16 Year Old Russian Beheads 19 Year Old Over a Girl

16 Year Old Russian Beheads 19 Year Old Over a Girl

On October 28, 2016, the beheaded body of 19 year old Artyom Shustov was found in a park in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the far east of Russia, by railway workers. According to Russian authorities, he was beheaded with a kitchen knife by 16 year old Nikita Rasskazov allegedly because of jealousy over a girl.

Nikita Rasskazov, who had meanwhile been arrested, reportedly confessed to killing Artyom Shustov by stabbing him twice in the chest, then decapitating his corpse, and then throwing the severed head in the Amur River, though some sources claim he first showed the head to the girl.

The girl the killing was allegedly over was identified as 17 year old Olena Matsneva.

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82 thoughts on “16 Year Old Russian Beheads 19 Year Old Over a Girl”

  1. Teenage angst on overdrive. And she wasn’t exactly the tidiest of birds, and there are plenty of them in Russia. She would have been part of his past in 3 months.
    Unrequited teenage love, with an added head fuck of a slightly older guy banging her brains out, or so he probably imagined.
    Only one winner here.

    1. It’s symbolism that people do subconsciously. Head symbolizes ego, thoughts, conscience etc. The murderer was jealous of his ego, thoughts (like someone who thinks he or she is the best) etc. The murderer must be jealous of the guy due to the attitude and how egoistic he might have been. Removing head made him feel as though he is getting rid of the ego from that person and mad at his conscience and existence.

  2. That is one gorgeous chest tattoo. Almost looks like the victim had been preparing his whole life so that his pale, decapitated body would go well against the drift of multicolored leaves that are as fleeting, mundane, and meaningless as he is now. For Trump’s sake, even his briefs match the hues of some of his markings, and its sort of fitting he has a red rose right under that bright red bloody stump; the color which also matches the pinkish tinge at the ends of his fingers.

  3. This is just horrible. How can someone do this? They should have both had their way with the tramp then beheaded HER. Fucking Russians need to get your priorities straight.

  4. Honestly, I’ve taken a few minutes to take closer looks at all the pics with the girl in them, but to me they all look like different girls to me.
    And actually I like dead dudes tattoos. He wasn’t that bad looking either. But there are no pics of the person that killed him? Wonder what he looked like. If he was any less attractive than the dead dude, then I suppose that would be what he was so jealous of, was dead dudes beautiful face πŸ˜€

    1. I agree that’s pretty cool ink…then again it was prolly still new,him being all of 9teen…practically a child. Died on what looks like a lovely Autumn day…
      The falling leaves drift by my window
      The falling leaves of red and gold
      I see your lips the summer kisses
      The sunburned hands I used to hold
      Since you went away the days grow long
      And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
      But I miss you most of all my darling
      When autumn leaves start to fall

  5. So for what I can gather on Russian news sites as that:
    Tattoo guy had sex with Foxy Wing Nut while Foxy was very much still dating Kick Boxer Decapitator. She then told Mr Kickboxer that he rapped her.
    Moving on to a few weeks later:
    There was an outdoor party in the woods (where most underage kids drink) and all three parties happen to be there. A huge fight broke out between tattoo guy vs Kickbocker AND Foxy Wing Nut (This is why I called he Wing Nut BTW)
    Witnesses said that she egged the fight on (while knowing that Kickboxer was known to study serial killers and talked endlessly about cutting people and eating their flesh…bullshit talk but still)
    She was egging it all on up until he pulled out the knife and stabbed the guy and decapitated him in front of the whole party. when the police came she confessed that the sex was in fact not a rape but consensual.
    As of yet, the kid has not been charged, nor has the girl…

    If anyone else can find more info on this subject please do.

  6. What a bunch of little hurt egos. “This ho caused it” lol No, the weakling male that decided to kill another dude over a chick caused it. I saw the title of post and decided “fuck it, I’ll read it but it will be whiny boys crying that a girl killed the guy.” I hate being right when it’s such sad-ass material.
    I don’t care what possibly – that’s maybe, might, not for sure – shit this chick did, when a guy is dumb enough to follow through by killing over it, he’s the idiot. She doesn’t deserve to be violently raped as one user said. Why? Why would she deserve that? An un-cited iffy recount of a story? The guys on here that get off on violence against women aren’t scary or dark or hard – you’re babies. I fear dead goldfish more than I fear you. Faced with true adversity, you’d crumble into dust. Meanwhile, I feel for this cutie that died (what a waste of cock – learned that from BG members) and the killer kid, shit you should go to prison because you’re crazy. The girl? Hide dear. You’re now hated by guys everywhere just because you played the game that they invented.

  7. With all those tattoos gracing all over his faggotish body he’d have died anyway someday cause a bitch was able to behead him with a kitchen knife over some trivial shit …………..what was he made of is all I wonder …………..oh yeah then ofcourse gay man die like that in the hands of some sluts …………Imagine he was only 19 and Nikita was just 16 …………….talk about who flexed more muscles ? was it the gay guy or the little ho who called the shots and outdid him this bad .

  8. No bitch is worth killing another man for, lol!
    Gotta disapprove of the woman’s test in men.
    The 16 year old was some mentally unstable jealous twat.
    The 19 year old was some bonehead with lots of tattoos.


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