Armed People Videotape Corpses of Three Decapitated Men

Armed People Videotape Corpses of Three Decapitated Men

No backinfo to speak of. The video shows some people wearing military camo and armed with military grade rifles messing around with corpses of three decapitated men.

The language sounds Spanish to me, so I presume the video is from Latin America. I’m not sure if it’s Mexico, as we’ve seen similar savagery in other countries as well. Can anyone recognize the accent despite the bad audio?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Armed People Videotape Corpses of Three Decapitated Men”

      1. This video indeed its from Mexico hes basically saying thanks to the druglords who employed them and showing them how good they are raiding rival cartels outposts.

        Some background many hig rank soldiers got recruit by Los Zetas Cartel that was created when Vicente Fox Quesada was the president of Mexico he disbanded a group of Hig rank soldiers of the special agency agaisnt Drug Cartels and they joined Juarez Cartel a year later they formed Los Zetas Cartel wich its pincipal income its human and organs trafic, kidnaping, and distribution of colombian cocaine

        1. So an americanophile president disbands a highly trained group doing God’s work and they go work for the opppsition and terrorise law -abiding people! Gee vincente fox and yanquistani advisers , i never saw coming!

          I could not see a better way to support and grow the drug trade in the usa than by this one act!

  1. So a buddy of mine knows I love gore and he’s telling me some shit that there’s a kiddie snuff film involving Clinton.
    Gotta be fubar, no?
    I love gore but wouldn’t want to see that fucking shit.

    1. eficaz…

      If you simply look at the dead children in the Middle East, you will find your Clinton snuff video. Every time she lets Wall Street ejaculate on her, she supports legislation for the central banks to fund another war.

      In other countries, where integrity plays a a vital role in government affairs, she would of been in front of a firing squad years ago.

  2. These guys are saying :
    “Thank you for your confidence and trust that you have bestowed upon us, in giving us this mission which we will cohesively execute and continue until our mission is complete”
    “Here’s the trash we took out this morning”

    Must be Military commandos hired guns if you will, for sure Deep Mexico with military talk its difficult to say whether Guadalajara or Cancun in Kintana Roo I too wish to see the Before video for shits and giggles.

  3. I predict a before video in a few days… Beheadings are becoming boring, those flay jobs and peeling faces is all the craze! Not a bad year so far… Im disappointed in the brazil prisons, they got soft,eh?

        1. Thanks Doc. I’ll check it out.

          As far as car accidents…

          I drive by them slowly. I want to see if the driver’s innards, matches their smartphone’s. Unfortunately, that’s becoming more of the norm nowadays.

          But God forbid, if our corporate media reports this. They would be biting the hand that feeds them!

    1. I once read that at least some cartels were formed or taken over by Mexican military that was trained by the USA to fight the cartels. I guess that they saw more money in joining the game than trying to end it, if that’s true.

      1. We train and arm everyone we go to war with. Make a lot more money for them. Bet you’re ass on that Doc . Disgusting but that is what we do why I am not surprised invaded nations are confused. My cousin was in the army and is now in the FBI and he would tell us about raiding villages in Iraq that were completely armed by them. It is amazing i ask him why he does it, good pension and killer benefits. You arm them and then disarm them it just generates money. He made a 20 year career out of it

  4. “Pinche”, “escoria”, and “ojete”, are words in Mexican Spanish. Ibelieve he called himself a “commandante (‘commander’ in english)” – a title used in many Mexican gore vidz. He Sounded Like a southern or rural Mexican.

  5. Speaker 1.”There it is recording already, now.”
    Speaker 2.”This is the trash here,this morning is out of combat. Here my elements and MAJ. Villa placed upon us to , the peticion to authorize them to cut these * heads and we authorized them. Here is the first one, we continue.Here is the second one gentlemen. Eh this is scum. This is garbage.That is how things are done, you surprise these fucking iceheads** We found their light-bulb full of ice. Gentlemen we humbly want to continue working gentlemen, doing what is our duty.We want to (unintelligible) this first step to our boss Chikillo, our boss Colorin, our boss Primazo and also our boss Ceniso to see they have people with responsibility. That we are going to continue with this because that is our mission. They have sent us here and we thank the gentlemen because I believe they have had the trust in us, I believe, enough so that we do this job and we are going to continue gentlemen.”
    *Maceta – this word is rather hard to here clearly, but from reasonable deduction I conclude it sounds too much like maceta and having heard the term referenced as head many a times that was my best fit.
    ** Hielero- Slang term, hielo means ice so hielero is icehead … meth-head fits too. But I dont think tweeker as many drugs can make you tweek but what would I know.

  6. It is Mexico, they cite in the video several aliases or nicknames of leaders of the drug trafficking in the zone of Michoacán (Cenizo one of them) so they are not military of the government but paramilitary groups at the service of the posters. The video must be 2 or 3 years old

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