Orozco: The Embalmer from Bogota, Colombia

Orozco: The Embalmer from Bogota, Colombia

Orozco: The Embalmer from Bogota, Colombia

Orozco: Embalmisidor is a 1990’s documentary film about an embalmer from Bogota in Colombia. It’s quite juicy with lots of dead folk. Best Gore member @justsaying provided the description in her own words:

I studied at mortuary sciences at University – twice – but I found that an academic career was more to my taste. So nothing really shocks me – but this cunt IS A BUTCHER. It goes for over an hour, and is in Española, BUT trust me – no language is necessary.

Only Sñt Orozco is not an embalmer’s asshole – he just butchers the bodies in his filthy charnel house… er.. shack, guts them and washes them out with plain water from a hose, and then shoves it all back in again, faeces and all – along with plastic bags or their underwear in some cases – and all without using any chemicals or even washing the blood off murder victims or autopsied subjects without even wasting an old bar of soap on them – and then he ‘stitches’ them up (and I use the term ‘stitches’ VERY loosely!) – before literally dumping them in their coffins. Mmmmm – nice, LEAKY coffins!

Many are already literally ‘purging’ when he dumps them in… And if not buried within the hour (which they are not) the coffins will leak ‘purge’ all over the place.

And BTW, I’m a female Aussie fan, so it’s nice to see that other women love your website too. Personally, I find BG is a particularly cathartic way to pass some spare time, especially during lockdown. So thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to keep us morbid souls entertained!

Kindest regards,

Just Saying…..

Many thanks for the kind words and the video, @justsaying:

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    1. What if your ashes get tossed in a canal? Me- I’m asking to be flushed down the white porcelain throne (toilet) it’s got a fast moving current (for a few seconds) and the costs are cheaper! Less travel involved! Only problem is social distancing! I guess everyone gotta wear a mask or it’s gonna be a funeral for four! But hey, they can use Lysol to disinfect the air! And if they wanna see me one more time? Grab the fucking plunger and start plunging till I come back up!

  1. Not only in Colombia. This way of working is common everywhere around the world, also in Western countries. Also “embalming” does not take place here. It is only common in the USA I believe, not in many other countries. In most of the world it is actually a forbidden practise, and frowned upon.

    1. I second this. What on Earth do the people in this comments section think a post mortem looks like? It’s the same the world over. There’s no care given because it’s not their job to pamper your corpse. That’s the funeral home’s job. The aim of the post mortem is to find a cause or other factors to your death. This is what you can expect if you suffer an accidental death or die to an undiagnosed illness and don’t have a written statement contesting a post mortem.

      1. This guy is not doing the post mortem. He is given the corpse after the police or medical examiner or whoever has had their hands on it. They even show a post mortem done live on the street in the doc. When the body is turned over to the family this guy performs the service to get the body ready for the burial, like a mortician. He is underpaid and overworked. At the end it states he has done 50k bodies over close to 40-50 years. He cuts the bodies up so they will fit in their funeral wear. It’s not an open casket, only a small viewing window. He charges close to nothing because he wants to give the family whatever dignity he can. Imagine a family member is killed, and the police tell you, either take the body. Or we bury it in a paupers grave/cremate. He is helping however he can to give a proper burial. The way they posted the header really fucks this guy over. If he wasn’t out there doing this, the family would have to do it themselves or pay some real outrageous price for the service. Also, all of this should be last tense, the guy died and they speculate it was because he was so old and moving bodies and working far behind his capabilities. Like he died so that these families could say goodbye to their loved ones in the most dignified manner possible

  2. That isn’t even embalming… it is just cutting and hosing and stuffing bits back in and stitching. 6,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt they were embalming properly… this is just embarassing. Has anyone actually said anything to him… is he just a kind of “interested amateur” in a country where professional regulation hasn’t caught up with hobbyists yet?

    1. This is Colombia (1996), portrayed by Tsurisaki Kiyotaka. Orozco charged, according to himself, from $10.000 pesos to $50.000 pesos for what you see (in today’s money/using an inflation calculator/from $15 USD to $50 USD). The people on the table were nobodies; low paid workers, marginalized people and slum-dwellers.

      1. Thank you for posting this. He is actually embarrassed and ashamed of the work he does, but he does it because no one else will. Like you said, they are nobodies, and this is the closest they can get to a proper burial. He was doing a charity, and it sucks so many people here couldn’t understand it. Fuck, imagine the police come to you and say x died, come and pick up the body or will dump it in an unmarked grave. He is embarrassed by the work he did, but at the number if bodies coming in and the cost, it was unsustainable. Imagine fucking 50k bodies over 50 years…. at its lowest point, that close to 136 bodies a day. Fucking insane.

