Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Reporting Live from Mexico.

Well it’s a hot day out there for the slicer, and an even hotter day for the slicee fellow gore goers, as the Los Zetas take their place to compete in the well known throat cutting Olympics hosted right here on Bestgore.

We go down to the arena where the opponents go head to head, to knife to throat in this tournament, where the object of the game is to spill as much blood as one can and survive against all odds. Will this gangster win the said challenge and take his team to victory? Let’s watch! Offense, CJNG takes, on Los Zetas playing in defense, not really though, he just lies there.

They take their positions, Los Zetas, face down, CJNG cocks hard. In goes the knife, watch for that blinding flashback, they stab, they score! And here come Los Zetas fighting like they never have before to stay alive and win the championship. It’s not looking too good folks.

The arena runs red with the lose of Los Zetas, as the CJNG take their trophy, and throw it onto the ground, in what looks to be a grave, like a touch down with a football. What a game. And the crowd goes wild

This tournament is brought to you by @kuntshanker, a proud sponsor of the Cut Throat Olympics:

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208 thoughts on “Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico”

    1. I think a lot of these sick fucks would to see more stuff reposted that hasn’t been viewable for quite awhile. It’s nice to see some blasts from the past that farchan or chanwhore or whatever took down.

          1. I know Gmail sucks but I’ve had the account for many moons.

            It would be nice if BG had a PO Box for contributions and such. I opened a PO Box for another hardcore site I was part of and was pleasantly surprised buy some of the stuff I received.

            BTW, sorry for being impatient.

  1. I love their videos but seriously im sending them some real knives with a block sharpener. Also i may be crazy but i would love to see them do a close up on the the head after…lets see some eye movement and possible speech.

          1. I think it’s good idea but you must do a proper job of it. Never leave one person from that particular group alive to whinge about it.

      1. “White people shoot up schools” you mean out of 7.7 billion people on this planet about 8 white kids have shot up schools. I know the reasons for those shootings but i’m not telling you. I see no reason to take you out of the darkness which pervades your ignorant little existence.

          1. Felipe is one of the brainwashed if he is even white. He finds it easier to side with everyone else rather than his own people. Of course before we went into africa they were all sitting round the campfire singing and giving each other cuddles. Same goes with all the other dark people.
            Personally i’m very proud of my white people who did war, exploration, invention, art, music, education and of course theatre and everything else better than all those dark races.
            That’s what really hurts them, we just did it better.

          2. “I wish people would stop shootin’ up movie theaters, and shoot up a fucking Denney’s. Take your family to an IHop like I reeeaaaalll man.. Everything tastes like eggs and syrup.. Shave your ladies before you put em’ out on the floor Denny’s…”

            Lol sorry.

          3. It’s kind of embarrassing though, shooting up a waffle house, isn’t it? I mean you only get one chance at a shootup. No, theaters are class, proper class. The things is, it’s not about the people you’re shooting. it’s not really about them. Illegal you know what i mean and you know who it’s really about

          4. @vileness
            Oh yes, embarrassing as hell. Small potatoes, so to speak.
            I know very well what you mean, I’ve always known. 😀

            No Waffle House here, but I’ve lived in the South and had a few after bar closing meals there. I’ve never eaten at one sober.

          5. Haha illegal, that sounds like a good time, until you sober up and realize where you are haha! They call it awful house over here.. I don’t hink it’s THAT bad.. but definitely would only go there if I was drunk too.

          1. Changing your name to confuse things for anyone reading this thread. like i say, you’re probably not even white. I wonder how many times you’ve claimed to be something you’re not and if you’re not going to argue why did you even reply.
            You type things then you try to negate a reply by countering it yourself. Maybe you should have a Q and A section all to yourself.

      1. beheadings are the best footage… each one is different… it fascinates me that the head is still conscious for about ten seconds after its been offed…. you can see theyre still alive…

  2. What a lucky guy! Most of us don`t know when our time is gonna be up, but at least he knew when he was lying face down in the dirt that he wouldn’t have to worry about finding next months rent and he was finally realising his dream of becoming a movie star!

  3. So good to have back what appears to be the original caption writer, don’t know if it’s that fellow Mark or perhaps someone he trained. For a while there the captions were…hate to say it…terrible. But now all well again, and thanks for that. rgds.

