Suicide by Drinking Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid

Suicide by Drinking Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid

Many of us have at some point in our lives considered the situation we are in and wondered what the point of living was. Many of us may have formulated a plan of action, and some of us may have made some preparations or even attempted to do it.

Fortunately, at least for those currently reading this article, either we came to our sensors before getting too far into the plan, got help voluntarily or involuntarily, or discovered how resilient the underlying power to live actually is after making an attempt.

And that’s ok. If you try but bail, it means you are human, with functioning instincts capable of overriding your depressed state. If you try but fail, you aren’t a failure, your ability to survive is a success. Be grateful that you didn’t try a way there was no coming back from.

We have seen many suicide victims on Gunshots, hangings, overdoses, and of course the troubling trend of westerns to travel to Thailand and jump from heights.

But this is an extreme. Our friend here has induced the world’s worst case of reflux by drinking concentrated hydrochloric acid. You would really have to hate yourself and desire unmitigated cruelty during your death to consider this form of suicide. That or be completely insane. Or an ice addict, as they too tend to do extreme things when off their head.

It would have been a terrible, terrible experience and I can’t help but wonder what was on this poor soul’s mind to think that death was his only option, and this was the best way to achieve it. Much of the damage would be post mortem, however I also doubt death would have come quickly. And frankly, in that situation, that suffering, that burp breath, no matter how quick, his death would not have come quickly enough.

Remember, there is always someone who cares whether you live or die. Whether it is your last root, someone you owe money to, or even a complete stranger who isn’t keen on seeing a corpse, someone cares. So before you head to the hardware to get your own cocktail of agony, ask yourself an important question. Would a living you 12 months from now be glad for any of the positive experiences between now and then? Even if it is only for one good experience, that is better than the nothingness you would be if you were dead.

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      1. It’s always funny to some… the *tough* folks that wail hate and laugh so their fake sicko status here is maintained. It’s crazy that someone should need to feel that much pain in order to die

    1. It depends on how badly they want it. Anybody can kill themselves with true intent but a lot of the time theyre in a position where they feel they dont care what happens to them, and become blinded within a moment.

    1. fuckin must have been!?

      im no medical expert, but to me it looks like the acid didnt even reach stomach via usual route – looks like acid burned through the esophagus at about lung depth – then sprayed all over lungs and lower organs from there.

      i can even image the pain this person went through.

      strange how some dont JUST want to die, but want to hurt themselves as much as possible in the process.

      had a friend who suffered BAD amphetamine psychosis – got sectioned, and put on largactil (and a bunch of other shit) which to be honest made him worse. kept on about “burning in hell”, repeated himself over and over – when he did do it, he took a chainsaw – walked into his back garden telling his family he was going to chop his own head off – couldnt get the saw started, so undid the fuel cap & lifted saw above his head so the fuel soaked him – then lit a match. ran screaming and burning , and smashed through next doors plate glass patio doors – burned to death on their lounge floor.

      i suppose it is just pointess to try and reason and speculate over something as unreasonable as suicide

      i recon i could have had thousands of what a suicidal person would call “reasons”, but ive just never had the inclination to do it


      1. Amazing and frightening how a person, once they step over that line, seem to be possessed by a malevolent force, which seeks to destroy. Had an experience with one such person a few years back. As you say @karmen, there was no reasoning with them, no consolation to be had, I couldn’t do a darn thing to help.
        Thankfully, that time, this usually very nice person, came round. Unfortunately though, death did indeed come via their own hand a few months later. Tragic.

      2. Great observation karmen40:
        The stomach lining could probably handle some of the acid, but I am sure there was relentless intense vomiting which probably blew through the side of the esophagus.

        This guy planned his death out so he couldn’t fail… well done my friend.

  1. I’d say BG changed my opinion about contemplating suicide, if that day ever came. My personal problems are nothing like what we see others go through and/or bring on themselves. I just kill myself slowly and, at times rather enjoyably, with booze. Hell, I’ll drink to that!

      1. My dad had a friend whose mom would shut his friend and his friends brother out of the house while she fucked different men. my dad’s friend saw a jug of has and was thirsty. he thought it was something to drink and downed a bunch of it and had to be rushed to the hospital. It messed his brain up but gladly he lived. He seems a little retarded but he can’t help it. when it happened his brother had to go to a neighbors house to get help and call an ambulance. officers finally got the mom to the door. needless to say she was a much better mom after that. too late the damage was done.

