Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb

Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb

What the hell… Brazilians would not leave the dead rest in peace?

This is one pretty disturbing video. Not so much by its content, but by the backstory. It was filmed at the cemetery in Itabaiana, a town located in the central region of the Sergipe State in Brazil.

The Itabaiana cemetery was the final resting place for 67 year old woman whose casket with remains was in one of the tombs. 3 years after her death, the woman’s family was faced with a serious dilemma – pay the rental fee for the tomb and have her housed there for additional 3 years or have the woman exhumed and her remains disposed of like garbage.

Because the family was not well off to afford the rental fee, the woman was exhumed and in plain sight of her family members, bone after bone scraped from the casket and bagged in a white garbage bag.

The most disturbing part of the video are the family members of the exhumed woman whom you can hear crying behind the camera as the remains of their grandma are being bagged for disposal. Nobody should have to see their loved ones after 3 years of decomposition, let alone endure the pain of knowing that there will be no resting place to lay flowers at in memory of their relative. How fucked up is that?

So the graveyard wanted money to continue housing the remains? Are you fucking kidding me? Even after you’ve passed on their gonna fucking want you to shell out? I wonder how much wages for the people hired to exhume the bodies were. How about you don’t employ people like that and you won’t have to rely on rental money. I mean… this is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know what to shake my head at first.

Many thanks to Best Gore member ButterBatter for the video. I’ve seen some vile shit running Best Gore, but things which leave me completely speechless continue popping up like there’s no tomorrow… Fleshy viruses indeed! Suddenly the premise of being eaten by a bear in the wild doesn’t sound so bad. How are you supposed to rest in peace knowing someone who’s still alive remains burdened by you even after your passing. What the actual fucking fuck (been a while, hehe):

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148 thoughts on “Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb”

  1. This shit pisses me the fuck off and is insulting as a human being. There is no reason so important why anyone would need that tiny rectangle of space that woman’s remains were occupying that would necessitate the scraping and disposal of her remains. Fucking retarded.

  2. The worker to the left just stands there awkwardly holding up the petrified remains of grandma, picking at the back of her head every now and then, while the other worker just scrapes fingers and feet, lips, spleen and anything else fell off of her out of the casket. Fucked up.

  3. It’s easy for those unaware to Blane Brazil or make disparaging comments, but please keep in mind that in the U.S. many plots cost upwards of $9,000 (not including the actual funeral expenses). If you don’t have enough to burry a loved one, let alone pay for a plot, your loved one gets cremated at put into Potter’s field (in which cremation may be against the religion of your loved one. Me, personally, I don’t like fire or claustrophobic things, so I want to be donated to science if it can help others. And yes, I do believe that after death the peron’s soul is gone from the body. Having had to scrape together money to bury loved ones, I am not so quick to ignorantly blame other cultures and countries. :/ I’m an American, and we definitely have our own issues as well in regards to economics, class, and ethnicity.

  4. This is crazy, disrespectful and morbid. Maybe there were no living relatives to pay the “rent” on the deceased ‘ s last single occupancy! The way things are in Brazil, the graveyards are probably filled with the bodies they do find! ! What was once a vacationers dream has become a place to go is now a murder, rape, gang infested drug dealers paradise!!

  5. omg.. I cried so hard watching this. This is one of the most horrible things that I have seen people do to a family. my grandparents raised me. my grandpa was my dad. he died a little over a year ago. dealing with his death has been so damn difficult. I would have flipped the fuck out if this happened to my grandpa. I would have probably attacked those guys with their own damn shovels.

  6. When you think about it cemeteries are very unecological anyway. 100 years should be the maximum, then take the corpse out and return it to the soil like things should be. Sky burials are better if there was no foul play. Donation to science, donating organs, etc.

  7. Ha, some people are just stupid. If you notice, the bones are bagged and put back into the crypt. This is a common practice in some places with family crypts: the bones are pushed to the back and fall under the crypts. After doing this, they put another body in the slot where that one went. Then, in a few years, they do the same with that person’s bones. Many of the crypts in New Orleans, Louisiana are setup like this, as well.

  8. There’s no way she was embombed with fluid.After 3 years the body would of looked a hell of a lot better.
    So they take her out of that nasty cheap coffin ,and put her back in the tomb in a garbage bag .
    Is there still rent to pay for the family?
    Thank god here in America,when you get buried,you stay buried whether it’s above or below ground…without the silliness of paying rent.

  9. Im guessing those janky caskets are rentals along with the space. Do people have the option of keeping their families remains if they want to bury them in their backyard or something?

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