Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Reporting Live from Mexico.

Well it’s a hot day out there for the slicer, and an even hotter day for the slicee fellow gore goers, as the Los Zetas take their place to compete in the well known throat cutting Olympics hosted right here on Bestgore.

We go down to the arena where the opponents go head to head, to knife to throat in this tournament, where the object of the game is to spill as much blood as one can and survive against all odds. Will this gangster win the said challenge and take his team to victory? Let’s watch! Offense, CJNG takes, on Los Zetas playing in defense, not really though, he just lies there.

They take their positions, Los Zetas, face down, CJNG cocks hard. In goes the knife, watch for that blinding flashback, they stab, they score! And here come Los Zetas fighting like they never have before to stay alive and win the championship. It’s not looking too good folks.

The arena runs red with the lose of Los Zetas, as the CJNG take their trophy, and throw it onto the ground, in what looks to be a grave, like a touch down with a football. What a game. And the crowd goes wild

This tournament is brought to you by @kuntshanker, a proud sponsor of the Cut Throat Olympics:

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200 thoughts on “Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico”

  1. If these vermin had any ballz they’d at least face off against their victims with a knife and fight to the death. This bound and gagged defenseless bullshit, while horrific to imagine for the slicee is pure cowardice. Build a wall! Mine the fucking borderlands!! Eradicate all of these animals like the pests they are!

    1. Maybe if you fucking meth head white drug addicts would stop buying drugs the cartels wouldn’t have the power they have whites are the biggest customers to the cartels.I hope the cartels start mixing some anthrax into the drugs they sell so all you fucking drug addicts could die.

  2. I feel like beheadings are painfully overdone. Yaaay… another neck fountain to add onto all the other throat gushers. You’d think even the cartels would be bored of the same execution methods.
    Can I get some creativity here? It’s like a penis – one you seen one or two, you’ve pretty much seen all the dixpix there is – Do something bold, boys – dress it up a little bit.
    Make these bleeders do a little jig before they spill out!

    1. I mean you’re only given 2 pairs of appendages and 2 heads sometimes 1. I just don’t know what else you’d like them to do. I fancy the face peeling and gurgling necks, ooh and the flaying!! Decapitation is classical yet skill oriented if you wanna do it under a certain time and with effect. I think they need to invest in some better camera equipment like isis has going on, still cam, silent yet to the point. The ChexMex have poor standards with filming but they compensate with the gore.

          1. @honkeykong
            It’s known that you go for ladies named Dani and superimpose a fat wiener on their pics then think of me all day.
            Dude, that’s pretty fuckin gay.

          2. No court in the land would convict me though. I’m sure that anyone who reads a couple of your comments would probably say the same thing, “what a bitch!”

          3. Today’s courts would reward you with a golden glory hole in the men’s room shitter stall hall of fame.
            I’d blow you a kiss but I’m having a ‘roid flare up.

  3. I know these roaches are desperate but I would rather starve or steal than get involved with any cartel bullshit! It’s not like they’re living the good life anyway and they always gotta look over their shoulder and there’s nearly a 100% chance you’re gonna end up like this at some point in your short, worthless life.

  4. They’re saying that “this will happen to all kidnappers, thieves, murderers, drug dealers, ‘guajolota’, roberto acevedo…”.

    They say that they are lead by “commander Katrina” – its nice to see that they are an equal opportunity employer. Women can also rise to the top, in their organisation. Haha.

  5. Mexican cartels don’t fuck around they are military trained extremely persistent armed to the teeth and most of them don’t give one fuck about dying either.They all know what they sign up when they join and they got billions of dollars to go around.

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