Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures

Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures

For the reasons I can’t understand, this female corpse was left by morticians just outside the door to a morgue on a slab. It almost looks like they left her out in the sun to dry before taking her inside. They even flipped her over so the sun bakes her backside too.

There is no good photo of the victim’s head, but from that one pic that shows a bit of it I’m guessing the cause of death was severe trauma to the head. Judging by the pressmarks on her torso, I would almost think she was wearing a corset at the time of her death. It’s definitely an intriguing corpse, I wish I knew more about her.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures”

  1. Doesn’t look like this happened in the West.. (Hairy vagina is a dead give away, as are the lack of tattoos). Not Asian, as the pubis hair isn’t the same texture as Asian pubis hair.

    Pale skin.. emitting a White vibe..

    I’m guessing Eastern European.. Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary.

    1. From my analysis the body has an Asian build but the hair is coarse and wavy. The brickwork is ceramic and manly red brick and judging by the light and shadow orientation the sun starts to set around 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the summer, I can tell this from the dryness of the land and the fact that the morticians would not have left a body out in the open if they thought there was a chance of rain.

      My conclusion is that this women is from Kazakhstan, it is also my opinion that the photographs were taken by the morticians themselves because in one of the photographs when enlarged you see a shoe, a smart work shoe, well polished with no dirt attached, if this was a passer by who happened to be walking past there would be dirt on the shoes from the dry and gravel like conditions of the walking service therefore this is a shoe that has come from inside a building and has not touched the dry ground.

      1. A excellent deduction. The deceased here immediately gave me an Asian vibe, but a part of me was like “but she kinda looks White, too”. The genitalia holds a rather distinct Asian look, but the pubis hair didn’t give me an Asian vibe at all.

        It could be the ravages of death, of course. But I’m changing my guess to a Caucasoid/Mongoloid hybrid.

        Upon further investigation, these set of pictures also popped up on a Japanese site that deals with gore (Or rather…… appears to. Japanese is a beautiful language that is foreign to me, sadly)

        1. “The genitalia holds a rather distinct Asian look”

          Its best not to assign genitalia design to any particular race. Without wanting to sound a bit whorish I have had sex with quite a number of women in my life including Asian women, as I have lived in both Hong Kong and Japan, and therefore can say that genitals tend to look the same and vary the same no matter the race, therefore it is almost impossible to deduce anything from that aspect of physiology.

          “Japanese is a beautiful language that is foreign to me, sadly”

          You should try learning it, its not as difficult as most make out. You could easily learn to speak it quite fluently within a year and the only somewhat difficult part is the kanji which will take the average learner about three years to learn maybe 3000 kanji fluently.

          For me, once I had learned the first 1500 kanji fluently which took me around 8 months the rest was easy and I just picked up more as I read.

          1. Really? I always find their labia looks very distinct.

            And you’re right, I should learn Japanese. I have interest in Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean, too.

            Really just haven’t got around to it. I’ve tried Mandarin (personal relationship) but I found/find it incredibly difficult.

  2. This is actually what I’ll be doing in the next few hours! Workin’ on my base tan! Just me, my lawn chair and some Hawaiian tropic suntan lotion! Granted i don’t have all those pubies and i do have a few tatts.. Lol. Plus I’m not as stiff and I’m already a little warm to the touch. I think I’m 2 steps ahead again! I’m on a roll today!! 😉

    For the record, when I’m dead- i hope they put me out to sunbathe. The sun always brings out the best in me! No one deserves to be buried without a tan..

  3. now here’s a tip for all you lovely morticians out the. ever run out of make up when making that stone dead corpse look like she’s sleeping well worry no more! with help of the sun and its rays you can have that body looking like she just got into bed and an extra bonus she’ll be as warm as a freshly baked batch of cookies!

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