Abu Sayyaf Militants Beheading Hostages in Basilan, Philippines

Abu Sayyaf Militants Beheading Hostages in Basilan, Philippines

Southern third of the Philippines, area called Mindanao is home to some pretty intense Islamic insurgency. Philippines in general is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but Mindanao, home of the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf makes the rest of the country gently meek.

Abu Sayyaf are known for kidnappings for ransom which they use to finance their insurgency with. Obviously, not all people they kidnap have someone able to pay for them so if they snatch a non Muslim, non sympathiser, who’s also not rich, then execution by beheading is in order. The same fate befalls anyone whom they consider an enemy of their faith or movement. Not sure which category kidnapped people beheaded in this video fall into – they may just as easily have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no such thing as a safe area in a country like the Philippines.

In the video, which is from Basilan, three men are seen sitting on the ground in a jungle before they are instructed to lay face down on the ground to get their hands tied behind their backs. Several militants armed with military grade rifles stand guard over them. First few minutes of the video are spent on checking and fastening of bonds that keep victim’s arms tied. The soldier who checks the bonds steps on some of the hostage’s necks with his heavy military boot. Clearly stressed out and anticipating the worst, the victims lay on the ground motionless, not making any sounds.

The video is 20 minutes long. You may wish to fast forward to the 2:35 mark if you want to have your day ruined with stupid singing. At around 4:45, the camera pans to show the militant’s faces – they all seem pretty young. At 6:20, one of the hostages is separated from the rest and taken behind the bushes where he’s instructed to lay on his front again. The militant then proceeds to cuts his head off with a huge combat knife as the one operating the camera starts singing Allahu Akbar. The knife appears to be pretty sharp so the act of decapitation only takes a few seconds. Severed head is then deposited into a large plastic bag. Meanwhile, the cameraman continues with his painful Islamic singing.

The militants then return to separate another hostage from the group and behead him too, though this guy took a bit longer to lose his head. Meanwhile the cameraman yells “yeehoo” like a fucking yahoo!

Beheading of the third hostage took even longer. The militant who took on this one was all eager to cut his head off but spine kept giving him troubles so despite acting all macho and thinking he’ll severe this head with his pinky nail, he had to keep sawing and sawing.

Several more people are beheaded as the video goes on. The expressions on the face of a man whose beheading starts at 15:40 are truly painful. The video ends with what appears as one more guy being lead to the execution ground but his beheading is not shown (camera ran out of batteries, perhaps?).

Of all the countries I have visited on my trip around the world, I consider the Philippines to be the most unfriendly and most dangerous. And I didn’t even go to Muslim controlled Mindanao where this insurgency takes place.

Every single place in the Philippines I had visited either just had someone murdered or someone was murdered just minutes after I’d left. In one place, a guy was shot dead by his goddamn brother in a karaoke bar for singing off-kea. This basically tells you everything you need to know about the Philippines. They don’t kill one another at the drop of a hat. Drop of a hat appears to be a good enough reason to unleash a downright massacre. It takes far less than that to get a bullet in the head. Yet still, in the south, in places like Basilan, Mindanao, where Abu Sayyaf militants routinely behead their victims, it’s even worse.


It was brought to my attention that 5 beheaded men in this video were AFP soldiers (Armed Forces of the Philippines). The marines were captured during a 4 hour long standoff with the Jihadists and their beheading allegedly made Philippine president Benigno Aquino III so mad, he declared an all out justice on Abu Sayyaf asses. The beheadings took place in a Sulu jungle.

The video of several people beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf militants after they were kidnapped in Basilan, Philippines is below. Props to 0bedtr0n for the hook-up:

BTW – if you are from the Philippines, you can tell Manny Pacquiao to take his face off every goddamn billboard in the country. He plain and simple lost that fight against Marquez. Judges had an agenda and needed to keep the title with Pacquiao so the decision was made in his favor despite getting his ass handed to him.

