15 Year Old Boy from Honduras Beheaded by CDG in Tamaulipas, Mexico

15 Year Old Boy from Honduras Beheaded by CDG in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Video of that young girl who was brutally beheaded and had her head twisted off by El Cartel Del Golfo sicarios was filmed in a response to the beheading of CDG Comandante Gallo. This video, on the other hand appears to be the response to the recently released beheading of four CDG affiliated women by Los Zetas. But as with the beheading of the girl, in this case, the response is once against carried out on a child. What’s wrong with you, CDG? Zetas are killing presumed commanders and you respond to it by killing teenagers?

If I understand it correctly, the victim is a 15 year old boy originally from Honduras. He appears to admit to his captors that he had worked for the Zetas. How much truth there is to it is anyone’s guess. We all know there are ways to make the captives confess to whatever their captors want them to confess to. The boy would have confessed to gassing 6 million Jews if that’s what the henchmen wanted of him.

The execution took place in Tampico, a port city in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The sicarios once again used a machete to chop the head of the victim off, instead of using a knife to cut it off, which they had proven over the years to be vastly incapable of. Once almost severed, the chief beheader kicked the head to finalize the decapitation but the spine resisted so a helper lifted the torso up to get it over with quickly.

Props to Best Gore member chizzlethizzle for the video:

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328 thoughts on “15 Year Old Boy from Honduras Beheaded by CDG in Tamaulipas, Mexico”

    1. Son of a bitch, literally! His mom worked for los zetas so she caused her son to loose his life. Maybe that’s why he sold his mom out with the name and location of the motel

      1. Sound liken HE hesitated in giving up three location see hoe he went ughh the guy behind him knew he was gonna lie done put his foot On his back like getting ready to kick him. Poor kid this is sad rest in peace youngster..

        1. Correction:
          sounds like he hesitated and giving up the location. See how he went ugh. That cock sucker behind him knew he was wanting to lie so he was gonna put his foot in his back and shove him so he didn’t have time to lie. I’m so sad for him he was still just a baby 15. Still had his whole life ahead of him. But thanks to his mom he’s dead she’s to blame for his death for letting him work for them bringing people from Honduras. God have mercy in his soul.

          1. Don’t worry man, one day you will be macho. And I don’t feel shit for kid because I have family living in fear in reynosa. And the kids taken 18 of those zetas. I bet that kid wouldn’t give a damn about any of you, cause he’s taking murderers to work. Y’all see a kid, I see a personresponsible for a lot of deaths…stop bitching

          2. Is that why he was killed..??How do you know this,?? Were you able to translate what the soldiers were saying,,? I was wondering what he did to deserve a death sentence….

      2. He lost his life because he worked for them as well. In the vid, the central american claimed that he brought in central americans, to join the zetas, for 1500 pessos per person.

        He wasnt an innocent boy and he knew that he was fucking with Mexicans, yet he enjoyed being a cartel member.

          1. I feel bad for the kid, indeed but he knew what he got himself into, sucks to be poor and choose this life style , I rather kill myself working than making easy money like this with no future and not a good idea to wear white shoes at a beheading 😀

          2. i rather die of hunger than work for the Zetas…these people kidnap and sell little kids like paper cups..use them once and kill them…all of them deserve to die horribly like that guy just did!!

          3. Lori you just made the point. The people in Mexico and other south american countries are made poor because of politics. They have to choose a side, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I have to see these videos because I forgot that animals who claim to be men are the ones who are doing these things to innocent people. Mexico is now lost, the U.S. is next. Then I want to see what these sick bastards who make sick comments on this site are going to say when they’re confronted by these animals that they themselves help to keep in power every time that they themselves buy illegal drugs.

        1. How do you know he enjoyed being a cartel member? How do you know he was really even a cartel member? I’ll admit I had to stop the video when the actual beheading started, but I didn’t see or hear anything that proves he was cartel. I’ve seen cases where false confessions are given under much less duress than this kid.

