Ala al Maliki Beheading Video by Ansar al-Sunnah in Iraq

Ala al Maliki Beheading Video by Ansar al-Sunnah in Iraq

An Ala al Maliki beheading video was posted on the internet by Ansar al-Sunnah army, a group linked to al-Qaeda. Ala al Maliki was from Iraq, he was a Shiite. Ansar al-Sunnah accused Ala al Maliki of being a spy for the US forces in Iraq and described him as being a rejectionist who belonged to the Sadr movement of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. In the video, Ala al Maliki is shown speaking words in which he confesses to spying for US forces in Iraq. Whether the confession was sincere or whether he confessed to whatever he was told is not known, however if I was to guess, he was badly beaten prior to this decapitation. The video may not be of high quality, but you can clearly tell he’s got black eyes from previous beating. He was beheaded on October 12, 2004.

Ala al Maliki Beheading Video carried out by the Ansar al-Sunnah Army in Iraq is below. As with all beheading video, exercise caution and do not watch if you are easily offended. This video is shocking and upsetting. Ala al Maliki is seen beheaded on some form of fleece blanket – which is pretty odd as all that spurting blood from his sliced neck would totally ruin the fleece. Despite being tortured, abuse and counting seconds till his own beheading, Ala al Maliki kept himself together, did not show any signs of being too scared and when the beheading started, he did not scream. You can hear the gurgle after his neck was cut, which is normal as he was trying to breath, but his trachea was already severed, so each time lungs attempted to suck in some fresh air, just fresh blood went pouring in.

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  1. i dont believe that any religion promotes more useless loss of life than the muslim religion and whats sad about it is that they dont actually take their religion seriously all they do is rape heir wives rape their daughters beat their sons wage war upon them selves and others and commit murders and beheadings in the name of this so called allah i want some jerk off to show me where in their bible it says that this poointless violence they commit is justified or event mentionned in the bible as the wise man once said dont let your bible be your law

  2. look this is nasty as hell im tryin my hardest to watch this and keep my food down and anyone that finds this website even slightly amusing is fucked up and needs to find imediat help because your all sick fuckers

  3. So to be honest… If I was this man…I would moved and made them shoot me in the head…It woulda been much quicker Id rather have a 1 second death then a looong beheaded i cant breathe death….Man R.I.P brave man

  4. Common sense is lacking in these people. They make Islam seem like Devil worshipping. Would never become a Muslim, as your not allowed to think for yourself. If you did you would see how wrong your religion is. Pure evil. Education is key for ignorant people. That was a brave man who Died. Wish I could have half his courage. I still have more than the cowards that beheaded Ala al Maliki..

    Religion should be wiped off the planet, then we can live in peace. Because if there is a God, he is one evil God.

  5. i’m also a muslim.Beheading should be one strike only same as hang,one point shot n others.fastest method much better.well if he trully a traitor than, i agree he should be any country in this world traitor only have one ANSWER death.But must properly executed by fast method only.beheaded,hang or firing hurt like thousand sword cut you.slow dead is painful.but no one ever tell because their already dead.bless him if he innocent but rot in hell if he a traitor.

    1. fuck you ya dirty muslim waste. Hes not a traitor if he is helping the correct cause, which he was. He was standing up to these fucking muslim wackos. You islam worshiping weirdos are the reason all of this crap is occurring. Fuck mohammad the dirty arab

      1. I second that!!!! The only peace I get from this is knowing that fucker was a muslim too. These inbred pieces of garbage want to live the same way they did 2000 years ago, with their retard religion.

  6. These people make me ashamed that I am a muslim. These are just people who are pretending their religion is islam!They are doing the opposite of what the Quran is saying. So sad to see this stuff.I hope these guys get killed the same way!!!

    R.I.P: Ala al Maliki

    1. You should be ashamed. I would happily piss on the quran, and for that matter the bible too. Your religions make you easy targets to be manipulated into doing all kinds of retarded things, turning this world a shit hole. Go fuck yourself


  8. wow what the fuck is wrong with you people who laugh at his death you mother fuckers are so fucked in the head i cannot believe you laugh at someone death i hope when you lose some you love i hope someone laughs twice as hard damn what the fuck is the world comming to burn in hell mother fuckers

  9. Really…some people need to be banned from this site. How to weed them out and the criteria…up to management. I worry about some of our commentors here.