And while you’re at it, you can also give a shout out to the hotel staff in Tarlac for being so kind as to steal my silver ring from the room while I was having a breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, to the demanders (name I gave them, cause they don’t beg, they demand in a commanding voice that you give them money) who thanked me for buying them chicken by stealing my Ipod, and to the fucker on the bus from Laoag to Vigan for stealing my bag. I hope their kids choke on the stuff they stole. Thieving pieces of filthy Filipino shit!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Abu Sayyaf Militants Beheading Hostages in Basilan, Philippines”

    1. america is a fucked up violent country too. dont forget that and stop with the double standards. i know cause i live in the californa and have been all over the country. i’ve also been to the phillippines middleeast and some parts of europe. its jsut fucked up everywhere!!!

      1. Man fuck YOU – you’re fucked up. You’re a fucking liar. No where in America do convoys of journalists and politicians get fucking massacred and buried in a mass grave so big even the cars are buried. Don’t you even begin to compare the fucked up shit they do in the muslim areas of the world to civilization.

        Also, California is such a piece of shit now, I only just last night told my husband it should be cut off like a gangrenous ball sack. There is nothing there but illegals, hispanic and black gangs, and the worst liberal pieces of retarded shit on earth. If you live there you fit into one of those categories. The fucked up violence in America is mostly caused by people who never should have been allowed in. Eat shit. I live in Sweden, 90% of convicts here are ‘non western immigrants or their children’ primarily african/middle eastern and almost 100% muslim. suck it bitch.

        1. ok dumb bitch. before you make all these stupid accusations you need to check yourself. first, your country is full of fuckin pussy’s that is why the muslims will take over your country within 5 years because you guys were stupid enough to let them take over and cant do shit about it. 2 we have alot of immigrants here but they know they cant take over america. 3. its not jsut california that’s fucked up but the highest crime rate is ohio, michigin, new york, arizona and new mexico. we have rapist, cannibals, rapist, pedhophiles, gang violence, thugs, religious extremest we have them all in 50 states not jsut califonia. so fuck you and suck my dick bitch

          1. Uh, I live in California. Where I live is pretty crucial to the amount of crap that’s going on around me. I live in the big valley in the middle of the state. The violence that makes it to the news most of the time is from southern CA or in the northern parts of the Bay area (San Francisco), or in the little outlying suburbs. Is this state fucked up? You bet. But it isn’t any worse than other states.

    2. please dont stereotype everything. mindanao is a 2nd largest island in the philippines and sulu is an island of mindanao. that place is fucked up but not the whole philippines. on our area (visayas) we don’t encounter those things. and fyi sulu is more than 1000km or more away from our area. and for almost 50 years there is a struggle for an autonomous muslim mindanao that costed thousands of lives of different religions. to cut it short, the people here in the philippines have different languages and cultures due to the fact that the islands are separated from each other, end result=lack of unity. and abu sayaf is purely a MUSLIM terrorist group that has no cause whatsoever but i’m sure that they are backed up by the largest MUSLIM separatist militant group (MILF) which seeks muslim mindanao under sharia law. but the government forbids having a separate governance under the philippine flag that is why the war is more than 50 years now, but that is not related here because the abu sayaf is formed 15 years ago(correct me if im wrong) to spread radical islam and to promote jihad by means of kidnapping, extortion, and terrorism. imy, if there is no muslim groups in the philippines then there might be peace in mindanao. because here in visayas and luzon, we have no problems with our muslim brothers.the problem is just in zamboanga, sulu,cotabato, where most people’s religion are islam and minority christians and other religions.

  1. seems like the machete wasn’t sharp enough they are amateurs they don’t know how to behead properly i’ve seen a lot of Islamic beheadings from middle east when they know what they are doing it’s quite fast the person suffers less wonder if the head is still conscious after the beheading huh? either way it’s a scary way to die they should kill him like nazis used to do? a shot to the head does the job

    also why can’t get rid of MILF? can’t believe some insurgent group is more powerful than the country’s military

      1. From what history I’ve read, and other worthless mind clutter, it can take up to 3 minutes to die from beheading. The French revolution kept such records, as well as the British. Mary, Queen of Scots, was killed in this manner. I think a sword was used on her, or some kind of battle axe.