    2. This is what happens all over the world. You can find post mortems on YouTube from America and other Western countries. It’s all the same thing. In some places they use nice modern saws to cut a skullcap, some use a hammer and chisel. The end result is the same with an empty chest cavity and skull and a plastic bag full of organs that is either handed to the funeral home with the body, or if the country has good enough infrastructure, the organs are often thrown into a grinder much like a garbage disposal and dumped into the sewage.

    1. This is just a post mortem. This is what happens before you get thrown in an oven, unless you died in a hospital bed from a diagnosed illness while surrounded by your family, they’ll probably have to arrange a post mortem.

  3. Japanese machine translated:

    This work is one of the world’s busiest old Embermers, working in one of the most insecure countries in the world, Colombia, the most insecure country in the world, where violence has eroded and dominated the country for many years. An unusual daily record that repeats monotonously.

    It’s too simple and minimal. El Cartocho has nothing but a corpse. There are only the remains of violence and prayers. I wanted to portray the love and dignity that remained in humans after being robbed as much as I could.

    Kiyotaka Tsurizaki

  4. I’ve done some preparing of bodies and some burials. I’ve seen a lot of post mortems. I’ve never seen them done like this, even from places like India and Pakistan. I thought they were rough and had dated techniques. This guy makes them look clean and professional. Is this dude even qualified? Seeing how cheap his prices are, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just some local who had to take up this job due to the numbers of poor people who can’t afford a proper autopsy/embalming/funeral prep.

    1. I was pretty shocked by the fact that he put people in the coffin with bloody faces. That said he’s charging nothing ($10 dollars of today, looked up the inflation) in the literal worse piece of shit area of what was at least then a pretty piece of shit country.

  5. May I say his work is definitely not as obnoxious as the OP makes it look.
    Yes, he kinda takes little time to prepare a body. Yes he puts a low amount of formol (but he does!). Yes, he uses what looks like an old (very sharpened) kitchen knife to open the bodies, but who cares? They’re dead, a scalpel is almost an eccentricity.
    It seems the description is kind of polluted by the typical arrogance of a student of the field, the kind who always goes on and on about how badly trained everyone is.
    That is a particularly rough neighborhood in a rough part of one of the most violent countries. People are POOR and they drop dead like flies. I’m surprised families can even afford the coffins the corpses are being put in.
    He charges almost nothing for the work and he even takes the time to put makeup in them.
    Also, the coffins actually will start to leak after they’re buried, so who cares.
    Great documentary. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. I also thought he did a fair days work and he certainly didn’t disrespect the bodies. This is the real world and he did the best he could with what he had. Intro
      Woman complaining is probably upset he didn’t use warm water either. What a joke. Don’t inflict your first world perfection issues on a guy doing a needed service in what looks like a war zone. I just don’t understand why he needs to cut out all the guts only to put them back in again? Also why the cotton wool up the nose? And material down the mouth?

      1. They cut the guts out and place them back in to delay decomposition and the cotton in the mouth and nose so that the body does not release germ or smell and for the body won’t take air in because the respiration process stops and the air present in the surrounding enters the body, as a result the body gets swollen 🙂

    2. Precisely, this was filmed in one of the most dangerous and poor boroughs of Bogota (dare I say of the country) called “El Cartucho” so no wonder the guy didn’t have the fanciest of working tools; the embalmer mentioned that other mortuaries in the area charged up to 4 times his fee; in other note, the embalmer died during the production of this film, from what I understood he had a surgery done to him in order to treat a hernia apparently caused by his job (from the lifting of the corpses I would assume) but he didn’t take time to recover and went back to work after having his surgery, which complicated his health and was hospitalised again and passed away in hospital as he couldn’t be operated again

  6. LMAO at the 57:00 mark, didn’t expect that jump scare! Quality content watched it entirely almost puked when he played with the guts but overall I’m not gonna eat anything for a while. Thank you to all involved in sharing this to the community! Also gotta give props to the filmmakers, great soundtrack, directing and the Colombia travel guide!

  7. This reminds me this


    And this


    Guess where they come from ?

    Yes from Brazil.

    These videos were VHS rips from videos produced in the nineties.

    Curiosity: The producer of these videos is a guy named J. Gaspar. This dude is porn hireling. He did a fortune in the adult entertainment market.

    People handling the bodies are not health workers or were supervised by doctors. The place is a real public morgue , but it seems to have been used without an official authorisation.

