1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video

1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video

Very hard to find, the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video took the internet by the storm as the most horrific shock video to have been released to date. There are speculations that One Lunatic One Ice Pick may be an actual snuff film – produced by some crazy psycho who was paid to murder a person and film it on camera. Though as with everything that starts going viral on the internet, the chances of the reality being blown out of proportions are quite substantial. As a result, it’s quite possible that 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick is not a snuff film at all, but rather a home made recording of a psychopath who filmed his sick deed on camera the same way thousands of other murderers did, utilizing whatever technology allowed at the time.

Some people say that the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video was produced in San Francisco, USA, others say it’s work of some crazy, 20 year old Russian who got paid 6 figures for it. To give his clients their moneys worth, the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video contains murder, beheading, dismemberment, cannibalism and necrophilia (it doesn’t appear as though castration took place in this video, though).

The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video is filmed in a dimply lit room. A naked male is seen tied to a frame of bed while his captor stabs him in the abdomen with an ice pick. The victim is them seen with his throat slashed as his captor proceeds to slowly slice various parts of his body with a knife.

Later in the video, the victim is entirely decapitated and the captor uses his kitchen knife to cut into the muscles and dismember one limb after another. The murderer plays with severed limbs and even rubs his crotch area with them. It must have turned him on because the next thing he does is flip the dismembered, decapitated corpse on its front and fuck it in the ass from behind.

Using a knife and fork, the murderer then slices a piece of fatty flesh from victim’s ass and presumably eats it before bringing a hungry dog in to also feast on freshly killed man. The black and white pooch could not resist the smell of raw flesh and bit right into the stump.

Once pooch was done, the murderer stuck a bottle neck up dismembered man’s anus and repeatedly assfucked him with it. Putting the severed hand into use once more, the murderer laid on his bed pantless and masturbated with it.

1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick is without a doubt the sickest thing you will have ever seen in your entire life. It is a sad reminder that things far worse than any of us would ever imagine really take place in our neighborhoods. It is a sickening reflection of who we, as a human race have become. Turning our heads and pretending the video doesn’t exist would only make the perpetrator feel more secure and open to further exploitation.

I believe it is important, for the sake of us all that, as was the case with 3 Guys 1 Hammer and similar videos, the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video is seen and understood for what it is, so appropriate steps can be taken to bring those responsible to justice and prevent any further such atrocity from happening. You never know who could be the next person on that bed. If the message about the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video is not spread far and wide, there could be many more still to come and that’s a very frightening thought. Best Gore is dedicated to ensuring the general public is aware of the reality of the world out there so everyone can make educated decisions that affect their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families.

Many thanks to Best Gore supporter A. for this video. It would appear that at the end of the video the perp posted a photo of himself. It’s difficult to recognize the person from it clearly, but still – reach of the internet is wide and can’t be underestimated. Perhaps someone who sees this video on Best Gore recognize that guy? If you do recognize him, please contact authorities immediately because this video doesn’t appear to be fake at all.


Thorough investigation by the Best Gore community lead to an assumption that the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick perpetrator could be a renowned cat killer and internet attention whore Luka Magnotta. He could also be the same person who mailed severed human foot to Tory HQ in Ottawa. He’s currently wanted by the Canadian police.

Best Gore was requested to remove the video by Montreal Police so until further notice, it will not be available here.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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362 thoughts on “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video”

          1. Why is it so hard to believe that someone in the world is older than you and doesn’t like music from the 80’s? You can believe a snuff film, but you cannot believe someone’s age…

      1. I’ll be honest with you. If this wasn’t Best Gore, I would understand that people don’t get it, but how someone on a gore site doesn’t know that when a person is decapitated, they lose all their blood is tough to accept. Body drained of all blood will not bleed when cut. Decapitation is a very fast way to drain someone off all their blood. Can you connect the dots now?

      1. @PALE RIDER Grunge yes dude but Gangster Rap get real most of that stuffs shit some of it is pretty cool but your obviously young so you wouldn’t appreciate the 80s music i,m 42 the 80s music brings back so many memory’s for me thats when i was at high school don’t get me wrong some of 80s music is shit but theres a lot of good stuff to.

    1. I think that one desensitized me. ..After seeing all the horrorfied comments I feel kinda bad for not minding this vid in the least. Looks like its time for a tolerance break.

