Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb

Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb

What the hell… Brazilians would not leave the dead rest in peace?

This is one pretty disturbing video. Not so much by its content, but by the backstory. It was filmed at the cemetery in Itabaiana, a town located in the central region of the Sergipe State in Brazil.

The Itabaiana cemetery was the final resting place for 67 year old woman whose casket with remains was in one of the tombs. 3 years after her death, the woman’s family was faced with a serious dilemma – pay the rental fee for the tomb and have her housed there for additional 3 years or have the woman exhumed and her remains disposed of like garbage.

Because the family was not well off to afford the rental fee, the woman was exhumed and in plain sight of her family members, bone after bone scraped from the casket and bagged in a white garbage bag.

The most disturbing part of the video are the family members of the exhumed woman whom you can hear crying behind the camera as the remains of their grandma are being bagged for disposal. Nobody should have to see their loved ones after 3 years of decomposition, let alone endure the pain of knowing that there will be no resting place to lay flowers at in memory of their relative. How fucked up is that?

So the graveyard wanted money to continue housing the remains? Are you fucking kidding me? Even after you’ve passed on their gonna fucking want you to shell out? I wonder how much wages for the people hired to exhume the bodies were. How about you don’t employ people like that and you won’t have to rely on rental money. I mean… this is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know what to shake my head at first.

Many thanks to Best Gore member ButterBatter for the video. I’ve seen some vile shit running Best Gore, but things which leave me completely speechless continue popping up like there’s no tomorrow… Fleshy viruses indeed! Suddenly the premise of being eaten by a bear in the wild doesn’t sound so bad. How are you supposed to rest in peace knowing someone who’s still alive remains burdened by you even after your passing. What the actual fucking fuck (been a while, hehe):

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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142 thoughts on “Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb”

  1. Oh ha, ha, ha, so much for dignity. More and more I think I’m going to the creamatorium. Hope I spelled that right. I mean the place they toast you up and not the ice cream shop. Gosh, how embarrassing. People poking you with a trowel and then bending you all sorts of way to put you in a baggie. Oh for Pete’s sake.

      1. My mom is all big on being cremated when she dies, so I like to tease her by telling her that I’m going to take her body to a taxidermist when the time comes to preserve her for as long as possible. Bitch ain’t goin’ nowhere! Heh heh heh. I’m kidding, of course. I’ll burn her up like the piece of redneck trash she is if that’s what she wants. I’ve always tried to be a good son.

    1. I agree. This video shocked me profoundly.

      My opinion of Brazil, has sunken to an unfathomable new low.

      Although I couldn’t help but giggle when they lifted most of the… *Ahem*… Remains out and just stood her up in a plastic bag…

      I was half expecting the skeleton to wave ‘Bye Bye!’ as she was carried off.

      1. I remember to have had witnessed in the local Recoleta Cemetery when I was a kid these “abandoned” family crypts with no one doing maintenance on them, I remember one that was in such a state of decay that you could see one coffin inside with its seal open, that linen sheet that covers the corpse was clearly visible and putrid, kid Tulio was totally thrilled thinking “hey, there’s a skeleton just down that linen!”.
        Anyway, to avoid this kind of creepy shows is that the bodies are removed if no one is paying for the manteinance. Around here, I think they move it to a “public” field on another cemetery where they are buried in the ground with a nice state-provided wooden cross, and after about 20 years or more, when they are mostly bones and dust, they are burned and put on little flasks and “archived” or buried somewhere else

        1. Yes, in our world is money the master even after death. You can’t pay for it, but your relatives must…and if you don’t have enough money, your life is nothing and even at death, it will be nothing…

      1. or…if their last name is “murder-me-da Silva” then it’s a very short matter of time before they will end up in that plot.

        It IS The Corpse Factory and space is limited and in high demand…..what do You expect to happen?
        There’s 1000’s of new corpses every single day needing that 2’x2’x6′ space….so PAY UP mother fucker!

  2. Watching this video was worse than watching the gory blood and guts that’s usually here. It made me cry watching them taking out that poor woman and putting her in a trash bag. What kind of shit is that? No RIP in shithole Brazil. How undignified! I couldn’t even watch an animal being exhumed! When my parents passed away, their plots were purchased (my mother prepaid hers when she was alive, of course). The price includes perpetual care of the plots. That poor family of the woman had to see her like that. Brazil is the land of scum. Fuck them all, heartless animals that they are!

      1. Tulio… Dear Tulio…

        I will make it my life’s fucking work to make that vision of yours a reality.

        Howzabout a Pagan Celtic Sex orgy?

        Of course me and @Pam are Celts… Anybody else?

        Or is it just going to be me and Razor making screaming, unholy sex noises over Tulio’s fresh corpse?

          1. Indeed Pam…

            You ever seen ‘The Wicker Man’?

            I am on about the old one. With Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland and Sir Christopher Lee in. Not the new piece of shit.

            Well. The Isle of Man is like Summerisle. Only the women aren’t as attractive.

