he wanted to visit. His favourite movie was ‘The Travels of Young Che’, about two young Argentines who travelled the length and breadth of their country to partake in the life and hardships of the common man. Commenting on this movie, Sala pointed out that he loved the kind of social values it conveyed. On his right arm he had a tattoo of Virgin Mary and the words of his fellow countryman Che Guevera: ‘Hasta La Victoria Siempre!’ Sala was not a world class footballer and he had to struggle hard to carve out a professional career for himself; at one point he even contemplated giving up on football altogether. He was rejected by half a dozen clubs in France before he was finally awarded a professional contract. What you will notice about Sala’s game is the sheer amount of effort he puts into it; this guy was willing to suffer for his team mates. He was a model professional and a good man whose authenticity was beyond dispute. He deserves our respect.

    1. Nice post, never heard of the guy till this happened. Id just about got my head round that helicopter that took off on Leicester city football pitch and crashed into carpark.
      Apparently it was complete madness to fly single engine plane in sub zero temperatures across channel. I’ve listened to voice recording and poor guy sounded terrified. You can hear plane engine in background and to me it sounded like it was gonna stall.
      He was a humble guy come from nothing and worked hard to get his dream move playing in EPL. Not a guy that deserved this and when he disappeared Cristiano Ronaldo uploaded picture of himself on twitter in a luxury private jet with thumbs up. I’d be happy to see him on the slab the arrogant twat.

  3. There is no way on earth that that body has been at the bottom of the sea for nearly six weeks! Look at the arms no swelling or colour change, the surface skin would have lifted off by now. That if anything is a fresh corpse with fresh red blood leaking out onto the slab.

    1. It wasn’t six weeks, the plane disappeared on 21st January and the body was recovered on 7th February; that’s just over 2 weeks. This is also the witches-tit-cold waters of the English Channel and it was a particularly cold spell as well so it’s possible that impeded decomposition?

      Could definitely be a fugazi photo but I don’t think it’s outside the realms of possibility that it’s genuine!

        1. Possibly @hopingfornemesis! I certainly don’t claim to know all the processes of decomposition but muscle wastage after cell death and prolonged submersion in water could be possible? There is definitely discolouration on his left shoulder and you can see colour differences on his right upper side just beside the chest flap where the skin has started to deteriorate. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to believe that this body was recovered from cold water?

          There’s still a possibility that the tattoos have been cleverly photoshopped onto these remains though. Very good job if so!

        2. @hopingfornemesis


          I agree. To my knowledge swelling in death is caused by the build-up of gasses internally which wouldn’t happen if the body has enough escape holes in it due to blunt force trauma.

          Also. Whenever 1000 year old bodies are pulled from the ice they still have skin and muscle attached to them but in a shrunken, atrophied state because as you said the cold conditions prevent the normal decaying process.

          Cold weather in general is also known to cause muscle shrinkage as my penis knows all too well.

          1. @empty-soul
            Absolutely. The real juicy bloaters are usually from places where the water is warm. People go swimming and end up drowning or piss off the wrong sup-tropical drug gang and go swimming against their will, and then the wet and warm conditions do what they do so well for the putrefaction process.

            Conditions in the Channel during Jan/Feb are not ideal for bloaters.

  4. The photo is clearly after an autopsy has taken place. The precise cuts where the head was, and the ribs show intentional separation. If his body was intact enough when the plane crashed this photo would make sense, otherwise its an awfully good photoshop

  5. I Loved These Little 6 seater Piper Airplanes, as they were relatively safe, and supposedly pretty dependable/Reliable altogether. But because some pilots complained of a lack of horsepower, and therefore not cruising at a high enough speed, they redesigned and came-out the PA-350-P.

    So in October 1988, a mere 4 years after the first pressurized model with retractable landing gear was introduced, Piper they came-out, and developed this awesome new beautiful, and state of the art *Turbocharged Malibu Mirage PA-46-350-P Model that Added more horsepower, (40 extra horse) to be precise, the Pilots were ecstatic to say the least, as it’s Predecessor the PA-310 Which only had 310 Horsepower had no balls, lol, as they put-it

    But This Put a false Sense of Security in these Pilots as they now thought that they could Navigate through Storms at high speeds, or maneuver around a storm making swift turns around them, and so on. But because of all this extra horse, when it went through big storms and they did these sharp turns around-it the extra power, and the cross winds simply started tearing them apart in mid air.
    Many of these The bigger Piper PA-46 -350’s suffered catastrophic accidents that had the plane tear apart into pieces in mid air, if they got caught in a bad storm. The reason for this “i believe” was because it now had to much horsepower, that required strengthening of the overall wings body, and so on. In Other words,,, Another redesign, was required by CAA.

    And when you think that only 402 Of These Piper 310’s were ever produced in 1984 that made this plane almost 40 years-old. But nonetheless I Have Always Loved The Piper as i found-it to be a nice-looking, sleek aerodynamic plane, that we used to see all the time in T.V. Shows, movies, and so on. It was the favorite plane used by many drug smugglers, and the movie actors playing the part of drug smugglers. And even though only 402 were made, everybody knew and loved That Piper Airplane, and especially if you were born in the Sixties right-up to the Nineties.