      1. I was a child and I begged my dad to let me help pump the gas. I didn’t know how it worked or about the automatic latch so when I pulled it out it was spraying and, I don’t know why, I turned it into my face.
        I was like a kid punching himself in the face while screaming “Stop punching me!”
        But snowglobe water? That’s just showing off!

  2. I must say, this article made me feel pretty decent. It has a positive vibe that I can appreciate.

    If I wanted a release from the pain of the world that burned my insides, I’d just buy some hardcore whiskey. It’s more fun and not permanent like death.

  3. Man o man, that,s just crazy. Nexium, the little purple pill will not touch that case of heartburn. Great post, and welcome back @ Mc Treblar as it,s been awhile since i last saw your posts!

  4. Amazing post. This must surely rank as one of the most painful ways to kill yourself. I can’t imagine why the person chose this method to die. I wonder did they regret it after they chugged the bottle? Fuck that.
    I remember when my appendix burst and i went to the hospital with unreal abdominal pain, and they gave me some morphine, told me I was just sick, and sent me home that evening. Going back to hospital the next morning, I was in the worst pain I’ve ever been in, as my gut leaked stomach acid into my abdominal cavity. It was the only pain that ever made me pass out from the sheer intensity. I’ll never forget it. I can’t imagine the pain this person went through in the minutes between drinking that shit and dying. If their vocal cords weren’t melted, i bet they screamed to fuck.

    1. @stagedoor johnny, I had that too but luckily mine was caught the first time I went to the ER. I couldn’t stop laughing from the morphine. Drinking acid will make absolutely sure that none of the organs could be reused.

      1. Ha yeah, they shot me with morphine, then when the doctor arrived, asked me where it hurt. Genius. They said another 6 hours and I was fucked. Typically it takes 2 days for a badly perforated appendix to become lethal, or so the surgeon who fixed me said. And good point with the organs, they certainly won’t be reintroduced to another poor fucker.

  5. Love the article. As someone cursed with depression like myself I often think and fantasize about suicide and also have a couple failed attempts behind me “If you try but fail, you aren?t a failure, your ability to survive is a success” that line should be a world known quote

    1. @phiilycheezsteak, I have been suicidal but failed attempts and I like what you said at the end of your commet about not being a failure because your attempt at death failed and your ability to live is a success. that is beautiful.

  6. If you consider life to be a race, suicide would be a shortcut to the finish line.

    The end destination is still the same regardless of the route taken so you might as well take full advantage of the journey. Enjoy the sights, enjoy the nightlife, live a little, take a few risks every now and then, have a drink, have another drink, smoke some good cannabis etc.

    I suffer from incurable boredom, I get bored very, very quickly and very little can help me in this regard so I instead keep both my mind and body active and busy and this gets me through the day, fast forward a bit and if you get through enough days, months and years you will get through life.

    My conclusion, those in good health should exhaust all possible means before taking the shortcut however for those who have very painful lives without the possibility of change, such as those with severe incurable conditions, should be afforded the choice of euthanasia should they wish to take it.

    Mind you, you would have to be an extreme sadomasochist to drink concentrated hydrochloric acid by choice therefore I expect that most suicides by this method are actually accidents or murders.

    1. Empty, you should travel. I get bored easily too. Once I started travelling to different countries, I was hooked. It’s really interesting to go to a completely new and odd place. It’s almost like being on a different planet. I highly recommend it. You can book months in advance and find cheap flights that way.

      1. @POZ, I wish I could but I’ve got a mortgage to pay off that I sadly took on when the economy was on the up.

        At the current rate I should be finished paying it off in five years and then I plan to sell it and leave my culturally enriched shit hole for good and not look back.

        1. I have a question for anyone that can answer it. I ha a second cousin that I only met a few times . he was depressed and had many reasons to be. He decided to kill himself. He hung himself up high off of a bucket truck. I thought if you hung yourself high enough that your head will come off. his head stayed on. why did his head not come off. I am thinking he never jumped. maybe he eased off of the side of the bucket and that is what kept his head on. I think about him a lot. does anyone have any ideas?