            An orgy in a Glen is pretty much a citizen’s compulsory duty here.

          2. i also want my corpse to be hanged upside down from a petrol station like Il Duce’s, with a crooked smile on the face, while in the background, people have fun reenacting Passolini’s “The 120 Days of Sodom”.

          3. @Trooper

            “The Wicker Man” is one damn brilliant film (the 1973 version of course).
            Britt is hot and sexy as per usual.

            I am also a film fiend as well as a ganja fiend…
            I bet we could have some great conversations about films.

            Cheers hun!

          4. @Tulip.

            That sounds like a damn decent way to go ‘out’. Provided the orgy can go on unhindered due to the heat from the flames… I am game for it.


            You are absolutely right. I love ‘The Wicker Man’. It is one of my favourite films.

            My favourite being ‘An American Werewolf in London’.

            Is ‘Bad Taste’ as good as ‘Braindead’?

          5. @Trooper

            I always thought of ‘Brain Dead’ as being a love story ;)… but yes, ‘Bad Taste’ is just as twisted.
            Peter Jackson plays 2 different roles in ‘Bad’, one is obvious, keep your eyes peeled for his other character.

            American Werewolf is a great film…
            Have you ever seen the Canadian cult classic ‘Black Christmas’?(the 1974 version, not the remake)… my favorite.

            I tried posting links for the Peter Jackson films but the gnomes don’t seem to like that… they are both on YT – Black Christmas too.

          6. @Trooper

            I have tried to reply a couple of times but I must be saying something the gnomes don’t like.

            In short ~ Yes, ‘Bad Taste’ is just as twisted as ‘Brain Dead’.

          7. Ah. I shall give them Botha bash.

            I know the Canadians are pretty good at making a horror.

            ‘Ginger Snaps’ probably the greatest and most notable example..

            Ah, in regards to our little friends. It doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes they get temperamental. But recently. They have been pretty permissive with me.

          8. @fiend….the original Black Christmas is one kickass movie…..not many movies shit me up but that was one of them…that and the entity……
            @tom….ginger snaps eh not that pushed on it….but i have say dog soldiers kicks and american werewolf’s ass …sorry

          9. @Pam.

            Now I know why you like Dog Soldiers so much!

            The Geordies!

            Sean Pertwee is the dog’s bollocks in that film.

            I hope you have the DVD… I left my copy in the Isle of Man. *Kicks self*.

          10. I love how the “fucktards” turn this into a “faggott ass chat room” instead of making a comment on the actual subject matter…grow a pair and go to one of the many chat rooms available to latent homosexuals like yourself….thanks for your time…

  3. The people who buried the body (company) probably did not get payment for the casket. They put the body back in the tomb after they bagged it, which indicates the family probably could only afford the tomb itself. Gross though, what are they gonna do with a used casket that housed a body for 3 years? Wash it and sell it to some other poor family? I know funeral homes rent caskets when the body is only in them for the funeral and then the body is removed after the funeral and cremated, but this is just nasty.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. What in the hell are they gonna do with that casket? Knowing Brazil, they’ll bury a murdered Da Silva, or a bunch of Da Silvas after they chop up their bodies a la Mexican drug cartel style.

      1. I find that funny @buffy, the post up top you say you’re cryin’ about this and then over here your worried about what their gonna do with the casket! HAHAHA, I love it, sometimes you rock buffy!!!

    2. That casket is just fine. It just needs a new bed and lining and they could probably sell it again for a good chunk of change. You’d be surprised how many companies routinely buy and refurbish used coffins and caskets. It’s been quite a common practice ever since they started building them.

    1. It is just a corpse. In my country, people used to reduce the corpse two years after death. I mean: some relative effaced each bone from the rests of flesh and let the skeleton clean. If you didn’t want to do that, you could pay somebody else to do it. I don’t know if this practice is common nowadays. I prefer cremation, but you should have it paid before dead!

  4. FUCKING SPICK PIECES OF SHIT. i would have all of them shot if that was my grandmother. THIS people is why we don’t allow these fucking twats into our country. its days like this one that makes me happy that they’re beheading each other with fucking chainsaws

  5. There is a town council in England ( Derbyshire if i remember correctly), who are currently trying to get a bill through Parliament concerning the local crematorium.

    Next door to the crematorium is the local public swimming pool (sports centre). The bill going through Parliament is to allow a connection to the crematorium in order to use the heat from the burning of bodies to heat the swimming pool!!!

    There is no dignity in life, they let you think you have some. and then you are woken up by stories like this!

    1. wtf, seriously? that’s just….really disturbing :/ if i lived there, i would never go back to that pool if the bill passed.

      about the video: i agree that it’s wrong on every level. i’ve been wondering since i was a child if i wanted to be buried or cremated when i die, and this has all but convinced me that i’d rather be cremated and my ashes scattered. i want my ashes scattering in the air and hitting people in the face ;D

      1. to me, it’s just a matter of creepiness. i’m sure there are some people who wouldn’t care if they knew, but if that bill passed, i’m also sure that most people wouldn’t know. ignorance is bliss.

