Bangladeshi Man Beheads Cheating Wife Who Blackmailed Him and Tortured Their Children

Bangladeshi Man Beheads Cheating Wife Who Blackmailed Him and Tortured Their Children

Bangladeshi Man Beheads Cheating Wife Who Blackmailed Him and Tortured Their Children

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Feni, Chittagong, the second capital of Bangladesh (not sure what “second capital” exactly means, but that’s how it was communicated to me).

The man who filmed the video used to work in a garments factory in Dhaka (Bangladeshi “first capital” – I presume). A few years ago, his wife had an extramarital affair with a Chad and repeatedly cheated on him. When he found out she left him but reappeared in his life by blackmailing him that she would file a false lawsuit that he was abusive toward her, and because female privilege, societal misandry and gynocentrism are universal, she’d get away with it in Bangladesh too. She demanded he finances her life with Chad in order not to make good on her threats.

Because the blackmail wasn’t pushing the man to shell out fast enough, she turned it up a notch by moving up from verbal threats to torturing their children as a means of psychological torture toward him.

That pushed the guy over the edge and he confronted the woman, and apparently killed her by beheading. He filmed it on video while professing his guilt, but didn’t do a very good job capturing the action.

That’s what I got for backinfo. Props to Best Gore member @cyanidebd for that and the video:

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  1. It was long coming for the hare-brained , two timing bitch ;the only added plus here for the man was that he would have her days numbered while she unawaringly reenters his life bothering not only
    him again but this time his children too , driving him nuts thinking of ways to fleece him of his hard earned cash while riding another bastardly dick unbeknownst to her that days from walking back in his life; she would be later left headless to be consigned unceremoniously to the morgue .
    Now he must comb her paramour out and kill him too as the two of them have already given him endless miseries .

      1. Ye see its the 3rd world Moslem country where crime has been commissioned but what lead to the series of events and his perpetrating the heinous crime is to be seen . This could be a random crime and its not very often that one gets to hear any such incidents coming to light but an odd one like this getting reported once in a blue moon
        And yes if it must happen on a regular basis then this behavior needs to be nipped in the bud and people involved must be counselled by experts .
        This man could have easily taken a divorce but the reason why he chose to do what he did may be was owning to the circumstances that must have been way beyond his control .

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  2. To be honest, I can understand his reaction.
    Threatening someone and/or blackmailing them is something, but torturing a child to get what you want (especially YOUR child) is just unacceptable. I can understand why that specific reason brought him to do something like that.

    1. I don’t have kids, but if a cheating whore of a wife was hitting our kids like that, I’d stick a chainsaw in her pussy faster than she can ask what I’m doing. If the story is true, she had it coming. That beheading was too quick tbh..

  3. To be honest, I can understand his reaction.
    Threatening someone and/or blackmailing them is something, but torturing a child to get what you want (especially YOUR child) is just unacceptable. I can understand why that specific reason brought him to do something like that.

  4. Where’s MGTOW when ya need it?! WHY ISN’T THIS WORLD WIDE?????!!!!!!! LET THE BITCHES SUPPORT THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO! In fact, I make more and thereby pay more for the household than my sausage casing soul mate. I don’t care. We’re a team. We do what we gotta do to keep on going. I can’t stand parasites, whatever gender they happen to be; though they do seem to be mostly chicks.

  5. In another very RARE occasion such as this one. I’m giving this foreigner a BIG 10/10 for standing his ground and FOR taking care of that fuckin’ cunt in the most uncivil YET, MANLIEST way. Of course in the United States, MOST people would JUST react like a faggot-bitch pussy and OVER-consider their fuckin’ consequences because of the fucked up FLAWED Justice system there. The United States is NOT the best fuckin’ nation BECAUSE it fuckin’ bends over for its over-complicated laws and SUCKING the dick of the CORRUPT Justice System. In other parts of the world such as this. As I’ve said before, have NO fuckin’ regret about taking the matter in your own hands. The bitch cheated on him, THREATENED to destroy his world, and tortured his children. Yeah. That might get you SENT to the fuckin’ home-ran butcher Shop in Bangladesh. HATS OFF TO THIS GUY…

      1. I really hate to agree with you on that. Perhaps a long time ago before my time, it was considered a REAL Justice System. Today. It is more about protecting the wealthy celebrities EVEN when the evidence is right there in our fucking faces. (cough…OJ) Ok. So predators like Weinstein and Cosby went down. That does NOT mean for 1 second that our so-called system is covering up some bullshit to keep certain individuals protected just because they are TOO good to be locked up. If it does not get settled in court. Someone will sure as hell settle OUTSIDE of court.

  6. I’m pretty disgusted by the whiteknighting Brazilian lynch mobs which, sometimes, kill innocent men without evidence based on false allegations.
    However, before I can make any value judgements about this here beheading I need to know if what you told me in the info of the video is anything beyond an allegation and if it has any credibility.
    If I don’t know that and I’m here moronically typing :”nO pUsSy pAsSes” and “bItCh gOt wHaT shE dEsErVed” how am I any different from those flipflopistanis that applaud the lynching of alleged rapists that got setup by a bitch?

  7. good on him for killing the bitch. love that you could hear the anger in his swings through the impact of the blows. fuck feeling guilty for it though. she was torturing your kids?? you’d be doing yourself and the kids a disservice by letting her live the way i see it.

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