    1. @3rd i rotten I can’t get the death to make sense without a second person. He done this in his own back yard, wouldn’t a second person be afraid to be seen by the neighbors. the bucket truck had the bucket up as high as it would go with him hanging from a noose somehow attached to the bucket. hmmm. perhaps he did know some shady characters. his brother was murdered. he hired a hitman to find his brothers killer and kill him. he and the hitman did a good bit of time in prison. he also made his wife and daughter leave the house and stay with another family member while he done this. he was very drunk when he made his wife and daughter leave. I will bet a second guy did help him. It only makes sense.

  7. Makes me cringe to think about it. Down the hatch hydrochloric Acid, Jesus wept, that shit as a pH of between 1and 3: which means it is very very strongly acidic and will burn flesh quicker than fire.

    Awful way to die.

          1. I just had a look. There is a piece on IS on page 2, which contains a few lines on the Foley execution, but I don’t see a reference to BG mama, and as far as I can see, there’s no reference in any of the other pieces.

    1. I thouht that you would die in minutes from this. I can’t imagine 10 agonizing hours. people in my family commited suicide by haging and shooting themselves. I thought those were cruel enough ways to die.

      1. My brother was a dental tech and used that shit but I don’t know how.Someone I know had warts on his foot and dipped the tip of a needle in a jar containing this kind of acid and applied the needle tip to the warts in hopes that it would kill and stop the spread of warts on his foot then went to bed that evening and his foot started hurting in the middle of the night and it progressed to an agonizing and constant burning that nothing he put on it would neutralize the burning,it just continued till he ended up in such pain he ended up in the ER.Where he had to have his whole heel cut away and real deep to stop it from progressing.The doctor said that shit would have continued to burn through the layers of skin till it reached the bone and from there it would have eventually killed him!
        Needless to say that if such a tiny bit can do so much damage,how can anyone drink that shit???

        1. I’m sorry but the someone you know is probably exaggerating the story somewhat.

          Using the tip of a needle dipped in acid would deliver a very small dose which would be neutralised fairly quickly. The pain would have been long term given it was a chemical burn, but it wouldn’t keep eating away indefinitely.

          1. I could be wrong about what the substance was and have no personal experience with such but I do know there are varied degrees of concentration and trust me the story is true. happened 30+years ago.

  8. Really doubt this is death by HCL. Looks more like more like severe peritonitis with cirrhosis of liver.

    By the way normal stomach HCL is about 0.1 mol and people have survived perfectly well with a mol over 0.5.

  9. My pride prevents me to do things like this no matter how depressed i get. Im just unable to self-destruct that way. Maybe remembering the past and see how things can change so fast, and apply how fast things might change in the future help with the idea that maybe things cant get any worse… although you might have nothing else left to lose, or no reasons to carry on.

    1. I feel very depressed at the moment. I don’t leave my room and I don’t sleep at night… I think about killing myself every day, but for some reason I can’t do it. I tried… but yeah… I just can’t do it. I can’t even cut myself and I don’t know why.

      1. Because deep inside of you, you know you have another purpose in life, something you must accomplish first before your body accepts your defeat, maybe to find something that will give you a reason to stay that you havent yet found, something to believe in. Try keeping your head as busy as possible for the time being, although it might not solve that, but it might help you the same way it helped me. This site, for example, has helped me achieve just that, and at the same time, realising that no matter how bad things are, it cant go any worse than whatever this poor suckers have endured and ending up dying. πŸ™‚ Theres just so much you can learn from one’s death, and for that you need to stay alive.

        1. yes maybe, but I don’t know what that could be.
          and yes you’re right, this site helps a lot… but not only to realise that there happen very bad things in this world, also because of people like you.
          but I still hope that there will be a zombie apocalypse one day… I have to stay alive to see this haha

          thanks I smiled a little again πŸ™‚

          1. I dont know what drives me either, but at least ive found something to place my faith in for my own spirit at least. One day, you will find yours. Everyday something new happens, and my curiousity to see what will happen in the next day might have given me some reasons to carry on, and yes waiting for the zombie apocalypse is also on that list… ehehhe. πŸ˜› After all, ive seen so many “impossible” things to happen already, why not that?

            And im glad i made you smile, somehow that gives me joy. πŸ™‚ It does give me even more reasons to carry on… youre helping me by letting me know im helping you with that, and i thank you for that. πŸ˜›

          2. I’m glad that you found something. I will try and be optimistic.. even though I am the most pessimistic person ever. I only see the bad things…and I don’t trust anyone in real life.

            That’s exactly my thought. Why not a zombie apocalypse πŸ˜‰

            That is really good to hear. I felt a little warmth in my heart when I read it.