        1. Mary Queen of Scots died by way of an execution axe and it took several blows to remove her head.
          Re the records you’re talking about, many are quite inconclusive about the existence of consciousness after decapitation. Nerve reflexes do not necessarily imply that the brain is still able to function and comprehend the current predicament.
          Some interesting experiments were done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with regard to the question. Do a Google search on ‘Henri Languille’ for extra info please.

          1. Mary was an example. The other sources, including a collection of history books of the renaissance period in England, are mostly my sources. There’s also the lady that told me of an experiment where a man to be executed had an arrangement with the executioner. The executioner wanted to know if it was an instant death, and his intended agreed to blink his eyes as much as he could after he was beheaded. He blinked 21 times. It wasn’t a reflex, it was a conscious act. So, I will give further sources when time allows, but I do want to point out that I learned early on, as a kid, to not open my mouth unless I had some form of confirming source. I also want to point out that execution by decapitation was ended in many western societies because it isn’t an instant death.

          2. Yes..you’re talking about the Languille experiment I believe. There are many images of Chinese beheadings from the Boxer Rebellion and Warlord era in which heads are caught mid-flight by the camera. Some seem quite anguished!! What a shitty thought…your head flying through the air and understanding what’s going on. That second or two could feel like a billion years I guess.

  2. Finally my Home Country xD
    well here in PH there are places where just by walking a bit arrogantly will make people Beat you
    there are also places for drugs which police cant lay a hand
    most of the drugs,illegal Gambling were backed up with police that show how corrupted my country is ^^
    but there are also a safe place here

  3. They headcutters/choppers seem to enjoy their job. Even put the boots to the one guy after slicing off his melon. Like he’s going to feel it, huh?

    This kind of human slaughter is quite fascinating. Just about the worst way a person can die. Perhaps, being burned to death could be worse.

  4. yes Philippines the country where i lived….
    it’s right that this country is a corrupted place, even Government use there power in the wrong way….
    Sad to say….we’re living in a corrupt and poverty place….

  5. LOL? im from philippines specifically in mindanao where lanao is near to us the entrance and exit of those abu sayafs and MILFs anyways you can’t expect any good from a 3rd world country any mistakes committed will always says ‘what dya expect from a 3rd world country’ and all you featured here are almost 3rd world country saying dont go there coz blah blah blah… u should already know coz its a 3rd world country expect the unexpected lol…

    1. And forever you will remain a third world country for you have no intention to quit being assholes. First world countries didn’t become first world countries by dedicated their existence to thievery.

  6. It’s good to be an asshole. Chicks dig us. That’s why countries full of assholes are also full of babies.

    “Why are you taking me behind the bushes?”
    “We’re going to play some Wheel of Fortune.”
    “Ah cool.”

  7. I’m from the Philippines. No, I’m not going to be one of those illiterate fucks who try to give biased statements about this place either. This place isn’t safe; it’s shit. The government sucks for stealing from us and the people actually see that as a valid excuse to steal from others, thus making the others steal back and it ends up in an endless loop.
    As for the singing-off-key murder, idk wtf’s up with that. I find it funny though.

    I do wish to let you know though that there are still some– maybe a little– of us here who aren’t dicks and work and do very legal stuff to get what we have, regardless of whatever. Don’t assume ALL of us as stupid/assholes.

    Also, I’ve been living 16 years here and I have yet to see a corpse. Or even a crime scene.

    inb4 racist against my own race, I’m not.

  8. All I can say is fuck living there,… What a cunt of a way to die, Except for some of the sick fucks that have featured on our previous gore ,.. Those arse wipes definately deserve that fate ,.. Having their throats slowly slashed with a blunt knife!!!!!