        1. Hmmmh,

          I prefer 3 Guys 1 Screwdriver… For precisely the reasons Taint gave, It had more shock factor and was responsible for finishing off my gore ‘virginity’.

          Still, pretty good vid…

    2. It was okay, the sound was the only nasty effect, I would of liked to see something worse, thought there were more videos of the killings but only one exist, which pretty much killed the hype of 3 guys one hammer for me.

    3. ye that was fairly bad but this was pretty tame to me but i’ll give it an enthusiastic 8/10 definitely worth watching for a bit of gore but for me it seemed more like a necrophilia porno but hey maybe im paying attention to all the wrong bits

  1. Unless the Russians enjoyed the movie Casablanca, looks more like there’s better chance of it happening in San Francisco. The two men(both dead and alive) seem to be of different colored skin, possibly different races or nationality. Maybe I’m wrong but Russians don’t look like the type to tolerate diversity within its parameters. Of indeed San Francisco is a real place of possible theme then I will lean towards it taking place in SF based on my observations. But hey everybody has a different and in their own way reasonable conclusion I would like to read other. And as for the poor fellow, I was hoping to see him get his life taken away but for an odd reason he turns off the camera and resumes after the young man is long gone. Which also makes me think this can’t be recorded to prove that somebody has finished the assignment I have given them, I wanna see the fuck yell and scream. But that’s just me, idk.

    1. @BobElBuilder, Russia has millions of ‘minorities’ within its borders, they might not have the same amount of ‘rights’ as some countries, but they are still there!

        1. @BoB, I know what you meant, some of the ‘gore’ out of Russia, Ukraine etc. is some of the worst stuff you’ll ever see! AND the weather is so grey and drab, years of strict communist rule, too much cheap vodka, it can’t make for happy humans?

  2. I’ve been a regular of this site and this is the first time I was like shocked by what I saw. Yes, if anyone knows at least the victim please call authorities. This dude has serious issues and well, I dunno but judging by this video he might be aiming for Asians and other minority groups. Please do anything! :'(

    I mean yeah with the other vids I get enjoyment but this is REALLY DISTURBING. GUY’S GOT ISSUES! :O

    1. Yeah, we just watched him fuck a headless, armless, body and carve out a chunk of his ass with a knife and feed the rest to his cat! I think that means he’s a issues!!! What I’m wondering is that how did the man get there =-o

    2. I would say that if this video is real then the killer in this clip is not insane, I will explain further in a second. I would also say that this was probably not his first time, and there may be more after this video was made. The reason why I say he is in sound mind is because he covers his face and tries hard not to show it on film. Insane people would not do that, because in order to hide a body or cover your identity shows that you are aware of right and wrong and that there are consequences for being identified. Most insane killers would leave a body in plain sight or not have a care who saw them slice someone up in public because they believe that all their actions are in fact normal behaviour.

      He filmed this and uploaded it because he knows that it would give him a lot of attention. Some serial killers are proud to show off their work to the world to get fame or notoriety, but by covering his identity he is free to continue doing this and making people wonder about who he is until he is finally caught.

    1. Somehow, beheadings by cartels seems more tolerable. They are doing it for turf war, money and power. They have somewhat a reason if that even justifies what they are doing. This freak is doing it for pure pleasure. ,Maybe he has a reason, but to me he is just some punk who is doing it for recognition. I think if and when this phycopath gets caught, he’ll be crhing like a baby. Somehow, I don’t think he’s as bad ass as he seems. The ONLY thing that makes me wonder if it’s fake is the lack of blood. Also, how did he get 2 pretty fit guys restrain? Obviously there are more to this story, but it makes me wonder just from what I observe in this video. This piece of shit, needs to be captured and put through the pain he inflicted on these guys, but he would be alive while it happens. This is the one occasion I would love to see a cartel get a hold of this guy and make hin suffering in feace like a mother fucker!

          1. There are huge ‘muscles’ (meat) on your ass, you are right @odgoso, they are your ‘glutes’, only fat people are going to have a really fatty ass. That’s why cannibals have SAID the ass is tender and juicy (from a young person, anyway!) It’s the equivalent of a rump roast!

          2. Ok I commented before I watched, the guy did have a ‘fatty’ ass, BUT there still is a large muscle of meat underneath that fat!