            Do you speak german? ( because of your nickname)

          3. I wouldnt call it pessimism, youre just realistic, after all, Murphy’s law and Finagle’s law often conjures with eachother, defining as “Anything that can go wrong, will… and at the worst possible moment.”, and that by itself is very much the fabric of reality.

            And i dont speak german, its just my nickname… πŸ˜† its a long story how i got it actually. lol

          4. That is absolutely true. Thanks…again something rather positive…i’m not a pessimist, but a realist πŸ˜‰

            now I’m curious. (I do speak german. (It’s my second language)

          5. Eheh, i wish i could speak German, so i could read what germans say to me when they assume im german because of that… πŸ˜† And youre curious about what? πŸ™‚

          6. Ill be glad for it πŸ˜€ If its your second language, whats your first? o.o Im just curious.

            And yeah, well in the (long) past i used to go by as “Der Metzgermeister”, or the Rotenburg cannibal, reffered in a song from Rammstein, from when i used to listen to them more. But I needed some other name that was unique, since that one was already too overused for my taste, and had some facts that i disliked from Armin Meiwes. It needed to be as equally “memorable”, unique, had to had a meaning, and especialy it had to be in german since i have respect for the german people (from WW2 πŸ˜† ). I like skulls, and im a sucker for anything medieval, and it happens that in the medieval times there was once a Celtic tribe that used to drink from the skulls from the enemy as a victory ritual and to frighten their enemies. πŸ˜† So mixing everything up, (and various attempt to it), i came up with the perfect nickname that was unique, sounded good, was equaly “shocking”, and was in respect for both that Celtic tribe and the germanic people, reflecting what i like… Der Kopfsammler, The Head Collector. πŸ˜›

          7. My first is Luxembourgish πŸ™‚ small country at the border of germany, france and belgium.
            That is one interesting story.
            I went to a concert of Rammstein once πŸ™‚
            And of course I do know the “Kannibale von Rotenburg” . I was really interested in him a few years ago.
            I prefer your “new” nickname though.

          8. I know where Luxembourg is, im not an american or from UK… πŸ˜† My country, Portugal (Spain’s Iberian brother), has alot of political business in there, as does plenty of European countries as well since its the very heart of the EU. Although a small country, its a very economically strategic country.

            I believe i’ve seen their concert at least 2 times or so. Once when they returned from their 7 year “vacation” on their very first concert and the second time 4 years ago or so. And thank you, i do perfer it like this too… πŸ˜†

          9. haha well, you’re the first one to know Luxembourg. πŸ˜‰
            I read your blog. I know a lot of portuguese people (we have a lot of them in luxembourg) but I don’t really like them … haha!Most of them are very obnoxious. The only positive thing is, that I do understand a little bit of portuguese πŸ˜‰ Oh, and another thing… i’m born on the 30th of july too. lol

          10. Obnoxious is just too little of a word to describe the common portuguese person, they are usually hypocrites and victimises themselves too much for very little gain, just like proper slaves… Portugal is dead since 1974, when the communists stole from the government coffers and doomed its people. Its even hard to believe that we were once a powerful country that once conquered the seas and killed kings… just to be destroyed and dishonored like it is today. Ahhhggg.. i better stop before i start ranting like i do in my blogs… πŸ˜†

            Ahh well, thats rare. o.O You have your birthday on the same day i do! πŸ˜› Not that easy to forget then… πŸ˜†

          11. That is so true… :O
            It’s the same here…
            It’s good that I found you here … haha
            well i like reading your blog πŸ˜‰ gives me something to keep my mind busy…as you said!
            and yes it is indeed very useful to share the same birthday ^^

          12. I suppose its the same in every country. People like us are usualy left out from the rest of the society… or at least i know i am for the most part. I cant trust anyone in here because usualy people here only cares about “whores and green wine” and “living the life like there was no tomorrow”… -_-

            Meh, youre just reading ramblings of a mad man and rantings, i wouldnt call it a good idea… unless youre not a common human. πŸ˜† But hey, im impressed anyone actually reads them nevertheless. lol

          13. yes, I am too. I don’t like to speak too much … because when I do they think I’m crazy. lol but I know I am not for some reason. I just don’t like the way they think…and the way they behave and I guess they don’t understand. But I’m used to it by now.

