Abu Sayyaf Beheading Man Accused of Spying Against Caliphate

Abu Sayyaf Beheading Man Accused of Spying Against Caliphate

Abu Sayyaf, an affiliate of ISIS in the Philippines, beheaded a man accused of spying against the Caliphate. That being said – Abu Sayyaf either has not noticed that the Islamic Caliphate is run out of Tel Aviv, or like the Islamic Caliphate, Abu Sayyaf too is run out of Tel Aviv.

The video depicts a fairly fast beheading into a gentle Allahu Akbar murmuring of the participants, though picture remains dark throughout due to nighttime recording without appropriate illumination.

Props to Best Gore member @Refuse2Renig for the video:

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  1. “Quack quack quackbar… Quack quack quackbar… Quack quack quackbar? Quackbar… Quack quackbar… Quackbar.” ๐Ÿ˜†

    The guy that got beheaded certainly had a bored look on his face. He was not amused. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. @milton61, lol, out of the corner of my eye, I thought you had written Michelle Obama! She has ‘guns’ like an orang utan, that woman! Obama the ‘celebrity’ president, I bet he cuts a rap album or appears in films etc. when he’s finished.

    1. They’re speaking Hawaiian. ‘Aloha quack bar’ or something like it. Some ganja smoking’ surfer dudes cuttin’ heads off the rival dreadlocked homies. The dude didn’t even know his head was missing from his body he was so high. Just kept on watching’ the ‘Man Show’ or something and thinking he was eating cheetos.

      1. Its either that or their “Snackbar” chantings were soooooooo dull and meaningless… its like they are saying that like they regret it. ๐Ÿ˜† It just makes me think he was thinking something like “Really?… And you guys call yourselves muslims?… Ohhh boy…”

  2. Snack bar is strong in the is one. It amazes me how dull most of the blades are in these beheading videos. I understand it makes for better video, but, I would be ashamed of having such a dull blade.

    1. The big knife-makers are missing out big time here, there needs to be a “snackbar sponsor” like Cold Steel or Spyderco providing quality equipment in return for a shout out at the end of the video

        1. @ithinkyoulikeme
          I just had an idea for a new invention. We could make a special, head-sized pruning device, that uses ginsu blades, and some kind of pneumatic open-and-close thingy. And it would provide a quicker more effective tool for the beheaders to use in their work.
          Commercial: “Do you hate those pesky spinal cords getting in the way of your beheading? Tired of developing beheading-elbow from the continuous sawing motion you have to use with your dull knives? Well then, we’ve got just the tool for you!”
          There’s so many people to behead, we could make a killing! (hee-hee)
          And we could call it “The Gory Snapper with Re-Pete Action”.

          1. Fucking GENIUS! But it might take some of the fun out watching beheadings, so maybe they can start off manual for a bit to hear some gurgling, then use the Gory Snapper with Re-pete action (patent pending) when they get to the damn neck bone! @deadsnapdragon
            I hate “beheading-elbow”! It’s the worst! :p

  3. From the start , to the end the one that got beheaded looked like a rastafarian all stoned and droopy eyed awfully bored to death much before that knife sliced off his neck through .
    His eyes looked to be spying still and wasn’t much pleased in the way his head was dangled across and kept rolled down to his lower middle torso.
    But I doubt , as the Caliphate is still spied on …..

      1. @re-pete
        Yes! Now that is quite the predicament to be in! Do you chance the damage to your goods, by giving her a “oh, hell yeah, right there, don’t stop” encouraging hair pull? Or, take the safe route and risk her losing the perfect position and rhythm?

      1. @brokeback
        It would be really hard to keep a straight face while beheading someone who’s saying “ouch, ooch” with every stroke of the knife, and then all the Snack Bars would bust out in laughter! It would ruin the whole effect lol

  4. I usually don’t watch the beheading videos anymore, the look on the victims faces are very upsetting for me. I decided to watch this one since its been a while, and I think the guy had to be on drugs. I hope he was drugged up so that he wasn’t really aware. If he wasn’t drugged up though, the killers were complete idiots for thinking that guy could’ve been a spy. He didn’t seem to be “all there” or capable of understanding anything worth spying on.

