African Man Caught After Beheading and Dismembering Child for Ritual

African Man Caught After Beheading and Dismembering Child for Ritual

This video appears to be from West Africa (according to their accent), although I do not know which specific country. It shows a man who was caught with a severed head and hands of a child.

The man is suspected to have beheaded and dismembered the young boy for a black magic ritual. This would be a similar case to the one we have recently seen from Ghana, whereby a farmer decapitated his own son for a ritual.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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115 thoughts on “African Man Caught After Beheading and Dismembering Child for Ritual”

    1. It’s real. Black magic is no joke. You should read the book “New World Order” by Ralph Epperson. He presents actual facts about the elite who participate in satanic rituals. Because that is what black magic is about. They worship beings who are called ‘Jinn’. You can use Jinn in several ways. Just look at this jamaican dude who uses Jinn to perform magic shows:

      1. I really doubt about anything’s just illusions! Even if was real I won’t kill someone to get any power …a book or a video can’t tells me what it’s real and what’s not. you’re probably one of those who believe everything they see and hear ..

    2. you dont understand what really happened.this man is a transportation engineer for his goverment,and he was working on a system to fit 1,000 students on a bus built for 100 because buses are in very short supply…
      Obviously his system is still in the experimental stage.

  1. People like to point to beautiful woods, mountains, blue skies and shit as proof there is a god. Well, if there is a god then why didn’t this black fag get caught BEFORE he killed this child. Just sayin. Was god busy takin a dump in the woods?

      1. I respect your view Fred, but I’m saying why would god let this happen to a child if he cares and watches over us? Church leaders will babble on about “god’s will and the mysteries”, all crap in mho.

        1. BLM hasn’t caught on in Heaven yet.
          But seriously, maybe this child would have grown to become a murderous tyrant. It’s possible that 1000’s of people were spared by this single killing.
          That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on ones value of Africans lives.

    1. Well… if God created us… why would he want to babysit us all the time?…

      I have grown adult children… I certainly don’t babysit them now…

      Does that make me a bad parent?…

          1. Which god are we talking about? God of Lightning of some prehistoric Neanderthal? Egyptian gods? Greek gods? Norse gods? Vishnu? Allah? Yahweh?

            There are so many, I get confused all the times 🙂

      1. @gnat
        No because you dont claim to see all and be everywhere at all times.. so you are physically incapable but god is apparently everything and everywhere and cpapable of anything so… yeah he has zero excuse..

        1. So… you expect to be coddled all your life?…

          If you stumble and get a boo boo on your knee… you expect God to come out of the sky and make it better?…

          You certainly have a silly notion of how the deity works…

          1. @gnat no I dont expect this, otherwise I would be a pathetic christian who thinks if they waste their entire lives on something then they get to go to some magic land. Other gods of the world give people things they actually NEED in return for sacrifice which makes some fucking sense not just scares you into sacrificing everything incase you might go to jail. Christianity is proven to be a mixture of many other pagan religions put into one big fucked up mess, its not my fault youre too scared to live life. I dont expect a fucking fixed boo boo I expect if I am willing to sacrifice something then so is he for the people he created. What sort of sick fuck creates humans just to abuse them, going back to your parent child relationship, it is like giving birth to someone just to beat them and rape them everyday because you feel like it. Why would I worship someone who just makes people to fuck with and neglect. Fact is not everyone is capable of believing in god, like tribes and they what? Just go to hell? Yeah keep wasting your life.

    2. Before anyone and I mean anyone loses their life God has okayed the loss of life.
      And nobody and I mean nobody has to question the ways of God.
      Cause nobody and I mean nobody was there when God created the earth and the universe.
      Where was God when this nigger child from Africa was decapitated?
      Where were you when God created heavens and earth?

          1. Maybe I should become a leader of a church and I can get free money.
            Only difference between me and other wealthy evangelists is that I won’t tell you to get on your knees and repent.
            I will strictly stick to preaching the universal law of giving and receiving.

