Decomposed Body Taken to Autopsy

Decomposed Body Taken to Autopsy

Human corpse in an advanced state of decomposition was found hanging off a tree. The remains were taken to autopsy but there’s not all that much to autopsy, is there?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Decomposed Body Taken to Autopsy”

  1. I’m quite concerned with the condition of the mortuary! That slab doesn’t look very clean and look at the Walls! Urgh.
    I’m surprised the guys even wearing gloves!
    It makes me think this is in eastern Europe, ie skanky!

  2. Mortuary looks African to me, could be South American.

    It looks like the dude was buried and dug up, (no casket, just naked burial). Lots of mud. Coulda been just lying in a muddy field too, I guess.

    Do you think he coulda been hauled up from a “watery grave?” Maybe the chain was part of the weight that held him down. I saw one of these once, and it was in similar condition. Didin’t stink nearly as bad as the ones pulled up from a normal grave. PHEWWWWWWWW

    I guarantee he wasn’t still hanging from a tree in this condition. Would have pulled apart long ago and left the rope and chain on the tree.

  3. Look at second photo enlarged. You can still see little puddles of muddy water standing on the red plastic the body is on. This dude was DEFINITELY pulled up out of very wet muddy earth or from bottom of body of water. Rope is coated with thick layer of mud.

  4. The worst mortuary I’ve ever saw on the web -never been in one- was one in Russia. Bodies were flung everywhere as if they were feedbags ! One lay in a doorway making it necessary to step over it going in/out ! Complete contempt for human dignity. In such disorder, identity tags could be lost or put back on the wrong bodies !

  5. One of my Uncle’s was found outside of Seattle by hunters hanging from a tree after 7 weeks missing. Not a pretty sight. No answers from police tho the FBI thought it was a Union mafia killing as my uncle was always one to be on a picket line with a bat.

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