  3. This was the most BRUTAL video I have seen on this site to date, and that’s saying a lot. The moment the killer pulled out the knife and fork, I was like what’s going on here…part of me knew what was going to happen next but as repulsed as I was I just couldn’t look away. This video is a clear indication of just how dark the spectrum of human nature can really get. Who knows what was going inside the killer’s head at the moment of his sinister banquet…all I can say is that I hope this video gets him caught before another corpse is defiled in the manner we just saw.

      1. Pretty sure it was just fatty and unpalateable. As I said before, he should’ve gone for the dark arm meat if he wanted some fine dining. I presume eating ass meat was a sexual gratification thing though.

      2. Cannibalism seems so appealing, but I am able to restrain myself to just the imagination and the literature that has been handed down by inspired individuals from society. I guess all that fat made the victim’s posterior made the killer salivate intensely or something, still…I would have preferred to eat the liver because it has so much nutrients and energy stored inside. Chewing a piece of meat that size would probably be very difficult. All those strands of fat getting caught in your teeth doesn’t seem worth it to me, it would probably feel like eating rubber.

  4. I guess I’m just desensitized now after looking at the archives the past few weeks. I didn’t really get repulsed as I did in actually seeing the time of death as in a few of the other videos on this site. Even though he did go about jerking off and such it has nothing on the brutality of those Ukraine soldiers pulling the guys head up by the eyes and cutting it off. I cant get that video out of my head this is nothing compared to seeing the actual death.

    1. Agreed. If the actual killing was shown it would be different. Messing around with a corpse? Its just a shell, there’s nothing there to suffer the pain or humiliation, its just a sack of flesh. For desensitized folk like you and I, its the moment of death that is truly haunting.

      1. I agree with everything Taint said. I know my tolerance for true gore is very high at this point, but I felt almost nothing watching this. It was about as moving as watching someone fuck with a mannequin. All those cuts he made on the body were bloodless & lifeless… pointless. “3 Guys 1 Hammer” affected me FAR worse, the sole reason being that I could not believe the poor guy was still alive even after they stuck a screwdriver into his brain through his eye sockets & scrambled it around. IMO, 3G1H is still the ultimate shocking video.
        “… its the moment of death that is truly haunting.” That right there says it all. That’s why, I think, decapitation videos are so infatuating. Maybe if this video showed everything it would rate a LITTLE higher, but it still wouldn’t get anywhere near all the decapitation videos.

        What’s the most shocking, to me, are all the moronic Luka fans. The one Luka fan facebook page is fucking disgusting. I don’t care how good-looking someone is (& this guy isn’t all that great looking to begin with!). You know if this fuck looked like Arthur Shawcross, no one would give a shit.

    2. i been hanging around the site for a while now and thought it was about time to join in. i totally agree with the above comment. while this vid is disgusting and brutal (in its own special way), with out the death being recorded and the lovely moaning and gurgling sounds that generally accompany deaths of this type (see 3 guys 1 hammer or the dagestan massacre), it loses some of its shock value. Either that or i’ve just become one cold mother fucker. p.s. Hi everyone 🙂

      1. Hello! I agree, 3 guys 1 hammer & the Dagestan massacre video’s are far worse, but this is special (though I can’t handle those “lovely” gurgles myself!) wecome to BestGore.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA, Nobody knows if this was real or not!!!! It depends on the person. Do you want it to be real? Or do you not? Me, personally, think it was real. WHY, cause it’s what can happen to anyone of us, (or our kids) and it lets us know to keep our eyes open at at all times. Or we can keep them closed and pretend that this does not happen in the “REAL” world. Hey, it’s your choice! baa baa baa baaaa baaaaa baaaaaaa!

    1. my only question is how COULDN’T it be real?
      It would cost a fucking FOURTUNE to make a dicectable real doll that comes apart like that, is real enough to have a bunny nibble on (my favorite part, by the way) to leak, AND to take a wull sized wine bottle.

      Fleshy Virus are WAY too common to not just use one of them.