          1. when you are 15 you dont fully understand the possible consequences of your action or dont really think it through. and its worse when you see your mom working for the cartel so maybe he felt like he was doing it to help his mom out. there could be many scinarios but it all comes down to it really does not matter now because its too late for him. i just hope that every sicario in everyone of these videos gets a chance to experience the same fate that they delivered to so may others,

    2. I am sending offerings & prayers for your departed soul. Even though you only had endured 15 yrs. of life, I am wishing you a safe & tranquil journey in the ?between? before your next re-birth. May the aeons of enlightened beings, peaceful deities and wrathful protectors be always at your side during your long journey – you no longer have to suffer.

      The men who murdered you will suffer 1000x in the end – The Law of Karmic Retribution is relentless & swift . . . Consequence cannot exist without Action.
      ?Fais de beaux R?ves? my little buddy . . .

      ?????????????????? ?????????????
      Namastryadhvikana? Sarvatathagatana?

        1. @lisabitch you are one seriously sad individual kiddo, the woman who sent those blessings with that departed soul has 100x more wisdom and insight then you’ll ever have (at least in this life), even the messiah spoke vaguely of reincarnation, it’s really the only thing that makes sense, we must incarnate many many times, probably thousands before we develop and mature as spiritual beings! That’s what we are you silly kid, we are spiritual beings having an earthly / physical experience. PERIOD!

    3. I understand them killing there to rivals, it comes with the territory if you choose this lifestyle. Every day its a battle to stay Alive or out of prison. But to execute someone let alone a kid for being related or working a legit job for a boss that has ties to a cartel, is just wrong!

      1. I think that the Mexican gangs want to imitate al-Qaeda
        Zetaa or Cdg Or any another stupid gangs can`t kill al-Qaeda
        al_Qaeda does not fear death
        Killing people brutally
        It is better to leave it to the Egyptian army now
        They will finish these terrorists
        say amen plz

    4. Dont feel bad for any Zeta, they have killed , raped and extorted familys in Mexico including burning familes alive so Enjoy these videos. They know what to expect joining crimminal organizations as duch. That little bitch even told on his mom whom is also a Zeta, so not only is a a coward, Hes also a little son of a bitch

      1. That cartel doesn’t exist anymore. Los alliados i’m pretty sure are responsible for the upside down beheading of a CJNG member. Los Alliados are a small but brutal upcoming cartel.

  1. This is natural for the Mestizo their Aztec and Mayan ancestors use to cut the hearts out of their own people as a sacrifice to their various gods. And then you throw some mix of Spaniard in there….

    I don’t care how Mestizos treat each other, I just want all of them and their shit southern of the border.

    I think Americans are ready to tear down Emma Lazarus’s poem and replace it with a Giant, Triple Layer, Electrified Fence, with Machine gun patrols.

    1. Well, its more likely that I become a millionaire than the mestizos moving south of the border . That is never going go happen. Now, when you say americans which americans are you talking about?

    2. I will not be racist in this coment but, man I live here in Mexico. and where I live the CJNG operates. And yes they are brutal but only with people that deserves it. Here where I live there were a lot of thiefs and they exterminated them and I?m not saying that is the right thing to do. But man when you say we need to stay south of the border let me just freshen up your mind a bit. what?s up with all those kids that went to those schools and started shooting at them kids in there? Did they have a a reason? Now these guys are killing other cartel members and I think all of them should be killed. It?s not justified to kill someone for any reason. but if someone should die it?s the cartel members. But those kids that killed other kids at them schools man. Oh wait I get it they killed them because they went to a different school than they did. now that is justified right? They?re enemies. you never see that shit happen here in Mexico. If kids have problems here with other kids they beat the shit out of them not kill other just because they?re stressed. Or are bullied. Yeah your country is one of the best in technology and you know what I loved living there. But if there is fucked up people from their head man it?s there.

