al Shabab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video

al Shabaab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video

Somali terrorist group al Shabab (sometimes spelled as Al-Shabaab) spent Valentine’s Day beheading 25 year old humanitarian aid worker Mansuur Mohammed. Al Shabab is a group of Muslim extremists who did not appreciate the fact that Mansuur Mohammed converted form Islam to Christianity so they executed him the way merciful Prophet Mohammed commands – by beheading. The video of Valentine’s Day Beheading was originally posted on pro-terrorist website that supports actions of al Shabab.

Beheading was executed in front of unsuspecting onlookers from the village of Manyafulka in Kenya. The villagers were told that al Shabab prepared a feast for them. Traditionally, villagers thought a sheep would be sacrificed – as is a local custom, instead they’d witnessed brutal beheading of Mansuur Mohammed.

In the video, 5 masked men from the Al-Shabaab group stand behind kneeling Mansuur Mohammed. One of the terrorists is reading Quran, while another is rubbing his knife against the hair on Mansuur Mohammed’s as though sharpening it, but doing it just to taunt defenceless victim. Terrorists spend a while showing off their fancy knives, which prove to be a piece of shit in the end, barely sharp enough to cut through flesh, prolonging young man’s suffering. The part in which Mansuur Mohammed’s head is fully decapitated is missing form the video – I’m guessing they cut that part off cause they were embarrassed it took them forever to cut his head off completely. Video shows the beginning of the beheading as two masked men take turn in cutting into Mansuur Mohammed’s neck and struggling to actually make a decent cut, then there is a cut and the video continues with images of Mansuur Mohammed’s headless body laying on the ground while al Shabab men show his decapitated head off.

Shockingly, Mansuur Mohammed remained remarkably calm and never uttered a word or a simple sound throughout this entire ordeal. Most of the beheadings are accompanied by mortally nervous victims, who typically shake and move their bodies back and forth as terrorists read their last words. Then when actual beheading begins, the victim typically screams (Eugene Armstrong Beheading for example) – Mansuur Mohammed simply sat there motionless, showing no emotions whatsoever and even during beheading he just clasped his teeth together and went through last seconds of his life without sound. Even though his executioners beheaded him with fancy looking, but jokingly dull daggers.

If Mansuur Mohammed took it like a champ because he truly believed in God and believed he was dying for a good cause, then he’s a sample of the true believer, something that is hard to find among church goers. Much respect to this young man. He knew he was going to die and took it with so much strength and pride there’s no match to it.

Many Somalis who converted from Islam to Christianity reportedly flee to Kenya but al Shabaab is determined to exterminate everyone who is caught with a bible or is known to have converted to Christianity. Somalis are killing Somalis, whether they are still in their homeland of Somalia, or whether they sought refuge in neighboring countries, Kenya, Djibouti or Ethiopia. Valentines Day is considered by Muslims to be a Christian holiday. The release of Mansuur Mohammed beheading video was very well timed to coincide with this occasion.

Warning – al Shabab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video depicts last moments of a 25 year old man as he’s being beheaded by extremists. Video is extremely graphic and bloody. You must be 18 years of age or over to watch and even if you are, think twice before you click on play.

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90 thoughts on “al Shabab Valentines Day Beheading of Mansuur Mohammed Video”

  1. I hate watching these videos, but I force myself in order to remind myself what we are up against as civilized nations. This is the enemy people. Regardless of one’s crimes, everyone deserves a just and quick death. The animals who committed this crime will be brought to justice and in the end will have to answer both to society and themselves for their actions. My condolence goes to the family of this young man and the people who have to live their daily lives under the rule of these disgusting maniacs.

  2. What a horrible thing to do to a human being. Let the father take your soul home sweet boy and leave that useless body forever to the dust and the memories to torment the minds of those who took part in this horrible horrible cruelty. Sleep in peace sweet son. Prayers to your family.

  3. ive never cut anyones head off, but i can see incompetence from a mile away. it took two of them, and a cut in filming and still they didnt get him to utter a single sound. we must fight back in kind.

  4. The bravery of this young man is moving…I can’t even try to imagine how much did he suffer since the knives of his fucking executors,those wild sub-humans,weren’t sharp enough…To kill someone just cos he changed his religion is an unthinkable sectarian bigotry let alone to kill him in such a horrific manner you wouldn’t wish your worst enemy to die…R.I.P.poor,young man…

    Shakur,I trully wish you live to see peace in your homeland and return back one day…

  5. Iam from somalia those mans what they did to this man was ever the way they translate the quraan allah nows put my condolises goes to the family of this man and i hope if they are wrong they purn in hell in this world and hre-after god can only judge you like this

  6. Somalinimo within me has died with this horrific video this man bravery is absloutly amazing and moving, These barbarians short on diin they falsely misrepresent are going and will be questioned by their creater.. I will watch my back. I truly dont trust somalis anymore they more or less strangers to me the likess of African Americans, or Whites…

  7. who would even think of something like that…thats just nasty and wrong. i hope these people burn in hell..
    Also he was very brave…didnt even try to get away or try to stop them he just sat there and let them kill him


    1. Not funny at all. The man who sacrificed his life for his beliefs was by definition a real man. He died with dignity, bravery and honor……traits that only a few men or women in this world even possess in life. The man who died is nowhere near….in fact he is light-years away from being considered something low-brow as a ”nigga”..

