Aftermath of Rainy Weather Decapitation on Crosswalk

Aftermath of Rainy Weather Decapitation on Crosswalk

I don’t have any backinfo about the video. It appears to show the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident which left a man decapitated on a crosswalk in rainy weather. His red jacket nicely complements the redness of his spilled blood as the rain dilutes and distributes it around him.

I couldn’t reliably tell that that thing a few feet ahead of him is (at 0:24). Is that a motorcycle helmet that may have at one point housed his not severed head? If so, then it may mean that the headless man was a motorcyclist and not a pedestrian trying to cross the road, and lost his head riding. That possible helmet looks a bit squashed so that may suggest that something heavy (truck?) ran over his head and that’s how the beheading happened.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Aftermath of Rainy Weather Decapitation on Crosswalk”

  1. That’s definitely a motorcycle helmet (a couple of body lengths from where his head is). Why is there some doubt about it?

    As to where his head is at… most likely being served as a delicacy down the road.

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  5. It makes me wonder, do they have had any training of driving anything with motor on public roads? Because most of those accidents could be avoided,,,On a different note I don’t want it to stop we wouldn’t have these great videos….I was just asking…

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