  9. I’m from Philippines, sad to say that this place is really fucked up , corruptions are everywhere, rich people gets even richer while poor people die of hunger. Politicians don’t have any conscience left in them. Prostitutes almost everywhere. A place where prisoners deserves to have computer rather than the students, and did i mention Overpopulation ? Crimes! Thieves! Fucking Extra Judicial Killings !

    but despite of all these reason to hate my Country … i still believe that there is HOPE for our Country, it will all be better someday. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas !

  10. Who cares if i live in a 3rd world country I’ve been here ever since and I’m happy living here and i dont care if it will become a 1st world country, Just don’t be a [email protected] [email protected] F*** if you’re goin to those places or other place even america is not safe to live u know that be alert bro don’t trust people whom u dont know if u think your things are important don’t leave it carry it always…

    1. shut up 3rd world shitass. What do you mean dumb lazy fuck? You mean like taking a cab in mexico and then getting punched in the face, robbed, and kidnapped? Is that because the victim was lazy?
      Or how about a vacation in Dubai? Where the couple gets engaged and drink a bottle of champagne, and a muslim shitbag follows the tipsy woman into the bathroom and rapes her. So when she reports it SHE gets arrested for drinking (even though they sell it there) AND for having sex outside marriage!! FUCK YOU. Anybody who goes to one of your shitholes is a DUMB FUCK.
      Why would anybody want to go to a place where you are constantly 100% of the time on guard and fearful. Everybody knows a tourist is more likely to get robbed, raped, etc., because they can’t recognize the people who did it and because they are the ones thought to have money. Keep your third world shit in the 3rd world. Then maybe my 1st world place won’t be ‘unsafe’ to live, because the perpetrators are all fucking people like you.

      1. wow your really are a dumb fuck… I thought american ppl likes the thrill of there life? that’s what i always see on tv crash on there racing bikes having a broken necks and stuffs still loves the game now u can see a real thrill coming to 3rd world country… and in the 1st place why do ppl go to those places w/c they already know that they are not safe? i think u already have the list of countries w/c u think is not safe don’t tell me no one informed u about it. If i live on a 1st world country there’s no reason for me to risk my life going to a 3rd world country or maybe american ppl really loves the thrill, my advice for you is not to go to places w/c u think your not safe
        (Why would anybody want to go to a place where you are constantly 100% of the time on guard and fearful.) eat your own word

  11. I’ve visited Philippines for 5 days years ago and i fortunately didn’t experience any dangerous situation, but one thing i should tell those who plan to visit there is that they for sure love to extort money from foreign visitors. From airport officers to police officers, and taxi drivers or everyone will try to rip you off for whatever reasons.

    In fact, every South East Asian countries are basically corrupt so it’s not only Philippines where you experience this kind of problems, but i can safely say that Philippines is one of the worst. Well, but good things are that they got some beautiful beach and prices are cheap.

    1. “In fact, every South East Asian countries are basically corrupt so it’s… ”

      I don’t know what you mean but, not every SEA countries are corrupt. Maybe you can take out Brunei and Singapore from the list.

  12. Jeez that camera-man had an erection for sure, he was giddy with excitement, are these Philippino Muslims copying the Mid-Eastern Muslims with the decapitation? It certainly seems like a favoured activity, I think this group were just happy its not them having their heads chopped off, but be patient fella’s, you’ll get your turn!

    1. if your a muslim then you should be informed already that the muslim sharia law practices beheading. even on women. in times of war, when you capture a non-muslim or an enemy even a muslim. they should be beheaded. this is muslim extremism my friend. they are not copying anything.

  13. All I can say is the way those guys got beheaded should be implimented on those arse wipe fucks that did the hammer and screw driver torture , death on that old guy !!! I would love seeing those sick cunts having their throats slit,… And for good measure also throw in those tosser pricks who beat that dog to death with that 4×2 plank wood !! That would make a fucking premo vid shoot,.. gutter filth fuks being slaughtered !!!!!!