            I’m not a common human :p

          14. Same here. I dont speak of things they would never understand, especialy to my friends in here. Although i dont give them too much imput from myself on any deep aspect, they already consider me “wierd” in a way. I just limit myself to pretend that im as “human” as they are, its safer that way. We’re not crazy, we’re just not as indoctrinated as they are, programmed to live their lifes in such a mundane and predictable way… like cattle, never thinking on the consequences of their actions, or never thinking about the reasons that drives them, they simply are “pre-programmed” to do so.

            And well, if youre not like the other humans, i believe i can trust you then. o.O

          15. me neither. It’s better that way. They don’t need to know that much πŸ™‚
            you’re right. I question everything as well. I think that’s a rather good quality.

            haha, you think you can ? πŸ˜› do you have an email or something?

          16. I have an email, but im never that much eager to just give it publicly for everyone to see… :/

            I usually use that site where my profile is to talk to people and messaging them, or youtube, although i dont really use it to talk to people much, just to watch videos, but the messaging function is still there. You could join up if you want, but thats up to you, unless you have a better idea or somewhere i can talk to you without having others watching what we’re saying to each other… πŸ˜†

      2. Vera, depression is one thing but thoughts of suicide is another. You simply must get help, even if you just make a phone call. I don’t know where you are but here we have an organisation called the Samaritans. Poeple can call them and there will be someone on the other end of the phone to listen to you. If you decide to try it again at least call someone before, you owe yourself that much.

  10. I almost drank that stuff when I was a teenager. My dad brought some home from work to clean the coffee maker with, and he left it on the counter in an unlabelled water bottle. I set my water bottle down on the counter and ended up picking up the acid bottle, but luckily I noticed something was different about it before I took a swig.. ~shudder~

    Awesome post and picture!

      1. different types of vinegar are good for different things in your water. A few table spoons of redwine vinegar is great for blood sugar and your wasteline, my grandma says organic apple cider vinegar is great for cleansing the body and a whole bunch of things. her doctor said it even helps artritis pain if you take a few spoons, each day. I have a lot of pain. I am going to try it. maybe taking it everyday can help a little bit for the members that have back problems. I cant imagine the pain y’all are in and every little bit of things might help along with your meds.

      2. Vinegar is really good for getting bird poo off car paint. I found if you soak a bit of paper towel in vinegar then leave it on the poo for a few minutes then rinse it off, the paint will be clean without leaving those horrible poo stain rings

    1. omg. my cousin drank a few sips of bleach that his grandma left in a cup on the counter when he was a toddler. He went to the hospital and gave him a lot of milk. He only injested enough to burn his mouth an esophagus lining and inflame his stomach. they kept making him drink so much milk. I honestly thought it would take more than milk to help him.

  11. A terrible way end ones life. You would wonder why anyone would entertain the idea of torturing yourself to death. The instability of a mind in a state to end their own life is hardly rational. We the readers and viewers of this article think rationally so it dosn’t make sense to us. An amusing part of reading the article where the author says “Whether it was his last root” has a whole different meaning to us Australians.

  12. The easiest and most effective way on how to get rid of tapeworms?

    Kidding aside.. that surely hurts.. Im suffering from acid reflux from time to time.. and that alone makes me curled up in pain..
    Think this one is like suffering from acid reflux but 1,000,000 x more painful..

    1. lol , @cheekyme, lol gets rid of worms most definately. lmao. that was clever. where did your booty go? It would me so cool if they made the weekday panties like we had when we were kids. one for everyday with the day of the week on them for adults.

  13. Nicely written words to the author of this post… most bg members are either suicidal or depressed I know when I first joined this website was kind of a therapy for my suicidal thoughts, it made me realize my life wasn’t that hard as the people in the videos, I’ve since gotten better

    1. @fuckthemedia, it used to be theraputic for me to. It helped with my problems for a while.I understand how looking at these videos make you thankful that you don’t have the lives of these people in the videos and pictures.

    1. Krokodil, aka slow, painful suicide, apparently does contain a type of acid in its formulation.
      To be fully aware that once you start down that path, you have less than 3 years left, emphasizes just how powerful the urge for humans to self destruct can be.

