21 Year Old Indian Woman Climbs on Roof of Building and Jumps to Her Death

21 Year Old Indian Woman Climbs on Roof of Building and Jumps to Her Death

21 Year Old Indian Woman Climbs on Roof of Building and Jumps to Her Death

In Gwarighat, a town near the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, India, a 21 year old woman named Mayurika Chauhan climbed on the roof of a 7 storey public building and aparently committed suicide by jumping to her death.

Mayurika Chauhan was a third year student at Polytechnic College. She was the daughter of the chief of the security department at Gun Carriage Factory, Colonel Rajiv Chauhan.

Here’s some translation from a source in Hindi:

Gawarighat Police told that the Mayurika of Chauhan family, who was in front of the Naya Vidya Bhavan School in the Napier Town area, came out to visit Summer Coaching from home at 8 in the morning. Being a student of coaching, the family members allowed him to go on foot. While the Mayurika came out of the house and reached the Krishna Highway near Rashway Auto near Badshah Halwai Temple. At the gate of the building, security guards asked him to enter the register.

At 8.45 am, Mayurika entered the register and then straightened towards the tower number 3. The repair work of the closed lifts of the tower was in progress so the young woman reached the ceiling. Then at 9.30 pm, the police got the information of jumping off the roof of Mayurika and giving information.

Police tower number Mayurica’s body was recovered from parking tiles of 3. He found the mobile of the deceased only, which was broken by falling from the height. The police identified this mobile SIM after the call. First of all, Mamura’s maternal grandmother Shalini Narang was called on the spot after informing the incident.

Due to falling from the roof, the woman died on the spot, but the police believe that her mobile call record will reveal the cause of the incident. The police has demanded a call record by sending mobile iMEI and SIM number to cyber cell. Looking for CCTV footage, the police have seen Muurika coming only in the footage of Krishna High CCTV cameras. While the young woman made a jump from the tower number 3. Therefore, the police is looking for CCTV footage of other buildings located nearby, in which the subsequent footage can also be found.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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    1. Referee Jack McG:

      I appreciate the effort May “Eureka” Chauhan put into her competitive jump, and the subtlety of being recorded at a distance; however, I must share my disappointment at her unimaginative presentation.

      The original call stands. 3/10.

  1. You know that outro of looney tunes where the pig says something along the lines of ”I b-believe that’s all folks!” and it has this funky music to it. It should be applied to every suicide in India, but it should be twisted to “I B-believe that’s India folks!”.

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