      1. That MY friend @stench is why I said it is real, but , let the sheep decide, for themselves! They know it is, BUT , as they watch it, they will never admit it! BAAAAAbaaaabaaaa,Are you scared of life yet???? or are you ready to admit it sucks???? Somebody stop me, I’m startin’ to sound like a preacher!! HAHAHA (really, somebody stop me) HAHAHA

    2. @lunatic I wouldn’t mind if it was real because the paranoia of seeing videos like these makes my senses that much sharper and I am able to become more aware of my surroundings with each day that passes. The downside to this would probably be that being in this state of mind leaves you stressed out and in the long run this will affect your fight-or-flight response. If it means surviving in this cruel world, I’ll gladly be consumed by paranoia just to live another day and show people that death is always around the corner.

      1. OK, ng, It will affect your state of mind, but I don’t think it will slow you down honey/ dude , but now knowin’ you will/can have the upper hand, and we have to take that for what it is. Ithink you’d do fine! Because it’s in your head now!!!! This is the same thing I’m gonna show/tell my daughter this weekend! All my love kid!

        1. Thanks for the input. Ha Ha, I’m a guy by the way, my choice of avatar may not have been the wisest. Its best not to live in fear and be prepared for any situation that is placed in front of you in order to salvage what little control we think we may have over our lives.

  6. Hay Mark have you heard the media Blaming Assad again for the killings of 88 people? What brain dead morons that believe that crock and they’re blaming the UN for not doing anything while they been behind this the whole time, wtf.

  7. And no one’s answering me. Does Etan Patz have any thing to do with that? What comes around goes around and we will all get it in the end! hahaha, whatever the end is. Do you know? I didn’t think so! NOBODY has the answer to that, we can only speculate!!!!!! FUCK YOU, non believers! HAHAHAHA . You think you know it all, but, you don’t! And if you do’ bring it on! Baaaa baaa baa!

    1. I have been interested in the Etan Patz ‘crime’ for a long time, I always thought it was the ‘Ramos’ guy, the guy who said he ‘tried’ to molest Etan that day, he was Etan’s babysitters boyfriend AND he just done 20 (?) years jail for molesting 2 other boys. Ramos was NAMED by a judge to be the ‘killer’.

  8. hat about the bunny?
    NOBODY has mentioned the best part of the entire fucking video.
    Besides the gay fucking, i think this dude kinda rocks.
    Fuck the Fleshy Virus. One less one.
    But, he took the time to make sure the furry little critter had plenty to et.

    Corpse play and cutting is just, well, it’s a DEAD THING.
    Brutal, yes, but ANY REAL SOB has seen much, much worse….perhaps not worse gay porn (that sucked)

    1. It was a puppy, not a bunny??

      Gotta agree with you here, mate. For some reason I feel like the victim might have did him wrong in some way. You don’t stab a corpse that repetitively without some reason behind it. Even if not, there’s still some art to it IMO. I’ve seen worse. Did anyone else think the killer was a chick initially, btw? I didn’t really see any cock during the masturbatory parts.

        1. If that’s a bunny, then it’s gotta be the one from Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Run away! Run awaaay!!

          I think we can also narrow down the field of suspects a bit. He’s definitely not a sailor or a butcher. Shitty knots and piss poor knife work.

      1. @5:53 (or somewhere around there) when he’s touching himself with the other guy’s hand, if you look closely you can see the head under the hand. but yeah i though it was a girl at first too! =P @Rotten Stench i think its a dog you hear it bark/whine when they guy’s ass raping the corpse

        1. idk maybe its a tranny or summfin cuz they have a pretty face and in the pic at the end it looks like they have lipstick on…? maybe the tranny had the hots for the guy and kept getting rejected, guy found out he was a tranny made fun of herm and then shim killed him and assed raped him for it

          1. I also initially thought the perpetrator was very feminine and I still feel he is a feminine guy, but I’m satisfied it’s a male now!

  9. well if this means anything to anyone.

    this seems to be the work of a 20 to 30 year old woman to make the dude fill secure coming over at that time she probably told the guy that she was a out for love or sex and this guy is as stupid as he may have been took it as a real encounter with a lovely young girl as she may have appeared to be then after getting him into what ever sick twisted mood she was thinking got him horny i guess then after god knows how long it was before she tied him up blind folded him the guy was thinking about the sick twisted sex they where going to have but instead while he was blind folded shit he could see what she was going to do to him till he got hit by the ice pick then in his mind YOU MOTHERFUCKING bitch

    this all seems to be the work of the most sick twisted fucker who did this to women back in the early to late 1800’s Jack the Ripper was thee most sick twisted murderer to date i suspect that who ever did this to the guy in the video had possibly seen or heard of him i don’t know witch category this sick twisted bitch would fit in but i think of all the past murderer’s and come up with only one JACK THE RIPPER was the most brutal serial killer of all time and yet he she was NEVER caught jack the ripper killed people in USA before moving to London to so he could Continue his twisted murder rampage.