    1. If anyone is suspected of spying by the caliphate then nothing changes . “Beheading “, the one suspected of espionage ; comes as the final verdict as is seen in most of these cases here on the site.
      The victim knew of the outcome and must have drugged himself hours before not to feel the pain since he looked droopy eyed and stoned from the moment they caught him by his scruffy hair. ..
      Basically theirs is a lot comprising of a bunch of total idiots
      from the top to the lower rung of the hierarchy.

  5. Isis seems to be slowly losing their religious war campaign. That’s just my opinion tho, don’t get me wrong they are still around, but they seem to be much more quite. As for these Isis that’s in Asian country’s. I find it rare to see Asian Muslims period.

      1. @ FredHawley sorry I should of been more clear. I meant Asian as in chinese/Vietnamese ect. Not south Asians since there is a shit load of them. A lot of them are Muslims I know forsure. India is like a armpit of the world. I wouldn’t even go there if you gave me a free ticket first class lol.

  6. Someone needs to invent some sort of fold-out head stabilizer. One that ISIS or other beheaders can keep neatly on their back pocket, because it annoys me so much when they cannot get the head to stay still, it must be annoying for them? Patent pending!

    1. or better still all Beheaders need to carry the best adhesive and stick the head right up at the back of the one Beheaded
      alternatively the ones that don’t get stuck easily can be used to practice targets or lamp posts with all the wiring done through the dried up skull to illuminate light bulbs when its time for them to jerk off and pray .
      Holy fuckim’ allahuuuuuuuu akbar(e)

    2. Lololol, this video is bringing the marketing skills out of you guys! First @dannyboy73 with the knives endorsements and now @tas-tiger with the “handy dandy, back pocket, fold-out, freshly removed head stabilizer”……but that’s not all! If you order right now, you’ll receive a SECOND “handy dandy, back pocket, fold-out, freshly removed head stabilizer” at no extra charge (just pay separate shipping and handling) ๐Ÿ˜†

          1. I just found out that it’s a live tied up person that they send with the device, because they bodies that they were sending out were badly decomposed by the time it got to their customers. That buys a little more time now.

        1. @tas-tiger Now you’re talking, but we have to think about profits! First we get them to buy two separate products they can’t live without, THEN down the line we offer the deluxe, all in one, limited edition model! It plays the annoying music with extra snack bars in the back ground for that epic feel of 1000 people watching you and cheering you on. .making you feel like a Muslim Rock Star!
          And occasionally they’ll get so into it that they’ll smash the device like an electric guitar and have to buy a new one! …………………………..
          I think i to it too far that time :/

  7. This reminded me when my dad used to bring chicken for dinner and will make me hold its body while he cut the throat.. Too bad humans body don’t run without a head for a bit like chickens do, that would be the funniest thing

    1. cho cho bery bery chweet @uli, my dear ,but instead of bringing the light to the world all these daesh aka the cursed up mother fucking son of bitches are bringing no more than pain and endless misery to the whole wide world and all the big nations are silent spectators .
      But not far is that day when they will self destruct their entire shitty clan and the so called caliphate …..I am gonna round up all dogs to shit on ’em.

    1. @illegalsmile55
      Yesss! Billy Jack! The original Billy bad ass! The youngsters on here will have to Google that one lol! The denim jacket, that “Uncle Joe” hat, those martial art skills, half native American, Vietnam vet….I loved those movies! I’m afraid to watch them again, they might actually suck and it’ll ruin my childhood lol! Before there was Steven Segal, there was Billy jack!

      1. Billy fucking Jack was the original bad ass, especially when your barely prepubescent.. I hate to admit I saw that movie dozens of times, raised my arm and cried when they took him away…*plays one tin soldier*
        It’s totally corny and cheesy..but fun!
        Now I got that song going….
        “Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
        Go ahead and cheat a friend”…bwaaahaaaahaaaa

  8. Away in a manger,
    No crib for His bed
    The little Lord Jesus
    Laid down His sweet head.

    Sleep tight sweet prince.