  4. So good to have back what appears to be the original caption writer, don’t know if it’s that fellow Mark or perhaps someone he trained. For a while there the captions were…hate to say it…terrible. But now all well again, and thanks for that. And reminded of the old EC horror comics with their intros by the Vault and Crypt keepers. rgds.

    Just one thought, if permitted
    he just lays there (regret, does not “lay” there)

    1. Fuck!! Sorry, you guys should give me English lessons since I’m not too great apparently.. this week’s lesson:

      To lay, or to lie!! To be laid, to or to be lied!! Laying or lying?!?! What the fuck is the difference?! Lol.

  5. I take that Puta Madre is a latin kind of Aloha Snickers Bar of the hadjis on the other side of the world. They should play a match, De Putas versus Tag Beer. No goats, no rugs, no cocaine, no tequila. Only fucking each other !

    1. I don’t get why Mexico gets away with this. Instead of building a wall the Americans need to force severe change, starting with the government! The Mexican government is and always will be corrupt as hell. The problem is living in Mexico is tough to live a normal life. People are forced to earn a shitty wage or earn decent money by working with these animals, and because the drug business is huge there it’s become a normal part of life. It’s sad to see.

  6. Los Zetas should start diversifying from the narco business , its risky to invest all your assets in only one segment. Maybe starting a baseball or a football team named Los Zetas, or a restaurant mexican food chain named “Los Zetacos”.

      1. The previous video *allegedly* has some of the Z people massacring someone affiliated with the CJNG, and in this one has *allegedly* some CJNG guys beheading someone affiliated with the Z.

        *=I use that word heavily because it wouldn’t be the first time these kinda people use these videos to spread misinformation along with the usual terror on the common populace. So just keep that in mind there’s also psyops being played by all cartels.

        Good job, SOA assholes. We we’re supposed to exterminate commies, not create them.

    1. why a knife ?

      just get a nice machete, well sharp. you can behead someone i one hit with it.

      i remember an african fucking terrorist we caught.. they killed many peoples with machetes… and when we caught him, he say :
      “its more easy to behead a men than cut a tree, they are not even need to hit multiples times if the machetes is sharp and you know where to hit”

    2. These assholes pictured are far from rich. They are henchmen and enforcers who do the dirty work. If they survive long enough they get promoted to captains and have other fools do their dirty work for them.

      The majority of money flows up to the bosses and if you’re caught stealing you’ll be the next video on

  7. description make me end with Eminem sound modified ..

    “and the guts goes on , du du dum dudum du dum …”

    mustsay, they really progressed around the world. i remember the old beheading , where it was butchery, blood everywhere on victim and killer… today its fast, clean, almost no blood on victim clothes and killer hands. they are some progress with time, for sure.

      1. I Am thinking of opening-up 2 Businesses That i can enjoy in my retirement Years if my health “Mainly My Liver” if it holds-up that is, lol. And What better way, as i love the South, and wherever Palm trees grow. 🙂

        One Will Be In Mexico,,, And the other will be In Brazil. All that i will need will be 2 Scooters, And 2 sturdy saddle bags to store/hold my 18 volt powered drills, and all the different sized, & grit sharpening stones, as attachments to fit the drill, that are ready to go. Imagine All Of The Cash that i could make while sharpening Dull Machete, & Knife Blades in those 2 Countries Alone? 🙂

          1. @Pigsonthewing
            Cool,,, yes with my guidance and sharp blades, lol. This way their beheading would be that much quicker, and with less overall pain & trauma. 🙂

        1. too complicated..

          just sell rocks… if you hit 2 rocks together in the good angle, you end with extremly sharped rocks that can do more than a dull knife XD
          and its 100% natural and you can just throw them in teh nature without worrying.

          1. @hollyeat
            Sell rocks, lol, fuck that’s funny! Reminds me of the old time European Jew-Cunts selling trinkets on the street corners out of a horse pulled wagn that the 11 of them pigs slept, ate and shit together in, lol. Those Filthy Beasts are still doing the same, and living the same way, except now they wear a suit, but they cannot hide their smell. You know, that smell of Rotten Crotch,lol.

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