      1. Good point man evil is everywhere. I sometimes think about how many people living here in the states are being held captive and brutalized by seemingly normal looking individuals. It’s a fucked world were living in.

    1. I’m pretty sure all those weapons are for our viewing pleasure. I think without all that, the video wouldn’t feel so hardcore.. doubt they ever thought they’d need to use them in any of the beheading’s where they always clearly outnumber the ones about to lose their heads.

      1. The guns are probably even made out of plastic. They give them back to their kids at home at the end of the day who in turn may be beheaded tomorrow by the competing cartel.

        The circle of life.

  2. The boy wasn’t part of anything. These cowards are just doing it for fun. Next they’ll behead a baby or maybe even start performing abortions. Take away their knives, machetes and guns and they’ll cry and beg for their own life if ever put in a situation like that.

      1. Yes the “american dream” for some of them is a nightmare because a lot of those people die on their way here or are victims of crimes. But most of those folks don’t think like
        ” When I get to the States I will ask for welfare or I will go to the hospital for free” . All what they have in mind is work, work, work. And why are so full of hate against other races? I thought you were a spick yourself.

  3. This is a really cool story?These videos were posted in mundonarco ?cause blogdelnarco bloggr had to runnnn!!! Shit is so corrupted in beannerland that many bloggrs are on the loose the most (in)famous are couraje 4 tamaulipas, santuario and?.taddaaaaa!!! hotbunns mary, lucy or something like it, that was behind blogdelnarco?.She even gave an interview to Al Yazeera were she quoted ?a friend tipped me from the secret service (shit they have spies 2!!!!) that I was scheduled 4 termination (she didn?t specified by whom) so the phone call was only a key word: CORRE!!!! To be used exclusively in case of imminent death?Someone wonders why???? Easy everyone in the web got pissed off by president?s tweets saying that violence and crime figures were gettin? lower they even published (mundonarco) few interviews of assasins with no one to hit makin?a count of how many infants were abducted 2 get their organs to sell?
    The vids were deleted?I?ve heard that in some countries are usin? GOOD troyans and bots, to null every sensible material potencially viral detected? No more freedom to access to info 4 u Mark!!!

      1. Oh, that’s what I mean. The whole Northern part of the American continuent. Aside from a few places down South, Canada and the US is pretty much the only thing keeping the entire continent civilized.

        But that’s rapidly changing, because the reason for those two Countries being civilized is disappearing, being replaced by something… well. You know.

        Should be a nice place in say 50 years. A mish-mash of Africa, Hispanic America and Saudi Arabia.

    1. Well you know who supplies them with weapons? They even supplie their citizens with weapons but it?s easier to blame the other side right. By the way America is the whole continent not just the U.S. Do a little research before you comment.

      1. When I was 15 I stole my mother’s car and went on crazy ride.. Later on one of my dumb ass buddies was begging me to let him drive and I did not wanna let him , I just had a bad filling about this but after a while I did and this idiot crashed on the curve and rolled my right arm went outside and was pretty much shredded deep cuts bled allover like stuck pig and the car went to shit too

          1. I’ve got 43 sitges 2 huge gushes on my bicep some flesh ripped out veins ripped on my wrist and almost died of blood loos… but still they were able to save my arm because all the bones were intact . freaking lucky

  4. When will the ‘War On Drugs’ zombies take responsibility for the blood on their hands?

    We could wipe out a major reason for the existence of these cartels if we reversed the illegalization of recreational substances.

    Fuck you William Randolph Hearst, et al.

    1. So you’re here to enjoy seeing another human being murdered? How can you enjoy that ? I bet if your mother or another member of your close family had that fate you wouldn’t be enjoying it or would you? May be you are so fucked up in the head that you would.