  14. “And while you’re at it, you can also give a shout out to the hotel staff in Tarlac for being so kind as to steal my silver ring from the room while I was having a breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, to the demanders (name I gave them, cause they don’t beg, they demand in a commanding voice that you give them money) who thanked me for buying them chicken by stealing my Ipod, and to the fucker on the bus from Laoag to Vigan for stealing my bag. I hope their kids choke on the stuff they stole. Thieving pieces of shit!”

    – ROFL!

  15. Well I live there but in Luzon, but the problem is Mindanao and other part of the land filled with Muslim. No foreigner or local city ppl from manila will ever go there.

    About the city you might say you might get mugged/robbed if you’re not careful walking with your gadget and jewelry openly it’s wise to not show it on plain sight walking along the streets especially if they see a Caucasian.

  16. Funny. What’s Manny Pacquiao got to do with the topic? Or the one who wrote the article is some kind of Marquez fanatic?
    As far as Marquez is concerned why don’t you blame it on your American Judges the fight not Manny or because he’s on a home turf?(Stupid! He’s not a U.S. resident) also why only Manny he(Marquez) complains the fight decision is not fair? Why did he not complain about his fight with Floyd? Maybe Marquez is a Pussy Coward thinks because there are so many Mexican in Las Vegas than the Filipinos to show his support he cannot complain against an U.S.(probably many American supporter) boxer Floyd Mayweather.
    By the way why don’t you compare the Mayweather-Marquez fight to Pacquiao-Marquez fight see which is more exiting match?

    1. Is ISLAM a religion of peace? Luckily for us christians we are not in the middle ages and our religion have greatly reformed on its hyprocrisy or our women will be burnt on the stakes. but why is islam still practicing this kind of barbaric behavior. we live in the 21st century but there is still stupid ideologies. the world is greatly fucked up not just in my country but all over the world. rest in peace my fellow country men. your death will not be forgotten and those stupid shitfaces will face justice.

  17. these guys will really be happy if the violence will escalate in the upper parts of the philippine islands. and it will be like the crusading time where religion kills religion. that is just plain stupid. find yourself a better religion to follow shitheads or do you really mutilate other human beings.so stupidfuck!did you guys enjoy my countrymen kill each other? if yes, then fuck you. because of stupid fucks who recruits stupid people who can’t even read then they kill. just how fucked up this world can be.

  18. @chancho guys like you are one of the problems of our country. guys who does not care. This video really hurts me as my brainwashed countrymen kills a proud soldier of my country. it really hurts me that these people obeys a false ideology. that they are manipulated by educated people. those marines have been originally captured by (MILF-Moro Islamic Liberation Front) because these marines went to the MILF camp to arrest one of the MILF rogue commander responsible for mutilating ambushed Philippine marines years ago. these beheaded marines thought that they have a clear go-signal to enter the MILF camp (takenote: they have a ceasefire agreement and having peacetalks on going) but they have been backstabbed by the MILF and also civilian sympathyzers who also partaked in the ambush. these men were outgunned, outnumbered, separated from the main arresting party, and out of bullets to fire back at the traitorous bastards. they were captured alive by the MILF and then these ABU SAYAF group took them so that they will be beheaded. and these MILF bastards are aware of what the ASG did. They are liars and are afraid of another war because if another war will occur in mindanao, they will be surely eradicated. and more gores for you to post here.

    1. LOL! Chill man, he was just saying that these rants are unrelated and that no one gives a fuck.

      Btw, I stopped reading at “guys who does not care”. Seriously man, stop skipping English class.

      1. are you a perfectionist addict? so what if a phrase has an error in grammar. do rappers, correct their errors in their perfect english?.no, as long as it is understandable and this is not a job interview. its a forum. okay dude?

        1. I’m gonna start taking care of this. It’s been happening more and more often and it’s uncalled for. This is not a “speak perfect English” site. I hate internet talk more than anyone and will not tolerate it, but we’re not a grammar police and have many members who are not English native speakers. Comments posted to bully others because of minor grammatical errors will no longer be allowed.