  10. I understand free speech, so I guess I’ll have to just shake my head. This site makes me appreciate life and truly understand how quickly it can end. Beheading are gross and sad, but the car accidents make me worry about my family and especially my GF…she once drove us right through a red light after stopping…got distracted b/c she was talking. Luckily no cars coming. *sigh*

  11. So difficult to watch! Ugh! Makes my stomach turn, but it reminds me why we are over there! I think this should be manditory watching for any nah-sayers of this war. Weather you believe this war is over oil, or whatever, these people need to be taken off the face of the earth! People should have the peace of mind to know, that no matter where you live, some radical extremist group is not going to cut your head off slowly because they think you are a traitor! God Bless the American soilder who is over there fighting these crazy, inhuman people!

  12. i though that the africans were all fucked up people but now im seeing the the arab and muslims are on the top of the list!!! now im proid to be black again! but damn i cant believe what i just seen he was realllllly brave wish i could have heart like that i wanna cry and scream when the doc tell me that they have to take blood or give me a shot

  13. Fuck off rainy, this is funny as fuck. When one filthy, dirty, stinking arab kills another one, it’s a time for all us white men to rejoice. One bullet saved for the next dirty, stinking, filthy, smelly etc etc. Throw a party, thats what I say. Let me just re-iterate,…… rainy,.. FUCK OFF

  14. Quit acting like Islam is the only bad religion. All religion is poison to mankind, and the only reason Islam seems so bad is because they allowed religion to control their government. The Quran says to kill nonbelievers; so does the Bible. If we don’t separate church and state now, we’ll end up just like the Muslims. Fuck Christianity, Fuck Islam, Fuck all religion.

    1. Ouaran says kill nonbelievers? is this a joke ?have you ever read quaran ? You cant kill anyone for anything if you want to call yourself a muslim.Islam is about being a good soul and remembering god.

  15. I never said Islam is the only problem, All Religions are narcissistic scum….but,Islam is openly the major threat to the world right now…so, dont put words in my mouth,or assume what I mean….I dont need you to tell me ,whats going on in the world or who’s the cause…got it

  16. im an athiest (i don’t believe in any religion) because there are over 250 religions in the world and they can’t all be right. also, i used to be in the U.S. marine corps and have fought against these sick turds, and aftar watching this video, i might re-instate myself back in the corps just so i can kill more of these little towel-headed fucktards. Just one more thing, if any of you people find this shit funny, then join the marines and see if you can even pass training!

  17. i am a christian,i dont know what the quran says,ive never even seen the quran.i think that the beheadings in the middle east are a scare tactic for western civilization.they think we are weak and are scared of them..well im not scared of the cowardly pricks..why dont they came out and fight one on one with us instead of highjacking planes and blowing shit up…they are the scared little pussies..why dont they come over here and try to manhandle a proud american man? on american not trashing the muslim religion.these few radical thinking bastards dont want piece,they want fear from the world.i beleive they are ignorent and are brainwashed by their higher ranks..i agree we should keep church and state separate…and also think we should bring our troops back home and focus on our own borders,economy,and all of our other fucked up issues..

    1. i’ve read a lot of passages of the quran and this whole beheading and suicide bombing shit is not supported by the quran, suicide is even declared as a sin. i’m an atheist myself, cause everything religion ever has brought was hate and death, but i don’t hate on people who believe in god, allah, jehova or however you wanna call it, but i hate the church who just profits of the blindness of people.

  18. anyone who thinks beheading is a form of justified punishment is sick, no-one deserves to be beheaded, if you believe so well then your no better than people that do it. We live in 2010! are you still a fucking cave man??

  19. there are really some sick fucks on this site. idk, i watch these videos to keep in mind how fucked up humanity is, not to laugh at the dead people! to all of you who laugh at stuff like this, i really hope it happens to someone you love, then we’ll see if it’s still funny!

  20. These animals are not acting according to Islamic teachings. Beheading someone is supposed to be swift and quick, but the sick bastards make is slow ordeal so that they can enjoy every minute of it. These people are nothing but sick, sadistic pieces of shit. And yeah, The Qur’an does say kill nonbelievers, but it says to only kill those who kill you and turn out those who turned you out from you home or lands. I know a lot of people hate Muslims and Islam, but that’s never going to make me change my religion. I am happy being a Muslims, and I will always be happy.

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