Headless in Morgue

Headless in Morgue

Young boy is resting near headless in morgue awaiting autopsy. Something is telling me that the autopsy results will be pretty conclusive – death caused by severe head trauma. He kind of looks like that liquid metal Terminator T-1000 from the sequel after Arnold Schwarzenegger shot him in the face with a shotgun. I don’t think this young man acquired quite the skills of T-1000 to collect himself together after he took a blast in the face.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Headless in Morgue”

  1. I am very, very envious of this individual. Brain is totaly distroyed, of most likely no fault of his own (shotgun) evident by trauma to the arm, unless he killed himself and fell on soimething…yha right.

    But to be lights out with no delay, waht a lucky guy, to be done.

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