  6. wow, that was heartless. and why do they need to do this in front of her relatives? they’re traumatized for the rest of their shitty lives ( won’t be long, it’s brazil). at one point you can see how the guy who holds granny, thinks about snapping her spine to make her fit better into the bag, but i guess even he noticed that could be a little too much.
    definitly the crematory for me!

  7. I guess you can’t rest in peace unless you pay. In a world that revolved around money it doesn’t surprise me one bit that it would get to this point in order to leech money off of living family members.

    So how long does it take before the human body is completely reduced to nothing but dust? This lady spent 3 years in her casket and her skeleton still looked mostly intact.

    It’s too bad the family had to be present while this happened though, a bit too cruel for my tastes. I don’t expect to die anytime soon but this video got me thinking about all the options that must be considered in order to prepare for the inevitable demise of the human body.

  8. For real, I fully expected them to snap her in half to get that shit in the bag.
    Also what the fuck…he pulls her hair/scalp off, slaps it back on her head and then was like “naah” and tosses that in the bag too


  9. I’m not sure I see what’s so wrong here. In many cultures in South America they routinely dig up the bodies of their loved ones, party with them, wrap them back up and put them back in their graves. Other cultures have recycled graves for the fresh dead and tossed out the old dead, buried them six deep, or even grind up bones for medicines once enough has rotted off.

  10. its their fault they are crying. why the fuck would you stand there and watch if you knew someone would be digging up your grandma and pulling her apart? what the hell. why would you fucking go there to watch them do that? it makes no sense.

  11. These mausoleum type burial plots are always the most expensive way to be buried, why didn’t the family pay? Someone in the family could obviously afford this extravagant coffin and site 3 years ago. Surely they can afford a normal burial site in the main part of the cemetery? If not they could still get her cremated! It stinks of the family not wanting to pay a single cent more for poor dead grandma!

  12. First off, if they’re exhuming a grave, why not fucking break the bitch down so she actually fits into the bag? You already fucked up her family’s day by stripping her down and pulling her out! Secondly, the guy that accidentally pulls off her hair then tries to keep it on after he tore it off is rather humorous.

  13. This is so ridiculous that I don’t even know which one I’m more offended by.. the video itself or the fact someone’s used it to promote their youtube account. Either way, sick fucks.

  14. I’ve seen a number of exhumations. This is an unembamed corpse. North Americans, (seeing as how this is the only place on Earth where embalming is common), can rest assured their dearly departed do not look like this after three years. I’ve seen twenty years old embalmed corpses that still have recognizable facial features.

  15. WTF..? Rent on a tomb? Who the fuck does that? And now that they scraped grandma out..do they rent out the casket again? (Last owner was very quiet and never played her music loud?) Proffesianaly cleaned,factory reconditioned…1st months rent free??? Dead or alive..Pay up or get the fuck out….never heard of it…..thier landfills must be full of dead beat renters…(Had to add that)

  16. Jesus fucking Christ. This is why, when I die, I want either A) to be cremated and have my ashes spread or kept by a loved one or spouse (their choice as to what they want to do, keep my ashes or spread them), or B) to have one of those new “Green Funerals”, where you are buried in what is basically a highly-biodegradable wicker-like basket, so that it will break down and allow you to decompose at a quicker, more natural rate and sort-of “return to the Earth” without wasting all of the wood, time, etc. It would stop shit like this from happening.

    This reminds of me something bad I had to do last month… My parents moved, because their old house got destroyed by the flooding in the US in September, and they wanted to dig up the old family cat (who died and was burried in 2006 at the old house) to re-bury at the new house in the garden. And my mom has really bad health problems (which is horrible, because she’s one of the nicest, most respectable people I know), so I refused to let her wreck herself doing it, so I volunteered and had to dig up the old cat with my step-dad, and it was kinda like this. Thankfully, my mom burried him wrapped in a blanket, and as the grass grew above him, his remains were netted together by the plant-roots growing into the blanket, so similar to this, it was all sort-of in one pieces (although thankfully he was mostly bone). But it was still very upsetting because he was my buddy for 10 years (he had a stroke suddenly and dropped one day and lost vision and hearing, so we had to put him down), and I had to dig through the “remains” and make sure he was all there.

    Although I was able to lighten the situation with a joke that made us all laugh, when I revealed that by making us waste time digging him up, he was being just as much a fun little pain-in-the-butt as he was in life. (Good cat, but he was a pain, lol)

    This just totally reminded me of that.

  17. Unfortunately that seems to be a common practice in Latin America, after a while the cemeteries just exhume people in order to re use the graves. There is no legislation controlling that either

  18. This is just so wrong on so many levels. Since when did any country for that matter enforce such a rule that if you can’t pay rental for a grave, the body gets exhumed? That’s bullshit! I plan on getting cremated when my time comes. Oh, and by the way, Brazilians are fucking animals for doing any of that shit in the first place.

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