    Here Below is a excerpt from ( ) About some of the requirements, and upgrades that was made to The Piper, because of the 350’s shortcomings.

    Fitted with a new wing, revised interior and electrical system, and standard Bendix / King avionics packages, around 250 were produced. Other features include a redesigned flight deck, two-piece glare-shield and a 40-lb (18-kg) increase in useful load.
    By spring 1991 Piper had orders for over 100 of the PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage but, after several aircraft broke up in adverse weather conditions, the FAA revoked its IMC certification and began a Special Certification Review. Piper worked hard to clear the design’s reputation and by February 1992 the Malibu was returned to full operations.

    The first Meridian, a non‑conforming example, flew summer 1988/89. On 21 June 2001 the first Malibu Meridian was certified by the UK CAA.

      1. @Islas Malvinas Argentinas
        Thanks brother!
        I have always been fascinated with Planes, but mostly These Cool Little Pipers. Cause When I Was In My Early Twenties, is when they came-out with These AP- 310’s in The Mid Eighties. I Always wanted to go up in one, so maybe one day, lol. 🙂

      2. I wonder WHY ?? , he (the DrE) took all that effort to jewgle* the wikipedia page for that piper plane and then spend 1/2 an hour typing (plagiarism if you don’t mention the source to give credit) it all out by his own fingers almost word for “word” copied directly from the wiki pages,…Whenit would have been much faster and easier on his poor memory* to simply just tell others to JEWgle it for themselves ??¿¿ anyHOO I’m glad he did because I too love reading about aeroplanes from all aROUND* the GLOBE*

        1. @BOASP
          Yes I Did because i have always loved Piper Airplanes since i was a kid when there was no internet, but simply T.V., And a couple of Library books on them. So i had to refresh my failing memory on These Little Giants In The Sky. I Remembered that they were constructed in the mid 80’s and that they were 6 seater planes, including the Pilot, but besides that all i knew was that they had had some major problems when they attempted to add more power to them by going to the 310 to the 350 resulting in many highly publicized Accidents that we saw on the evening news.

          And i never tried To Hide The Fact that i Had Copied, and Pasted Part of an article Relating to The Trials, and Tribulation involving This cool Plane. But It Just Goes To Show That Before i write something and make an error, i do my research first! Cause if it was written using only (my own narrative) without double checking these events dating back 38 years, i would not have been able to tell the whole story,based on memory alone. And why is it that i always (Feel Embarrassed For You) when every time that i see your name??? Maybe Because you are so fake?/ i dunno. Now Go Put Your Toque-On and your long johns before filling-up your wood stove red neck and go to bed

          ***So this Begs The Question,,,, Da-Fuck Is Your Point CAT- HOSER , lol ?***

  6. Dying in a plane crash has to be one of the worst ways to go. Spending a minute or more, depending on altitude, heading toward the ground shitting yourself knowing what is about to happen in terror or having the plane blow up or break up in the air and now you’re in a free fall to even a few seconds of searing pain as your body is shredded like a meat grinder!! Yeah this dude’s head was popped like a zit but how long was he aware beforehand? I’ve been up in small planes. It’s not like being up at 30,000 ft. where death could be almost instant if the plane breaks up. In small planes you know everything that’s going on when you’re in a dive!!

  7. That picture looks real enough, but after spending a week? in the sea i thought he would have been more eaten that that. His vital organs have obviously been removed by the coroner but his flesh looks fine…dare i say not pruny at all.

  8. ” […] he sent a voice message to friends where he jokingly says that his impression of the plane was such that he thought it was going to fall to pieces mid flight and he may never arrive.”

    I am a skeptical dude, but this reminded me the 1996 case of the Brazilian band Mamonas Assassinas.

    Despite this band was the worsest worst thing I ever herard or seen in my life, I was a tiny child then, they fell into the Brazilian audience grace. Their sudden succes was indeed a sick mania, people were mesmerized by these guys

    They were considered alive gods as Brazilians are prone to cheap idolatry.

    Their next step was supposed to visit Portugal where they where starting to become famous and even had concerts and TV presentations confirmed.

    They died in a critical bloodly tragic plane accident surrounded by blackouts, misteries and controversials. Their bodies were butched to scary pieces of flesh. It was rummored that people were collecting the pieces of their bodies to sell to the fans and press… Before this, they were joking and mocking about plane accidents and crashes.

    Dinho the leader singer was caught on camera hours before the accident asking to play Ricky (or Ritichi) Wallens CD… And sayng that they were going to Portugal, but thy didin’t know whether they would return.

    When travelling by planes, better to be quiet…

  9. Wait don’t bodies get swole and shit after being submerged in water for so long and is skin should’ve been deteriorating by now right ? Not saying it’s a sham or anything but anyone else think how it happened as he was Signing for like £13-14m

  10. look fake to me…

    i mean.. he was on a wreck.

    if you take out the autopsy, his body was then closed with ribs in place ( the body is actually not badly injured in that pic, he clearly get open in autopsy and the ribs taking out to access the organs, same for his belly). still… no head.

    how many chance do you have (any human body) to be on a crash of a plane with your whole body intact but just the head destroyed ?

    almost impossible.

    i call it fake.

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