      1. @Thecat2000 Not trying to sound rude or anything, but you are as much a member of BestGore.com as DerSteppenwolf is. Therefore you “like” watching this too, if you’d hate it, you would stay far away from websites like this. I think this website shows how much a human body can endure and I find that fascinating (and that is why I like to watch these videos). I think DerSteppenwolf agrees with me, so don’t be hypocrite.

        1. Well said Landa! I can’t speak for DerSteppenwolf but he seems like a well balanced and invaluable member of the BG family. I personally, have learned to detach myself from sympathy or even empathy in most cases because it would be very hard to watch this stuff. I don’t consider myself to be cold hearted or sick. In fact, I’m far from it but where these videos are concerned, I mostly watch it objectively. I think of it like watching wildlife documentaries, I can’t stop it and human nature is just as brutal and unforgiving as the animal kingdom. I watch these videos because I’m curious about death and I want to learn in the process. I guess what I’m saying is… people react differently to this stuff and you can’t always expect them to be mournful and somber in their comments.

          1. Very well put Pauly. If only i could have explained it that well to my friend who thinks i’m fucked and sick in the head for watching videos like these. He gets mad if i even attempt to show him a video. Some peeps just can’t watch this shit i guess, or refuse to look at life how it really is. Death is a very representative and momentous part of life.

      2. Like Pauly said, I too consider the footage presented here as wildlife documentaries, humans are part of nature, in fact we’re animals too, it’s a cold world and shit happens, and like I enjoy watching lions in actions devouring gazelles , I enjoy watching beheadings and find them fascinating.

        I discovered here how persistent the human body is, the first time I saw a body still reacting after a beheading when the executioner hits the spinal cord and the victim unconsciously and violently trembles I was really amazed..

        @thecat200 I know cats don’t like puppies, but you really had to click on one instead of entering here.

        @Landa: I asked you a question in the autist post, is it too much personal or you didn’t check ? 😀

        1. Very well said all of you. Watching videos like this is, well, fascinating and that is why I watch. I want to know how the world REALLY is, and not just hear some fake fairytail about how pretty life is, because it definately isn’t always pretty. Life is full of risks and dangerous situations.

          And, @DerSteppenwolf I forgot to look at my comment there, and now I see! I send a reply. 😀

      3. okay homie here’s my story. i used to be a sensitive guy, which made me an easy target for bullies and who ever felt like making himself feel better by insulting someone else. so i thought exposing myself to violence would shift my emotions that much, that i myself would be able to become violent. and after a bunch of beheading videos over a long period, it actually started to work :). by then i learnt to keep distance to the suffering of others. and today motherfuckers don’t wanna get in verbal or physical fights with me. so when i watch a beheading video i feel something else than the regular guy.

    2. Hi, i just read all here and when i readet the first line:Come on mexicans, get back the knife it?s too much fast with the machete, we can?t enjoy it like that.
      I was feeling abit the same as thecat2000. I watch the movies on this website also but i do it with respect for those who died or get injured. What i not like is that you want them to kill a kid with a knife to have a longer video and see more pain/blood, my personal opinion is that that is not ok.

      1. Listen, like Landa said you’re here because you like watching those videos, and deep in your mind you know that a longer video is more intriguing to watch ,both anatomically and psychologically speaking.

        Unlike many people here, I’m not trying to hide my thoughts but of course, if I said that I wished if it happened with a knife it doesn’t mean that I’m okay with that or if I had the chance to order them to do it I’ll go for it :

        I just expressed what would be more intriguing to watch knowing that my point of view wouldn’t change anything in reality, it’s quite simple and plain.

        1. Ok I listened. And I dont want to offent you or anything. I am saying that I dont like your first line of tekst. It is showing a desire to see a kid getting beheaded with a knife. That the tekst I dont like. And yes I am here I’m a member but that doesnt say I like the videos. I not like the Like word either. I watch these movies to see whats going on in this world I dont Like or enjoy it specialy when it is a child.

