Argument Between Friends Ends with Decapitation

Argument Between Friends Ends with Decapitation

With friends like these, who needs enemies – I wonder if the author was Brazilian?

On the evening of Monday March 19, 2013 an argument between two friends ended in decapitation of one of them. It happened in the municipality of Presidente Tancredo Neves, state of Bahia, Brazil. 42 year old Alexandre dos Santos had his head chopped off with a machete.

The killer – 18 year old Gilmar de Jesus Santos nicknamed Gil turned himself in and told the police that his friend was hitting on his girlfriend when he walked into the room so he had to kill him. Really? You beheaded your roomie and a guy whom you’ve known for yours over a ho who’ll blow a wigger behind your back tomorrow? WTF?

Gil also said Alexandre owed him money so that was an extra incentive to fuel his rage. Now he’s not gonna pay you back for sure.

Only small res pics available at this time:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Argument Between Friends Ends with Decapitation”

  1. A very very suspect crime scene there, and a very very suspect alibi, the perp said he walked into the room and his mate was hitting on his woman, well hello dasilva? They were on a bed the guy was 42 years old, of course he was gonna try to pump her. Second thing is where is the arterial spray from the chop to the neck? This is another Brazilian tragedy that makes no sense to me

    1. Probably. If you murder someone of course its better to claim it was over a lover then money. One is a crime of passion, gets you some leniency, maybe parole. If you say money then you are just a greedy and people will lock you up and throw away the key.

    2. I too think it was over money…or drugs. Probably both. Idk what country is worse, Brazil, or Mexico.

      I myself am from the great state of Texas. Small town & not too far from the Texas/Mexico border.
      Lately while watching the news I’ve noticed a lot of Mexican gang related violence in my once peaceful city.
      Sorry for rambling & going off topic. Just felt like sharing(;

  2. This is what friendship is all about. There are not many people that would stick their necks out for a friend.

    His friend was clearly head over heels in love with the women in question and its unfortunate that this caused some blood loss between the pair however I believe that they will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder even if one of them can no longer hold his head up high.

          1. Well ain’t that some shit! I’m not on for a few hours and you all are makin plans to meet up. Leaving me all by my lonesome. How sad…now I don’t know what to do. :'(

          2. @KJ- you probably missed it. BB is moving here to Cali to be with me! He posted it last night, but that post is on page 2 now. Anyhow- I’m sure he’d love the idea of a BG get-together!! See, you miss a day and you miss some serious shit! Lol

            @J3Z- WHATTTT?! Girl there never was a min that you weren’t included! It was just assumed!! You are my Wifee!!! 馃檪 You’ll be there my love- no doubt!!

          3. Hahaha fuck yah! So you weren’t kidding! I’m fuckin hyped.
            That’ll be a good one though “hey mom. This is my fiance. We met on a gore site.” 馃槢

  3. I definitely think that this was probably a homosexual couple. Or maybe the guy was trying to come onto the boy. The 42 year old is all naked in the bed. I did not see any clothing in the room that would indicate that a female was there. I means it just seems strange. The young boy did cut the man’s head off though and it was very clean no jagged edges. I mean he seems like a professional. I just do not understand why you would cut your friend’s head off though? You could not just talk about the problem really???

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