            Something like,
            the more you give the more you receive.
            So if you have received a lot go ahead and give alot.
            When the basket passes through the row your seated on make sure you deposit whatever you feel like depositing.
            Just keep in mind the more you give the more you will receive.
            If you deposit nothing don’t be surprised when you don’t receive shit.
            Amen, brothers and sisters have a blessed day!!

      1. Haha, so god signs off on the killing. Ok. Nobody has to question the ways of god. But I can anyway. Church is a racket set up to take money and power from the masses, imho. A priest is no better, maybe worse than anyone else.
        And god doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

          1. I have watched loved ones die and saw them look at something I couldn’t see with an expression of fascination or “disbelief” on their face. I know that there is more after this life.

          2. When you die, you die. Voice in your head is a collaborative effort of your body. If you believe in “magic” or are hearing voices, see your psychiatrist.

        1. @loooosy just as I think you can’t be anything larger than giant pathetic poseur you top yourself.
          congratulations you win would you like goldfish w/ bowl or gift certificate to trader Joe’s?

          1. I am not afraid to take on an unpopular stance. God will continue to get credit for everything good in this world “thank god, thanks be to god…” My point is that god never prevents bad from happening. Why, I ask? While man is given blame for all the bad. I don’t expect despy to dwell on any weighty matters, you are stuck in the 1970’s listening to your adolescent music. Enjoy, nothing wrong with that.

          2. spoken just like the guy who’s meeting the new boyfriend
            of the woman he’s still ‘in love’ with…

            “she’s all yers…enjoy. fuck’er good. I did.”

          3. Break your forehead for the glory of the Lord. On your knees, dog.

            And don’t forget to make a donation to church. your god seems to always be a little short on cash.

          4. @Loosythepoosy.
            “…God never prevents bad things from happening.”
            I completely understand what you’re saying and I get your point. But, how could one know when God has prevented something bad from happening? Having been prevented, it never happened in the first place. People will not credit God for preventing something that they know did not occur. If that makes sense.???
            Also, I agree on your position on organized religion. Not unlike many insurance companies, organized religion tends to prey on ones fears and amasses huge fortunes in doing so. Ones faith in God, however, should not be dependent on ones participation in organized religion. It should be a personal, faith based conviction. That’s just my opinion of course.

          5. @dan -A -Conda, good points. I guess I feel god should have spared an innocent’s life. I’m sure this guy has killed before. Just got caught this time.
            I like discussing this type of subject with people who can reason about it instead of being a knee-jerk reactor.

        2. Of course God has to consent on who dies at what time and who doesn’t.
          He is our creator so therefore our destroyer.
          (Not death)
          It’s like a game between God and death, death wants to take whoever it wants to take and God has the ultimate say…
          Nope death, you can’t take loosy, I still haven’t finished with her in this realm.
          Or yes go ahead and touch her soul if you want there’s nothing else left for loosy to do in this physical life.
          Same aplies to every human alive including myself.

          And about churches and priest’s and donations and all that shit, don’t make too much of it, if you feel it you feel it and if you don’t, well you just don’t.
          Don’t let that affect your view on your Creator.
          For you to say that you believe that there’s life after death it’s more than a good start in the right way.

          1. Looks like everyone has their own bag of magical beliefs in their head.
            “more than a good start in the right way” – actually laughed at this one. Well, I guess it makes sense for you, a believer in magic. But it’s ultimately not up to you to decide what is right and what is wrong for others, because rights and wrongs are relative.

        3. Even if god is real who says who god is, wouldnt it make more sense for the ancient gods to exist as they were closer the the roots of humanity.. honestly I dont care if you are religous but believing in “the one true god” is rediculous as Christianity is a new religion compared to so many others, it literally makes no sense to use were we there at the beginning shit when the people who were closer to the beginning had never heard of this Christian god before 2000 or so years ago but somehow he kept it hidden and unknown for 4000 years before that?.. bullfuckingshit. Not to mention how old the earth really is. Rediculous notion. Honestly the fact that anyone who believes in god is here is fucked.