          1. Your quote: “And yes I am here I am a member but that doesn’t say I like the videos.” Why the hell are here, may I ask? No one is forcing you to click this link, and click a video about a beheading you are most likely nog going to “like”. If you would go after each person on BestGore saying things like: “I like this” or “what a nice video” you could go on for hours, for days you know.

          2. I think you should re read my text Landa, and see that I wrote that I’m here to see whats going on in this world and see the things we don’t see on regular news channels. And my point of disagree is the text that he would like to see a kid get killed with a knife to make it a longer vid and more painfull for the kid. That is not normal human thinking. And if you dont agree with that thats your right.

          3. I saw that, but I tried to tell you that if it is too much to handle (understandable) you don’t have to watch. Nobody is pushinh you too. And me, and definately more people on BestGore are fascinated by things like this. Human body, death, pain etc. I am not sadistic or anything, but I “like” this because it is the hard truth and nothing else.

          4. Your still not getting my point. If i don’t want to watch a vid like this i don’t watch it. But i watched all i seen this entire site all whats on it. So i can consider myself a person who’s able to handle this stuff. Anyways (one more try) I just dont like it when someone says hey next time use a smaller knife so that the next kid will be having more pain before the kid dies to enjoy it more. That not ok in my point of view.

          5. You’re making it sound like it’s personal or maybe I have a sadistic thing for kids lol stop focusing on kids, I was talking in general..

            And as I said, ‘I just expressed what would be more intriguing to watch knowing that my point of view wouldn?t change anything in reality, it?s quite simple and plain.

            Clear ? I’m sure you’re not that dumb to really think that it was a real wish , if you were a little bit smarter you would understand that my comment was an indirect way to say that knife beheadings are more intriguing to watch, if I had 2 videos one with an axe and one with the knife, I’ll chose the second one to start with.

          6. Well this the last time i re on this.
            You say i make it sound like this and that, but i didnt write your line of tekst it was you. And ive bin polite to you your aint to me(calling me dumb) I think ure the dumber person here because you first write such a line of text and then say it not ment to be read the way its written lol. Anyways i made my point clear and i hope you choose your word better next time. And no i’m not saying your a perv with children those are your own word. Greets Roger…

          7. Chill out ^^
            Never said that you’re dumb,
            “I?m sure you?re not that dumb to really think that it was a real wish ”

            And there is no reason to reach that level.

  5. i wonder if i keep watching these twisted videos out of pure morbidity or to try to convince myself at a subconscious level that my life now is awesome even when i think it totally sucks because of lack of money, sex, etc, etc…..in any case, if there was any doubt these untermenschen had a drop of decency in their beings, here’s proof ( murdering a child ) that’s not the case. i imagine what will be coming in future videos is the murdering of a baby, who is related to any thug.

      1. LOL. If you had watched all the other behadings several times, like I did(I’ve probably seen every single beheading video on the web at least 15 times), you would know what I’m talking about. I can’t exactly explain what it is, but they weren’t as cruel with this kid as they usually are.

        1. I agree i seen many vids like this also, and when you watch this vid closely. You indeed notice that they are trying to get it over faster as in the other vids. The boy looked clean also his short is clean and he looked untouched/unharmed before they start using that big blade. I feel sorry for the kid, he looks younger as 15 i think hes 14. And hes scared as hell. I would have spanked him and release him.

        1. @BND- I didn’t get that feeling at all! They seemed to behead him just like any other! In fact, the way his head was kicked towards the end made it seem like this was even more full of rage than the others I’ve seen! Almost on a personal level! Hard to explain but that’s the feeling I got anyhow..

          1. If it was me, and I really hated the guy, I would be as quick as they were. I would slowly cut his throat, like they did with Manuel Mendez Leyva, or like the Guera Loca did.
            It seemed, to me, they wanted to rush and quickly end his suffering.

          2. Maybe they were mad at him because he was not Mexican but from Honduras… stealing their jobs!?

            Maybe it went fast because there is not much neck to go through. If they are not good with knives maybe they will get good with machetes.