    if anyone who is anyone knows who JACK THE RIPPER was and who has heard of him or her knows how brutal he was when he killed people back in the day people called him the DEVIL because he was so brutal with what he did to the people who came under his knife of course just thinking about jack the ripper even scares the shit out of me and i only heard about him on TV books and a few other places.

      1. hmmm. it could be any murder in the past that was contributed to this recent video but it was very disturbing knowing that jack the ripper was walking among us..

        i have heard of yorkshire ripper but the only name that sticks in the back of your head is JACK THE RIPPER.

  10. I think the most identifiable part of the murder scene is the puppy. He had to get the puppy from somewhere and if he ever took it out, people would have quickly noticed. It’s cute and cuddly and it’s black and white…

    From there is would be just about association – hey I know a guy who has a puppy just like that. Wait, he’s also in his early 20’s, slender and with the same haircut….

  11. I’m wondering if the live guy at the beginning is the same as the corpse guy. Could this be a grizzly elaborate fake? I’m wondering if they substituded the willing participant from the beginning for a corpse they had access to. Yea I know most of us don’t have access to corpse’s on a daily basis but thier are those that do, or at least are able to bribe someone for a fresh corpse. Also, it seems there are just too many elements to the treatment of the corpse. It’s as if someone has read the posts on Best Gore and made a mental shopping list what people would love to see live. There are just too many ‘holes’ in this to for me to satisfy myself completely.

  12. This has to be one of the most retarded things I have ever seen… I don’t care what happened to this dude in his childhood or whatever illness he has he needs to be put the fuck down. Obviously there is no room for this person on the planet.

    I mean cmon! When your sick of your right hand use your left for god sake! Don’t be going chopping off others peoples hands so you can get a different feeling… (that was a jk but I was serious above)

  13. I’m dripping sweat right now. Did this video shock me? No… Am I horny? I doubt it… Was it the terrible music? Maybe… What a video? Hell yes.

    @tiger If you see this… Look! I found a kooky new picture of our guy Thompson! 😀

  14. I totally agree that people need to see the world for the disgusting place that it is & I hope that some BG member recognizes this vermon & turns him in. However, for those of you who got pleasure..that lil “jolt to your beans” by watching this.. well you know the rest!
    Is this new?? I’ve never heard of this.. feel like im missing something?! If this isn’t new then im totally off of my gore game :-/ RIP dude.. watch your backs & your drinks that the bar folks!

  15. Idk but for me the vid was boring and the guy was a total queer. I was listening to Voice’s while watching this vid. I’m probably going to have problems banging my gf after this crap thanks bg -_-

      1. Drugged up on fear likely. You don’t necessarily have had to be given a dose of something to be ‘paralysed with fear’.

        Some people have no ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Its pretty common.

    1. I was just about to say the same thing. The very last frame in his vaginally-purple hoodie and dike hair. Someone that “clean” has to have some skeletons in the closet. Or in this case, bottles in the ass, flesh in the freezer, poo on the pecker, etc.

  16. The truth, the TRUTH, you can’t handle the truth! Listen, kids this happens our own backyards, we just don’t see it unless we are here. Do not hide things (
    anything) from your kids, it will make us/them weaker. Can we have that? Should we tolerate that ? My Answer is NO,we shouldn’t. What can we do, I don’t know. But you assholes who judge cutters and the like, always remember, that we are the first to defend US, while you sit there and judge. WOW,I’m gettin’ deep, sorry guys, I’m out.

  17. Very realistic but I’m guessing that its fake ! By now you would think the media would be all over it. Somebody involved in special FX made this. Ever seen Flower Of Flesh and Blood ? Jap flik made over 20 years ago that fooled people. People are getting really clever these days with FX and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create. Maybe I’m wrong but to me, if this was real, I think there would be a lot more talk about this by now !