    2. hey dude, i saw this video from a friend way back before the MILF’s thingy,
      So i bet this shit happened on erap’s regime when the abusayaff is still on the loose. And i clearly think that those guys are not from afp because of their hair-cuts and body build. They must be atleast medium body if they were marines.

      1. i guess your right, these men are like civilian volunteers by their looks. my brother’s fraternity brother were once acquaintances with one of the fallen soldiers in the recent ambush. a graduate of PMA, 2nd lieutenant.

  19. I love this site… but I just feel bad of how racist the author are.. I am a Japanese who live now in Philippine for education.

    And I know how bad this country is. But still there’s a lot of good things about Philippine. For me, even my home country, Japan, has a places which are not safe.

    But its not right to say that every place in Philippine are not safe. We know there is. (and sorry for my bad english.)

  20. For the earlier convo, im siding from the swedish chick. And im from washington. Californians are dumbasses, they are even stupid enough to move here. Its cold and rainy and sucks ass. And californians keep comin by the dozens, complaining about OUR immigration issues and the weather. you moved here dumbasses, its your fault.

    1. Considering many in the state of CA have come from other fucked up states, your point is moot. Not to mention CA is a conservative strong hold red state. You conveniently forget that Reagan was from CA, and he was a governor of CA prior to his presidency. Then there’s the governator, who was also a republican, supposedly conservative, who ran our state in to the ground. Considering I hold a masters degree, claiming CA people are stupid only points up your ignorance, Mclovin. I was born here. I didn’t move here from some other bankrupt state. Also, CA is around the 8th biggest economy in the world, can you claim the same for your area? If CA does split off from the USA, good. Then the population’s taxes won’t go to feeding some republican war, it won’t go to the federal mooches of the USA. It would go back in to the economy here, not some hillbilly redneck state with a huge welfare population, like Louisiana. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you cop an attitude.

  21. I couldn’t see the video and I just want to comment about the Philippines being one of the most dangerous place in the world. Philippines have 3 separate Islands, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. Mindanao is the only area where Terrorist live, and the amount of terrorist who live there is just small. Unlike other arab countries. We rarely get the news that their is bombing or kidnapping happening in that area cause like what i just said, It’s pretty rare. People say that this place is the worst place to live in, and I disagree. It’s very peaceful here and basically, you can just walk at the street at night without worrying anything. Our fellow Filipino always mention things that our country is very corrupt. Who isn’t? probably almost every country in the world is corrupt in some ways. We just don’t know it very much cause we don’t live there. For me, Philippines is the safest and best country there is.

    1. I agree with you, Mark got really unlucky here. So I cant judge too. I grew up in one of the most busiest cities here in the Philippines – Manila. Many shitty things happens here but still I could say that it’s safe. I think our media gives one sided stories. My relatives abroad think that the philippines is no longer safe because on news they receive but i totally disagree.

  22. i’m pretty sure i’ve seen this but i wanted to see it again, but the video link is broken. i looked on google and whatnot for the video but it looks as though it’s clean off the internet now. does anyone know where i can still view this video?

  23. The Philippines can surely be dangerous I’m not going to agrue agaisnt that. However, how dangerous the Philippines is depends highly on where in the Philippines you are. Also, it helps a ton to have a local as a friend to help guide you.

    The Southernmost province is where the terrorist activities originate and take place mostly. As long as you don’t go there you’ll probably be fine.

    As far as Pacquiao being very popular in the Philippines. Well one fight that some don’t agree with isn’t going to do anything about Pacquiao being popular and righty so. He is arguable the best pound for pound fighter ever regardless so the people of the Philippines have ever right to be proud of him.

    As far as losing your shit? Keep it locked up. Thieves reside everywhere not just in the Philippines.

    1. Pacquiao is the man !! I hear that when he fights the rebels and the government don’t just so they can watch. Not just a great man not just a great fighter not just a great politician Manny is a great human being. Would love to see him run for president when his boxing days are over.

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