    1. I agree. I’m noticing everyone saying poor kid, etc and to an extent I agree. Sad that his Mother choose for her son to follow this path, but ultimately, it’s on him for joining in. Way I see it is, he would’ve ended up like this eventually and probably after killing people himself..

      1. @YourNextExGirl what this world and that country needs is a masked vigilantly someone who doesn’t care if he lives or dies one who roams the night someone who will take down evil with his palm of his hands and has awesome gadgets and stuff we need batman!! not an emotionally crippled -suicidal drunk negro that was an ex CIA agent that is running around in Mexico looking for a little white girl that named a stuffed animal after him o.o I’m damn sure if he was kidnapped that white family wouldn’t give two shits about him and wouldn’t even bother looking for him :\ ^(^_^)* I should be a super hero !! But with great power comes great responsibility and money and haters lets not forget the fame and the hot bitcheZ !! 😀 nice ..

        1. @misfit The fact that you remembered about the stuffed animal is enough for me, haha. Can you really imagine though? A black man running through Mexico looking for a little white girl. You know Tony Scott had to think at least a few thousand times ..”Who’s gonna believe this shit?” But I agree. You should take up the job. You’d be an awesome serial-killer-superhero.

          1. @YourNextExGirl the movie *man on fire* was a remake of this old foreign movie and i think based on a book o.o I was 10 when I watched that movie for the first time the part that really hit me was the part in the beginning where they kidnap the young business guy and they cut his ears off and dump him in the middle of the busy street that was the first time I have ever seen cartel violence I felt like a Vietnam veteran that just came back home from war .. x.x na but not anymore for some reason I don’t show any emotion when I’m watching a beheading-dissmemberement I have watched almost ever single shock video in the Internet but I feel nothing when I see them ^_^ I don’t want to sound like a crazy bastard but I want to see something really fucked up and with alot of gore 😮

  6. Today I got up and went to university. I had a coffee before class. Was feeling kinda washed out so I made it an extra shot. Things picked up after that. The day eventuated into what we might call reasonably productive. I finished up a project with some other students and managed to get home in time for a decent meal.

    Today you got up and killed a child. He wasn’t your child and you didn’t know him. You came into his life and plucked him from the plains of existence. Now he is dead.

  7. Until reading the description above, I didn’t know that they also capture innocent people and have them lie and confess to stuff they didn’t do. If that’s the case, then that’s beyond fucked!

    In the clip, he said his mom works for the Zeta’s. She owns a hotel in what I think sounded like ‘Escuintla’ which is in Guatemala. Makes sense since he mentioned Honduras and Guatemala in his final words. They pay his mom $1500. 00 per person I believe he said.

    Nice to get your child caught up in that shit! She really deserves “mom of the year status”! Guess crime is easier until you end up where he did! I truly wonder if she say this and heard her Son rat her out like that!

    The guy that kicked his head at the end, he’s got some major anger issues! And who wears white shoes to a beheading anyhow?! I feel for the kid, but those people are no joke! He had to know messing with them could seal his fate the way it did…

  8. In this situation, we must believe that these animals, which can not be called human beings receive their court date. There will be a scary fucking murderers …. As our country said: “stick has two ends.”

  9. He, as well as central-americans enjoy going into Mexico and fucking up the lives of innocent hard working Mexicans. It is common knowledge that the zetas are composed of, mainly, central-americans and cubans. There was even a video report out there where they were showing the impact the central-americans had on Mexican plantation workers, and the effect that this had on illegal immigration here: Central-americans are flooding Mexico, either as a transit point in reaching the US, or as a final destination. They create crime in Mexico and steal jobs from the Native-American indios from southern Mexico. The southern Mexican indios have no jobs so they, in turn, illegally cross into the US. So to get back on topic. If that bastard was in Mexico to kill Mexicans, and to generally make Mexicans’ days shitty.

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