    Alas a weekend of drunken fueled debauchery comes to an end.
    Back to the monotonous week. ๐Ÿ™

  9. After years of watching beheading videos on this website I have often wondered how long the average person would actually stay alive starting with the first cut with a blade. If it’s a clean cut with a sword or other sharp blade, would that poor soul actually be able to see their headless body before the brain turns off?

    Fuck! Is it normal to want to know answers to this shit, or do I need a girlfriend or something?

      1. Fuck these snackbar terrorists.
        They sound like cows mooing as they chant allahu snackbar.

        Poor bastard. Dies with his eyes open. I thought that at death, all muscles relax. So they should close?

      1. ya good idea,the prooxide was turning my gums white lol,them muslims seam to get off on beheading I swear,they started off all excited saying alla ackbar and bye the end its was like they blew there load,all relaxed and not interested,freaky cunts …

      2. “This beheaded guy kinda looks like a cave man at first look.”

        I agree Re-pete, and upon further examination, he specifically more closely resembles homo heidelbergensis than homo sapiens.

          1. Everytime I see that caveman, I can only think of him saying “I don’t have much of an appetite, thank you” Damn he’s such a sensitive caveman.

          2. Hahaha! I have no clue what species that caveman is! Probably a European homo neanderthalensis/homo sapiens hybrid because of all the hair along with his sensitivity and language skills. Although with his American accent, he could be a Clovis man, but that more than likely places the guy from Kansas. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Man, you’d think as many times as I’ve watched these videos, I’d become accustomed to the darkness in this bacterial smorgasbord we call humanity. What are the final thoughts of the decedent as the blade penetrates the wound, from which the tortured rein of terror escapes into the nothingness of our shared destination. Fuckin A, Best Gorians–here’s to another day that precedes the nothingness. Xoxo, deathfetishfemale

    1. Hey @staciejaxx , I know it’s been awhile, but been meaning to say I LOVE the new avi!
      That pretty red lipstick makes you look “naughty” ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I once complimented this girl on her glossy red nail polish. She said, thanks. Then I asked what’s it called? She responded “Fuck Me Hard Red”. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      I walked away embarrassed and with an awkward boner :/
      True story ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. He’s a man. Not a farm animal. This is murder. It is a war crime. I hope someday, even 10,20, even 30 years from now all of these videos will be reviewed by the Hague or whatever international court is representing the civilized world and as we did to the Nazi’s, many of these guys who blatently murdered their fellow human beings will be identified, arrested, and prosecuted for their crimes.

    You cannot just kill people as these lunatics do because they are considered “your enemy”. There are rules of war that are not being followed here and breaking those rules have serious consequences. If you are someone who has a video of themselves murdering someone on camera, know that your image has been noted and there are organizations across the world looking for the day and the time to put you on trial, prosecute, and sentence you to a lifetime behind bars or your own execution.

    The “long arm of the law” doesn’t forget or forgive. Murder has no statue of limitations either so if you killed someone illegally on camera, watch your back for the rest of your life.

    1. do you no how much it would cost to gather all of them bearded savages up and bring them in front of a judge,jesus,your talking millions and millions,not to mention time and effort,and the fact that no1 cares really,plus I thought the hague only goes after jewish war crime perpetraters..Nazis..

  12. They have also just beheaded a Canadian. The entire Philippines Military knows who they are and where they are….. they need to wipe them all out at once.

  13. Visit our country and stay in basilan. Then spit out your comments infront of the abu sayyaf members =) we also have the bangsamoro islamic freedom fighters, mnlf, and more. Just be here and have fun then goodluck. ^^

  14. Why do all these beheading victims just kneel there? I would be going out kicking, screaming, spitting, whatever I could possibly do to make it harder for these camel jockey goatfuckers to use me as a willing participant to their bullshit aloha snackbar califake.

  15. Is it just me or does it seem like they’re started to get bored with the old head choppy off thingy? I mean even there ” Alan must do crackbar” chant sounded so pathetic like they’d rather be taking a shit?

    PS not new to site but new to posting so a big hello from here in London, UK xxx

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