Aftermath of Deadly Prison Riot in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Aftermath of Deadly Prison Riot in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

At around 5pm tonight (January 14, 2017), a riot broke out at Alcaçuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A spokesperson for the Military Police stated that the officers will wait for dawn to intervene. Consequently, the riot is still uncontained, and the number of killed inmates unclear. As of 9pm, The government of Rio Grande do Norte has confirmed at least 10 deaths.

According to the president of the Union of Correction Agents, Vilma Batista, unidentified men in a car approached the prison before the riot, and threw weapons over the wall.

Penitenciária Estadual de Alcaçuz is the largest prison in Rio Grande do Norte, and is located in Nísia Floresta – city of the Great Christmas. Reporters on the ground say the prison is dark (no lights), one can hear the ringing of gun shots, and see thick smoke rising from the buildings.

According to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship, the jail houses about 1,150 prisoners, but its capacity is for 620 detainees.

We’re only two weeks into the year 2017, but Brazil has already been hit with three deadly prison massacres. On New Year’s Day, a massacre at Compaj prison in Manaus, Amazonas left 56 inmates dead, making it the second deadliest prison riot in Brazil’s history. Five days later, massacre in prison in Boa Vista, Roraima, left 31 inmates dead, making it the third deadliest in Brazil’s history.

Props to Best Gore member @brunoousado for the video. I believe I can already see more than 10 people dead, many beheaded, in it:

Here’s also a video of a prison guard captured and held hostage by the inmates, who warn the police not to invade, and asks for improvements to fix the horrific conditions in Brazilian prisons:

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    3. There are nice parts of Brasil. I’m 38 and have been visiting there regularly since I was 2. So far so good. I guess it helps my mom is Brazilian. All these barbaric prison riots could have been prevented if Brasil had the death penalty. Liberal bastards in government.

      1. lol they could be mitigated if there wasn’t endless poverty all over the country. The inequality is unreal there.

        Unless they plan on killing all criminals on the spot can’t see the death penalty making any difference. Besides, less criminals means less sick shit for us to watch!

    1. Probably because the inmates are in separate blocks based on their gang, so they assume that who are not in their blocks are automatically enemies…plus they have tattooed gang symbols and numbers and shit all over the body

  1. Coming back here to say that the deaths are already over 100 according to reports .. the prison is surrounded and the police will only invade in the morning … we will probably have the biggest massacre! These are wars between factions, all are bad and dangerous bandits, we Brazilians are happy anyway, less trash in society!

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    1. Is there a problem with the way is being run now?
      Looks to me like is being run efficiently. A few more riots like this one and Brazil won’t need to waste their money on housing these jungle monkeys. Instead, the politicians can use it to fuel their all night drug and sex parties.

    2. Would you piss off a drug dealer who knows where you live, where your son study and where your wife works? That is why all the crap and guns and riots happen, they just don’t care, if they do something, they die.

  3. Nothing unusual in here as we do know that the Brazilian prisons are worst of the worst hell holes on earth .
    Even the Prison Authorities must be getting dead scared to intervene for they dare not disturb the vermins breathing their sick lives out in those shady prison cells .

  4. Hello ! Everone im back” I couldn’t get my pass for a while now..but now im here” on freaking best gore and loving it:-)

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  5. It seems that the prison is divided in 5 sections, 1 to 4 housing inmates from the Crime Syndicate from Rio Grande do Norte, a faction allied with CV, and the section 5 houses inmates affiliated with PCC. It seems that the inmates from section 5 were the ones who carried the massacre killing the inmates of section 4, according to media reports.

  6. These prisoners claim to want improvements to prison conditions but the only leverage they have is the threat of killing off more prisoners. The lives of the prison guards are seen as disposable, so, I wonder if the inmates see the flaw in their plan.

    1. Yeah, a piss-poor escape plan. I suspect the prison is surrounded.

      They’ve never spared them in the past as bargaining chips, and used to get a carton of cigarettes thrown in for release of one… maybe they’ll trade one for a fresh cell phone battery, eh.

  7. Ahh, my first post of 2017. Happy New year to all. Watching my first video of 2017 is like waking up, opening the window and breathing in that sweet fragrance of morning dew.

    My wish for the new year is that all the prisons in the world joined in with the Brazilian experience and just wiped each other off the face of the earth. Is that too much to ask for?

    I know that the gods won’t let me down. I raise a glass of Don Perignon to toast the carnage and brutality of bestgore.
    May your new year be as prosperous as this weekend was at this prison.

    Happy New year everybody. Happy new year.

  8. These riots have been going on for decades… centuries… I remember reading books from the library back in the ’80s that documented riots and history of them etc, how the Brazilian riots were violent, how they tortured and decapitated and killed guards and other prisoners, and a few Soft Gore pics in the center pages of the books… nothing of the magnitude of these modern riots, but, the option is available today to practically see prison riots LIVE on the Web in full colour, instead of waiting a few years for some reporter to write a book about it with a few grainy black and white photos. Weird! Right now, I give most of these vids and gore stories here a pussy pass. Seen one cunt, you’ve seen `em all.

    Crime employs people. Lots of people in lots of areas. Don’t expect anyone to “fix” the problem, not in any system on this €arth.

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  9. The root cause of these incidents and outbreaks of violence in our penitentiary systems and civil societies is plain to see… Drugs! The simple answer…. Marijuana!

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    The simple point . . .
    If you wanna eliminate Prison Riots- then ELEMINATE MARIJUANA!


  10. I would close down all entrances and exits on those prisons and obliterate anything and everything in it.
    At the very least all surviving gladiators should be all put on a fucking plane and sent down to the middle east over to Syria and
    Iraq….that would be something like a dream.

  11. i wonder how all this thing is going down….it will be grate to see a video wile it was happening..i mean it was like a fight? and they overcame and this is the result?they where standing there and the just slaughter them!dont know..but if you ask me most of those corpses looks like bad motherfuckers!i bet the went down swinging..

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    Well, it’s politcally incorrect for the G to be percieved drug pushers… better to have carnage and crime and all things related and try to figure out how to stop crime and violence, and get tough on crime and criminals… than implementing the only logical solution.

    Canada is about to legalize weed…. step 1…

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