Almost Decapitated Man Survives

Almost Decapitated Man Survives


So, this is from 2017, but I was absent at the time, so I’m not sure if it was already posted or not. Anyway what we have here is a half-assed beheading aftermath video. An 18-year-old boy, Pablo Patrik de Souza, was walking all by himself when he was mugged by 3 men who stole his mobile and “trainers” what ever that is. Pablo tried to fight back and that is when the 3 men attempted to decapitate him, throwing him in a nearby ravine afterwards.

The boy manages to walk, after playing dead and laying in the woods overnight, half a mile, where he is found on the roadside, in Santa Caterina, South Brazil, I know, we are all very shocked. In the video it shows that he is having to hold up his own head. The laceration is said to be almost half way through his neck, although, no major arteries are severed.

He is taken to Marieta Konder Bornhausen hospital in Itajai, where he receives life saving surgery. Such a young person and such a deep cut, did we finally find the only winner to the “Bleed Out Challenge”, that has left so many headless and on the edge of their seats.

Props to Best Gore member @userabuser for the video and information:

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    1. God damn it Brazil – wtf are yous doing around there? If you are so fucked up that you are prepared to decapitate someone for their shoes, at least know where the big blood vessels are…….

  1. ““trainers” what ever that is” – ‘Trainers’ are ‘sneakers’ for our American readers.

    Someone up there clearly wanted this kid still around – hope he goes on to great things.

    1. I said that nems, but that usually happens with traumatic/crushing amputations.
      This wound looked like it came close to the anterior blood vessels in the neck, prob within millimeters.
      To me the wound, esp the margins, look kinda old. Notice how dark the wound margins are in the second pic. There’s no bleeding in the wound, and it appears not to be acute.
      Could be wrong, it’s hard to tell from a small photo. We need Undy back for a second opinion.

    2. Thanks Dilbert. Ok …usually with crushing injuries. Yes,the colour of the wound did not sit right with me either .So he is lucky! He has survived the initial wound and not even sought attention for it and it has begun to heal on it own!

      He is lucky he isn’t dead from infection already .

      Doc has ditched us for pussy, mate. Threesomes with his wife and that fox he saw up there! Lol

      1. Happened to Mark all the time. There’s so much of it, no one can possibly know if what you’re posting has not already been posted. I would assume that if the content is not from the last 3 days, it may be up already. But it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher.

  2. Would’ve been so fucking stupid to die of a nosocomial infection in some kinda Bolsonarco Mount Sinaï hospital after having experienced such an encounter.
    Nah, I guess he died of aids or speedball OD about 24hrs later as so many flip-flop dos Santos in this so wonderful place aka Bwaziw…
    RIP young man.

  3. Having lived in Market Harborough for 3 years, (93 Ritchie St. My best mate, Stephen Winfield owned it and rented me a room whilst I worked for his brother in law doing installs as subcontractors for GNB batteries. When I was there they, GNB moved to High Wycombe.) I absolutely love your explanation of the term “Trainers.” So well done in the accuracy of how trainers utilised, as well as by whom.

    BTW: Sorry for the extreme detail as to where and when I lived there, but I do share a shite load of stuff that I’ve been blessed, as well as damned to have experienced in life and try to put in things that one would only know if they actually were at a particular location/event. Not trying to show off but just wanting to show, in a way appreciation to all of the people I’ve been blessed (& damned) to have met in the 43 countries I’ve been to.) “Cheers!” to ALL who have allowed me to see that there are some pretty great people on this shit ball of dirt called, “Earth.”

  4. Hats off this trooper! I find it funny how all of these “holy warriors” kill , torture and maim people for commiting crimes (or usually just for the “glory of god”) are themselves the worst criminal scum on earth , hypocrisy at its finest. If they are true to the saying “do unto others” then I guess they want to be randomly tortured alive.

  5. P.S , this trooper is going to have a really cool scar I hope him the best..simply a fucking trooper man. Awesome stuff. Nice to see one survive here and there. Someone up there(or down there) (; likes him.

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