    1. I feel so sorry for this person. I don’t think this person anticipated how painful this would be. This picture looks crazy awesome. So much got eaten away and damaged. This is interresting. I don’t have the guts to do this to myself…

  14. Very well said. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. I have been there and the thought of your family finding your dead corpse after a successful suicide attempt was enough to steer me away. I have my moments still. I don’t understand what this person was thinking…how painful that must of been. I remember seeing the story of a kid who jumped off the goldengate and he realized he did not want to die and broke every bone in his body on impact sending him 20 feet under only to surface and a large manatee came along and kept pushing his head out of the water so he wouldn’t drown

    1. Cleaning products?..

      I don’t believe he was thinking with any rational and thought the acid would be instant.. Call me stupid but I would’ve believed that drinking concentrated hydrochloric acid would be a reasonably quick way to go also..

  15. The stomach looks completely burst and dissolved and it’s obvious that a good deal of the acid went through the lungs as well, drowning him, from there the acid corroded the organs below. The pharynx and larynx must have been completely destroyed as well. There can’t be words which can describe how terrifying and painful this must have been.

    1. I drink so much diet pepsi that my insides are going to look bad. I just can’t seem to give it up. I think I am addicted. I start to shake a little and feel depresses if I run out. I know coke can eat through metal.

  16. I was depressed once after having been married for ten years and then going through divorce. Something inside me snapped and said take 20 Panadol. So I did and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning completely fine. I honestly thought my pancreas or liver would pack it in but god let me live, he is not finished with me yet! So now I am happily married to my new wife since 2011 and we have a baby coming very soon in a few weeks. Life is too short to end prematurely. Enjoy it while you still breathe.

    1. Bentendo thats great that you found happieness elsewhere. God had other plans for you. I heard that divorce was almost as difficult as dealing with death. My husband and I have been seperated over 6 years now. although I stopped loving him It was still hard to deal with in the beginning. I was popping benzodiazepines heavily and drinking until I passed out. I made it through. I’m glad you survived and brought your baby into the world. thanks for sharing that story.

      1. Thank you for your kind thoughts and I’m sorry to hear about your grand pa. I can tell you loved him lots and although he is gone you’ll never forget him. I know what you mean, my father passed away in 1995 he got the dreaded bowel cancer. From diagnosis to his death took only 14 weeks, literally every day you could see he was getting eaten away by that fucking cancer. Although it was a long time ago, every now and then I think of my dad, especially when it is his birthday I feel a little sad thinking he would be this old now. RIP dad (1940-1995)

          1. It’s ok like I said it was a long time ago now, the thi g that gets me though is my dad didn’t smoke and he still got cancer. Cancer doesn’t give a fuck whether you smoke or not, you can just get it and that’s what I worry about.

    1. @the faster gun. I love your strength. that is fucking awesome. I want to be more like that. my hero is my grandpa that passed away and he had that same attitude. He was so tough in the mind. he had no idea that he was dying the night that he died. he just fell over dead. he was making plans to help me with my property the next day and he just died. He was on oxygen for years and was still tough as hell and working like hell, telling mother fuckers how he felt until the last breath. He was 74 when he passed and some of the last things he said was have your ass up and ready in the morning, I love you and I will see you in the morning. He was tough and loved me more than any of his kids. he raised me and told me that I was his kid because he raised me. he once talked about me being his favorite because I am the only one with balls and a kind heart at the same time.

        1. Well it is a tough choice, burn or have worms eat you in a hole? Il take the burning, because then my wife can have my ashes and keep me with her until her time comes. I have my dad’s ashes still to this day I can’t throw him to the wind it’s too sad.

          1. @bentendo, you are right, if my grandpa had been cremated, I couldnt just scatter him away. my grandpa s inside the wall of a moselium. howeveryou spell it. I cry a lot becauseI miss him so much. so many thinhs remind me of him. I used to make him promise not to die and he never would promise me that. howeverthe first time he let his guard down and said I will see you tomorrow, he died. it is hard for me to move on. thanks for listeningamd sharing your story with me.

  17. That’s horrible, I always wondered what it would look like if some one drank concentrated Muriatic acid. I remember when I was doing Mescaline extractions a few years back off of bridgesii and san pedro cactus I used hcl acid to gas my solvent containing freebase mescaline to get nice white crystals. I can tell you now it’s no shit to fuck around with. One drop on your skin it burns like hell. And gassing it its worse because you risk breathing it all in which can be fatal. 750mg of Mescaline HCL is the best if you wanna go off in to it! the thing is it ain’t to popular because of its price range and also because you need a lot of cactus for a good amount of product.

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