  8. I did a little research about this place in Bogota where the video is taking place because I had never seen anywhere that dirty before and I’m Dominican so that’s saying something. Apparently this place has been renamed “The Bronx in Bogota” and it was a literal hell with kidnappings, tortures, murders, child rape, etc, etc happening on a daily basis. Cops, regular citizens, and foreigners all where indiscriminately kidnapped tortured, and murdered there…. pretty insane.

  9. So I’ve been a lurker for years, but I felt I had to make an account, because the Aussie’s comments in the main post are bullshit. A couple of others have pointed out that he makes practically nothing for his work. He is working in a crime ridden hellhole where people die at rates far beyond what we can imagine. He is providing a service, at the very end of the doc it says he has done this close to 50,000 times. That is over 40-50 years. 10,000 times a year. He is not the medical examiner, that’s why he’s cutting stitches. The ME/Govt dumped the body at the families house, and they have to either bury them as is, or take them somewhere. He provides this service at close to nothing. Because he wants to give the deceased, and the family as much dignity as possible. He even says that for what it costs and how many bodies come through, this is the best he can do. He even, ashamed I might add, mentions that this is how it had been done since before he started close to 40 or 50 years before using WW2 and Hitler of all people as a marker for the time period. If this man wasn’t out there getting these bodies ready for burial, more than likely no one else would unless they were offered an exorbitant amount of money. Don’t shit over this guy and his legacy because you come from a privileged background. He’s taking care of business in a way most people never would. Also, the reason he cuts them up, is because he wants the stomach area to have a more normal non-bloated shape. He also mentions that his work is meant to go underground the same day, or the next, and he does what he can to ensure the body is acceptable and the family won’t come complain to him. Watch it again and look at the coffins, they have a small window where if the family chooses they can lift up and see the deceased. There is no worry if leakage because it is to be buried ASAP, but even if they did leak out, it would not be visible. That coffin is probably sealed and drilled or nailed in. Unfortunately in countries like this, there is no death insurance, and people have to pay cash, this guy is doing a service. Fuck, watch The Big Lebowski, these guys cremate their friend and cant afford the urn, what makes you think that in a third world country like this they could ever afford to pay for anything greater than this. Take your bullshit privilege and go fuck your self. If you want to tear someone down, don’t choose this man, at least he found somewhere he could contribute and did the best he could.

    1. thank you so much for saying this! i came into the comments hoping someone was going to. i watched the entire thing and was not horrified or offended or appalled as the submitter’s description of this video suggests. hes honestly doing such a kind, good deed for so little in return and im sure it meant so much to these families. it really touched me how skilled, gentle, respectful and dignified he was towards these people- doing 50k bodies i would think could make you angry, unnecessarily rough, numb or careless but not this guy. thank you to all those defending him and good on him, as well as the boy it seemed like he was mentoring. theyre very kind and selfless…. more people like that are needed in this world. privileged people who dont understand and acknowledge their privilege really need to learn a thing or two about empathy.

  10. On a final note, please update this post Mark.

    As translated by Kristoffer,

    “I wanted to portray the love and dignity that remained in humans after being robbed as much as I could.

    Kiyotaka Tsurizaki”

    This is a labor of love by an old school gore lover. This is an observational documentary that only seeks to record what is happening. They could have gone through the trouble of translating it all and putting subtitles. But they want us to observe this slice of life as they experienced it. Honestly I wish you could go back in time and post just the documentary and let people try to figure out what’s happening for themselves as the filmmakers intended. Why else would they include shots of the slums, derelict buildings, and poverty? It’s easy to shit on things when we are so disconnected from it all, how about putting on someone else’s shoes for once. Look at the world around Orozco’s funerary home, how would you feel walking to work there, seeing those sights everyday?

  11. It’s clear the reason Why the guy has to bag the insides and place them back is because this country is so fucking poor I don’t think it’s as bad as it seams if it’s not harming people that are still alive once buried it’s not even a big deal what he’s doing with the dead and as far as using cleaners or antibacterial products he’s only contaminating himself if he don’t use them it’s not like he’s going to kill the person who’s dead or infect them people complain about the stupid shit before even analyzing the whole situation and maybey some are actually being prepared for cremation if so all of the body will be burned so lighten up ESP for everyone that comes to this site to see gore but than when they see it criticizeS it Or about how it’s done Let’s see you do this job in a poor as country he probably makes a dollar every body he does anyways if you don’t want to see fucked up shit going on in our world everyday everywhere just click the puppy pic

  12. You guys don’t understand where this takes place, it’s in the worst neighbourhood in the continent for the era, there is other documentary called indigentes y otras gentes, shows more in depth the living conditions in el cartucho in Bogota. This was also a time of lots of political turmoil in Colombia, drug cartels paramilitary groups and the guerrillas abusing all of each other.

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