  9. fucking shit holes.

    very brave man.

    i bet if one of those shit-ites m-ass-lims was beheaded they would shit themselves.

    i can find comfort in knowing that this brave christian need not suffer in that fucked up cunt-ry anymore.

  10. When a man coverts to other religion, he has to accept the fact he will be ostracized by and from the community. Conversion means spiting on your family and your whole culture. We don’t see a missionary beheaded by extremist, cos he went on a vacation to India perhaps.

  11. I was not reffering to the majority of muslims who understand the teachings as they were meant to be. All religions have their extreme psychos who give a black eye to fellow beleivers. They are destined to failure, and it is incumbent that we speed up that process.

  12. OMG!!! That Guy Is Brave But Them Terrorists Are Bastards And I Will Kill Them Myself Because I Am A Terrorist Myself!!! Come On You Bloody Bastards Bring It!!!!!

  13. I am appalled that there are sadist assholes among some respondents above. A life was wasted, someone’s son or brother was lost and some morons have the spunk to call him a “nigga” or whatever else. Grow up and buy some shame coz you were obviously not born with it.

  14. i’am somali who grew up in the west, but this is totally insane. i never thought somalia will do that… the beheading of those who leave islam is not in the koran it was in one disputed hadith. everyone should be allowed to change their religion.

  15. When did this happened? I feel so damn sorry for this man, you control over yourself which religions you want to believe, not those motherfucking muslims, I want to kill all of them. Let there be peace in this world

  16. may peace be with him and his soul no one deserves something like that , there all a bunch of cowards but they will pay for there sins make no mistake of that , my lord savior jesus christ will be there waiting on that young man with open arms, GOD BLESS HIS SOUL

    1. That’s easy to say, but actually put in that position, you’d be sucking your thumb like a little baby, crying to whoever may be listening. Don’t come off like you’re all that and a bag of chips. Just hope you never have to prove it, brave man!

  17. the problem with the somali community is that they are very hardheaded and make their own rules. name a verse in the quran that says behead any muslim brother. this is why we dont have peace inour country because of barbarians who change our culture and religion. i hope these motherfuckers are killed in a barbarick way and their bodies tortured in the afterlife. may allah bless this poor mans soul and grant him the heavens. somalia needs to have a wake up call because so many innocent people are dying because of tribal backgrounds and other ridiculous reasons. may allah bless my motherland and my brothers and sisters in islam.

  18. this is just ridiculous how can they treat a human like this this not islam and this is not sharia law these people are currupted extremist who have been brainwshed into believeing what they are doing is right. allah made easy on than young brave man may allah grant him a place in janna ameen.

    1. He wasn’t thinking of Allah when they took his life. Don’t ask Allah to bless him. He was one with Christ! Ask the Lord, Jesus Christ to bless his soul. That’s who he died for, you fuckin’ Islam piece of shit!

  19. I sometimes wonder how can we Somalis be so ruthless…
    This young man died not because he converted, but because told them what they were doing was un-islamic. He stood against their rule, and not to make it seem like they are beheading innocent people, they said he converted… Islam do allow anything like that… SO FOR THOSE OF YOU YELLING ISLAM THIS ISLAM THAT, slow your role, you might learn a lot from true Muslims. (AL-SHABAB) WE DON’T CONSIDER THOSE FANATICS MUSLIMS.

  20. 1st, christians collectevly have no moral supremacy over muslims to yap all the shit that i read in some of these comments. “judao-christian” tobbaco giants like phillip morris kill more poeple in a year than muslims have killed in the past ten years. death is death and killing poeple and profiting from it is by far worse than anything else. that is one example of many.

    2nd, to all the muslims who replied to these stupid biggots, i say: respect yourselves a little bit. you don’t have to explain yourselves to them dickheads. if somone wants to practice his hobby of hating others and brings up islam, terrorism……etc into this just answer him by saying “look, we fight our terrorists, do you mother fuckers fight yours?? like cheny and rumsfeld and the rest of them shit heads and keep them away from feasting on muslim blood???”

  21. I don’t understand how a person can do this to another with the only reason being a difference in religious beliefs. How many people have died foolishly in the name of religion. I am convinced we are the worst species on the planet and are not deserving of our place at the top of the food chain because if were not killing each other over religion it will be something else or something else or something else. Humans disgust me!! I’m sorry to be a part of this terrible species!! Maybe we can evolve beyond our primitive instincts or maybe we’ll destroy ourselves. Right now it appears we as a species are at the crossroads due to greed, environmental destruction, governmental human rights violations, moral and ethical decay, division between haves and have nots, etc. “Civilization” has peaked out and the collapse is coming. I feel sorry for our children and grandchildren who may not see the furure because of their stupid predecessors!!! Sigh……..

  22. this people are sick in the head. i dont think they have any knowledge, did they even ask him to repent before they do that to him,
    i always thought al shabab was good people and i use to back them up, but after today i will never support them

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