    1. There is definately a ‘gore by numbers’ element to this. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m guessing that’s the reason that it failed to shock me at all. I know we get de-sensitized on this site, but I was actually a bit bored. It’s like people who pop up and try to shock everyone with thier posts before they have to finish thier homework. My spidey gore sense just wasn’t feeling this. The corpse is supposed to be sodomised but you actually only see a guy grinding his hips, he removes flesh with a knife and fork but we don’t see it eaten etc.

      1. @wicked mama….I agree with you…There’s too many holes in this clip…Of course anythings possible but if someone was doing this for real, why would all of the most truly convincing elements be left out from it? Would the person doing this actually let those critical moments of the scene go to waste if it was real?…An interesting clip but it cant be mentioned in the same sentence as “2 guys one hammer”.

      2. @PaleRider, he mutilated those gals pretty good, that has helped his notoriety too! Removed their womb, fallopian tubes etc. pulled all the guts out, played with it (on one who he had time with, an inside victim).

      3. @wiked mama, while I really do believe the body is real, I don’t think he even had his pants down? He wasn’t sticking his dick in anywhere! And the butt-fat, I was thinking he was going to give it to the pup (if he could get a piece off!)

    2. OK,scottydog, lets go through the facts here. We have a body, non moving, we have, someone stabbin’ him, no feelin’ on his part, lifeless. He gets stabbed, no blood! So that tells ya, he’s dead. As he ge6ts stabbed his body moves with the stabs, and I’m not talkin’ like a crash test dummy, I’m talkin’ like someone who got stabbed, let me go before I implicate myself, HAHAHAHA, W
      atch my little joke come back and hauntv me!!

  18. I just ate breakfast to this. Great way to start the day! Reality… Not Zion’s bubble!

    Oriental? The victim looks Asian. And the killer’s a weakling, struggles cutting off a bit of ass… so, Asian again possibly?

  19. Aww, that kitty is really cute. Nom nom! ^.^
    And I think whoever did this had a life dream to kill a person, film it and share it, even he/she was caught. It was just something very important to this person.

  20. I think it some medical student fucking with a cadaver. if you notice the guy tied up is moving at the beginning and you never see his face. Then there’s a edit and hes not moving. Why do all the crazy stuff to the body and not show the kill? Also it sounds like there’s more then one live person in there. If you notice you hear someone sneeze and it sounds like its in the distance not next to the camera. Also the camera stays perfectly still while he sneezes. Also what bugs me is how did he cut threw the bone with that little knife. I think its a hoax but a sick one.

  21. WoW …….. I thought these videos were just made up in Criminal Minds and CSI but I never imagined I would personally see a serial killer video. This person should be killed seriously guys .His mind is just SCEWED and completely FUCKED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yay I got through it! Honestly the only part I could hardly watch was the start, the ice-pick stabbing! I think the puppy was probably the victims? The guy picked the pup up by the ‘scruff’, so I didn’t ‘feel’ it was HIS dog? He surely wasn’t going to make this mess in his OWN home, the puppy was probably just ‘there’? I can’t help wondering if there is a ‘longer’ version of this video?
    Oh and “Bless you” (9:19) you dirty bastard, you got a cold, stay home!

    1. Haha tiger, maybe he had a deadly strain of the common cold and had to kill that guy to stop the outbreak? So if ya wanna see it as the glass half full, icepick guy saved humanity! Oh shit, wait, that’s not a good thing. Nevermind.

    2. We’ve seen stuffs with same shock-value to it but this one seems a little “special” for it’s kind. It’s no snuff video for sure. Fapping on his victim’s severed hand seems funny in a weird/twisted way…he could’ve used that head for a blowjob too.

  23. i thought the video was quite meh :/ was expecting much worse. what scared me more was the fact that i was actually looking forward to the necrophilia part, and i’ve never been into that…think i just wanted to see some gayness. i’m sort of feeling a little disgusted with myself now x.x

  24. this was like the fakest shit. you can tell the body was fake. i watch enough videos on this website to have the ability difference between real gore and fake gore. The body didn’t produce enough blood to convince me. the body looked like a damn cake.

    1. You mustn’t have watched it at all, other wise you would have SEEN the guy had a cut throat before the stomach stabbing, he had already been drained of blood! Also every other video you have seen must have been fake if you thought this body was a fake? It ‘wobbled’ cos he was freshly murdered, it is very real.

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