          1. @Karma.
            …people who were closer to the beginning had never heard of this Christian God…”
            Those people had never heard of sanitation, fire, cooking, much less rocket propulsion and quantum physics.
            Like you said, we weren’t there. Early man was simple minded by today’s standards. Maybe God did make his presence known but it was just simpler to believe only in what they can see and touch. Native Americans for one example still have that mindset regarding “Gods” and what have you.

          2. But not 6000 years ago. They had the capabilities to understand the concept of god, you are literally just choosing to hear the parts you want to from what I said. There is no real documentation of moses and yet of everything else of egyptians is. The bible claims the world began when humans were in their prime and completely civilised, one god makes no sense no matter what you wish to overlook.

          3. @karma low-key you sound dumb af with your bullfuckingshit.
            People believe what the fuck they want to believe and they won’t believe what the fuck they don’t want to believe.
            You really think that just cause you don’t believe in God, that belief of yours is gonna change the truth of our origins…
            Fuck, the only one fucked here is you for being a blind person that could actually see the world around her and failing miserable at seeing The One and Only, The our Creator.
            You must be the type to think that humans evolved from the ape.
            And nowhere in the bible does it say God created the world 6000 years ago or around.
            WTF??? Didn’t you know that dinosaurs lived hundreads of millions of years ago…
            Or how about the continents as they are today, didn’t you know that it took the inner forces of the earth through tectonic movement millions of years to break them apart when it was one solid landmass, Pangaea if I’m not mistaken.
            Anyways learn real science and real history and use common sense cause the world most certainly was not created 6000 years ago.

            No it doesnt say exactly how old it is, all it does it make references that allow us to calculate rougly when it was created using date used in the bible and all you need to know is the most basic of math. Humans (adam and eve) didnt exist billions of years ago but dinosaurs did and other life after and before, yet adam was made on the 6th day? What I am saying is pretty simple and clear, I am not trying to be smart so you commenting on my intelligence matters not, I am just speaking extremely simple truths.

          5. I said closer to the ROOTS of humanity as in the beginning of time for humans on earth. None of you have even made any points back or came up with any evidence to support your cause, just insulting me back but unable to contradict these facts.

    1. I had TSOL cassette tape “change today” when I was younger. I played it so much I eventually snapped it “black magic” lead off tune but I recall flowers by the door as a favorite. going to try and look up and listen to it now! I wonder if it sucks, so exciting!

      1. hey despy just listened to entire Change Today album and refreshing to know you were as cool back then as you are today.
        not a bad tune in entire bunch and flowers is hilarious probably my favorite as it seems to scream teenage angst and I dig that whimsical guitar, keep rocking on girl

        1. Yeah, I heard some of your music at the radio broadcast museum the other day. They clicked on one of those old vacuum tube radios, tuned it in to an AM band radio station and out came some of those golden oldies….

      1. People are killing people…
        It has nothing to do with God…

        Humanity is quite capable of making a “religion” out of anything​…
        Multiculturalism… Usury monetary system… Global warming OR cooling… Atheism… Zionism… Capitalism… Facebook… Etcetera… Etcetera…

  2. I wonder if kid knows what’s about to go down. does dad say hey keenan come help pa with this and he makes the approach or does he notice a bunch of heads of stuff and candles and chanting and runs for the hills only to be systematically dragged back into it

    1. @despy.
      That’s funny. The little bastard would be like, “What’s up Pops? Yeah, you know I’d love to help you out with all that…creepy ass shit that you got going on there, but, I am just swamped with homework and hey, the lawn won’t cut itself, right.? So I’ll just be going now.”

  3. It’s real. Black magic is no joke. You should read the book “New World Order” by Ralph Epperson. He presents actual facts about the elite who participate in satanic rituals. Because that is what black magic is about. They worship beings who are called ‘Jinn’. You can use Jinn in several ways.
    Just look at this jamaican dude who uses Jinn to perform magic shows:

  4. Africa….
    One hundred+ years down in evolution.
    How is that ever gonna come right.
    Parents throwing their kids on the street because they think they are posessed.
    Fucking living in the Netherlands where 95% is living in a bubble.
    Best gore should be obligated in primary school!!!

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